Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Priority Blog Request: The Stock Market and Precious Metals

Q. Please comment on the future direction of the US stock market, and the price of silver and gold. I think this is important because this impacts so many readers.  There are predictions money will come flowing into the US Markets, which are the “safest”.  The Dow is predicted to soar to 50,000 over the next year(s).  Others say there are many unforeseen events (“Black Swans*” - assassinations, earthquakes, etc.) that will lead to a sudden collapse of the US (and world) stock markets, wiping out the savings of many. This is a crucial question: invest in the stock market and expect massive gains, or stay in cash and avoid a major crash. *Black Swans (as used in this question): defined as an unexpected event that might tank the stock market, such as a US major earthquake, or the assassination of a world leader, or military action, etc.

A.  I see the market doing very well through the end of the year.  The Powers that [once] Were (PTW) are really pumping up the market (falsely) to get their gains while Obama is still in office.  I see the "Powers" timing this perfectly so when Trump takes control they can let the market dip (a lot).  This is due to the PTW frustration that they cannot control Trump, and a way to encourage the US and people around the world to lose confidence in Trump as a leader.  Trump (I see) expects this to happen, and is on to their "game."  Due to his connections, personal interests and determination to be a good leader (this is where his ego is a positive thing for the people), he is able to stabilize the market and bring it back.  It is a small, consistent, but steady incline.  

Overall, I see the market doing well while the current president is in office, and diving once Trump is sworn in.  The timing is critical because the PTW want the full blame on Trump (if they do it too early some blame can do to Obama and they do not want that).  Trump recognizes it, works on damage control and them brings the market back.

Trump will have to overcome obstacle after obstacle (Black Swans) to create the vision he wants. The PTW won't go down without a fight.  Somehow, I do see Trump outwitting them at their game, and coming out on top.  I keep hearing this phrase that "he keeps "trumping" them."

A second question concerns precious metals - gold and silver. It appears to be well documented that there is price suppression of these by JP Morgan Chase and the Bank of Nova Scotia (possibly in partnership with the US government). I am wondering when and if they will let the prices of these soar? They are documented to have gathered massive amounts of physical silver, and right now are in the process of covering their short positions by manipulating the price of these downward. Can you comment on this, and see when the prices will go to the moon? Thank you so much, 

A.  I do see this as being true.  The big bankers, wall street and PTW are controlling the valuation of the market on this.  I see what is happening is the "controllers' are issuing paper certificates for silver to skew the supply / demand, therefore, driving the price down.  There are two things with this.  One, it creates a suppression in price allowing PHYSICAL silver to be purchased at a much lower rate.  And, two, if there was a run on cashing these certificates it would be realized there isn't enough silver to honor the certificates.

They are dong this for a couple reasons.  The main is an insurance policy to preserve their wealth.  The US dollar is in trouble.  It looks to be slowly but surely losing value.  I don't know that I can see it being saved, but it will be a long slow process before it is totally gone (it will go through a phase of being obsolete, people won't carry cash, everything will be electronic and places will have an credit based preference as a new credit based system starts to swoop in and take over before the people even realize what is happening).  While this is going on people in control are buying real, tangible silver and gold so if / when the dollar tanks, they have something that is of worth.  It also provides a buffer while this new 'credit based" system starts to take hold and the kinks are worked out.

I see that currently (tangible) silver does have real value, but it isn't reflected in the numbers.  Within the next couple of years as a new credit based society emerges and some other form of currency is introduced, the value of precious metals will soar.  

I see there being some big announcement like "a new convenient form of money exchange is coming around (not like bitcoin either)" or "cash in your dollars for this new / great form or currency."  The media will portray it like it is your idea to participate in this new form of exchange, and they make you feel like it is a great idea, and so easy.  I get that when it does happen it will swoop over the people like a fog rolling in. When that talk happens, keep your gold and silver close.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[NOTE:  I want to put a disclaimer out there that I am not a financial expert, what I get comes from an intuitive perspective, so before making financial decisions you may want to talk to an adviser.  And, most importantly trust your own gut and intuition.  :-)]

Monday, November 28, 2016

David Blaine

Q. Hi Lynn! I was having a conversation with a friend about David Blaine's new show. My friend said that people think he may be an alien hybrid and that other hybrids are upset because he is using his abilities this way. I don't think you've ever written about him so I was really curious to know if he is really a good magician or something else?!
Thank you for your insight.

To add to the question about David Blaine, I came across this video today. It bases it's theory on black magic. How does this resonate with you Lynn?

A. When I first tune into David, I get this overwhelming feeling of his intelligence.  He downplays it to some extent for effect during his performances, but I get he is very gifted.  He was drawn to the darker side of magic when he was younger, and dabbled with it (I see images of a young boy with an Ouija board).   However, it looks like as he got older he became more fascinated by extreme illusions. I hear the phrase that he wanted to be involved in "the X-Games of Magic, or rather X-Magic." 

