Monday, November 12, 2018

Patreon Post: Lion Airline Crash

Q.  Lynn, can you do a reading on the Lion Airlines crash?

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Enlil and the Old Testament

Q.  Hot button, here!  Is Enlil the real Old Testament God? And does that make the followers of that collection of chapters the tools of Enlil who allegedly hates humanity and is no doubt pissed that some survived the flood? (That didn't work, so let's try again by trying to incite everyone to kill each other off? 

That could explain a lot of our history, though I don't think it's a good thing in the Karmic scheme of things to have been 'CHOSEN' by the likes of Enlil, (not that I like Enki any better.) I've been reviewing the Epic of Gilgamesh again, and it's older than the Bible, so. . .
A.  When I tune into this, and flash back to my previous reading (outlined below), I do get that Enlil and Enki were both beings described as "gods" in the old testament.  I have not read the Epic of Gilgamesh, but get there are two opposing figures or an enemy of Enlil, which is Enki.  The Epic of Gilgamesh may describe this literally or symbolically, but there is definitely a struggle of powers. They weren't always enemies, but started to compete over battles of power.  

The battle described between them was the second major battle on earth that shaped the existence of people.  The first was the battle of the humanoid cat and dog ETs, in which they were banished from earth.  At the end of the first battle, the Reptilians went underground, where they stayed for many centuries.  During the rule of Enki and Enlil, they remained underground; however, I get they when Enlil left he gave the Reptilians permission to come to the surface.  As a punishment for those humans left behind, Enlil allowed the Reptilians to do what was necessary to keep the humans under control and their consciousness from rising.  

Enlil wanted to purge the earth to start over, but since that was not allowed, his goal was to "punish" those behind by helping to create a "consciousness trap."  I have always seen that the Reptilians took over after the battle of the cat and dog ETs, but I didn't know "who" gave them the permission or "how" it happened until I saw this play out.  The Reptilian desire for power and control (and no checks and balances to stop them) created their ruthless manipulation, but it was Enlil that made it easy.  Enlil's only requirement was that the Reptilians needed permission from humans to lead their control, and it was up to the Reptilians to determine how to get this permission.  The Reptilians realized a "truth in plain sight" method was the easiest, and if humans knew the truth and didn't object, it was the same as implied permission.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Patreon Post: Roman Empire

Q. Hi Lynn, could you have a look at the Roman Empire? Maybe it wasn't that big after all? Maybe it was made much bigger by falsifying the history? Could you have a look all the great remains of temples, aqueducts, etc., who built them? and when? Big topic, I know, but would be great to get an appetizer!
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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Significance of Symbols

Q.  There is a guy with a YouTube channel called HighImpactVlogs.  What do you make of this video he created?  I thought it was very interesting (and enlightening).  It talks about some very prominent symbols, and where they came from (and not in a positive way).  Thanks.

A.  As I tune into this, I am reminded of how much symbols play a role in our everyday life.  Even in a recent chat session on Patreon we discussed the importance of words, and how they spell cast (like Happy Friday versus Weekend, ie "Weakened").

The Powers That Were (PTW) we smart in invading our life in both subliminal and blatant ways to keep us under control.  It is the awareness and personal strength that will keep you protected.  I will try to explain.  

Spell casting through speech and environmental messages (tv "programs" which are programming) tell people what to think, how to feel and sway opinions.  Knowledge is power, and when we realize what is happening, even if you watch your favorite show, you can recognize when you witness an agenda at place (maybe it is making the father figure foolish, which is a breakdown and disrespect of the family unit), you can see it for what it is, and it has less or no impact on you.