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I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed by your scheduled time and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


Alex said...

There are claims that Buddha is of Sino-Tibetan race because he was born in Nepal but Indian nationalists insist he is of Indo-Aryan race related to the North Indians.

Here is a photo allegedly drawn by his disciple when Buddha was 41 years old. Was he Asian or Caucasian? Is the drawing real or fake?

Z said...

Hi Lynn,
Just discovered your page yesterday, its incredible. Can you do a reading on Aaron Josef Hernandez he was an American football tight end in the NFL for the New England Patriots, his career came to an abrupt end after his arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He commited suicide on April 19,2017 in his cell.

My question is did he really committe suicide or was he killed? They found him with blood on his forehead with John 3:16 and an illuminati triangle drawn in blood as well on the cell wall. Did he also kill those people and why? He left 3 letters one for his wife one for his daughter they dont confirm who the third letter was for.

Jac JacJacqui said...

Hi Lynn!

Could you see why all of these whales have beached themselves??

Suz Nagel said...

Hi Lynn please provide your take on this most distressing subject. Over 400 unusual animal deaths are still occurring around London, there has been no let up over the 5 years since this started and no idea of who or what is doing it. It is known as operation Takahe and called the Croydon Cat Killer. When will this stop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn. A video surfaced recently showing a "lenticular cloud" above Russia's mountain ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana: / What is it? Besides this anomaly, is there some kind of supernatural feel tied to the area? There are dolmens, ancient burial sites in these mountains.

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,
Can you individually take a look at a list of 10 Earth-like planets and see if there is alien life (ranging from microbial to advanced humanoid alien or non-humanoid alien) on those planets? Also, which one out of the ten is the most suitable for humans to settle on in the future?

Here are is the list of the ten planets (and a bonus one):
1. Gliese 581d
2. HD 85512 b
3. Kepler-69c
4. Tau Ceti e
5. Gliese 667 Cf
6. Kepler-62f
7. Gliese 667 Cc
8. Kepler-62e
9. Gliese 581g
10. Kepler-22b
Bonus: Ross 128 b

Here is a YouTube video that talks about these Earth-like planets:

Thank you very much.

kris said...

Hello Lynn, would you please look into this world wide business (Aspire World Wide/Go Aspire) which ‘crashed’ a number of years ago.

Go Aspire Ltd, formerly Aspire Worldwide, had gone into insolvency only months after investors signed and paid for “franchise agreements”. Some of which had been purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And which then .. were exchanged for shares in the company. Unbeknown but soon to be discovered was that the company was ’worthless’.

This Duo of two 'husbands and wives' from the UK has made off with an estimated $6 million from everyday Australian and English people after a worldwide “cashback shopping scheme" collapsed.

Attempts to contact the two husband-and-wife duos who were responsible (and who were the founders:) … have been unsuccessful!

Andrew Terence Hansen, 47, and wife Wendy May Hansen, 45. Philip Gordon Watts, 68, and wife Sally Anne Watts 52 …. Seemingly are nowhere to be found.

They have now been ‘in hiding’ for a number of years.

In a letter written by ‘Phillip Watts' Aspire members were informed that the company had ceased trading:
“It is with deep regret that I must inform you that the company has now ceased trading due to becoming insolvent”.

Everyone involved went into shock! Many people lost their life savings and/or gave up their jobs.
Everyone had worked very hard and attended seminars, webinars and this outcome was so unexpected.

Q: Was Aspire Worldwide/Go Aspire an organized scam from the beginning ? (If so they certainly went to a lot of trouble to convince people)!
Q: Considering the company was declared ‘insolvent’ – did they really go broke or did they do a runner?
Q: Did their ‘business knowledge’ let them down?
Q: Where in the world have they been hiding ? Did they leave England?
Q: Will they ever be found ? or give themselves up?
Q: Are they still alive ?
Q: Can you see (eventually) that there could be a ‘worldwide class action’?

(Some people re-mortgaged their homes, or sold their homes to purchase an affiliate in this business).
Thank you Lynn, best wishes Kris

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
AP just reported on a terrifying find: an ancient mass child sacrifice site in Northern Peru. More than 140 kids were slaughtered, probably as part of some ritual around 1400-1500 AD. What really happened there?

Hulsie said...

Hi Lynn, was wondering if you could do a reading on Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan. Every time there is an election the electricity is cut off in Turkey. Is he or his team changing the election results during these times? I have never liked him and wonder how he can be in power for so long. Thanks!