It looks like he stumbled upon mentalism when he was researching illusions, and became obsessed with it.  Even though he was once curious and studied the darker arts, it is coming to me that his current success is due to his natural abilities at mentalism (he has some psychic abilities he doesn't speak of that helps him to forecast how people will react and respond) and his intelligence.  Those are the things that made him the illusionist he is today.  I don't see darkness around him (in fact he feel protected by a guiding force), but rather a very gifted and intelligent performer.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Economist 2017 Cover

Q. They just released the 2017 Economist cover...very interesting...Tarot Cards, Trump, the tower card. Why did they use few Tarot cards this time instead of a jungle of images like in 2016? Can you tell the story behind each of the cards? Are they arranged in a certain sequence?  What do you think? What do you see?

A. As I tune in, I see a lot going on.  I get that the Powers That Were (PTW) were very surprised by recent political outcomes and they are working on "damage control."  I get an image of them trying to change the timeline or influence (the collective conscious) to create a new sequence of events by outlaying this "tarot" reading as a combination of what see happening and what they want to happen for different reasons.  There is a huge divide in the country and the PTW intend to keep it that way in hopes of full control going back to them.

[I will break this down by card.  There is so much, I welcome comments to add other perspectives.]

The Tower:  The main thing I see is a continuing division of people.  I see the tower as representing society, and the split in the tower being the divide.  The focus of division in 2017 looks to be both cultural and religious based.  This division is being fueled by an outside force (the lightening) that hides in the shadows, but people that are becoming more aware know the root of it all. I  see the "V" standing out as a sign of "5 events" tied to this as well (Somehow feels like a warning, but not to the people  It looks directed to the "unapproved" people of the PTW that are in control). The upcoming administration will have their work cut out for them. 

Judgement:  It looks like there will be many judgments to overcome and egos to put in balance.  The world will be looking at Trump and judging his every move just as he will be judging and sizing them.  Trump will be one of the most analyzed men in 2017.  

The World:  I see the collective consciousness rising, and as that happens more and more people will be looking to the arts (ancient writings, painting, books, etc) for answers.  More and more free thinking blossoms.

The Hermit:  I see a lot of social (and worldly) unrest.  A huge balance is sought out between "good" and "bad" (I see a yin yang in the moon). Many revolts happen abroad.  I get that England  (specifically some darker parts of the monarchy) is sort of "secretly" is involved some undercover affairs, and that information gets leaked causing people to rise up and protest.  This feels like it becomes a huge worldly (alternative) news story.

Death:  This card feels like a change on the horizon.  It looks like old issues that have been buried and ignored are coming to the surface.  I also get that there will be a "surprise" come about of a country that wasn't on the radar being found out to have a nuclear weapon.

The Magician:  I see two realities emerging, and you will live in the one that resonates with you.  One reality feels very 3D and "common."  Cookie cutter houses are being manufacturing (printed) and built everywhere.  It feels like a very grounded and physical world.

Then there is this second reality, that feels like it comes from a more virtual (or even spiritual) place.  Creativity and philosophical ideas flourish.  I also get something about Tesla (like one of his inventions that was suppressed comes to fruition, but I can't be clear). 

Wheel of Fortune: I see things in Europe being shook up.  Leaders feel challenged, and some leadership may change..???

The Star:  I see that "stars" or Hollywood will continue to be used as distractions from the bigger events (such as talk about the "Red Comet").  As issues arise in the world, I get that Hollywood will be used to cause interference (because that is one thing the PTW has control over).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 
(I look forward to your interpretations in comments.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pearly Gate and Misc Questions

Q. I know this might sound ridiculous, but when we reach the Pearly Gates and see God / Jesus we are judged based on our behavior in this world. When spirits that are trapped between this world and the next finally ascend are they judged based on their behavior while they were trapped half way? Are they judged based on their behavior as a trickster cutting lights on and off or some of the much worse things that have been attributed to them while they were in the ghost world?
A. As I tune into this I don't see it as a judgment process, but more like a review that you and your guide both participate in.  You and your your guide (and I see this being the main dominant guide that you received at conception) both look at your life and experiences together.  It is a process we all go through upon crossing over and isn't delayed by waiting to see if and when you decide to incarnate back.  The understanding looks very deep, and takes time to review.  I am, however, reminded that time is relative, and what looks to take a long time in "3D earth time" may really be a few moments on the spirit side. You look at how certain things were handled, and you even look at other perspectives such as how your decisions or actions affected other people or situations.  

After everything is looked at, you can either work on karmatic issues (to process and purge before incarnating), stay in spirit or incarnate.  I also hear that ascension can work on many levels, and you can work on increasing your vibration in spirit or the the physical. 

