Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pearly Gate and Misc Questions

Q. I know this might sound ridiculous, but when we reach the Pearly Gates and see God / Jesus we are judged based on our behavior in this world. When spirits that are trapped between this world and the next finally ascend are they judged based on their behavior while they were trapped half way? Are they judged based on their behavior as a trickster cutting lights on and off or some of the much worse things that have been attributed to them while they were in the ghost world?
A. As I tune into this I don't see it as a judgment process, but more like a review that you and your guide both participate in.  You and your your guide (and I see this being the main dominant guide that you received at conception) both look at your life and experiences together.  It is a process we all go through upon crossing over and isn't delayed by waiting to see if and when you decide to incarnate back.  The understanding looks very deep, and takes time to review.  I am, however, reminded that time is relative, and what looks to take a long time in "3D earth time" may really be a few moments on the spirit side. You look at how certain things were handled, and you even look at other perspectives such as how your decisions or actions affected other people or situations.  

After everything is looked at, you can either work on karmatic issues (to process and purge before incarnating), stay in spirit or incarnate.  I also hear that ascension can work on many levels, and you can work on increasing your vibration in spirit or the the physical. 

Q. When you RV, can you see your soul or your silver cord? 
A. Everyone may experience this differently, but I see what I am looking at much like you would watch a movie.  Astral projection is much different, but in an RV experience I see something playing out in front of me like I am watching or a witness.  

Q. Can you go into the astral world and heal yourself for the physical world?
A. I get that you could do that.  Before you start your experience set your intent (and protection) and go for it.  While in the astral field focus on healing and visualize light coming out of your hands and into the physical body.  I get the light will know how to heal and what to do as long as you can direct it.  

I also hear another way to heal yourself is to get in tune with your higher self and request healing (followed by a thanks and gratitude).  The Universe will work with your higher self and do what is in your greater good. 

Q. Do you ever read questions that people send you and think: "What the heck, how do they come up with these?"..........:).
A.  I find them fascinating and feel humbled that you all take the time to ask me. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

How naive are folks to believe the Creator is so matetialistic to hv "pearly" gates and streets paved with "gold" so folks can start fighting in heaven for that too

haydeeally said...

I like and follow your Focus Sessions readings. Sometimes I may not agree exactly, but in the long run you are right. Sorry when sending you about sites I don't like, as when some group of people are offensive to others because those others are different. But I know you cannot control everything. Thanks always for your readings.

Bee E-lightened said...


Blimpy Peach said...

I can't remember a lot of my life, I'm guessing it just a physical body thing that is blocking it but it should be etched into my spirit memory? I'm worried when I pass that I won't have anything to review as I can't remember anything :)

They Live said...

Your responses are fab 😄

The enlightened one said...

@Bee E-lightened
It's not materialistic because the materials are not chosen based on their monetary value, but based on their beauty. Gold and pearls may be worth a lot of money in the physical realm, but the value God sees in them is not monetary but aesthetic and spiritual. Gold is one of the metals with the highest frequencies, meaning it is high up in the evolution of atoms. The philosopher's stone, which is said to be able to transform base metals into gold, is also said to rejuvenate and prolong life of humans, because it changes their vibration in a similar way as it changes that of base metals. Alchemists who through the ages allegedly have discovered the philosopher's stone have also been said to have attained immortality, and developed more androgynous facial features.

Bee E-lightened said...

Clearly u are a roach in a fowl party. You are a troublemaker and I am guessing your life is pathetic so you come her to stir up negativity. Be gone. Try to ignore my comments plz‼️

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn. A lot of people that have had NDE's have said that Heaven is a magical place with plants and trees that create music and have consciousness. And that the walls of Heaven are miles long, the doors are as high as you can see and the streets are paved with gold. The NDE survivors have also said that the colors found in Heaven are brighter and bolder than the colors that we have here on Earth. Many people also say that you go through a life review when you get there and that God doesn't judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.

But....others say that Heaven and Hell are man-made creations and that neither one exists.
That everyone was sent to Earth with a specific mission and that some do a better job of completing it than others. And they say there is no Review and that everyone is accepted into Heaven.

Are the experiences of NDE'rs that we see on youtube and that get published specific to each individual based on what they believe to be true? Perhaps to make the transition easier? Is that why some people see Jesus, some see Buddha and some see Allah?

There are so many discrepancies it makes me wonder what to believe. Unless Heaven is so big that there is no one, Right answer.

I'll try the tips on self healing tonight...I am going to ask for help with a receding hair line. I'll let you know how it goes......:)

Many Thanks for the time you dedicate to this blog.