Datta said...
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Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn!
"(...) "People had their names taken off the register in the polling stations. And non Irish citizens were getting voter cards. What we have seen on the doors and from talking to people it doesn't match up. We have seen evidence of illegal dealing and rigging of the votes."
Was the Irish abortion referendum rigged? Thanks!

Hagle Family said...

Hello Lynn,
I just finished watching The Staircase on Netflix. Could you please shed some light on what really happened?! Michael Peterson kill his wife? Or was it just a terrible accident?
Thank you so much.

Kalamota Kook said...

I've been watching programmes about Lord Lucan. I came here to see if you'd done a reading on him, but the search facility drew a blank. Perhaps his case is not known about in the US, but in the UK he has long been our most famous missing person, fleeing from a notorious and grisly murder scene four and a half decades ago, and the mystery has still not been solved.

After years of a toxic and destructive marriage, and his gambling addiction threatening to ruin him, Lord Lucan planned to murder his wife but killed the children's nanny by accident. He also attacked his wife but she escaped to raise the alarm. Apart from visiting one friend that night and then abandoning the bloodstained car on the south coast, nothing more was ever heard of him.

It is thought that his powerful set of aristocratic friends helped him escape. Or that he killed himself, but no trace of remains has ever emerged. There were supposed sightings of him all over the world which became something of a standing joke. Many of the people involved have now passed on, with no sign of any deathbed confessions.

What happened to him? What was the truth? Is he still alive, and where? Or did he die quickly? Are his children in on the secret? Will the truth come out someday? And what was the role of John Aspinall, who is widely seen as the chief conspirator? I appreciate any time you devote to this matter. Your British readers will I'm sure be very interested to know what you see. Please clear up the mystery for us. Thank you!

A Fox said...

7 year old Sailor Gutzler was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Kuttawa, Kentucky in January 2015 that killed her parents, sister and cousin. This is another one of those “why are they photoshopping the images” question. The photos of her with her bio family who were supposedly killed are all tampered with or created. The ones where she’s with her new “adoptive family” actually look like they could be real making me think that’s her actual real family? This feels money related. Why create such an elaborate story of a 7-year-old surviving a plane crash with broken bones, walking through the forest in the complete darkness for miles with no shoes on and showing up on someone’s doorstep?

jbharco said...

Hi Lynn! Could you do a reading about where to find Cleopatra's tomb or what really
happened to her after her death? Also I was told all of the pharaohs of Egypt were
alien hence the large skulls. Is this true.

Patrick said...


Hi Lynn,

Trusting you are well, and thanks for your work.

Regarding the Elvis session reading.
I'll go out on a limb here and state and question some bizarre possibility or scenario.

A week before your reading , I had a dream involving Elvis and in it I was made to understand and experience his deep kindness, love and generosity of heart for the people , and I understood something I had heard earlier ,that despite all the glamour and drama surrounding him, he was also consciously or unconsciously a spiritual conduit or channel to the masses.

So the bizarre scenario I was inquiring about,... is it possible, that he wanted out for the reasons you stated, and that his body did actually die but he had already willed himself out of that personality of Elvis the star, and moved to another physical body, possibly already born, (in a totally different and humble environment) without him going through the after-death stages and processes....maybe he came back as a walk-in.( I'm hesitant in using that word) and that could contribute to your questioning whether the funeral and empty casket where symbolic....?

I hope its not to much out there...but I'm curious all the same :)

All the best


a2k said...

Hi Lynn!India is once again rocked by a sensational group suicide / murder mystery. In the capital city of new delhi a family of 11 people committed suicide. It is told that a son of aged 45 years was in touch of his deceased father in spirits and he manipulated them to commit suicide Whole India is baffled at this mystery.Was it aa group suicide or is this a mystery?

Majestic Boho said...

Hi Lynn,

Am feeling VERY STRANGE after having just watched this - to me, it's not just magic, it's actual possession. And if true, what's worse, is, it's generating great interest....directly, not hidden subliminally in music, in fashion, in it is, in plain sight....

...would love your feedback and hoping it's a hoax but the judges and entire room are freaked out and too much of what she 'performs' from start to finish of the video seems to be saturated in dark vibes. Look forward to your thoughts so I can sleep tonight!!

LH said...