Q. When you RV, can you see your soul or your silver cord? 
A. Everyone may experience this differently, but I see what I am looking at much like you would watch a movie.  Astral projection is much different, but in an RV experience I see something playing out in front of me like I am watching or a witness.  

Q. Can you go into the astral world and heal yourself for the physical world?
A. I get that you could do that.  Before you start your experience set your intent (and protection) and go for it.  While in the astral field focus on healing and visualize light coming out of your hands and into the physical body.  I get the light will know how to heal and what to do as long as you can direct it.  

I also hear another way to heal yourself is to get in tune with your higher self and request healing (followed by a thanks and gratitude).  The Universe will work with your higher self and do what is in your greater good. 

Q. Do you ever read questions that people send you and think: "What the heck, how do they come up with these?"..........:).
A.  I find them fascinating and feel humbled that you all take the time to ask me. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, November 21, 2016

Blog Request: Wikileaks and Assange

Q. In the last 4 weeks there have been many rumors and suspicions that Wikileaks has been compromised and taken over by the US intelligence services. This is due to communication anomalies such as spelling mistakes in their twitter posts, wrong hashtags, no use of PGP signatures and no video proof of Assange being alive and well despite numerous requests.

The attached screenshot taken from a forum seems to confirm this theory. According to this member the entire Wikileaks team was raided and the organisation taken over by the US intelligence in the night when Assange's internet was cut.

Here are my questions:
Q. Is the forum post true, meaning that Wikileaks has been compromised and that they were about to release documentation about a global child trafficking ring involving major political figures?
A. I get that the global trafficking ring is very serious, and leaking that story would involve some key political figures being put into the public.  These figures that are very well connected to the PTW (Powers that Were) do not want this getting out because a lot of money is made in this industry.  I keep seeing flashes of the movie Hostel in which rich people pay to essentially have the right to harm others, and get this trafficking industry runs in the same manor. 

I do get that Wikileaks has been working on compiling this story, and the PTW are working overtime to try to take it over so it does not get released, or at the very least some of the facts are incorrect or omitted.  

I see that the US Intelligence hasn't complexly taken it over, but what is happening is they are creating some kind of fake site that mimics the behavior of the true Wikileaks site.  Sort of like something that runs parallel, and has an appearance that is nearly exactly the same.  They are putting dis-info out there to obfuscate the truth and make everything blurry.   The goal is to make the people so confused that they discredit the truths that are released. 

Q. What happened at the Ecuadorian embassy in the night of the 16 October when Assange's internet was cut?
A.  His whereabouts was pinpointed (though some breech in security).  Cutting internet was the first step because they didn't wanting him blasting out some confidential file out of fear of being captured.  I get everything happened really fast.  Within moments of knowing that his safety was in jeopardy, the interest was cut and he was captured.

I see them putting some kind of black bag over his head, ransacking his room and carrying him out of there.  I get he is still alive, but being detained.

Q. Where is Julian Assange at the moment and how is he doing?
A. He is detained, and being questioned constantly.  The PTW is in fear of a big release of information and are trying to learn who he is connected to and what information he has. They know they cannot kill him because there would be a dump of info released (which makes them angry), so they are working to try to hack the website (which is highly encrypted and angers them even more).  

Assange is unhelpful, and in some way still feels control even though he is being held captive.  I even see they tried to threaten him with having a body double go into the public, and I see Assange laughing.  I get that the public may be fooled by that, but Assange's key people wouldn't be because there are certain "signals" the real Assange knows to display (hands, eyes, movements) that only the real Assange and his team know.  They have planned well for this and know how to combat it.

Q. Will Wikileaks or its remaining team members be able to activate Julian's dead man switch?
A.  Yes, and that is what the PTW are afraid of.  I get if he isn't released soon, it is going to happen. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Follow-up to the Blog Request: 
Q. In your reading from 20 October 2016 ( you stated that Julian was fine. How do you you explain this contradictory statement if he had been already captured at the time?
A. I was conflicted by this too, but relaxed my mind and went with it.  I feel I was tapping into Julian's sense of being fine.  It was like he mentally knew that he had so much on them, and he had secured himself in such a way (with public signals, gestures, etc) that he knew he would be safe or they would pay the price.  It was a weird sense of calm (I relate it to someone in a near death experience saying that when they knew there was nothing they could do, it was the most calm, peaceful feeling).  It isn't like I'm saying he is going to die, but he is at peace with whatever happens because good has and will come out of it regardless.

Q. Will the global child trafficking ring still be exposed in the near future by Wikileaks or another whistleblower organisation?

