Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Economist 2017 Cover

Q. They just released the 2017 Economist cover...very interesting...Tarot Cards, Trump, the tower card. Why did they use few Tarot cards this time instead of a jungle of images like in 2016? Can you tell the story behind each of the cards? Are they arranged in a certain sequence?  What do you think? What do you see?

A. As I tune in, I see a lot going on.  I get that the Powers That Were (PTW) were very surprised by recent political outcomes and they are working on "damage control."  I get an image of them trying to change the timeline or influence (the collective conscious) to create a new sequence of events by outlaying this "tarot" reading as a combination of what see happening and what they want to happen for different reasons.  There is a huge divide in the country and the PTW intend to keep it that way in hopes of full control going back to them.

[I will break this down by card.  There is so much, I welcome comments to add other perspectives.]

The Tower:  The main thing I see is a continuing division of people.  I see the tower as representing society, and the split in the tower being the divide.  The focus of division in 2017 looks to be both cultural and religious based.  This division is being fueled by an outside force (the lightening) that hides in the shadows, but people that are becoming more aware know the root of it all. I  see the "V" standing out as a sign of "5 events" tied to this as well (Somehow feels like a warning, but not to the people  It looks directed to the "unapproved" people of the PTW that are in control). The upcoming administration will have their work cut out for them. 

Judgement:  It looks like there will be many judgments to overcome and egos to put in balance.  The world will be looking at Trump and judging his every move just as he will be judging and sizing them.  Trump will be one of the most analyzed men in 2017.  

The World:  I see the collective consciousness rising, and as that happens more and more people will be looking to the arts (ancient writings, painting, books, etc) for answers.  More and more free thinking blossoms.

The Hermit:  I see a lot of social (and worldly) unrest.  A huge balance is sought out between "good" and "bad" (I see a yin yang in the moon). Many revolts happen abroad.  I get that England  (specifically some darker parts of the monarchy) is sort of "secretly" is involved some undercover affairs, and that information gets leaked causing people to rise up and protest.  This feels like it becomes a huge worldly (alternative) news story.

Death:  This card feels like a change on the horizon.  It looks like old issues that have been buried and ignored are coming to the surface.  I also get that there will be a "surprise" come about of a country that wasn't on the radar being found out to have a nuclear weapon.

The Magician:  I see two realities emerging, and you will live in the one that resonates with you.  One reality feels very 3D and "common."  Cookie cutter houses are being manufacturing (printed) and built everywhere.  It feels like a very grounded and physical world.

Then there is this second reality, that feels like it comes from a more virtual (or even spiritual) place.  Creativity and philosophical ideas flourish.  I also get something about Tesla (like one of his inventions that was suppressed comes to fruition, but I can't be clear). 

Wheel of Fortune: I see things in Europe being shook up.  Leaders feel challenged, and some leadership may change..???

The Star:  I see that "stars" or Hollywood will continue to be used as distractions from the bigger events (such as talk about the "Red Comet").  As issues arise in the world, I get that Hollywood will be used to cause interference (because that is one thing the PTW has control over).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 
(I look forward to your interpretations in comments.)


Sean Nash said...

Then there is this second reality, that feels like it comes from a more virtual (or even spiritual) place. Creativity and philosophical ideas flourish. I also get something about Tesla (like one of his inventions that was suppressed comes to fruition, but I can't be clear).

I smile at the synchronicity of today. Oh my it is flowing today:) . Check your email Lynn!

Christy M said...

I see this layout as an anti-Trump message. The tower is the upset election, the judgement is Trump's actions after taking office, the world is the new chaos that Trump's actions bring to the world, the Hermit is the period of time while the good guys have to sit by and watch Trump's "Natzis" rule the world, the death card is the resulting destruction caused by Trump's policies, the magician is the hand of justice restoring peace and prosperity, the wheel of fortune is the new election, and the star is the "happily ever after."

Kalamota Kook said...

