Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tump's Victory... Now What?

Q. If Lynn has time for a quick 'visioning' relating to the other night, I was wondering what happened during Clinton's long invisible silence all through the count, and then sending her lackey out to tell everyone to go home without even showing her face or giving a speech. I thought it was shoddy treatment of all the people who'd supported her. So, was she tired, being cowardly, was she in denial about the result, or did the shock of the looming loss trigger off her health issues again so she wasn't fit to appear in public?
A. I get she was going through a whole range of emotions and sort of had a mini breakdown.  She could not conceive that Trump would or could beat her.  She felt superior to him with her experience (almost an invincible vibe). I get that she was so sure of her victory that she hadn't taken the concession speech seriously (I get both parties prepare one ahead of time just in case..).  When the reality hit her, she wasn't able to practice and read though it without breaking down.  She gave up on it in the wee hours of the morning to lay down (I get she had to take something to calm herself to get some sleep).  She could not physically, emotionally or mentally deliver that speech during the night.

Q. So many predictions have suggested Hillary would win. Did the ETs interfere with the outcome? Or is there going to be further upheaval/ shock/ revelation so the result's back up in the air again? Will Trump reach the White House or will 'stuff happen?
A. There was definitely a guiding force aiding Trump.  It was set that Hilary would win (I see her clearly on the Economist Magazine cover), but she under-preformed and internal friction with the "powers" was a hard thing to overcome as well (lots of stern discussions occurred).  A Hilary victory would surely mean a war with Russia, which is not in the country's greater good.  It looks as though there are phases for Trump to get to the White House, and the first phase is complete.  I sense more twists and turns (cannot see exactly what), but the main hurdle is over. He will need support and a continued protection from the PTW (Powers That Were) until he gets in and settled (and even beyond).  

Q. Given the considerable disparity between the polls and the actual vote in the presidential election, there are some incredulous voters out there who think the polling station results may have been manipulated in some way. Do you see a collusion between Trump and Mr Putin of any undue Russian influence (hackers) involved in this election? Or is it just a simple stroke of good luck for Mr. Trump?
A. I see this as positive influence from above, but not at the hands of Russia.  The tactics used to dissuade voters didn't come from Trump's campaign.  I cannot connect any of the to Russia or Putin.

Q. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for all of your help! I was wondering about the electoral votes being processed in December and January. People on Facebook are talking about the PTW (The Powers that Were) rigging the electoral votes in Hillary's favor. There is only $5,000 fine if the electoral officials doesn't vote the way they're supposed to, so I think that people are worried about the shift from Trump to Hillary due to bribery, corruption, etc. What do you see?

A. I do see some thought of talk of this, but Trump is to smart and too onto the "riggings" that can happen.  I don't see it sticking or changing the outcome. 

Q. Hi Lynn and everyone. I for one am extremely relieved Clinton did not win even though many in the mass media are shocked and mainly pissed. lol. Lynn, can you tell us what happens now? What will happen to the Powers? Will they try to get in with President Trump? Will he be successful in the next 4 years in leading the country? And Hilary, what happens to her?

A. I see the transition being kind of tough, and Trump is appalled at the things he finds out during the briefings.  Trump puts key people in positions and starts working on a serious plan with experts.  He is driven and determined. 

The Powers are very upset and very concerned.  I get an image of bankers on Wall Street shaking because they know that Trump will not be bullied and can see through the BS.  They do try to work deals and try to make mutual deals, but Trump is focused on making America the "best achievement on his resume''.   The Powers stop at nothing, and it feels a little ugly at times. The Powers then get creative and try to manipulate their way though other parties/people in government.

The Hillary situation feels unsettling.  I do get that she will really be under the microscope.  I see her fading away out of the news and spotlight shortly to regroup.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Alice Liu said...

Lynn, last night I felt like they were stalling at the final numbers when Trump only needed 6 electoral votes to win. It felt like they were making a last ditch effort to "massage" the numbers. As soon as it was announced that Hillary wouldn't concede, AP changed the percentage reporting in Pennsylvania from 98% to 89%, leaving room to flip the state. I saw it on RT's Youtube channel - I don't know if it was reported anywhere else. The reporters were trying to be objective about it, but it was completely shady. Then, as soon as Wisconsin came in for the win, AP changed the percentage back to 98%. Any idea what that was about? Thanks!

w31rd_guy said...