A. I see this coming out through multiple sources, and they will all lend support to each other (as the PTW try to debunk it and add their dis-info). 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mystery Plane Over Denver

Q. I just came across something in the news you might find interesting. Basically, a plane kept circling around Denver, Colorado. No one can identify the plane, nor explain why it was there. Not even the officials, air force base, FAA, or airport towers. NO ONE can explain this. If you look at the video you can see it had huge contrails (made me think of chemtrails.) The link for the article is
A. When I first tune into this I get that it was related to the military, and it was a military exercise rooted from a California based group.  With the current state of affairs, the government is testing and running drills to see how long it takes to get from certain strategic points to the central location of Denver.  I also see that similar drills are being done underground through a tunnel and railway system.  

I then ask "Why?"  It looks like many members of government and higher PTW (Powers that Were) are very observant of the current state of social unrest.  To some extent they are actually perpetuating it through media and other means.  The focus is on the negative (over and over again, and on most every channel), and they sort of refuse to transition peacefully.  I then hear a message that the issues are not even a Democrat versus Republican, but rather the PTW versus those against the PTW (and Hilary was the PTW's chosen one).  [I'm sorry this is going political.  I swore to myself I wasn't going to go there and the Universe pulled me in..]

So the PTW and other people of influence are on high alert.  If (or rather when) there is a need to relocate key officials for a continuation of government plan, Denver is the place to be.  I hear it will be locked down like a fortress.  They are making their plans, and contingency plans now.  I get many more of these drills will be occurring over the next few months.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

[I will plan on a another meditation soon.  SO MUCH love, healing and protection needs to be sent out.]

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Q. Hi Lynn, I've been noticing hummingbirds lately. One in particular has been looking in my window getting my attention for a few days. I've googled them and read they are very spiritual. I was just scrolling through Facebook and came across a free online shamanic event inspired by the spirit medicine of the hummingbird!! Then, shortly after I read that, I looked outside and saw a hummingbird. So, how are hummingbirds helpful to people? Do they give off some sort of healing energy or vibe? I never really paid attention until recently and I think everyone should be aware of what they might be blessing us with!! Thank you!!
A. I do see that hummingbirds are very special and spiritual.  They have a high physical vibration as well as an energetic vibration. As I focus on them more I get an image of a hummingbird morphing into a fairy, and she is almost angelic in a sense.  I then see that hummingbirds are a more physical, tangible form of a fairy (or energetic being).  It is not saying that a hummingbird is a fairy or that a fairy is a hummingbird, but rather they share very similar energetic unique properties.

When I tune into those properties, I see that if a person could tap into the vibration of a hummingbird, or get into their field (share some of their vibration) it would set the stage for healing.  It is a vibration in which energetic healing looks to flow unobstructed and go to the area requiring healing. Chakra blockages or outside influence doesn't affect the ability for the body to heal while in that vibration.

I get the next time you see a hummingbird, acknowledge it, and take a moment to try to connect with it (almost like you are sending a telepathic message).  I get to make a low humming noise to yourself to strengthen the connection even more.  Have a thought of gratitude toward it, love and thank the bird (can be for something specific or open ended).  Then, see how you feel.  I get it will elevate your vibration and even send small nuggets of healing while you have the connection, no matter how brief. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Interesting Analysis from the WSJ

Q. Today I saw two articles in the Wall Street Journal that piqued my curiosity.  One is a review of the new Amy Adams (one of my very favorite actresses) film called Arrival.  In case you have not heard of it, it is about the arrival of space aliens.  The other article was about the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination in 1963.  It was a book review of a non-fiction work on the film by one of the Zapruder family members.  While these articles were worth reading, I noticed that the Arrival film was mentioned two days running in the WSJ, while the Zapruder book review was given an unusual amount of page space, taking up the whole page by itself, except for a small ad at the bottom.  What are your thoughts?

I have heard that the Powers That Were telegraph their actions before they are put into motion.  When I saw these two articles, it made me wonder whether there was more here than meets the eye.  Are we about to have the long anticipated full disclosure of aliens? And why release a book on a presidential assassination, let alone give it an oversized review that will catch the eye in the most prominent business journal in the country when that event took place over 50 years ago and there has been no particular mention of it lately until now?  Are we being psychologically conditioned by the PTW for similar types of events or is it all just a coincidence?
A. I get that the PTW know that they have been able to suppress the truth for a while even though they were supposed to disclose things by now.  They realize that when Trump is officially in office, key people that they once were able to influence may not be as easily influenced.  In preparation for some possible loss of full control, things are being slowly leaked to the people so they can be slowly absorbed by the human subconscious.

JFK and his assassination was tied (in part) to his knowledge of ETs and ET technology.  He wanted to share this technology to better the country, and this terrified the PTW and they (for this and other reasons) could not allow it to happen.  Making some technology open to the public, creating free energy, etc, was a direct threat to those making money in those industries.  