The Wheel of Fortune Card: I'm not sure how many outside Europe recognise the figures (or even inside Europe!) There is Angela Merkel, obviously. She is up for re-election in 2017. It will be seen as a verdict on her actions around the migrant crisis, and I believe this card represents the crossroads that Europe is at regarding migration and the problems caused by incompatible/separatist cultures - with or without terrorism.

The other woman on the card is Marine Le Pen, solidly 'far right', who has a real chance of becoming elected President of France in 2017. This will send shock waves around the world in the way Trump and Brexit did. Again, people who would never align themselves with the 'far right' generally, are feeling pushed to the extreme because of the effects of over-migration, and especially those huge communities who refuse to integrate and are openly hostile to European culture. This is happening across Europe. It is simply because the masses have not been listened to, for years, as this crisis has gestated.

The third figure is Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has just been on trial for 'hate speech'. He is famous for speaking out about the growing Islamic crisis, and again, his time may have come as the Netherlands hold their general elections in 2017 too.

Boiled down into plain speech, as many millions of people now see it, Europe has been invaded by Islam. Not 'foreigners' as such, but an ideology with an agenda that is forming enclaves. Towns and cities across Western Europe have a population time bomb which means that some are soon to become muslim-majority. This is not a cosmopolitan, post-enlightenment, assimilated Islam, but the full-fat fundamentalist version. Shariah law is already here. Terrorism is not in daily life the main issue - Hijrah is - reproductive jihad. There is rising alarm about the the toe-hold Islam has on the continent. The Merkel migrant moment in 2015 simply forced it to the surface. People had been quietly concerned for years, and now we're at the tipping point.

What I have observed for a long time is that, in this current cosmic churn up, the old categories simply don't work anymore, which is why I put 'far right' in quotes. The left for instance has spent the last 30 years supporting and encouraging Islam which is itself a far-right ideology. Hating 'fascists' has become the cool thing by useful idiots who don't see that their own pet cause is just as dangerous and just as fascist. Ultimately, left wing, right wing and theocratic fundamentalisms are all poisonous and pathological. Everything has become very polarised but the polarities are equally noxious. The political trends swing this way then that way, the cycle repeats itself with variations. That's the Wheel of Fortune card in a nutshell. Causes and effects don't necessarily fall into neat 'good/bad' piles. What is happening now in Europe was inevitable to me years ago. It's simply how human dynamics have been playing out for eons. I was one who spoke out, no-one listened, and here we are.

The 'wild card' to all this though, is that we are in a shift, whose core principal is the transcendence of polarity. What does that mean for Europe in 2017? No idea! I would quite like to see a kind of sixties style social revolution or Enlightenment in Islamic cultures to go with the awakening elsewhere. How are the Awakening energies affecting those in the theocratic ghettoes? The Arab Spring looked promising at first but it didn't reach critical mass. At the moment Islam is headed determinedly back to the 7th century but there must be those who want a different way. As things stand now tensions are set to become ever more violent. I don't know if Lynn can see when the pendulum will swing again or whether Islam will have a wave of emancipation? Where does it all fit in with the new age?

Anonymous said...

The Tower is interesting. At first glance, one might think it is that the forces of socialism/globalism vs nationalism or other polarity is causing the destruction of civilization. But, because each element is on a separate mound, it is as though pick your side, it's happening anyway. The paper inside the door of the tower shows it is all according to plan.

Oh the Donald. It seems it is the Judgment of the people to have you sit atop the globe. Perhaps the US flag covering Europe means nationalism will be a trend in Europe. I am not up on things royal, but why is he holding the orb and scepter but not crown? Does that mean he does not have the approval of the PTW?

The World is a puzzler. There are elements of culture - painting, books and the Janus theatre masks. On the ground are what look to be ancient temples, perhaps of learning. Why are they connected by a line with one another and with books, pictures and drama? Seems harmless enough, but I am feeling it is a bit more sinister. Everything is under a single intelligence whose rays permeate the media (today's poor substitute for actual culture). They are wired up, so this is possibly depicting the Internet. This is possibly a statement that the PTW have been in control for aeons and remain in control.

