Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Good advice..

Delphi Murders

Q.  Can you please look into this mysterious case that has never been solved.  Police keep coming up empty handed even though they feel a break is just around the corner.  I'm having trouble letting this go.  Can you shed any light, or give your impressions?  Thanks.

A.  The easiest way for me to approach this is to try to see this play out through the eyes of one of the little girls.  As I place myself in the woods, and I'm walking and talking with my friend (laughing and just being in my own world).  We are walking in and out of wooded areas, but we stayed on the path.  Some of the path had gravel, and some was just bare dirt (no mud).  It was a very care free feeling and we went along.

I then see a guy approach and he was walking in the opposite direction.  He looks familiar like I've seen him before, but I couldn't recall right away.  I leaned to my friend, and together we figured out that we had seen him at our school.  He worked there as a janitor/custodian/contractor (I really remember seeing him in a uniform with a light blue shirt).  You could tell he was a little introverted, and he gave off an uncomfortable vibe.  I feel like I don't want to walk close to him and even go off the path slightly as to not have him "touch" be as he walks past.  I then turn to my friend, and I talk about how "weird" he was or felt.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chernobyl and Nuclear Power

Q.  Lynn, I just finished watching "Chernobyl". The devastation to the site and surrounding area was profound. How many years if ever, will it take the earth to heal from this horrendous human mistake? I sincerely believe nuclear power plants to all be accidents waiting to happen, especially the ones built next to the ocean or in earthquake-prone areas, i.e. Los Angeles, Fukushima, etc. The "official" Chernobyl death count is 31, Fukushima is 0. I do not believe this to be true. I feel the numbers are much higher. What damage is still being done by these reactors? Are whales and marine life dying in the Pacific due to radiation poisoning? Where will the next catastrophe be? I have read that the California drought was "weather-manipulated" by our government to keep the "radiation rain" from California crops. Is the power plant still leaking? What is the truth? How best to protect/overcome?

A.  Great question, and this was horrible! I this the easiest way to look at this is to break this down into parts... 

I do get the deaths related to these accidents are much higher than reported.  People controlling these plants don't want to evoke fear, so they only try to promote the positive while highly being dismissive of the negative.  When a tragic accident happens, not only do they report the minimum, but I get they focus on the "human error" aspect to still promote an underlying element of safety, because "employees" can take the ultimate blame.  Blame is most importantly shifted away from the government (especially with Chernobyl).  Money is made with nuclear power, and not fear of nuclear power.  They also take the "immediate death count" and fail to look at the long term (Fukushima, I get, is still creating immune issues, been the root cause of cancers and has horribly harmed the ecosystem).  

Keep this in mind.. sometimes struggles are necessary for growth...