Distance Reiki

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Donations/love offerings must be made prior to your scheduled time.

Several years ago my spiritual path led me to study Reiki.  I became a Reiki master two years ago, and began using this skill on friends, family and myself.  I truly love this form of energy work, and find it healing mentally, emotionally and physically.  Even though I am constantly sending healing out to people, I wanted to take a more focused approach and offer individualized attention in a dedicated session.   

Distance Reiki:  Please click on the button above and select a day/time that works for you.  It isn't required, but I would ask at the day/time of your appointment you set some time to relax, enjoy some quiet time or even meditate while you open yourself up to the energy.  I will send you a reminder before the session, and also a follow-up when it is done to see how you are feeling and ask about your experience.   Should you have any questions, please email me
$60 Donation - 30 minutes (1 session)                   $150 Donation - 30 minutes (3 sessions)
$120 Donation - 60 minutes (1 session)                 $300 Donation - 60 minutes (3 sessions)


guac77 said...

What kind of guarantee do you offer? One can pay a lot of money and not get healed and wonder if he was worked on at all.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@guac77: I can guarantee that I take this mode of healing very seriously. I will set up a dedicated time for the session. Following the session I will send an email outlining what I picked up on which could be things going on in your life as it relates to health, things I tuned into energetically or anything else I gleaned during the session. I think think honoring and respecting the process of Reiki is very important.