Hi Lynn. I was wondering what's gonna happen to LGBT rights (especially with Mike Pence being VP)? I really can't relax and fear for many others like me.

Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn, always on top of things as usual :D.

I understand why people are worried, but I just don't see the new administration turning the clock on everything that was accomplished in the last 8 years. They have bigger fish to fry and the main thing will be the economy, corruption and national security. I hope Lynn will be able to take away some of the fear and worries that people are having at the moment.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, did you get a chance to read this?


"I went to bed last night thinking that Hillary would "win" the election, with the polls perhaps being rigged in some way to ensure her "victory". But what has actually occurred is an ingenious plot twist: one that serves the interests of the elite in a manner that we must expose and repurpose in order to turn it on its ear, and use it to our benefit.

By "the elite", I don't just mean the global (human) elite. I mean the entire company of the Powers That Be, who are about to become the Powers That Were. This includes the off-world and interdimensional beings who are pulling the strings of the human elite here on Earth, and who orchestrate virtually every major political, military, and economic event that occurs on our planet. In fact, it's all about them, really. Because what I'm getting intuitively on this is that by allowing Trump to win, they have unleashed a massive storm of emotional energy that they can now feed off of.

In retrospect, I think this has been the plan all along: to pit Hillary vs. Trump, and at the last minute, to manufacture the victory that would cause the biggest outpouring of energy from humanity. On the side of many of those who are Trump supporters, it's the energy of self-righteous elation. On the side of many of those who are NOT Trump supporters, it's the energy of anger, shock, fear, and sadness. Needless to say, whatever "side" you're on... that's a heck of a lot of energy (a uniquely human energy that stems from our strong emotions) that's pouring out into the interdimensional atmosphere today, as people learn the news, talk about it with their friends, family members, and colleagues, and ruminate on what this means for the U.S., the world, and their own personal lives. As this energy emanates from each of us - and from entire towns, cities, countries, and continents - it goes straight to the place it was intended to go to by those who set up this whole election drama: into the metaphorical mouths of the beings who have enslaved us for eons. Which I'm sure you can agree, isn't exactly ideal. Right? ;)

The energy release wouldn't have been nearly as intense if they had let Hillary win - and so it had to go to Trump. Most of the world sees Hillary as the superior choice, and so her victory would have resulted in a collective energy of relief emanating from countless hearts and minds, which isn't something that can be fed off of. So in the end, it had to be Trump."

[i strongly suggest reading the whole thing, it's not long.]


This could be why Kerry went to Antarctica.

IF the above is true, then we don't have to take the bait.

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the resding... Mr Trump won the Electoral College vote and Hillary won the popular vote. As I wrote on Hillary's page. Maybe we need to see if the Electoral College is still nesesary. We are stuck with a business man that knows nothing about being a political leader. In the time frame he has. He will have huge difficulties getting things done thst he promised. We are still a country that consumes way more then it produces. It will take a huge amount of time to correct that, if possible. Then their is the upcoming recession. Recessions happen every 7 to 10 years. We will see what happens in the next 4 years. May be good, may be bad...

Melly said...

This election certainly is an eye-opener. A lot of people I've seen in social media are finally waking up after the devastation the election felt, and made them think on what to do from here on out.

@Da-da Kerry was suspicious. Why go to Antarctica at a very important time? I suspect ETs as well due to the specific location he is visiting.

Alex said...

@Mark Noeth

Knowing 'something' about being a political leader doesn't mean he can be a good leader. Look at all the wars created in Middle East by the USA and the huge debt waiting to burst in USA.

What's important is whether Trump will do the right thing to undo the misdeeds done during the past few years. Most importantly is not go to another world war 3 which will destroy the whole planet.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Lynn, that was really quick, you need some rest! (We all do, I'm too old for these all nighters. Ugh.) As always your tableau of Clinton going into meltdown is vivid and feels exactly right. I even felt sorry for her. It's like a scene from a Greek tragedy.

Thank you for the link to that article, Da-da. I felt relieved reading it, as I've reached the stage with this election (and the Brexit referendum was the same) where I don't feel dragged into the maelstrom of end-of-the-world-sky-falling-in-shock-horror-fear anymore, taking sides, feeding the field of righteous outrage. Considering the over-opinionated egomaniac I used to be, it's good to have a measure of progress. Reading that article I know I'm on the right track. Months ago I even used the phrase 'shake things up' about Trump as the author does, that this might just be the catalyst needed to kickstart a new chapter of awakening. It's interesting that the winning celebrations are also infused with a dark negative energy too. I hope there won't be the vicious recriminatory backlash like there has been in the UK. It's been ugly. The mud at the bottom of the lake's been stirred up.