The Hermit is observing the Tide of No - the protest of all Globalist plans. The globe has been discarded, broken, with a crack going through the US. Perhaps this is a statement to step back and bide your time big money, until the tide of No has passed through. Yet it seems endless, doesn't it? Yet while people are saying 'no' no one is saying 'yes', no one is creating, no one is putting life into the globe. Positive reality is in stasis. The Tide of No is still playing the PTB game.

The Death card is heavy with symbolism, but I am not sure what it means. We see an atomic explosion, dead fish and dead plants. In the background is the Red Sun, which is the flag of Japan. What of the flying insects? They may be drones, bombers, or they may be countries, as Lynn says, who have gained atomic technology. This card may be a warning to them. They may be threatened with a fate similar to Japan.

The Magician is illustrating the "As Above so Below" idea. As long as the Magician accepts the VR blinders (i.e. programming) he will create in the 3D world.

Yes @Kalamota Kook, that's what I see on the Wheel of Fortune. I also notice that Angela is getting the lightning bolt but Marine is getting sunshine. Geert seems on the rise.

The Star card is a puzzle because I can't recognize the faces in the stars. But I can see a comet and a red planet at the bottom. Whoever the people in the stars are I am sad for them. Are they people who are being used or threatened? Do they represent the expendable Everyman? Sad empty feeling when I look at this. Some tie to newspapers?

EA RW said...

@Kalamota Kook: Indeed I think it's geert wilders But I wasn't sure if it it was indeed the flag of the netherlands. There is also France and germany in "the wheel of fortune card". I'm not sure if the royal family of the netherlands are in this type of game behind the scenes. When you think about it. Most of the monarchic families are originated from germany at least what I read digging in some history hence the most.

I added the numbers up using my own tarot deck and the final number is 107.
If you add up 1+0+7= 8. Major arcana of strenght. With an infinty symbol (8).

Anonymous said...

I meant to say the Magician will create the 3D world as programmed. We have the power to create whatever we want if we remove the programming.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Sean: I just looked in my email. :-) Give me a day or so to look at it and I will respond. I love synchronicities!!

@Kalamota: Thank you so much for this. It does help to explain a lot!

@misshavesham: Interesting about Japan. I was trying to understand it too. Much of this does feel like a warning. I felt like the fish may represent the disruption in the ecosystem due to Fukushima (but felt much more to it). I like your other breakdowns too.

Thank you everyone for the comments. There is A LOT to see, and together we can put some of the puzzle together. Love and light-

Kalamota Kook said...

@EA RW, it's definitely the Netherlands flag. It can be a bit confusing because whenever you see Dutch people being national about something, they're head to toe in orange, which came from the royal family. I never understood why they don't just have an orange national flag.

On the subject of flags, the Star card reminds me of the stars-on-blue theme of the EU flag. Now the perfect circle is in disarray of course. I also can't find anywhere online that shows it large enough to work out the faces, or that names them. The number of stars or heavenly objects doesn't seem to correspond to the EU member states as far as I can see, though by the end of the year perhaps more countries will be clamouring for an exit so the number who are fully committed shrinks. Or maybe it's nothing to do with the EU at all...

vitaly5887 said...

Anyone notice the universe in the background? I'm pretty sure it correlates to something with the advancement of space programs such as space x or maybe some kind of knowledge that we find out about other life out there in 2017. Any insights on the universe background Lynn?

Rene Leighty said...

Wow, this is very interesting indeed. For an economy magazine to release such images associated with the occult... after the govt was clear on its separation between state and seems pretty ironic. When I think of wall street, the last thing I think of is something spiritual or religious. I wonder if this is some kind of mass ritual or spell that the PTW are trying to accomplish. The power of thought is a huge thing, and I could see them trying to generate some kind of action using a universal consciousness-- even a subconscious one.

EA RW said...