They Live said...

Is the Universal Conciousness involved in reviewing your pass life as well? I'm guessing the mind wiping occurs once one agrees to reincarnate, is this whole process controlled by highly spiritual reptilians who I remember you saying control the Light.
Many thanks for the reading!

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for another awesome reading... Still have questions why I picked this incarnation. Most of the people around me I find usless.

The enlightened one said...

@Bee E-lightened
You could have your own tv-show. It could be called "60 minutes of rage".
How about Lynn does a reading on your mental problems?
I bet it would be very ... enlightening.

Alex said...

@Raymond G

Please have a look on the readings on Michael Newton's spiritual realms. Everyone of us has a different spiritual level and that will determine which realm we go to after death. Evil people are not accepted into heaven even if you believe in 'god'. Our current spiritual level is determined by our accumulative karmic actions in all our past lives.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. I recently got Michael Newton's book, so I will have to update you later (I hear it is very well written).

Also, a quick reminder to be respectful to each other. Much love-

Raymond G said...

@ Alex....Thanks for the suggestion. I have heard his name a few times before but I have never read anything by him. He has published several books. Which one do you recommend?

Many Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

Unknown said...

According to this purported alien interview, the "light" is just a traumatic memory wipe, and should be avoided. We do not remember who we are because of induced amnesia.


Try to find a way out of this matrix...and the whole afterlife construction is just a part of it. We are all placed here as prisoners because we were inconvenient to an oppressive galactic culture that is still in the process of being dismantled.

Many other old mythologies say the same thing, that we were tricked and should leave the whole reincarnational cycle. Even Christianity has remnants of this, but very distorted from retelling. An interesting book by Angeliki S. Anagnostou-Kalogera strings all these old stories together:


Anonymous said...

Curious about the pyramid found in Antarctic . Lot's of rumors about visitor's to the location. Got a feeling exciting info will come from the discovery. Maybe more then one pyramid in that location to!

Happy Days!!

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn, thank You for this post and happy Thanksgiving holliday to all! <3

Andrew Dyson said...

@Raymond G - in relation to your observations on Pearly Gates and Heavenly walls etc...

Here in Australia back in 2001, at work one day I spoke to a courier driver who had a NDE.
He told me that back in the 90s when living in Europe, his car was crushed by a large truck at speed in a head-on collision on an autobahn, which he luckily survived. He said his first recollection was having an OBE when the doctors were successfully attempting to revive him, and viewed them working on his body from the ceiling. And in that time he recalled passing through "the tunnel" and briefly arriving outside the Pearly Gates ["they were real and HUGE"], before he was drawn back into his body, and a year of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. He certainly had the facial scars to validate such a story; I had no reason to disbelieve him. Prior to that, I had only ever considered the Pearly Gates as a novelty and another fabrication of the Catholic church, perhaps they do in fact exist?

Alex said...

@Raymond G

Read this page by Lynn


Buy this book first, "Destiny of souls". If this is not enough to satisfy your knowledge, then also buy "Journey of souls".


Charlie the Tuna said...

I think what is waiting for you after death is what you believe in while you are alive. If you believe in pearly gates and streets of gold then that is what you will see. If you believe in nothing, then nothing is what you will find. If you believe after death you sit at a table and eat spaghetti with the spaghetti god, then so be it.

I think after a while everyone will gravitate to what is really there after we die. What is that you might ask? I do not know I am not dead yet.

I am not sure what awaits us, however I am confident we will all find out. I am looking forward to the time when I find out, but I will enjoy every minute I have here on good old mother earth.

I believe it is all about the memories, that is all you get to take with you. Just memories, so i suggest you make some good memories to take with you.

Raymond G said...

@Alex.....Thanks for the link and book recommendations !

Priya S said...

Can you do a reading on Shelley Duvall? There was a dr.phil interview with her and she was very off and unstable. She seems like she has really been damaged by some negative powers such as mk ultra, and it has been said that she was tortured by stanley kubrick? Is any of this true?

Charlotte Bailey said...

Thank you for this reading; very interesting!
A question I've been wondering about is has to do with forgiveness. If we've done something wrong, realized it, made amends and apologized, what happens with that stuff in our life review? Is it something like little to no painful remorse is felt since we've already been there- done that? Also, what about things we've done to hurt others years ago that we've long forgotten, but we're not acting like jerk anymore and have changed our ways for the better?
Are all those things going to come back and smack us upside the head so to speak??

Jennifer Haithcock said...

