Monday, November 21, 2016

Blog Request: Wikileaks and Assange

Q. In the last 4 weeks there have been many rumors and suspicions that Wikileaks has been compromised and taken over by the US intelligence services. This is due to communication anomalies such as spelling mistakes in their twitter posts, wrong hashtags, no use of PGP signatures and no video proof of Assange being alive and well despite numerous requests.

The attached screenshot taken from a forum seems to confirm this theory. According to this member the entire Wikileaks team was raided and the organisation taken over by the US intelligence in the night when Assange's internet was cut.

Here are my questions:
Q. Is the forum post true, meaning that Wikileaks has been compromised and that they were about to release documentation about a global child trafficking ring involving major political figures?
A. I get that the global trafficking ring is very serious, and leaking that story would involve some key political figures being put into the public.  These figures that are very well connected to the PTW (Powers that Were) do not want this getting out because a lot of money is made in this industry.  I keep seeing flashes of the movie Hostel in which rich people pay to essentially have the right to harm others, and get this trafficking industry runs in the same manor. 

I do get that Wikileaks has been working on compiling this story, and the PTW are working overtime to try to take it over so it does not get released, or at the very least some of the facts are incorrect or omitted.  

I see that the US Intelligence hasn't complexly taken it over, but what is happening is they are creating some kind of fake site that mimics the behavior of the true Wikileaks site.  Sort of like something that runs parallel, and has an appearance that is nearly exactly the same.  They are putting dis-info out there to obfuscate the truth and make everything blurry.   The goal is to make the people so confused that they discredit the truths that are released. 

Q. What happened at the Ecuadorian embassy in the night of the 16 October when Assange's internet was cut?
A.  His whereabouts was pinpointed (though some breech in security).  Cutting internet was the first step because they didn't wanting him blasting out some confidential file out of fear of being captured.  I get everything happened really fast.  Within moments of knowing that his safety was in jeopardy, the interest was cut and he was captured.

I see them putting some kind of black bag over his head, ransacking his room and carrying him out of there.  I get he is still alive, but being detained.

Q. Where is Julian Assange at the moment and how is he doing?
A. He is detained, and being questioned constantly.  The PTW is in fear of a big release of information and are trying to learn who he is connected to and what information he has. They know they cannot kill him because there would be a dump of info released (which makes them angry), so they are working to try to hack the website (which is highly encrypted and angers them even more).  

Assange is unhelpful, and in some way still feels control even though he is being held captive.  I even see they tried to threaten him with having a body double go into the public, and I see Assange laughing.  I get that the public may be fooled by that, but Assange's key people wouldn't be because there are certain "signals" the real Assange knows to display (hands, eyes, movements) that only the real Assange and his team know.  They have planned well for this and know how to combat it.

Q. Will Wikileaks or its remaining team members be able to activate Julian's dead man switch?
A.  Yes, and that is what the PTW are afraid of.  I get if he isn't released soon, it is going to happen. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Follow-up to the Blog Request: 
Q. In your reading from 20 October 2016 ( you stated that Julian was fine. How do you you explain this contradictory statement if he had been already captured at the time?
A. I was conflicted by this too, but relaxed my mind and went with it.  I feel I was tapping into Julian's sense of being fine.  It was like he mentally knew that he had so much on them, and he had secured himself in such a way (with public signals, gestures, etc) that he knew he would be safe or they would pay the price.  It was a weird sense of calm (I relate it to someone in a near death experience saying that when they knew there was nothing they could do, it was the most calm, peaceful feeling).  It isn't like I'm saying he is going to die, but he is at peace with whatever happens because good has and will come out of it regardless.

Q. Will the global child trafficking ring still be exposed in the near future by Wikileaks or another whistleblower organisation?

A. I see this coming out through multiple sources, and they will all lend support to each other (as the PTW try to debunk it and add their dis-info). 


AL233 said...

I'm praying for his protection and the truth to come out.

John Casey said...

Me, too. I fervently hope the information gets out there and that he gets out alive.

EA RW said...

Interesting. This assange guy. Is he on some spiritual mission? I bet he is playing with fire and knows what to do to confront PTW. In other words why is he doing what he is doing with wikileaks, what is the higher purpose?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Everything will unfold perfectly, as it has already been doing, and we will one day look back on this, shudder -- and rejoice.

Robert Schoen said...

I sure hope so Da-da. It was very hard to find a decent synopsis of their email releases before the election and it seemed like Google and corporate press were doing their best to marginalize or ignore them completely. Does anyone know a reliable site that updates his releases without having to read all of them?

Also there is now out, maybe as disinformation, a warning to people that Wikileaks has been taken over and that Whistleblowers going to them will be basically turning themselves in to the CIA or whoever.

A Man Called Da-da said...

This from today's Fulford:

"For one thing, as soon as President Barack Obama loses his ability to issue pardons on January 20th, there are going to be a flood of revelations coming out of the US agencies about pedophilia and human sacrifice carried out by many well-known US and European politicians and personalities. The Bush/Clinton family, Mitt Romney, Carl Rove and others are expected to be included in these revelations, Pentagon sources say.

The Rothschilds and their kinfolk can also expect hearings about what really caused the Asian tsunami of 2006, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011, the Haiti tsunami etc. In other words, the world will find out they are a bunch of ruthless mass murderers."

Makw said...

@ Robert Schoen
That forum post was the basis for this reading request. It is not disinfo but a legit warning to whistleblowers. Interestingly enough (compromised) Wikileaks cut off the most essential part where the writer talks about why they were raided (they had been working for months on revealing the global human trafficking ring with video and document proof). See the full transcript on Jim Stone's website here:

Terri said...