Alice Liu, I was watching the live coverage on the BBC in the UK and what you described was indeed broadcast and discussed as it happened. The pundits did think it was odd. The excuse they gave was that the administrators wanted to be 100% sure before announcing the final result, that would have rubber stamped the Trump win. The percentage changes were put down to last minute arrivals of ballots from rural areas changing the stats of where things stood (it sounded like Expert Broadcast Waffle Talk to me). Then when the percentage number suddenly jumped back again, they went back to 'that's odd'.

I will also give a mention to this month's Farsight prediction video (see Farsight Press on youtube). The first segment seems very much like the John Podesta moment. He captures the mood of helplessness and uncertainty very well.

Alice Liu said...

@Kalamota Kook - Thanks. And great call on the Farsight predictions

Robert Schoen said...

If it develops Clinton wins the popular vote, that will only reflect the extent of her cheating, but I hope they permanently get rid of the Electoral college, because it automatically disenfranchises more than 75% of the populace, making it easier to cheat and making only the few swing states the real electorate of the whole country. If it were not for Wisconsin and the other states still in play, Clinton would have been "elected" by Pennsylvania.

As you can see by the protests, the quick plunge of the stock market as Trump won and other things, the beast is not going down without a fight. They had a ton of money and proven record of financing staged protests and worse. I have no doubt they stage the police shootings as misdirection to the FBI's initial email announcement. You see yesterday Clinton and company all showed up at the concession speech wearing their true satanic colors of purple and black.

A lot of good people I know were completely taken in by Hillary and the traditional DNC progressive mantra, blind to her warmongering and to the fact it was SHE spreading hate and fear by hypocritically painting Trump with her exact true sentiments. Being New Yorkers, Trump and Giuliani have got to know 911 was done by us, and they have to know we are Isis as well, so his political theatrics is still suspect, but maybe publicly accepting big lies is the only way anyone can enter a national political stage. We should hold an election to dump the fake media.

There is a mind control social programming going on that gets people believing in the opposite of what's in their best interest. The "political science" of creating issues that divide us down the middle fighting each other instead of working together is still the one big matrix that has to be taken down.

Mark Howland said...

Trump is as evil as the other child killers unfortunately and let's NEVER forget this.

This win was simply the softer approach at being led into a new world order with less resistance by the same puppeteers. No doubt after a financial collapse.

This election sadly proved it, that sheeple will accept anything no matter how bad, if the alternative is worse.

Problem, reaction, solution, how easily we are manipulated.

I KNOW there are positive ET and spiritual forces watching over us, but how much longer can allowing the horror to continue be more less important than contravening planetary intervention laws...?


Bee E-lightened said...

This sums it up. Please watch:

AL233 said...

sad to see everyone so upset and divided. Do you see Hillary being widely exposed for her corrupt acts or the Clinton Foundation be exposed? I feel like people understanding what type of candidate lost the election may calm some of the divide.

John Casey said...

@Robert Schoen: "There is a mind control social programming going on that gets people believing in the opposite of what's in their best interest"

I couldn't agree more. Here in NYC the shock and dismay were palpable. People crying. I have to say I was gobsmacked by how truly grief-stricken people are about the loss of a proven war criminal and political sociopath of the first order, and one who would very likely have furthered us along to a senseless war. It's truly remarkable to witness, like an entire culture trapped in the Stockholm Syndrome.

AL233 said...

@John Casey @Robert Schoen
It seems just as many of us are waking up just as many are doubling down on not waking up, digging into this mass programming that steers people in the wrong direction. I am really sad to people I love and know are very smart people buy this information. I am not saying i know it all but the shallowness of beliefs I see creating so much division and true civil unrest is disheartening. I still believe the truth will eventually come out but maybe its going to take longer than I hoped!

Serene said...

I'm not sure that Trump was or is evil. But he definitely needs/needed and attitude adjustment and this new job he's going to be stepping into is going to do just that for him. He's going to realize what he's gotten into is a whole different ballgame that what he expected. That will be his Lesson and I'm afraid it will be a painful one that changes his life forever - however in the end it will help "clean" his Soul, so this can be thought of a good thing in terms of his eternal soul progression. Like us, he'll find out that everything he thought was true is actually a lie and it will force a major restructuring of his mind and how he thinks.

