Monday, October 25, 2021

Halloween Week: Ghost Adventures

Q.  Lynn, Can you look at Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures?  He's been in many haunted places and has had countless interactions with demons. He even bought the famous Demon House and ended up demolishing it because of the evil goat demon living there.   One night he stayed there alone and ended up having double vision after the entity hurt him. He kept the dirt under the house for his museum, where he also keeps objects from all his ghost hunting.  He says he has a priest get rid of attachments.  

How does Zak keep himself so safe? Is he actually really possessed or is he just heavily protected? Why would he want to keep all these objects from haunted places? He even keeps creepy dolls that people send him in the mail.  I just want to know if he's really a good guy whose protected from these spirits or actually possessed and that's why he keeps collecting this evil stuff.  I'm just interested in his energy. 

A.  When I tune into him and his energy, I get Zak keeps himself safe because he believes he is safe.  He knows that if something evil or negative was to try to attach itself to him that he is strong enough either through his own mental determination,  or through his priest, to ward it off.  He doesn't reside in fear.  

We all have this ability, but the problem is that much of society programs people with fear.  We see movies like Poltergeist and think that if a spirit attaches we are doomed.  That isn't true, and Zak understands the strength that we as humans have.

He keeps all these trinkets as souvenirs.  It isn't good or bad, it is a memento of where he has been and his life's work.  I get that the items he has only LOOK evil, but they are just objects.  Even things that had bad energy have been cleared.  Even though entities can attach to objects, I get he isn't keeping a collection of bad energy.  (NOTE:  I do not recommend collecting things you think are haunted.  You have to have an outlet to clear them and BELIEVE they are cleared.)

I get that Zak likes to challenge himself and that  is what these situations are about.  He wants to prove to himself that he can face a situation that could be fearful, and overcome it.  There is also a bit of sensationalism to this show, which adds an extra amount of drama, so keep that in mind as well.  Many people wouldn't want to put themselves in the scenario he does, and that is what makes this fit for tv.  There is always a little embellishment...

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light, Lynn 

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Who or What Hears Our Prayers

Q.  Faith.... Is a major entity listening to our prayers?  I know so many people are praying and asking for the good to prevail, but evil seems to have the winning hand.  Is God listening? What's happening? Is this a test for our faith? 

A.  When I focus on this question, the first thing I hear is "faith over fear."  I get that with the state of our world, fear is a common theme that is propagated.  Fear is a low vibe emotion and it is easy to fall into that trap.  It is faith and belief in something that is elevating, but also requires some effort.  It requires shutting down the rational mind that can be dismissive and have a full belief in Source.

When we pray it is our guides, angels and protectors in spirit that come to our aid. They are all standing by waiting to be called upon.  Different spiritual beings have different specialties, and depending on the need, specific ones will work to assist.

When we ask for guidance we have to be careful how we ask for it.  Is there something specific you want?  If you seek financial freedom, ask for it in the most divine way.  If you do not chose your words wisely, they you may get want you want, but NOT in the way you intended.  For example, in one scenario you could have a huge windfall of money, and the other it could be life insurance due to a tragic loss.  One is divine, and one is awful.  Always frame your words wisely.

If you feel your prayers aren't answered, don't give up.  Source works in mysterious ways.  There is always a plan at work. Do you identify with the hardship?  Is it someone's path to experience life as a victim?  Are you the victim that needs to overcome something?  Is the event that is occurring meant for someone else to experience?  Sometimes it isn't easy or even in the greater good for an event to change motion and there is a bigger picture.  

You must have faith that the universe works in balance and things are always being reset. Spiritual beings are constantly around us to nudge and direct.  Things really do happen as they need to and there is a much greater purpose out there than what we think.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

SubscribeStar: Pand-emic Babies

Q.  Hi Lynn,

There has been a viral trend featuring “pand-emic babies” who seem really advanced for their age. Holding their head up and holding their own bottle from birth, rolling over at 2 weeks old, pulling up to stand and crawling at 3 months, walking at 6 months, etc. Can you look into what is the reason behind this? I’ve included a link for reference. 

A. To see my response to the above and video discussion, please visit me on SubscribeStar. *If I ever select your question for a SubscribeStar post, and you don't have access, please reach out to me for a copy. 

Love and light (and Lots of Gratitude), Lynn

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Truth Ministries/Spiritual Consultation/Recommendation Letters

Hi Everyone!  You are all welcome to my Truth Ministries group.  This is a group designed to seek truth through sharing, meditation, introspective thought and tuning into your inner God.  

I am in the process of setting up a calendar to have a consistent meetup and virtual gatherings.  Telegram may be the easiest way to communicate.  I have set up a group.  Please feel free to join if you'd like to participate.

I look forward to coming together with each of you.  

Love and light, 

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