I'm kind of afraid yet very, very excited at the same time! Truth is finally coming! (Although I don't know that I can handle reading about pedophilia and human sacrifice. It seems I've lived a naive life until this year.)

Robert Schoen said...

@Makw, Thanks. This must be the quickening, and if it isn't, it'll do until the quickening gets here. Very interesting times indeed.

Kalamota Kook said...

That calm feeling of letting go and just accepting what comes is a wonderful state to reach. I feel a bit like that about these scary-mad times. I know this is just the predicted collapsing of the old order, and even if it looks like the dark hearts are going to hide the truth and escape justice, it won't work. The collapse is gaining momentum every day. Just seek higher ground and wait. What a time to be alive!

Hope said...

As reported in 60-Minutes Australia UK pedophiles FULL PROGRAM HD -

Raymond G said...

I am impressed with the level of detail that Assange and his friends have established to protect Assange as well as Wikileaks. They put a lot of thought into this to keep it safe.
I hope things work out for him.

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the reading... Not a good opinion of the guy and his crew, so we will leave it at that.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn!

Tracy said...

Thank you, Makw, for the link. Jim Stone's observations:

"15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his "internet cut". I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he'd have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY".

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I would like to thank you again for the great comments and info sharing! Love and light-

Jason said...


Jason said...

...and a whole bunch of WikiLeaks' alternate domains are now down:

Bee E-lightened said...

Guidance & protection to this light bearer. I thought they said snowden was the one whos dead

Domestic Goddess said...

I'm likewise praying for his safety as well as for all team members who are very courageous in doing this despite the dangers it entails. I hope the truth finally comes out.

Apparently, the cover of The Economist 2017 has already come out and as we have seen in the previous readings of Lynn, this holds the plans of the PTW. This year, they are even bolder into their delving into the occult with their tarot cards meanings.

The photo cover can be seen at

Lynn, hope you can look into the meanings of the tarot cards in the cover.

Thank you!

My Picks said...

yes, I would really appreciate it if you can look into the economist cover as well. Very bold indeed.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The Economist is definitely on my list. I just saw it was out yesterday and someone sent it to me. Very interesting indeed!

Buddhist Lady said...

Very sad to hear about Assange...but to be expected.

I have a feeling that, if Wikileaks is taken down, another site will pop up. I've talked to a number of people over the years who first attended a convention called "Black Hat--White Hat" (small scruffy group that hitched to Vegas and slept on Alexis Park floors of friends) and now "Defcon." (affectionately referred to as the "hacking convention")

These days, I see less the true hacker and more the corporate (Black Hat) computer security guy/gal. The true hacker is a fighter. The true hacker lives to reveal. The true hacker lives to make known the unknown.

Take Assange down and a hundred of them will spring up.

I could be wrong.

I think the PTW have a problem.

Jason said...

I deleted my recent post as I didn't want to take away from the importance of this topic or the genuine concern for Julian Assange.

@Buddhist Lady. It is sad.

@Psychic Focus. If it's not too sensitive to share at this time, can you please provide any update on Julian Assange? Is he still with us? If so, is there a remote chance he'll be conditionally released? Also, has the media stopped covering this story? I thought there'd be greater public outcry but seems eerily quiet online regarding this matter.

PimpMyBrain said...

Julian Assange seems to be back..after a "cold"..hmmm... on Zero Hedge:

S said...

That's obviously not him. Which his close people who he's prepared for his possible capture would know, as Psychic Focus earlier stated they know his signs and have prepared for this moment.
Yes, please, any updates on Julian would be great. And it sounds like the ball is in their court now, after the 'interview' was posted for us to believe that is him.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I get that Assange is still in custody. He looks to be ok (healthy and mentally strong), but still detained..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this update regarding Assange!

S said...

Yes, thank you so much :) I'm so happy to hear that he'said alright. I'm surprised they're actually treating him alright, and giving him food and enough water, considering their morals.
The fact that he's in ok condition sounds like there may be a chance they will let him go if he and his team promise not to leak the information they don't want leaked out. Is this too far fetched, do you think?
The NYPD said they and the FBI have the information, too, and have probably been threatened already. But Julian and his team know they don't have to leak the info if it comes down to his life, as other sources could, too.
Thousands of people all over the world are now asking where Julian is. Most people on the internet are not believing an audio recording interview as him. So thank you for this info. If the spiritual community could ban together with the talk show hosts who are following Julian, etc., that would be wonderful. But most people don't believe intuitive readings or channelings, I know, so they will just keep wondering if he's alive until there is real proof. Which I'm hoping he will be freed very soon.
Thanks again for your help. I've never been political before this, either, but this is a brave man who just wants us to know the truths about those governing us.

Alice Liu said...

Thank you, Lynn!

S said...

This was posted today. It confirms Lynn's vision of him being taken away with the black bag over his head, and him still missing:

I'm not sure why the link isn't taking me there. It works if you copy and paste it, though.

S said...
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AL233 said...

I just read about a similar rumor from someone on Twitter, Roger Stone, an old school political operative, that people are saying Assange is in CIA custody.

Makw said...

Dear Lynn, Could you give a quick update on Julian's status? There has been lots on disinfo and confusion about his state and the release of his DMS recently. His most recent appearance on Hannity is assumed to be digitally fabricated and a website that claimed to release the missing Podesta emails and the keys for Julian's security files went silent again. And Jim Stone believes Julian is now dead after all. Very hard to see through all the misinformation ... Thank you

S said...
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