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Q. Hi Lynn,  I came across an interesting post that claims dinosaurs never existed and they are just a conspiracy. To be honest, the internet is full of such conspiracy theories about dinosaurs in particular. I have to confess I often wonder at dinosaurs and can't seem to figure out why our nature that is so intelligently and so geniously designed had actually created something at such a large scale, let them dominate the earth without fulfilling any any purpose, for such a large period of time, and then let them all get wiped off. Whoever our God is, He is certainly not stupid and certainly hasn't been experimenting with species as if he were unsure how to create the perfect specie. So what is the truth about dinosaurs? Are the scientist really correct in what they say?

I would like to add here that I don't deny or disbelieve all those tons of fossil records and scientific conclusions, but I find myself unable to believe with shut eyes either. I am plain curious to know if and how our mother nature blundered like an experimenting fool.

The link to the post in question is this:
A. When I first tune into this, I get that in some timelines dinosaurs existed, and in some they did not.  However, they did exist in the timeline we are currently experiencing.  

It looks like when dinosaurs first came to this earth, they came millions and millions of years ago.  The appearance of the solar system was much different during that time. The orbits of the planets were smaller, and the grouping was much tighter.  Additionally, the size of earth was smaller (I see earth as having a living force, extracting solar energy from the sun, and using that energy to expand).  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and as the solar energy hit the earth, it was absorbed and released in the form of growth (volcanic eruptions, cracks, stretching, etc).  The result of the smaller orbit and smaller earth looks to be less gravity which allow the opportunity for giants, dinosaurs and even larger vegetation to grow.

When I focus on where dinosaurs came from, I see an image of a comet.  It appears that earth's environment (water, land and atmosphere) was perfect for this type of life, and ETs from the left star system on Orion's belt seeded a comet and directed it toward earth.  Dinosaurs look like the result of an ET genetic experiment.  

I do get there was an asteroid that hit the earth in the South American area that created a very hostile environment forcing those that survived to head northwest (to the best of their ability). Dinosaurs lived in that part of the world (north and northwest) for many thousands of years while the South American area remained unlivable (dark, dusty and smelled like sulfur). 

During all this this (their millions of years of existence) earth's orbit and mass became larger, and the gravitational pull didn't allow larger species to thrive.  This ultimately resulted in their demise.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

That was interesting. I wonder if the comet was random or if it was sent here by a Higher Power to change the Earth's climate and allow mammals to evolve. It seems that there are no coincidences. But it would be fun to travel back in time or RV the days of dinosaurs and observe what the Earth was like and how they lived.

Thanks, Lynn.

P.S. Before I traveled back in time to see Reptiles, I'd have to insist on being surrounded by vegetarian Dinos. We would be chicken nuggets to something the size of T-Rex.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn, very intresting indeed! Could you possibly check out to which extent the recent (some say 11,000 yrs.ago) and massive Missoula Floods (Eastern Washington State) where related to an impact event and could be the cause of the inexistence of big mamals (compared to Africa) in North America? During this Ice Age Floods, Dry Falls was under 300 feet (91 m) of water approaching at a speed of 65 miles per hour (105 km/h). Where the legendary humanoid giants also, at least in part, swept away during this event? (in South America skelletons of extinct big mamals (especially giant sloth) are found in areas of limestone cavern system, which traditionally have the capacity of quickly draining huge amounts of water). Could this be the flood the bible refers to? Thanks!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Were (some) dinosaurs smart?

Helen H said...

Lynn, Jim Stone had an article on his website about the election. His research
showed that the results for NH and MI are all in, but the states have not reported the results. He said AZ has two precincts that have not reported. His concern is those three states could trigger a recall of the election by the cabal as Hillary won the popular vote. Do you see any problem with a recall? I've listed his website for reference.
Thanks for all you do!

Diane Hamilton said...

"He will need support and a continued protection from the PTW (Powers That Were) until he gets in and settled (and even beyond)". What? Please explain this? I'm very very, confused by that comment.

Buddhist Lady said...

Diane--I suspect (I could be wrong) that the PTW are not monolithic but rather consist of factions--perhaps two major ones. Trump could not be a player, at this time on our planet, without connections to one of them. Matrix, indeed.

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