Purple wasn't originally a satanic color, the PTW made it one though. It is originally a color of royalty, a very difficult color to make on your own if your dyeing fabric the old fashion way. It is a beautiful color, ignore any satanic overtures, and give no power to those that use it to denigrate or dominate with fear.

Curious to see how Donald reacts to finding out ETs really do exist. This reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where a man wishes to be President and he gets his wish, however everyone looks to him when there is an alien invasion and then he decides he doesn't want to be in charge anymore and ends his "dream."

What I do like about Donald is that he isn't a quitter, and yes I think ego will be a driving force. Diving into and getting the job done will be utmost important to him, however this new job he is about to step into will surely be a Soul Changing Experience.

They Live said...

Many thanks for your readings into all of this 💕
I felt Trump had won in the wee hours of that morning, I had awakened suddenly with that feeling.
As someone mentioned, there is a dark feeling looming but it seems to have calm a bit at least for me.
I send out positive vibes to Trump as he goes toe to toe with the PTW, he's like them so they'll be fighting a mirror image of themselves, ha!
Sending out good time vibes that these 4 yrs and beyond bring positive changes for humanity and that people's fears and sadness turn to strength, happiness, and continued mass awakenings to carry us to the greatest good.

They Live said...


Mark Howland said...

Let me reiterate here for those who are a little unsure, and i genuinely bless you for your forgiving optimistic natures.

The fact remains, you do NOT get to become POTUS unless your "In the club".

Think as evil as your mind can handle without combusting itself, then multiply that by the Nth degree, that is the "Club" I refer to.

The only vote that will get we want is a fair one, but since the game, system, voting, and everything else is rigged on this prison planet, we ain't ever gonna get one.

That is why, unless we collectively manage to see the wizard of Oz for what he is by means of a divine intervention, I cannot see how else we will emancipate ourselves?

AL233 said...

I agree. this outrage that Hillary did not win shows how strongly they buy into the lies on two levels....that the election of Hillary over someone else matters (that our part in the system is impactful)....and that she was some sort of moral, better choice. Its so much to untangle when trying to open someones eyes. I feel so defeated today....I had felt hopeful election night that at least people were seeing through Hillary but now to see how deeply the other side does not see through her and THEN how mostly everyone doesn't see the strings being pulled by the big players behind the scenes....I truly don't know how people who are not willing to look VERY deeply and abandon nearly all of their intellectual guideposts will ever see. It just seems the HRC supporters are even deeper into the Matrix.

However, all of us have somehow moved to another place in our consciousness. I feel I was pulled by a force outside of me towards truth so I will continue to pray that the same force will guide even more of us. I really appreciate all of you -- especially as I feel like a stranger in my own hometown today.

EA RW said...

I was so relieved to hear trump won. WW3 adversed? but obama is still in office so...
The funny thing is the whole world was watching and thanks to the internet and alternative sources I think we did a good thing. We can give ourselves a compliment.
Radiation sickness is not very pleasant if you ask me. Congratulations to the american people.

AL233 said...

succinct but true EA RW...I truly am relieved..I have been very concerned about war with Russia. Especially living in a populated east coast area!

Jackie said...

Thank you for this reading!

People are grieving not for Hillary herself but for the fact that a man who says such negative, hurtful and misguided things is to be the president. I believe in honoring everyone's feelings rather than call them blinded by some evil mind control entities. Sending everyone love and light while finding quiet time to be Present has helped me personally. People should be allowed to grieve and feel sadness (even if we feel their sadness is unfounded) without being shamed. I have hope that people will come round as the dust settles. I believe the Universe will do for us what we can't do for ourselves. It seems like Americans often choose to learn things the hard way!

Nova Rafael said...

Hi Lynn I suggest you, still regarding this subject, for you to do a reading on the Illuminati Cards and the Simpsons show. X's, Peace and Light.

Indian said...