I see these two things in the WSJ are not a coincidence, but rather very related to one another. There were positioned there to say that JFK wanted to share certain things with the people, and look what happened to him.  Our new leadership may be under less control of the PTW, and be more free thinking, but also take caution.  If certain bits of knowledge are leaked, the people are slightly desensitized, but the PTW are going to do what they can to make that not happen. 

And that is all I have for this reading (and all I am comfortable relaying).  Please send some protective light to our new leadership and encourage them to continue think freely and not be punished for breaking away from the PTW and their agendas.

Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, November 11, 2016

Life Detective #4

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to the segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the past, present and future lives of various people of note. When Lynn taps in, she typically gets one or two dominant lives of the subject that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today -- and then where they might be in future. I’m not going to reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below, inverted. Try not to peek. As usual, note that my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life 1: As I focus, I keep seeing him in spirit. There *were* no past lives immediately before his main one; I get that he was in spirit for about 100 earth years prior, where he served as a guide and protector, helping various people. He was assigned to help with people's intellectual processes. He'd provide those AHA moments so people would suddenly know how to do things, esp. in terms of intellectual pursuits and healing. I can't relate to a physical form in the past at all. He slowly developed this frustration block, built over time, trying to help people who then didn't listen to his advice. He'd helped 100+ people, but this frustration built and built. He ended up coming here in physical form to be able to accomplish what he couldn't do in spirit.

Future Life: Today, he feels like he's in spirit, but working as a guide, again. He isn't assigned to just one person, but rather several. 

[Tangential question: What was the thing he and his wife witnessed, that “turned her into a pillar of ash” (not "pillar of salt," which is a mistranslation)? You probably know who we're talking about now.] 

Regarding the “ash”... when I read your question, I instantly got "this is one of the first acts of human combustion." A huge surge of energy looks like it went into her body (through her eyes!), and instantly created this internal smoldering feeling, and then almost instantly she was aflame. It was horrifying and miraculous at the same time. Wow!! I don't know how the story exactly goes, but once I heard that if you looked at Medusa she would turn you to stone (or something like that), well I am getting references to hearing that when I was a kid. I think it was something she saw and it was too much for her system to process and it created this thermionic reaction. I can't tell what she saw though (I feel like I am blocked from seeing it). [And for good reason!] 

[Note: I was puzzling over what Lynn said happened to the wife with one of the Meowracles at SchrodingersOtherCat  and they said she was exposed to an energy that caused all her chakras to become so energetic that they began to "burn," and in some cases, they can even explode. Wow. Didn’t know that was possible.]

Subject B
Past Life 1: I keep being drawn to Orion's Belt. I'm being shown the center star of the belt... ah, he was an ET before. When he incarnated as this person... he was able to recall a lot of his past lives; he couldn't remember details, but he could remember concepts. He knew things, but he didn't know how he knew. Like you, he was a claircognizant. There was so much he knew that he couldn't keep it to himself. 

Future Life: I can't connect to this person being alive today. [So the whole "talking to God" thing was really talking to an ET, a good one? Can you tell what kind of ET? Our known history is such a misrepresentation. Did the subject really speak with an ET on the top of a mountain?] He absolutely connected with an ET (and I get more than once), and had a good relationship. They do feel like they were good. Not sure the name, but they are tall, darker in color, very thin, oblong head and the back their head comes to a point -- like the shape of a football, rounded on one end and pointy on the other. [Sounds familiar.]

Subject C
Past Life 1: First thing I see is an image of what you'd imagine the tooth fairy would look like! Like Tinkerbell. I get this overwhelming female energy. In this subject's past life, he was a mom of several children, a very protective guide. She had a hard life and worked hard for her children. After she passed, she hung out in the very protective guardian form for about 50 years before incarnating as this person. Like Subject A, I get this spirit's eventual frustration settle in with their guidance being ignored, their advice not always followed. This subject had to be a male this time, given the life circumstances, otherwise he wouldn't have carried the same power. 

Future Life: I see this image of that pipeline they're trying to do. I get that this subject is one of the people trying to hold that protest together, keep spirits high, keep people rallied. They're a woman this time. They're there now and very much a part of this. They'd risk their lives to pull other people up.

Subject D
Past Life 1: Ew, bad vibes. I first heard "Dracula," then saw this island off of Africa. Sounds like Transylvania… no, Tanzania! This person was some kind of count or lord there. He was a recluse in this creepy old mansion, and had all these servants who did everything for him. So dark. I hear he had porphyria -- what is that? This is what he died of. 

Future Life: I get that this person has not incarnated, yet, but I get... that some people in power, associated with the monarchy, do these creepy ceremonial celebrations and they try to bring this person's spirit in. They summon him and bring him into their circle. He's floating around. I heard this creepy thing that he's dead but not really dead. Ew. 

