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I want to thank everyone for their GREAT questions!!  Please continue to keep them coming!  Occasionally you will see some requests deleted because I have transferred them into my working drafts. I am currently working on some group postings and have other great questions pulled from the list as well. Even if it takes a while for your post to show up, I will keep and address them all.  I have been doing several personal requests, but this blog is still important to me.  My goal is to complete at least one blog request a week (I also do group submissions covering several topics), so please check back if you are waiting on something specific.

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GENERAL Requests:
Anyone that has a GENERAL REQUEST (world changes, aliens, cool discoveries, phenomena, etc)  can post their request in the comments area and I will respond when I have time.  I will post responses on the main Home Page and title the blog with your question.  The basic key is as follows: Q-Question, A-Answer  ...-represents about a 10-20 second pause per dot. Next, I will never Google any subject or person before a reading, I want the reading to be unbiased and pure.  I do not even let my husband do it because I do not want to pick up on what he knows.

*NEW: Priority BLOG Requests w/Recording:
$25 - 1 Public Interest Topic, 2-4 Questions

I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing  that you would like me to set aside a scheduled time to answer, I am happy to now take those requests.  These requests will posted on the blog, and I will also be sure to include an audio recording of the reading as it happens.  


John Casey said...

Who is behind the push for driverless cars and trucks. And what is their motivation.

Since truck driver is the most common profession in 38 US states, putting all those drivers out of work in the next 10 years would seem counterproductive, especially as the drivers are probably not people who are going to be able to retrain for other median-paying jobs.

John Casey said...

Hundreds of kids in Los Angeles area showing up at hospitals with mystery paralysis syndrome. Symptoms do not go away or get better. Been going on for some time. I really feel for the kids and their parents who are suffering. Any idea what the cause is?

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn, very intresting indeed your post about Dinosaurs! Regarding impact events (therefore not off-topic):
--> Could you possibly check out to which extent the recent (some say 11,000 yrs.ago) and massive Missoula Floods (Eastern Washington State) where related to an impact event and could be the cause of the inexistence of big mamals (compared to Africa) in North America? During this Ice Age Floods, Dry Falls was under 300 feet (91 m) of water approaching at a speed of 65 miles per hour (105 km/h). Where the legendary humanoid giants also, at least in part, swept away during this event? (in South America skelletons of extinct big mamals (especially giant sloth) are found in areas of limestone cavern system, which traditionally have the capacity of quickly draining huge amounts of water). Could this be the flood the bible refers to? Thank You!

Ralib Allen said...

Hi Lynn! I have a question about many of the groups of people who have suffered throughtout history such as (African Slaves, Jews, Native Americans,etc)

Did these souls incarnate together in order to settle karmic debt? Like were they destined to suffer in order to learn from past lives, or were they forced to suffer due to other peoples free will imposed on them?

Krista said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you do a reading about church of Scientology and it's creator sci fi writer Ron L Hubbard?
With documentaries such as "Going Clear", people leaving the church of Scientology (such as celebrity Leah remini), and other damaging information coming to light, what is really going on with the church of Scientology and how is it that celebrities still associate and stay with it?


Rene Leighty said...

Hi Lynn! I read some of your older posts, where you talked about our sister solar system with other humans of different colors, etc. I thought that was interesting!! What is the name of that solar system or the name of our "twin earth"? I tried looking up information and got nothing. I also saw a related post that you did about "spheres" in space containing these same humans/ET from our sister solar system-- on their way over here, waiting for us to shift into the 4th dimension so they can reside here. What is going on in our sister solar system that is causing them to leave and come here? I think everyone on here would love to know more about these beings! (I also saw the green children post... interesting stuff indeed!!)

s7even said...

Hi Lynn, this is a personal question but I am sure that other people will benefit from your answer.

Background: Years ago I started having a ganglion cyst on my foot, and I had it removed for cosmetic reasons (it constantly scratches with my shoes and the skin above it developed hyperpigmentation). Even though the bump feels solid, I have the impression that this is just mostly fluid because they showed me the thing that they removed and it is significantly smaller than the actual bump (like 1/10).