@Blimpy Peach
I am the same way. I literally live in the moment. Once I live it it's gone for the most part. I've always thought I was the only one. It's hard to explain to make people understand and it's very frustrating.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)

joy said...

Mark Noeth............It is my (sad) understanding that you did not pick your incarnation. The SOUL that owns you, ...DID. The story that you are this SOUL is a LIE. We were created SEPARATE FROM SOUL, for the sole purpose of making us go thru all kinds of (mostly limiting experiences, )so that SOUL can learn from them. In other words, we are the experimental laboratory animals, ans SOUL is the experimenter.

Charlotte Bailey,....Problem of forgiveness...........When you reached the point of knowing who you truly are, the TRUE SELF (SPIRIT) you will also HAVE LEARNED THAT THOSE EXPERIENCES THAT MADE YOU FEEL YOU NEED FORGIVENESS...WERE NOT MADE BY YOU. BUT WERE MADE BY THE FALSE SELF (EGO-PERSONALITY) The idea of sin is another lie that were imposed in us. YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO GIVE UP THESE BELIEF SYSTEMS,....and even if it comes around and smack you, you can THEN smack it back.

Charlie the Tuna........What you are proposing might just work if the are all that is.
However, we are still human and still under the control of SPIRIT(at least that is what i believe, anyway.) it is said, we are here...'BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD." What I saw is totally different.We are moving into a different reality and this is all being orchestrated by PRIME CREATORS, We go along for the ride.The HEAVEN, the PEARLY GATE that most christians is not exactly what I know it to be. we are being moved to SHAMBALLAH-like world in High ASTRAL PLANE.We are going to metamorphose from cARBON-based bodies to CRYSTALLINE....we become more SPIRIT. To me, HEAVEN is a place and also what we will become,...because all the powers and intelligence of SPIRIT that we only hear about, will manifest in us after we transition to crystalline bodies.

They Live,.........as far as I know, SOUL (SPIRIT) does NOT reincarnate. THE FALSE SELF ,the ego-personality DOES...and these two occupy the physical body during the lifetime.
the ego-personality , believing it is real,upon death, go thru this review, but this is all in the, perhaps in the mid- astral plane. Some claim this is all a program of malevolent ETs using FALSE LIGHT

Buddhist Lady said...

Children, children...let's be kind to one another.

Freak out time. Another synchronicity. I just finished reading Micheal Newton's Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. (subtitled Case Studies of Life Between Lives) Like Dolores Cannon, Dr. Newton stumbled upon life after life and past lives while putting people under deep hypnosis. He gathered informaton from many number of people clarifying what happens to our spirit, aka soul, upon death of the human body.

Honestly, when I first "read" a book, I rapidly read through and more slowly "read" those parts which interest me the most. Then, I go back and really read through for retention. My first impression is that the spirit world is really dull...we go here and there...our group...our pod of souls...the Life Library...talking and yakking with our Guide and seeing the Council of Elders. Considering this life or that life. What are we learning? What do we need to rectify? And, honestly, the "soul" sounds a little too human for me...some are quiet; some pranksters. Didn't we get enough of this on earth? Good Golly Miss Molly...I want some adventure.

Blimpy and Jennifer...me, too. I forget much that has happened to me. I think some of my forgetfulness stems from simple disinterest in that time or topic. I think whatever I've forgotten simply wasn't all that important to me. Sometimes I think I've forgotten as a protective mechanism because what was happening was hard to confront or, as a child, something was occurring over which I had no control, e.g., alcoholic parents fighting.

However, according to Newton's research, all this stuff is in the Library (where you open these "book"-like things which invite you to actually see your life being lived...sort of like Higher Dimensional 3D TV) waiting for our perusual. Yawn.

Take alot of coffee with you when you die.

Cheryl Bane said...

@ Blimpy and Jennifer - Wow, I thought I was the only odd one! My whole life I've had a terrible memory when it comes to happenings in the past. It's often embarrassing, like when a pediatrician asks "well, what was your daughter like when she was younger?" or an old high school friend wants to reminisce and I have to admit I have no idea. An oddity no one seems to understand.

Blimpy Peach said...

I've read that eating handful of blueberries regularly can help with memory problems, hasn't helped me so far but I still like eating them anyway

Alex said...

@Buddhist Lady

Adventure are for the younger souls. Mature souls like Buddha and Arhat don't need these adventures because their souls have lived through that.

Michael Newton's books only reached out to certain categories of souls and don't really cover the highest souls in the universe like Buddha and Bodhisatva because you hardly meet them in real life and I don't think they like to be hypnotise.