Lynn, at 8th november night in a dream i got a glimpse of the future.Some of my dreams came true.
In my dream a voice was talking to me(i saw formless as well). Usually thats the case with my dreams. The voice told me that coming next year a global economic recession will start, which will create sharp political divisons among nations. Which will ultimately led to war in middle-east and india-pakistan.
I asked the voice,"when this will become clear?"
The voice replied,"2018."
Then i saw countries leaving Eu,stock market crashing in Usa and devastation in middle-east.
However,I was too much anxious about india-pakistan. Because,I am an indian. So, naturally I wanted to know the result. I could saw the rough terrain. Mainly part of balochistan and north-western part of the country.
The voice,"china,will help pakistan."
I wanted to know the outcome of the war,however some force forcefully took me away from the scene.
At last, I saw a void.
The voice said,"these wars are not last ones. Much woe will come to europe and a war will start in south-east asia after the end of these wars."
I guess in case of europe it was the muslim invasion told in prophecies and in south-east asia it is tension between china-japan and north korea-south korea.
A war between india-pakistan & china have been predicted by indian saints over decades. I am terrified, would please look if a war is possible to occur between two countries within 2020. If it is then what's the outcome ? Do we retain our land or claim any?

capserone said...

Lynn: "The tactics used to dissuade voters did not come from Russia or Putin". Can you tell where they came from then? I would really like to have more information on this. Thank you.

A Man Called Da-da said...

I wouldn't trust any numbers that show HRC winning the popular vote.

PMLF said...

I too am interested in the Trump/Pence support, or lack there of, LGBT rights moving forward. Thank you!

SB said...

Daddy is home aka Trump. So everyone has to clean their room and look like they were actually doing something good. Really funny if you look at it this way. I know some rich people in my own family who are terrified of him. You can guess why. I really hope he is protected on a higher level and can do something positive. May the age of the vampire people be over.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Lynn please do a reading on trump. He is part of the powers not with ets. He is not benign. trump is part of the powers agenda.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Trumps campaign was very scary. He used Hispanics in a negative way. Its open season for minorities. I saw the kkk rallies in Santee CA supporting trump. Than how him winning makes certain groups safe? I do not understand and yes I am a US citizen. My famiky goes back more american generationsvthan trump, yet Im viewed as illegal. How fair is that, Im sorry Lynn, I dont get it. Trump is part of the 1% that rules the planet. I pray and try to find the light in all of this. And also now what is going to happened to the poor ppl? And no Im not on welfare, I work w/kids who are dissabled.

Craig said...

When I heard trump won, I felt like everything had shifted, like another timeline opened up. I'm not as freaked out as many of my liberal friends, I really just am waiting and watching. I think if Trump were smart, he would realize that the other 40+% did not vote for him and deserves consideration, or else he's going to have more than people burning him in effigy on his hands. He has to see that words mean something and that he is responsible for the energy he puts out. On the side-- heard a prediction that Hillary would resign in 2017. Looks like it could be sooner. She is probably relieved to be done with it all.

Mark Noeth said...

Yall made some really good posts. As most of you probably figured out. I live on both sides of the fence. That is why I can't progress either way, but that is my issue. The greater good is interesting, but I don't understand it fully yet and the other side has its benefits aswell... So from someone on both sides this is what I'm seeing...
This is an illusion we live in and after thinking about it for a wile. If Trump didn't follow the prescribed plan of action. Would not he just be replaced or deleted. Can't be that hard to do for such an advanced race.
Trump may be a totally awesome leader. All I know is what the media presents. He has already stated he will protect the United States and its interests. Key word their is interests. That is normally a PTB term. Hillary is called a warmonger and criminal. I am as most seem to be are indifferent to that. Some things happen and some things are nesesary for desird outcomes.
I kinda wonder how many countries are in on this whole PTB thing. (Just came to mind) Could be every country with large underground structures. That seems to be the norm for them. If that is the case we would have less control than we think.

jana said...

Is Trump going to make the chemtrails stop?

I live out in the country and the situation is dire. When people say how wonderful, my heart sinks. Apple orchards aren't setting for lack of bees, I hardly see waking up to the morning chorus like before. Plus some weeks, NO natural clouds, but wall to wall trails that smooth into a big mass mimicing clouds. Of course, many trees and bushes are dying.

Truly a Sci-Fi universe and the sad thing is the younger generation doesn't know morning birdsong or what natural clouds look like.

WHEN are we taking back our natural world - WHEN????!!!

Majestic Boho said...