Subject E
Past Life 1: The lifetime I'm getting feels like the one right before, and the one before that. I hear this subject is from a long line of doctors and inventors, if you look at the 'spirit family tree.' As I hone in, i see a man in a white lab coat, looks like a doctor. He has this patient and he's doing what looks like acupuncture on someone's head. He was fascinated by people with mental illness issues, what talents this particular population had that other people did not, etc. He felt like those people deemed “mad" held the mysteries of the mind. [Well, this person must've learned something substantial from this.]

Future Life: I get an image of a guy sitting in a jail cell. He was working on some kind of free energy program -- perpetual motion philosophy -- he almost got it to work, but the government got wind of it and framed him for a crime like theft, then they tried to get the patent. But since he devoted his life to it, he refused, and they framed him for a petty crime and sent him to this horrendous prison -- and he's there. The cell is dirty and gross. It's intentional torture and punishment for not handing over this patent. It's this huge thing and if he released it it would put oil companies out of business. He ticked off the wrong people and now he's paying the price for it.

[Can you tell where the prison is, geographically?]

I want to say Gitmo, or Guantanamo Bay. I feel terrible for him. I don't know when he's leaving, but I sure hope it's soon!! [We need to get this person released ASAP.]


And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, flip for the solution. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tump's Victory... Now What?

Q. If Lynn has time for a quick 'visioning' relating to the other night, I was wondering what happened during Clinton's long invisible silence all through the count, and then sending her lackey out to tell everyone to go home without even showing her face or giving a speech. I thought it was shoddy treatment of all the people who'd supported her. So, was she tired, being cowardly, was she in denial about the result, or did the shock of the looming loss trigger off her health issues again so she wasn't fit to appear in public?
A. I get she was going through a whole range of emotions and sort of had a mini breakdown.  She could not conceive that Trump would or could beat her.  She felt superior to him with her experience (almost an invincible vibe). I get that she was so sure of her victory that she hadn't taken the concession speech seriously (I get both parties prepare one ahead of time just in case..).  When the reality hit her, she wasn't able to practice and read though it without breaking down.  She gave up on it in the wee hours of the morning to lay down (I get she had to take something to calm herself to get some sleep).  She could not physically, emotionally or mentally deliver that speech during the night.

Q. So many predictions have suggested Hillary would win. Did the ETs interfere with the outcome? Or is there going to be further upheaval/ shock/ revelation so the result's back up in the air again? Will Trump reach the White House or will 'stuff happen?
A. There was definitely a guiding force aiding Trump.  It was set that Hilary would win (I see her clearly on the Economist Magazine cover), but she under-preformed and internal friction with the "powers" was a hard thing to overcome as well (lots of stern discussions occurred).  A Hilary victory would surely mean a war with Russia, which is not in the country's greater good.  It looks as though there are phases for Trump to get to the White House, and the first phase is complete.  I sense more twists and turns (cannot see exactly what), but the main hurdle is over. He will need support and a continued protection from the PTW (Powers That Were) until he gets in and settled (and even beyond).  

Q. Given the considerable disparity between the polls and the actual vote in the presidential election, there are some incredulous voters out there who think the polling station results may have been manipulated in some way. Do you see a collusion between Trump and Mr Putin of any undue Russian influence (hackers) involved in this election? Or is it just a simple stroke of good luck for Mr. Trump?
A. I see this as positive influence from above, but not at the hands of Russia.  The tactics used to dissuade voters didn't come from Trump's campaign.  I cannot connect any of the to Russia or Putin.

Q. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for all of your help! I was wondering about the electoral votes being processed in December and January. People on Facebook are talking about the PTW (The Powers that Were) rigging the electoral votes in Hillary's favor. There is only $5,000 fine if the electoral officials doesn't vote the way they're supposed to, so I think that people are worried about the shift from Trump to Hillary due to bribery, corruption, etc. What do you see?

A. I do see some thought of talk of this, but Trump is to smart and too onto the "riggings" that can happen.  I don't see it sticking or changing the outcome. 

Q. Hi Lynn and everyone. I for one am extremely relieved Clinton did not win even though many in the mass media are shocked and mainly pissed. lol. Lynn, can you tell us what happens now? What will happen to the Powers? Will they try to get in with President Trump? Will he be successful in the next 4 years in leading the country? And Hilary, what happens to her?

A. I see the transition being kind of tough, and Trump is appalled at the things he finds out during the briefings.  Trump puts key people in positions and starts working on a serious plan with experts.  He is driven and determined. 

The Powers are very upset and very concerned.  I get an image of bankers on Wall Street shaking because they know that Trump will not be bullied and can see through the BS.  They do try to work deals and try to make mutual deals, but Trump is focused on making America the "best achievement on his resume''.   The Powers stop at nothing, and it feels a little ugly at times. The Powers then get creative and try to manipulate their way though other parties/people in government.

