Sunday, October 14, 2018

Crypto Update

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look into cryptos in general? Are they going to be allowed to succeed to take over the dying financial system? It seems they are all being "held back.." When will they be allowed to take off, thanks!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

From a Land Far Far Away...

Q. Hi Lynn, can you tell us about Cintamani Stone? I have heard it is from the Star system Sirius and is helpful during ascension.  I have also heard it is a black magic stone. Thank you for checking this out.
A.  I do see it came here via a comet that landed here on earth.  It looks like when it came into or atmosphere it was in a liquid form (?) and it crashed into a desert or beach (I see lots of sand).  When it connected, the sand bonded with the liquid, and when it cooled it created this stone.  I get it you were to test it, you would see a lot of unique properties to it because of the way it was formed.  

When I focus on the origin, I cannot confirm Sirius, but I can say I'm drawn to Orion's belt.  It looks as though it came from a system from that constellation. 

I see it has similar vibrational properties to crystals.  It also works in similar ways.  It is the intent you put in it that determines if the effects are in the light or the dark.  If you wish ill will, or work against the greater good, bad thing around you can happen.  If you put positive intent into the stone, it will amplify positive effects.  The stone itself is not good or bad, it is a tool to direct your intent.  The stone can't make you ascend, but if you work toward increasing your vibration and ascension, I see it being beneficial.

Q.  Hello Lynn, Supposedly, several flashes of light, perhaps even a laser beam was seen emanating from Saturn on September 11th. Is this a legitimate video or is it CGI? If it is real, what are the light beams and why are there two colors, red and blue? Was Saturn celebrating a planetary holiday and broadcasting their colors?  
Thanks for your blog!
A.  I get this is legit, but I see it being a different cause.  There are ET bases all over our solar system.  Saturn has a base (looks underground due to the hostile environment and atmosphere).  The base looks like a temporary home to some very tall, dark skinned Greys. These beams were really frequency beacons that were sent out, and our eyes took those frequencies and converted them to colors.  The frequencies feels like some kind of binary communication, and the two pulses came through as being "red" and "blue."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Quick Thank You!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to all of you in the blog community and Patreon members!  I am thankful for all of you, and truly appreciate the support.  

I've had a few questions presented to me regarding the direction of the blog.  I love all of you, and plan on keeping the blog as a free place for us to come together, share ideas and seek truth.  I am proud of what it has become, and will continue to do at least a few posts and videos a week (unless something unforeseen happens).  

Censorship has really hit conservative and alternative sites.  Many of those sites supplemented their time with ad revenue.  Now that sites are being suppressed (mine included), hit counts either stall or go in reverse (this was just brought to my attention) and channels are being deleted, it is hard to have a voice out there, but it is more important now than ever. 

I recently started doing Patreon posts.  These are in addition to, and not a replacement of the blog, and serve as a way to say Thank You to my patrons.   

I have had a few questions as to why I'm doing Patreon, so I wanted to address this for everyone out there rather than muddle through the comments.   Content providers everywhere are seeking out other ways to support their sites and channels to give back to their families and reinvest into their work.  I reached out to a few content providers that are having similar issues, and also had a few reach out to me to determine how to navigate through these times.  Some of them sell hats and shirts, others are redirecting people to other platforms, but that didn't resonate with me.  Then, I was introduced to Patreon, which I initially didn't like because my Taurus, bull-headed personality doesn't like to admit how challenging this has been and to ask for help.  I don't think anyone likes to ask for donations or support, including me, but the response has been humbling and heart-warming.  

Again, I realize Patreon is above and beyond, and is never expected, but I'm incredibly thankful and have so much gratitude!  I want to continue to grow this awesome community we've created.

Peace and love, 

Chris Watts

Q. Hi Lynn, This is a news story that I’ve been obsessing about for weeks now thinking somethings off about it.

So there’s a case that’s been on the news for at least a month about a man named Chris Watts.  He appears (in all the videos I’ve watched) to be a loving, doting husband and father.  So on the news he’s seen pleading for the safe return of his pregnant wife Sha’nann (pronounced shuh-nann) and children Bella 4, & Celeste 3,  having no idea where they are.

Then the children’s bodies are somehow found within a day or 2  in oil tanks hundreds of feet tall reachable by ladder only, at this oil company that Chris supposedly works at ‘Anadarko’, the wife’s in a shallow grave adjacent to the tanks (and on gated private property isolated from everything.) In many videos it looks like they work for a company called LeVel.

The wife Sha’nann has tons of videos online where she’s pushing this “Thrive” product line (owned by LeVel) and somebody keeps adding more videos to YouTube, but won’t state who they are. (I did see long curly hair in a reflection). I’m talking about 50 videos a day or more. Supposedly they were heavily in debt and filed bankruptcy in 2015.

Is the ‘Chris’ in the news her husband? Are the children and Sha’nann still alive and perhaps moved to North Carolina? Is this real or a psyop? (Nobody seems to be able to cry on camera) And, what is motivation behind it?

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