Jana - I highly recommend reading "Bringers of the Dawn..." with Pleiadians wisdom spoken through Barbara Marciniak - truly beautiful....telling us that animals, although disappearing, are simply transferring across to the new world which will soon be ours. We're currently being upgraded from a 2 strand to our true 12 strand DNA and from Feb 2017 onwards for 7 years, we'll truly start seeing the changes within which will be reflective in our outer worlds. Take care and relax into it...this is Wave 9 we're riding and it's about to getter higher and better than ever before....the drama will soon fall away. I highly recommend checking out the "Higher Self" youtube channel...pretty aweseome stuff.

Thanks Lynn for all your great work...sending everyone love xoxo

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments! I really appreciate all perspectives. I agree, this was difficult for many people, and this was extremely difficult election. Both candidates had their challenges, but (from what the universe is showing me) Trump is more rogue and paving a way whereas Clinton was SO connected and controlled by the Powers that Were that we wouldn't have had a chance at peace. In some way I do feel a timeline jumped from what was "supposed" to happen, and there is a guiding force helping us!

Much love to you all!

Serene said...

@Everyone, in about two and a half hours it will be 11:11 on 11/11 (PST). Please take a moment and send healing energy all around the world. Please call upon your angels and guides to assist all of us in this process. Peace and healing light to all of you.

Denise Christensen said...

I so enjoy reading all your perspectives and particularly resonate with those who talk about the matrix / brainwashing that humans have been subjected to for so long. I also agree with Majestic Boho about the 9th Wave. When I first became aware of the PTW about 20 years ago, I went through a painful adjustment period as I realized the depth to which humanity is/has been manipulated and victimized by the PTW.

Lynn, it saddens me to see those around me who have been blindsided by this election (which I agree with Da-da was a major catalyst for human emotion) and who feel fear about racism, going backwards, LGBT rights (I have a gay brother who is genuinely fearful of a Trump presidency), etc. Could you do a reading about the fear that so many are experiencing right now? Personally, I'm elated because I think that with Trump, we now have a chance to at least start draining the swamp of corruption and bring many truths to light. But am I being duped as well?

PimpMyBrain said...

It seems the DNC want change the electoral collage from some statea, to split them to Hillary vote... it is legal ? Do you see this works or just one of your "twist" as you mention in your reading. They will not let without a fight for sure !

Thanks for the time you spend for all of this readings ! Love all !

Bee E-lightened said...

Off topic: i am seeing estrogen spelt as oestrogen. Is this part of the mandela effect⁉️

Kalamota Kook said...

@Bee E-lightened. They are American English and English English spellings. Have you been reading non-US sources or foreign born (if you're in the US) writers?

Bee E-lightened said...

I just googled "headache and menses"....first result came up spelt it oestrogen.....all the time am using google, i never see estrogen spelled that way (am a nursing major). Saw it spelt somewhere else recently.

Sue Farr said...

Betsey Lewis said way back in 2014 that Trump would win the election with an update on that matter a couple of months ago.

Lilian said...

Lynn – “In some way I do feel a timeline jumped from what was "supposed" to happen, and there is a guiding force helping us!”

In October 2016, according to astrologer, Joni, she said that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of United States but there is definitely an event that will happen a few weeks or so before Inauguration that may change the whole course of everything ... a lot is about to come down ... a monumental change”

In a way, it’s good that the timeline has jumped. I hate to imagine if Hillary has won the election but not being inaugurated as the 45th President, this would have infuriated Hillary's supporters further. Lynn, do you see the current violence being “orchestrated”? What about the plan by Ku Ku Klun victory parade for Trump? Will this parade add fuel to the fire?

There is some concern about more violence after the full moon on November 14th, and when the votes will be certified by the Electoral College. Some even mentioned physical attempt on Trump. Do you see all these happening? Sadly, Joni said that these political candidates and the public are destroying each other. There will be huge change not just in America but around the world.

In short, the truth will be out …. The rude awakening for the world!

Thank you Lynn, for your time.

They Live said...

So now there's a petition to get Trump out and Hillary in lol Permission denied to that, the Sociopaths at Large a.k.a the PTW are really trying everything they can.

They Live said...

Blimpy Peach said...

Different countries spell things differently. We spell it oestrogen here but I've seen American textbooks spell it estrogen. You spell color and we spell it as colour etc

Diane Hamilton said...

I posted this a few days ago but disappeared. "I sense more twists and turns (cannot see exactly what), but the main hurdle is over. He will need support and a continued protection from the PTW (Powers That Were) until he gets in and settled (and even beyond)." My reaction to this statement was WHAT? Support and continued protection of the PTW? WHAT?

