Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Priority Blog Request: The Stock Market and Precious Metals

Q. Please comment on the future direction of the US stock market, and the price of silver and gold. I think this is important because this impacts so many readers.  There are predictions money will come flowing into the US Markets, which are the “safest”.  The Dow is predicted to soar to 50,000 over the next year(s).  Others say there are many unforeseen events (“Black Swans*” - assassinations, earthquakes, etc.) that will lead to a sudden collapse of the US (and world) stock markets, wiping out the savings of many. This is a crucial question: invest in the stock market and expect massive gains, or stay in cash and avoid a major crash. *Black Swans (as used in this question): defined as an unexpected event that might tank the stock market, such as a US major earthquake, or the assassination of a world leader, or military action, etc.

A.  I see the market doing very well through the end of the year.  The Powers that [once] Were (PTW) are really pumping up the market (falsely) to get their gains while Obama is still in office.  I see the "Powers" timing this perfectly so when Trump takes control they can let the market dip (a lot).  This is due to the PTW frustration that they cannot control Trump, and a way to encourage the US and people around the world to lose confidence in Trump as a leader.  Trump (I see) expects this to happen, and is on to their "game."  Due to his connections, personal interests and determination to be a good leader (this is where his ego is a positive thing for the people), he is able to stabilize the market and bring it back.  It is a small, consistent, but steady incline.  

Overall, I see the market doing well while the current president is in office, and diving once Trump is sworn in.  The timing is critical because the PTW want the full blame on Trump (if they do it too early some blame can do to Obama and they do not want that).  Trump recognizes it, works on damage control and them brings the market back.

Trump will have to overcome obstacle after obstacle (Black Swans) to create the vision he wants. The PTW won't go down without a fight.  Somehow, I do see Trump outwitting them at their game, and coming out on top.  I keep hearing this phrase that "he keeps "trumping" them."

A second question concerns precious metals - gold and silver. It appears to be well documented that there is price suppression of these by JP Morgan Chase and the Bank of Nova Scotia (possibly in partnership with the US government). I am wondering when and if they will let the prices of these soar? They are documented to have gathered massive amounts of physical silver, and right now are in the process of covering their short positions by manipulating the price of these downward. Can you comment on this, and see when the prices will go to the moon? Thank you so much, 

A.  I do see this as being true.  The big bankers, wall street and PTW are controlling the valuation of the market on this.  I see what is happening is the "controllers' are issuing paper certificates for silver to skew the supply / demand, therefore, driving the price down.  There are two things with this.  One, it creates a suppression in price allowing PHYSICAL silver to be purchased at a much lower rate.  And, two, if there was a run on cashing these certificates it would be realized there isn't enough silver to honor the certificates.

They are dong this for a couple reasons.  The main is an insurance policy to preserve their wealth.  The US dollar is in trouble.  It looks to be slowly but surely losing value.  I don't know that I can see it being saved, but it will be a long slow process before it is totally gone (it will go through a phase of being obsolete, people won't carry cash, everything will be electronic and places will have an credit based preference as a new credit based system starts to swoop in and take over before the people even realize what is happening).  While this is going on people in control are buying real, tangible silver and gold so if / when the dollar tanks, they have something that is of worth.  It also provides a buffer while this new 'credit based" system starts to take hold and the kinks are worked out.

I see that currently (tangible) silver does have real value, but it isn't reflected in the numbers.  Within the next couple of years as a new credit based society emerges and some other form of currency is introduced, the value of precious metals will soar.  

I see there being some big announcement like "a new convenient form of money exchange is coming around (not like bitcoin either)" or "cash in your dollars for this new / great form or currency."  The media will portray it like it is your idea to participate in this new form of exchange, and they make you feel like it is a great idea, and so easy.  I get that when it does happen it will swoop over the people like a fog rolling in. When that talk happens, keep your gold and silver close.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[NOTE:  I want to put a disclaimer out there that I am not a financial expert, what I get comes from an intuitive perspective, so before making financial decisions you may want to talk to an adviser.  And, most importantly trust your own gut and intuition.  :-)]




As usual interesting read. Here in India our government is forcing us to go cashless & the manner is shocking. Do you see this trend picking up. Thanks


Craig said...

Lynn thanks for the update. I've been watching this for a while. This has a lot of emotion and fear attached because it is about people's money. I totally understand. But remember that we can create a different monetary system to use in conjunction with fed reserve notes or whatever is coming. States or a group of states (or the whole country) could create a type of coupon with value that is tradeable for goods and services, just an example. Everyone just would have to be on board with this to make it work.

I have heard from others that in 2017 August is the month to watch for a major downturn. A financial astrologer, Ray Merriman, correctly predicted (so far) the high for the dollar around Dec of this year. Simon Parkes is saying that the PTW will try and crash the economy one more time soon in order to do what they did in 08/09 , buy up everything for pennies on the dollar and drain any remaining wealth. Things could change, that's just what I hear now. The market is legalized gambling in my opinion, and we all know the house never loses.

As far as cash, the dollar isn't really worth that much right now in reality. Our agreement to support it and the debt are the only thing holding it up. If it fails, or when it fails, you could end up with a lot less in the bank, even if you cashed out your 401k. Digital amounts will probably be adjusted as well. Like Lynn says, metals may be hedge, but we are entering the unknown here until things can get reset.

If we are going to reset the dollar worth, then ALL things should be reset as well-- what your car and house is worth, goods and services, everything. It's only fair I think. People, we can do this. We must use our free will creativity to create something new and equitable for all. Don't fall into dispar when things start to go south, think of it as a time of opportunity to make the changes that we have longed for.

Serene said...

@Everyone....have you seen that new TV primetime sitcom on NBC, People of Earth. About a support group of people who have experienced ET abduction and their lives. This is about as close to disclosure as we are going to get for the time being. Full of symbolism and telling of Truths. On the West Coast it is on NBC Monday's at 9 pm.

Serene said...

Oh wait sorry no it is not NBC, it is TBS. People of Earth, on TBS Mondays at 9 p.m.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn this was thrilling! May we add a little question? Will Italy vote to leave the European Union next Sunday (Dec. 4th.) Muchas Gracias!

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for another awesome reading... I truly dislike the stock market. People throwing their money in and expecting something for nothing has always given me issues. It affects labor in a negative way... (Okay, getting off my soap box.) Kinda wish you would focus on the Petro Dallar. If we lost the dollar as the world currency, bad things would happen here. We still inport way more then we export. This has a negative affect on the value of the dollar.

Raymond G said...

This was interesting. I don't doubt the dollar is in trouble. I just wish I knew what the 'insiders' knew. Even 'community bomb shelters' are gaining popularity for the elites.

When you RV these events do you just just see the event occurring or do you get impressions of a timeline of events that precede it?

Thanks Lynn!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone. I too am curious about the TBS show. I will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!!

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