The Hillary situation feels unsettling.  I do get that she will really be under the microscope.  I see her fading away out of the news and spotlight shortly to regroup.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Q. Hi Lynn,  I came across an interesting post that claims dinosaurs never existed and they are just a conspiracy. To be honest, the internet is full of such conspiracy theories about dinosaurs in particular. I have to confess I often wonder at dinosaurs and can't seem to figure out why our nature that is so intelligently and so geniously designed had actually created something at such a large scale, let them dominate the earth without fulfilling any any purpose, for such a large period of time, and then let them all get wiped off. Whoever our God is, He is certainly not stupid and certainly hasn't been experimenting with species as if he were unsure how to create the perfect specie. So what is the truth about dinosaurs? Are the scientist really correct in what they say?

I would like to add here that I don't deny or disbelieve all those tons of fossil records and scientific conclusions, but I find myself unable to believe with shut eyes either. I am plain curious to know if and how our mother nature blundered like an experimenting fool.

The link to the post in question is this:
A. When I first tune into this, I get that in some timelines dinosaurs existed, and in some they did not.  However, they did exist in the timeline we are currently experiencing.  

It looks like when dinosaurs first came to this earth, they came millions and millions of years ago.  The appearance of the solar system was much different during that time. The orbits of the planets were smaller, and the grouping was much tighter.  Additionally, the size of earth was smaller (I see earth as having a living force, extracting solar energy from the sun, and using that energy to expand).  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and as the solar energy hit the earth, it was absorbed and released in the form of growth (volcanic eruptions, cracks, stretching, etc).  The result of the smaller orbit and smaller earth looks to be less gravity which allow the opportunity for giants, dinosaurs and even larger vegetation to grow.

When I focus on where dinosaurs came from, I see an image of a comet.  It appears that earth's environment (water, land and atmosphere) was perfect for this type of life, and ETs from the left star system on Orion's belt seeded a comet and directed it toward earth.  Dinosaurs look like the result of an ET genetic experiment.  

I do get there was an asteroid that hit the earth in the South American area that created a very hostile environment forcing those that survived to head northwest (to the best of their ability). Dinosaurs lived in that part of the world (north and northwest) for many thousands of years while the South American area remained unlivable (dark, dusty and smelled like sulfur). 

During all this this (their millions of years of existence) earth's orbit and mass became larger, and the gravitational pull didn't allow larger species to thrive.  This ultimately resulted in their demise.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, November 7, 2016

Meditation Over the Next Two Days

Hello everyone!  I have had several requests to do a meditation to direct our energy and thoughts toward peace and welcome the shift that our Earth is experiencing.  I realize this is short notice, so rather than choosing a specific time (I don't want to cause stress over time zones or other obligations), I just ask that you take a few quiet moments over the next two days and focus on the intent of peace, calm and the greater good at heart.  The collective efforts and focus really will make a difference.  

Much love to all-

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mystery Pinging Sound in Northern Canada

Q. Hi Lynn,
There is a beeping or pinging noise in the Fury and Hecla Strait of Northern Canada. It has frightened away wildlife and can be heard by the locals. Who or what is responsible and what is the purpose for this sound on the Arctic?
Thank you!
A. When I first tune into this I visualize myself at that geographic location, and then begin to dive beneath beneath the surface, deep into the water. As I reach the ocean floor, I hear the pinging even louder and try to determine where it is coming from, and realize it isn't an object, but rather coming from the ocean floor itself.  I realize it isn't just a "pinging" sound, but rather a beacon.  

When I ask, "What for?" I get that there is an ET base beneath the ocean floor, and that beacon is so their fellow ETs can find them. It appears the Earth is in trouble (brink of a physical War, and turmoil is very dependent on what happens with this upcoming election).  They (these ETs) are requesting helpers to intervene to sort of "calm things down."  I see the original purpose of the base was to have a presence close to Earth and monitor things, and if/when need be, call in reinforcements.  The goal all along for many of these ET races is to keep Earth whole so it can once again become the oasis that it once was.  They don't want humans to destroy it beyond repair, and are willing to intervene if need be.  I hear that a forced disclosure may be close to happening if some kind of negotiations and peaceful actions aren't put into play real soon.