Flag of luxembourg is basically the same although it has a darker shade. In the "old" days. The dutch (VOC) ships had orange white blue flag but due to some coloring issues the orange weared out to red due to wheatering. So it was then decided to change to red. But even flags have meaning very often you see the tri colore principal. And the colors have a meaning too...

It is speculated that the bilderberg group was founded by ZKH prins Bernhardt. He was not a saint afterall.

Christy M said...

Regarding the use of Tarot cards on the cover, I think the Economist got the idea from the name "Trump." The Major Arcana cards, shown on the cover, have another name in Tarot--the Trump cards. So, I think the choice to use Tarot cards has more to do with the clever twist of his name than any hidden occult message.

Also, the order of the layout seems to suggest a progression of events--see my earlier comment.

The traditional tarot meanings of these cards also need to be taken into account. First, they are all Major Arcana cards (Trump cards) and they are all in the upright position. The Tower is sudden death and destruction, Judgement is signalling change coming, and since Trump is sitting at the top, he is in control of those changes. The World often manifests as a promotion to a higher position or an initiation to a new level of knowledge that was only dreamed of before. "The World is at your feet." The Hermit is a contemplative, holding phase in your life. Notice the Hermit is watching the "far right" marching below. He is biding his time. Death signifies a major transformation, a new way of life. Death of the old way. In the material world, it can mean death and destruction. The Magician is a conduit for a higher power, which commands all of the material world. Since all that we can see in the physical world is the conduit himself, the acts he performs often seem like magic. "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." The Wheel is destiny and fate, which you can't control. An election, for example. The Star symbolizes that, in times of darkness, it shows that there is a way out, and tells you not to worry, for illumination and freedom are at hand. It's the happy ending or a message to "have hope."

So based on the tarot cards meanings themselves, and their positions in the spread, the Economist doesn't seem to be Trump-friendly, and they are telling liberals to have hope and wait for the happy ending.

Kolibri said...

The constellation in the sky of the Hermit card looks suspiciously like Orion to me. According to David Wilcock and Corey Goode, the Draco have a strong presence there, and the Draco are the powers behind the PTW. Not sure what it means, but it sure means something!

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful reading. A very positive message on the future.

Buddhist Lady said...

Interesting use of Tarot cards. Is this their attempt to be philosophical?

Raymond G said...

In the bottom right corner of The Hermit it looks like a map of the U.S. with a crack shooting through Canada and landing somewhere around Washington. I wonder if that means anything?

There are 13 stars in The Star. There were 13 people at The Last Supper and 13 original colonies in the U.S. I wonder if the 13 people represent anything or if it is random. The pics look old, like high school photos from 50,60 years ago. I wonder who they are. There is also a falling star in the middle. I wonder if it means that those 13 are in decline? Comets often represent change or something traumatic like war. I wonder if those 13 people have something to do with the conflict.

This was interesting. Many thanks for the time you give to this blog Lynn.

Sean Nash said...
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Buddhist Lady said...

I thought The Tower, with the Communist symbol on the left and Christ figure on the right, might symbolize the conflict/conflagration they tried to creat in Syria between Russia and the U.S. They were almost successful. (We might note that President Obama has dropped his incendiary language directed toward Russia since the election.)

The World might show that they plan to use technology and secondary methods, such as art and culture, to position themselves in capturing the Russian and Chinese financial worlds. The banks are established in an apparently Western European area on the map underneath, which they control, while the pyramid, standing on the map over what could be Russia and China, symbolizes their "ideas" pervading foreign cultures and empires.

The Magician, in "Tarot Card Interpretation and Meaning," says: "The Magician is about making higher - and better - use of all of one's power." Alas! The Magician is blinded by an MKUltra device which makes him say "Yes" and abandon his higher self. The Globalists are saying that, as they have controlled for ages by placating the human mind and spirit, so they will continue as signified by The Magician raising his scepter in victory.

I think Lynn is correct when she says " I get an image of them trying to change the timeline or influence (the collective conscious) to create a new sequence of events by outlaying this "tarot" reading...."

JaBack1001 said...