Alice Liu said...

@Diane I think it meant against the PTW or from (the shenanigans) of the PTW.

When Trump was giving his acceptance speech I kept getting a repeated image of the Kennedys, so I hope it's nothing like that.

Diane Hamilton said...

@Alice Liu. Thank you for your post! I totally perceived it in the opposite way which really threw me. Makes me wonder about brain washing in my daily life that I don't know about or I just mentally missed the boat LOL. Thank you again!

Buddhist Lady said...

Great reading, everyone.

Dada--thank you for the Arcturian reference. I believe this posting most apt. I particularly liked: "You will rise up onto a timeline that matches that vibration of positivity. Experiences of love, rather than fear, will become your new normal." I also agree with you concerning Clinton's winning the popular vote: I believe these votes accrued prior to the squashing of rigging in this election.

Bee E-lightened--I so much appreciated the link to "Secret Energy." Honestly, he's one of the few videos which I can watch because he spoke so quickly and got to the point instantly. I have to tune out most YouTubes because they are slow, plodding, overly dramatic, and take, apparently, two eons to get to the point. However, I like very much these points: "I'm droppin' out and tuning into myself." "We are more than capable of creating an entirely different reality for ourselves". "People have still not been allowed to come together to rectify their differences." "We are each others allies." "Don't be played." "All Knowing" instead of "God." Thank you so much. This fellow resonates.

I knew instantly the ETs at the South Pole were not involved with the PTW. In fact, quite funny, they, apparently coming from a more elevated time, had only a very loose connection to Election Day or their own timing. They were just pissed off about exploding nuclear devices (however do not be distracted from directed energy weapons) and the various dimensions vibrating with consequences on the 12-dimensional chessboard. Let's not forget that we project a totality to the PTW--however, what if factions exist within this group? N-est-ce pas, mes amis?

Majestic--thanks for the reference to Bringers of the Dawn. Have in my little cart to order.

I, too, feel a timeline was altered. Many, many people continue within the deep dream, but I suspect so many are experiencing a rude awakening.

LGBT people--please, please, please do not despair. Please think of the election as one thinks of a brilliant drama--a play. How brilliantly the actors performed!!! How wonderful the stage settings!! How could anything have been so wonderously directed!! You are not in danger--nor have you ever been. Please believe me.

Buddhist Lady said...

Interesting. The following article says a mouth full (as they say in the South): Trump's victory reveals the US oligarchy and its media lapdogs no longer have any credibility with the American people

Paul Craig Roberts is a hoot! I didn't know that "Trump said that he no longer sees the point of NATO 25 years after the Soviet collapse." Particularly interesting because did you know that recently Israel and UAE (among others) have been admitted as members to NATO? The apparent sphere of influence for NATO would be a swath from Europe through the middle East into Africa. I must say...I support Trump on this point. If I had the energy to march and protest in the streets, I would march with the signs that said, "Dismantle NATO!" "Why is the UAE in NATO?" "Leave Putin alone!!"

Putin, in his usual understated tone, speaks in a YouTube of the 1,500 NATO bases with weapons pointed at Russia and the counter three or so bases Russia has. Well...this may be a overstatement, but the point is made.

joy said...

I am an ex-pat. a US citizen now living in another country. I left because the chemtrails kept my nose dripping 24/7. Come to think of it....THAT might not be the cause at all, because ,...although I live in a paradise island, I still have non-life threatening challenges that might actually be related to the cleansing of my genetic line.

I have watched the US election to the very end. I expected Kill-ary to win because of the depth of the deceptive practices by her camp. hehhhh..........I was NOT a bit worried. I know where this world is going under her leadership. i know that there is a timeline where the Earth will crumble under multiple nuclear detonations. THAT is the Earth under Kill-ary's domination. IT IS OK TO ME. A probability that ALL-THAT-IS wants to experience. I have accepted every possible thing that the Universe could throw at me and that eased my mind. In fact, I wanted to go in... in that ride. But, obviously, I'm in this timeline.(well, who knows.? I might be also in the Kill-ary's timeline. Dang.............!

It appears to me that a timeline is open,.... up to WINTER's SOLSTICE where those intent on ascending into their crystalline bodies will be cocooned (I'm using a different description of the same thing) from 3D while still functioning here. Hmmm.........THAT IS SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all this. So much to think on and so much info. Love the thought provoking discussion! Much love-

AL233 said...