I then pose "Who are these ETs and where did they come from?"  I get that there are "ETs from everywhere wanting to guide us, but the ones responsible for the beacon come from the Sirius system."  I hear they have been waiting patiently on disclosure, they have even tried to be respectful so an all out chaos doesn't start, but they cannot allow something so clearly against the greater good to occur.  They are hopeful that humans will do the right thing, but fully accept that they may have to intervene.  What they are trying to decide is in what capacity, and how exactly they will interfere or influence humans without violating universal laws. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,

Friday, November 4, 2016


Q. Lynn, could you look at the popular song, Heathens, by Twenty One Pilots? It is currently being played in heavy rotation on the radio stations. I researched to learn what the song is about and they haven't offered a straight answer. The song seems to allude to unknown darker elements of society. What are your thoughts? Here are the lyrics below:
All my friends are heathens. Take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Please don't make any sudden moves
You don't know the half of the abuse
Welcome to the room of people
Who have rooms of people that they loved one day, docked away
Just because we check the guns at the door
Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades
You'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you
You'll never know the murderer sitting next to you
You'll think, "How'd I get here, sitting next to you?"
But after all I've said, please don't forget
All my friends are heathens. Take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Please don't make any sudden moves
You don't know the half of the abuse
We don't deal with outsiders very well
They say newcomers have a certain smell
You have trust issues, not to mention
They say they can smell your intentions.
All my friends are heathens. Take it slow
(Watch it)
Wait for them to ask you who you know
(Watch it)
Please, all my friends are heathens. Take it slow
(Watch it)
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Why'd you come? You knew you should have stayed (It's blasphemy)
I tried to warn you just to stay away (Away)
And now they're outside ready to bust (To bust)
It looks like you might be one of us
A.  I see this as a person that got connected with some dark and negative forces and they are telling their story as a warning or tale of caution and make better choices about the company you keep.  I see that they were really down, sort of at a loss, and then someone came into their life (who is connected to a powerful group that fears no one and answers to no one).  This "group"  looked normal and acted normal in the beginning, but this was a disguise. A trust formed, and as they become more and more vulnerable to their new "friend(s)."

Eventually the relationship turned into something uncomfortable, and when they tried to leave the relationship threats were made.  They didn't want to take it seriously, but then their "friends" true selves were revealed, and these friends were darker than they could have ever realized.  

They warn you of getting too close or being manipulated, because it happened to them before they realized what was happening.  They feel it is too late for them, but you can still save yourself.  Be safe and be cautious and let intuition be your guide (because appearances can be very deceiving).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alternate Worldlines (Timelines)

Q. I have been doing a lot of reading and I have come across several references to two different worldlines (timelines); one where Trump becomes President, and one where Hillary becomes President. Supposedly, if Hillary becomes president then there would be nuclear warfare between USA and Russia. On the other hand, according to Nostradamus and other sources, if Trump becomes President then we will see a golden age eventually, and become united with Israel. Is this correct? What happens to our other "selves" in the other worldlines when we go to Heaven? Do we all merge into one soul when we get there, or does each worldline have their own version of Heaven, or how does it work? Thank you for your clarifications!
A. Both candidates bring something different to the table, and have an opposing type of energy. (One of the main reasons the candidates have the adverse feelings they have toward one another.  They energetically don't mesh.).  I do see that if Hilary wins we will be going to physical war sooner rather than later.  i also see the nation witnessing one of the biggest scandals being uncovered because Trump supporters will be relentless revealing the truth.   i also see that Russia (Putin) won't accept her either, and will do what they can to bring about shame  This causes a huge divide between supporters and non-supporters.  Tensions are high, and I get day to day life won't "feel as easy and fluid."  People feel insecure, the stock market feels unstable, and the intuition within people really starts to heighten in order to know facts versus fiction.  There is some level of ascension during all this (feels more personal than collective).

Trump brings something different.  If he wins he will go into this with the utmost devotion (he has an ego that keeps him driven), but once he is briefed and realizes the happenings around him, he goes though a moment of feeling defeated.  He realizes it is much harder to get things done than he realized because many other people pull the strings (or try to), but he is determined to do what he wants.  I actually see him trying to fight this system, and see him talking with someone and saying "You know I have money and know people too"  He doesn't take kindly to being bullied, and feels it is harder to work with people in his own country than to negotiate and make things happen elsewhere in the world.  I do get a slight image of him getting some kind of "mystery illness" at some point during the early part of his term.  The economy starts to turn around, and he applies many business practices to create his vision of the country (again, I see his ego really driving him hard).  I get the PTW (Powers That once Were) even go so low as to threaten to manipulate the stock market even more to affect the democratic approval rating, and he somehow works around that as if he is one step ahead of them.  I cannot see a connection to Israel, but feel overall Americans do very well.

I get that we will live and experience the worldline (or timeline) that the mass collective experiences on this linear timeline. Some small groups may "glitch" into the alternate worldline,similar to the Mandella Effect, but eventually reset to the collective worldline. The other worldline exists, but it won't be your experience in this 3D life.  When we pass into spirit I see that all worldlines merge into one shared (multi level based on vibration) spiritual plane, the highest level being "Heaven" (but can be termed many things.  This highest level is where most highest vibrational beings reside.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-