Distance Reiki

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All appointments must be paid prior to scheduled appointment via "Friends and Family" on PayPal.  No refunds will be issued.

Several years ago my spiritual path led me to study Reiki.  I became a Reiki master two years ago, and began using this skill on friends, family and myself.  I truly love this form of energy work, and find it healing mentally, emotionally and physically.  Even though I am constantly sending healing out to people, I wanted to take a more focused approach and offer individualized attention in a dedicated session.   

Distance Reiki:  Please click on the button above and select a day/time that works for you.  If you cannot find a time, please reach out to me.  It isn't required, but I would ask at the day/time of your appointment you set some time to relax, enjoy some quiet time or even meditate while you open yourself up to the energy.  I will send you a reminder before the session, and also a followup when it is done to see how you are feeling and ask about your experience.   Should you have any questions, please email me
$60 - 30 minutes (1 session)                   $150 - 30 minutes (3 sessions)
$120 - 60 minutes (1 session)                 $300 - 60 minutes (3 sessions)

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