Monday, November 28, 2016

David Blaine

Q. Hi Lynn! I was having a conversation with a friend about David Blaine's new show. My friend said that people think he may be an alien hybrid and that other hybrids are upset because he is using his abilities this way. I don't think you've ever written about him so I was really curious to know if he is really a good magician or something else?!
Thank you for your insight.

To add to the question about David Blaine, I came across this video today. It bases it's theory on black magic. How does this resonate with you Lynn?

A. When I first tune into David, I get this overwhelming feeling of his intelligence.  He downplays it to some extent for effect during his performances, but I get he is very gifted.  He was drawn to the darker side of magic when he was younger, and dabbled with it (I see images of a young boy with an Ouija board).   However, it looks like as he got older he became more fascinated by extreme illusions. I hear the phrase that he wanted to be involved in "the X-Games of Magic, or rather X-Magic." 

It looks like he stumbled upon mentalism when he was researching illusions, and became obsessed with it.  Even though he was once curious and studied the darker arts, it is coming to me that his current success is due to his natural abilities at mentalism (he has some psychic abilities he doesn't speak of that helps him to forecast how people will react and respond) and his intelligence.  Those are the things that made him the illusionist he is today.  I don't see darkness around him (in fact he feel protected by a guiding force), but rather a very gifted and intelligent performer.

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in analogy to PTW the former main stream meadia is now being called HBM the has been media... (Y)