The doctor said it is not necessary to remove it because it doesn't cause harm, so when I developed another one on the opposite side of the wrist (similar to the first picture in Wikipedia) I decided to ignore it because I don't want another keloid scar out of something unnecessary.

Surprisingly, when I started attending basic vinyasa flow yoga once a week a year ago, the cyst started to go away completely. I eventually stopped attending yoga classes (due to schedule conflicts, laziness, etc.) and recently stopped exercising altogether, and the cyst grew back in weeks.

Questions: What's the cause of ganglion cyst? Is it tied to low vibrations, negative emotions, or chakra? Did yoga help in self healing? Did the weightlifting (that I do together with yoga) help? Are there natural methods to make this go away completely? I have read Anthony William's Medical Medium and unfortunately this particular type of cyst was not discussed.

Thank you in advance!

SunshineBlues said...

I have a question regarding mental/personality/mood disorders. I know that someone can acquire certain disorders due to genetics or environment. Is there also a spiritual cause as to why someone has a certain disorder? I am specifically curious about sociopathy and bipolar disorder and how it affects an individual on an energetic level.

Carlene said...

Maybe you could add these to you Friday list.

Weird shaped silver object flying around in Isreal.

Dodecahedra balls. I believe you did a reading on something similar and it was a game with smoother surfaces. Was this too a game?

Thank you so much.

HaMa said...

Hello Lynn, Recently (on Jan 8th, 2017)one of the moderate leaders of Iran died. His name was Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. His death is suspicious to many people, as it is announced that he died of natural causes (heart attack). Many people don't believe that. What do you see?

Wish you love and light,

Raymond G said...

Hello Lynn, I have a few questions for you.

Have you ever learned something from your Guides that you felt was too inflammatory to reveal and you kept it confidential to yourself? Have your Guides ever revealed something to you on the condition that you did not disclose it?

When you and other psychics dream, are your dreams any different than the ones 'regular people' have? Are they more vivid or more lucid? Do they involve greater interactions with Guides and Spirits from the other side ?

The Bible is full of parables and stories. One of them suggests that the Apostle Thomas (Doubting Thomas) did not believe that Jesus had resurrected even though the other Disciples had witnessed Jesus after his crucifixion. Thomas encountered Jesus on a road but insisted on seeing his wounds and touching him. Did that actually happen? Did he encounter Jesus and touch him after the Resurrection or was that a story designed to explain Faith?

Did Leonardo Da Vinci encode as many secrets in the Last Supper as we attribute to him?
Or are they just a coincidence? Why did he put Mary Magdalene in the painting and not Judas, one of his disciples? If they were deliberate, where did he get the inspiration and the hidden knowledge that we don't even know about today?

Many thanks for the time you give to your blog.

Alex said...

Hi Lynn, could you please help me understand a difficult question?

For those people who died horribly from terrorist attacks such as explosion, beheading, shooting; is there a past life killing karmic tie between the terrorists and the victims?

Or is it purely accidental because the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time? If it is purely accidental, why is the universe so unfair that the victims had to die that way?

Rene Leighty said...

Hi! I thought it would be great for you to add Lady Gaga (esp after the superbowl thing) to your Life Detective Series!! A lot of people are very curious about her connection to the spirit cooking scandals. I also came across an article where she spoke about Prince Charles "shapeshifting" right in front of her, and how it frightened her. I am not sure if any of that is true, or whose side she is on.

On a related note, you could add Michael Jackson to the mix.... there was a release of info showing his "collection" of nasty stuff. The police said he had pedo materials to desensitize the children, including evidence of animal abuse, etc.

In all, I think all the big-time singers nowadays are suspicious. Maybe that's just cause I'm deaf and I'm not into music, lol!

A Fox said...