I am on the David Wilcock $ Corey Goode road for a while trying to understand more of the UFO'S and SPACE.
I know you did a reading on Corey where you said he needs to be careful what he say's to keep the PTW happy.
Lynn, Corey said that there are thousands of cloaked UFO'S hovering above earth and they are still coming in....WHAT IS THE REAL REASON they are here? I know you said they are here to witness THE EVENT....but WHY??? OR are there other reasons as well? Are they here to REAP SOULS when this EVENT happens, or are humans ONLY going to move to this new 4D earth? I know earthlings are all seeds from other galaxies and universes..... but still I am only human and this freaks me out! I can only think one morning waking up and all UFO'S are visible to humans, although I know they exist etc.... many will die of shock..

Mikey said...

Hi Lynn! I have a few questions for you. First dealing with the recent Gaia TV controversy. If you aren't aware of it; apparently former employees of the Channel have formed the G.E.M. which stands for Gaia Employee Movement, alleging that Gaia's CEO, Jirka Rysavy, is a Luciferian and that Gaia's top corporate personnel have basically suppressed information concerning the revelation of advanced plasma based tech, etc., along with concealing an array of even deeper details and information pertaining to the secret space program. It is claimed employees/former employees, hosts of it's various programs and their guests have been threatened, intimidated, and even abused, some of which even by Scalar weapons (directed energy weapons which are supposedly very painful) and are stifled by having to sign non-disclosure agreements which legally prohibit them from discussing the topic any further outside of their interviews which after they are filmed never again see the light of day and never air on the program, stored away indefinitely.

In addition, it has been rumored that David Wilcock, host of Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings on the channel, has resigned from the company for that very reason and it seems his frequent guest and co-host of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode, has some legal battles with the channel as well. A woman investigating the situation on a YouTube channel, You Are Free TV, covers the ordeal and reads a letter supposedly from Wilcock to the Gaia corporation. What do you see concerning the truth of this situation and the real agenda(s) involved? Does Gaia's Corporate Big Wigs really have a Luciferian agenda to contain and limit disclosure?

And lastly, concerning Wilcock, he recently posted an update of new briefings on his website, in which he suggests based on the latest Qanon quotes, this month could very well be the month that the disclosure event happens. Qanon's quote is as follows: "Panic is good. Panic is right. July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH. Conspiracy no more. Time to FEED. Q"

Wilcock also claims that at least four of his insiders have confirmed that the "Alliance" has seized trillions upon trillions of dollars previously stolen by the Deep State and that these funds will be released back into the economy in the form of "Prosperity Funds". What do you see pertaining to all of this? Will July really be the pivotal, earth-shaking moment of disclosure for humanity including the revelation of the E.T. existence and advanced technology or will it (IF it happens)be just some limited disclosure of corruption? In other words, what is the "truth" Qanon is referring too?

Thank you so much for your time in reading this long request and for looking into it! Much love and light to you and yours!


Bill Ramirez said...

Hi Lynn -
I been having a hard time finding people to communicate about these things i found on webcam, I don't know why people are silent when i ask around the net. its really weird. I collected the images into a streaming video with some music we made.
I emailed you and you were the only one that had anything to say about it. =) thanks!
I was coming back to share with you if you can do a reading on what these things are? I would like to maybe share your comment with others too to get people to talk about them? its a long video sorry..but i collected the picture after some years and put up the best ones. I cleaned them up but didn't alter what they show up like. these things are still showing up in the same webcams too..i can share the links to them..they are public.

here is vid:

here is link to cams

refresh often ;)

thanks so much again - your awesome!


Old soul said...

Hi Lynn, I know you have recently wrote about the political and social division in our country, which frankly is disheartening and worrisome. A common sense individual knows and clearly sees that the political parties agenda is to create division, which can lead to a civil war. Recent news has been reporting the "deep state" infiltration into our law forcement and security agencies. I recently saw the Capital Hill drilling of F..I agent Peter $tr2ok and I was deeply disturbed by his mannerism, smugness and answers, or lack of. He clearly was bias against the President (which he has the right to have a political opinion outside of work) and I don't believe for one second that his bias did not influence the investigations. Could you please look into this individual and this situation and let us know if there's more Peter's at the agency and if he's truly lying. Thank you.

Ninneveh said...

Hi Lynn, could you do a reading right now on the breakdown of the British government following Theresa May's Chequeurs Brexit capitulation to the EU? Two cabinet ministers including Boris Johnson have resigned because of it. Will this lead to a second Brexit vote rigged to keep Britain in the EU? Thank you.