I love Paul Craig Roberts too, he sure tells it like he sees it!

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Joy, my normally well-tended serenity took a big hit today and I suddenly felt plunged back into dark feelings. Your post, especially the last paragraph, has topped me up again with a dose of... well, joy!

Buddhist Lady said...

Interesting commentary from Dr. Kathi Forte Blame Game. In her article is a phone shot of a Soros' ad on Craig's List advertising for people to "Stop Trump" at $15-18/hr. up to $1,500/wk. possible + bonues + overtime!

BTW, I didn't see any election coverage until the very end of the night...apparently, the coverage was nearing the time Trump was to appear so I waited. He entered with a song playing in the background...perhaps a little tongue in cheek. However, I'm a Stones fan so I noticed = "You Don't Always Get What You Want...[Sometimes You Get What You Need]"!

Buddhist Lady said...

Sorry for another posting. What a great article.

"That is why, as we enter a period of intensifying disorder, it is important to introduce a different kind of force to animate the structures that might appear after the old ones crumble. I would call it love if it weren’t for the risk of triggering your New Age bullshit detector, and besides, how does one practically bring love into the world in the realm of politics? So let’s start with empathy. Politically, empathy is akin to solidarity, born of the understanding that we are all in this together. In what together? For starters, we are in the uncertainty together."


"This does not mean to withdraw from political conversation, but to rewrite its vocabulary. It is to speak hard truths with love. It is to offer acute political analysis that doesn’t carry the implicit message of “Aren’t those people horrible?” Such analysis is rare. Usually, those evangelizing compassion do not write about politics, and sometimes they veer into passivity. We need to confront an unjust, ecocidal system. Each time we do we will receive an invitation to give in to the dark side and hate “the deplorables.” We must not shy away from those confrontations. Instead, we can engage them empowered by the inner mantra that my friend Pancho Ramos-Stierle uses in confrontations with his jailers: “Brother, your soul is too beautiful to be doing this work.” If we can stare hate in the face and never waver from that knowledge, we will access inexhaustible tools of creative engagement, and hold a compelling invitation to the haters to fulfill their beauty."

Camryn Villarruel said...

So I think Im going crazy. Trump supposed to be a great thing for the U S sp why is appointing racist o excuse me Nativists to his cabinet? Lynn you said Trump is a positive solution to the U S. So maybe Im hearing things that are untrue?

My Picks said...

@Camryn your focus is solely on his stance of being a "racist". I think the majority of us are concerned about the entire world steering clear of WORLD WAR, if at least for another 4 years.

Kalamota Kook said...

Buddhist Lady, I love Charles Eisenstein, thank you for that!

I have another link which I think is worth sharing from the channeller of Adamu. It was one of the first reactions 'out of the gates' after the result, and there are a couple of reasons I appreciate this message in particular.

The channeller, Arn, wrote a similar channel after the Brexit result. He said it was strange to him, as he's in South Africa and doesn't feel knowledgeable or close to what's going on in Europe, yet he received a message that flew in the face of pretty much everything in MSM and much of social media. The message about Brexit was that it was a catalytic event to create the necessary changes in the bigger picture of breaking down the old system. It was a 'strategic win' that may cause hardships but was a move in the right direction.

This Trump result is similar. I like the fact that the message doesn't even pretend to make Trump out to be a great guy. He's just an instrument of change. I think the concerns of Camryn and many others are genuine and should be acknowledged. Trump does and says things that are pretty indefensible. Polarised defensiveness on either side is simply feeding the old ways. But in the bigger picture Trump has shaken things up so much that the shift just got another shove, even if it doesn't look that way to many. Trump as an individual is not an amiable prospect, but the PTW have just been given their second bloody nose of the year. Things might get messy, but the overall process of evolution is at hand.

Cheryl Bane said...

Lynn thank you so much for your read on so many subjects that are so interesting to us! And to everybody else, thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips on websites and interesting people to check out. I've enjoyed the articles you've shared and have downloaded Zingdad's "The Ascension Papers" (free, by the way) and am quite enjoying it. This blog rocks.

Joao Gomes said...

Hypnosys Session: Pacient's higher self speaks about Trump and that he'll act like he's guided! Confirms what Lynn saw! Impressive!