That is a very interesting use of Tarot to spread a message.
The Hermit says they wii take some time to reflect on the unexpected changes ( Death) Then gather their resources ( The Magician) Create Chaos (Wheel Of Fortune) and then their Star will rise again.
I think Trump is in for a rough ride. However I think greater forces are at work for him too and he will win out in the end.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and interpretations. I think every time I look at it (after reading the comments) I see and understand more. I too see something significant with the Hermit card and Orion. I see it as a subtle way of saying there are here to save us and maybe disclosure is sooner than we realize???? This is definitely an interesting cover!

John Casey said...

Wow, nice work, Lynn.

EA RW said...

Orion on the hermit card. If you turn the constellation 90 degrees left.

You see Betelgeuse, Alnitak, Alnilam, Saiph and Rigel and 1 unnamed star that's the only way I can connect to the constellation orion. Search for Orion constellation star names.

JaBack1001 said...

We have to remember the context for this message - it's the cabal telling the masses what's in store for them (ie. What they are planning to do to us) so saving or freeing us has never been on their agenda. Therefore the cards need to be read with that in mind.

wendy tascione said...

That's exactly how they wanted the average Joe to see it and spread more negativity and fear. But for those with eyes to see...we see it Luke Lynn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

The bottom line is, if you look at the 2016 cover from last year... THERE IS NO TRUMP. So much for their silly black magick. Luckily, the real PTB are working to make THEM disappear. Tick tock.

Pernille said...

Thank you for your reading Lynn. On is another reading that matches yours on many fields :-) Especially June has (halfway down) some good comments.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments. I learn so much through our sharing!

Mark Noeth said...

Awesome read as always... To me the first card is a Keep or bank and it is braking with clouds above. Get your money out.
Second card is Trump mentality over everything.
Third card looks to be religion vs law.
Fourth card is a sea of unrest with people being led down a long road by one guy.
Fifth card could be war or economic issue with people in sea of unrest.
Sixth card is growth or construction with infinity above it. Their is a power or magic/magick staff pictured as well. The VR looks like a false reality.
Seventh card is more election stuff with some being darker than others.
Last card has new celebrities maybe that may or may not be a posative influence. It shows the cycle continues with new players.
Third, fourth and fifth cards seem to be the worst of events.

icqgirl 2 said...

The card of The Magician depicted here is a little sad. In creating things, we could think of it as having a polarity: of making an object primarily for utilitarian purpose, or transcending the object into an art form. Many times, our objects sit at the middle. Many of our everyday things could be beautiful or more beautiful, and uplift our emotions and our souls.

Industrialization, although has given us quantity for economic growth, has also stripped created objects from individual human involvement. Like the difference between canned food and a home-cooked meal for dinner, many of our things are devoid of the warmth and the art of having created hands-on. Our focus on the quantifiable extends to our objects.

The cookie-cutter houses, cookie-cutter education, cookie-cutter anything. The less we are involved with their creation, the less we know about them, the more we would prefer to pay money for them.

I remember this guy on a TED talk. He worked in the city before deciding to be a farmer. He made his house for two years. In contrast, he knew someone who continued to work in the city to pay for his house for thirty years. Where does the money go? "Life is simple. Why do we complicate it?" The farmer says.

The... machination over the Magician's eyes makes me think: what do we ever do that isn't being told to us to do?

Pernille said...

Herr is the link for the Economist front cover diskussion on

Camryn Villarruel said...

No. Trump is not the savior. He is dark and time will tell

GodIsLove said...

One year later, your original assessment is proving to be spot on.

Hollywood and entertainers are being used as distractions, yet their dark world of sexual abuse and assault is being exposed, so they are losing power.

President Trump is clearing away the evil from the Powers That Be. That is why they hated him so much; whistleblowers always get smeared. We are discovering daily the corruption of the Democrat Party -- along with some establishment Republicans. Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie -- this is now established.

Things are beginning to change in Europe, too.

I believe the rest of your reading will become evident in the next days, weeks, and months.