In the U.S. And especially New York Ciry there is suddenly an epidemic level of drug overdoses because somehow the super potent opiate Fentanyl is being found in heroin, pills and other drugs unbeknown to the user. The very first time someone is getting their fentanyl laced drug they're usually dying because it's 100 times more potent than morphine. Who or what group is responsible for lacing the drugs with fentanyl and what are their motives /why?

Mike Corder said...

How does Chiropractic Treatments work. There is a division of thought in the Chiropractor Field that the treatments are purely mechanical movements of structure that may relieve pressure on tissue including nerves. The other current of thought involves subluxation. Structures including vertebrae are out of position and require adjustments to affect results. However there is no impingement or pinching of tissues to relieve. Sounds more energetic to me like acupuncture. Anyway, I have a case of Frozen Shoulder and after several sessions of acupuncture and no real improvement I switched to Chiropractic. 3 treatments in and I do have improvement but it's not from relieving pinched nerves again so it must be energetic based.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn. I'm very curious to learn more about the higher realms. What does each realm look like? Which realm is the highest vibration? How do traveling souls gain access to these realms? Can human souls enter these realms? Thanks.

Jumpin Jupiter said...

Hi Lynn,

Would you please look at child trafficking? I know it is a nightmarish subject, but I am interested in:
- Who are the clients/buyers/pedophiles psychologically? Is there something different in their physiology?
- How prevalent is the problem in the US?
- How are they getting kids and how do they move them around?
- What will it take to stop it? What can the average person do?

Thank you!

GratitudeIsAnAttitude said...

Hi Lynn. Why was my post with the link containing a picture of DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV leaving the Boston Marathon with his backpack removed? For your safety or mine? I already sent it to his attorneys and to the underground group Anonymous, along with others. It is already out there.

Buddhist Lady said...

I'm on my third book of the The Law of One and very much enjoying every minute!! I'm struck by the fact that Ra (humble messenger) never indicates that Earth is ascending to 5D but rather a solid 4D. In fact, 5D is portrayed as a dimension an incarnate attains after developing the quality of love and compassion within 4D and then ascending to 5D to temper that love/compassion with wisdom. What do you feel? Are the Earth and inhabitants ascending to 5D or 4D? (P.S., I realize some people feel that 4D "overlaps" 3D so, therefore, we're going to 5D...but, I must say, Ra makes an excellent case for ascension to 4D!)

Sonya Vicars said...

"Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA!

What are your feelings around what is happening in Yellowstone and do you feel there will be some volcanic activity in the area

I know you've done reading in the past, in regards to Yellowstone, but with this new data I thought it might be intestine to do an update

Sonya Vicars said...

Here's another video I found. What do you feel this might have been

Me too said...


In many years from now what's going to be Trump's legacy? How will he be remembered as a president?

A Fox said...

Will Trump survive his whole presidency, be "taken out" or pass away from another cause before his term or terms are up?

indiejunk said...

Can you do a reading on Sam Hill and the replica of Stonehenge he built as a memorial in Washington State?
What is the history of that site? Does it have any connection to the Georgia Guidestones?

Golf Life and Style said...

Hi Lynn, can you do a reading on :
1. Kim Jong Nam murder ( North Korea kim Jong un's half Brother's)
2. The money laundry controversy at thailand's biggest Buddhist Dhammakaya temple.

Jesse said...

Hey Lynn your work is truly an adventure to read everytime, I was wondering if you could shed some more light on OAK ISLAND. I was recently informed that both brothers on the show "The curse of oak island" that is on the history channel; are both freemasons. Does this have any tie to them having extra knowledge about the island? And is the treasure at "the money pit" the only treasure to be found still?, we're the Knights Templar involved? & my final question is there REALLY something of great importance other than gold, battle armour, maps, clothes there? Possibly something very sacred and spiritual which all the hype is about?

Thanks! -Jesse Love & Light

Jesse said...

Also, in one of your other blogs I read there is a stone that is some sort of key to something on oak island?

Nicole said...

Could you please do a reading on the new song from Katy Perry "Chained to the Rhythm"? Is there a subliminal message hidden in the lyrics?

Thank you. Sending love and light,