Friday, February 28, 2014

My question is about the US Congress. They seem so cravenly stupid, consistently acting against the people of the US. Are they being manipulated by high-tech means? I feel like they might be being exposed to some of the wave technologies that ' loosen them up' for a handler to mold their opinions and votes.

2:33 PM
When I focus on politicians in general, I can't speak for them all, but what images I get show a metamorphosis.  I see this image of a young naive person, wanting to do good, and have good intentions.  Once they get into office, something happens.. The next thing I see is an older person that feels like a "mentor" come in and assist them, show them the ropes, but in reality they are molding them or shaping them into what they want.  The ones that are strong willed realize what is happening, and get a away, but the weaker more influential ones fall right into the trap.

My mind is taking me on the path of the highly influential souls.. The next image I see is someone is trying to quit smoking, and then a smoker comes up to them and tempts them with a cigarette.  My impression is that this is how the corruption starts.  The good ideas are stamped out because the path of money and greed is shown to them and that becomes the new focus of their energy.  It also looks like those that are corrupt like to be in the company of others doing the same manipulative behavior because they don't have to reflect on themselves (have guilty feelings).  If you are surrounded by greed and corruption then it is easier to not feel guilty.  (Which is why the smoker didn't want to smoke alone and would rather influence a person quitting to smoke with them- reduces guilt and judgement.)

I also get that the more strong willed people are able to overcome their selfishness and jealousy for the betterment of the people (I am having images of specific personal relationships I have with people that exhibit this quality).  Even when they see the easy path, they have an internal conscious that will guide them to do what is right- not perfect people, but highly in-tune with themselves.

Then I see the people that are influenced by temptations.. It is almost impossible to not be jealous- if someone makes campaign money, or stock options, or huge profits, they too want that regardless of what they have to do to get it.  They will compete selfishly rather than do what is in the best interest of the people.  They use this feeling of entitlement to override their conscious whereas the strong person is too humble to let entitlement override their morals.

Q. Why aren't the strong people dominating politics since it is better for the people?
A.  I see there are good people, but good people are slowly driven out.  It is difficult to compete with someone who is ruthless and doesn't fight ethically, because I strong person won't hurt people.  Then I also get something about, if a strong person is hard to drive out and really standing up for what is right and the people, a sex scandal will do the trick and ultimately get them out of office..

The other thing I heard was "corruption breeds more corruption" because corrupt politicians want to surround themselves with like minded, corruptible people.  It is all about power, money, greed and fear of losing those things.  Most decisions that are blatantly made that hurt people are traced back to money.

And that is all.  (No audio at this time).  It is 2:52 PM

Dr. Sam Chachoua and Cancer

1:51 PM
Q. I have read online about a serum developed by Dr Sam Chachoua as being capable of destroying cancer by giving the immune system the ability to recognize the cancer. Do you think this serum works? What is your impression of this doctor and his work.
A.  I do see that he cares and has a positive energy about him.  He looks like he wants to help people.  He has a humble feel also, meaning that his main goal is to improve lives rather than be famous.

I see cancer being caused because the body is holding onto something toxic that isn't excreted.  It can enter the body through living conditions (breathing pollution or exposure to waves in the air for example), absorbed into the skin, eaten or drank.  I also get that some people have a predisposition to develop cancer (like breast cancer) which doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically get it, but rather you are extremely sensitive to a toxin and once it is introduced and at a high enough quantity, it will create cancer (I am going back to a reading I with where aluminum in deodorant was a toxin that if introduced in high enough amounts can cause cancer is someone with a genetic predisposition to develop cancer).

When certain toxins enter into your body, if it is one that you are sensitive to, it creates a mutation in the cells like an allergic reaction (I am seeing a benedryll bottle cluing me in). I also get an example that some people are allergic to shell fish, and if eaten causes harm, while other people have no reaction- Different things can be toxic to different people and different levels of exposure.

I see that Dr. Sam Chachoua has studied this process of how this allergic reaction occurs when healthy tissue is exposed to certain toxins, there is some chemical that is released.  What I see his serum doing is going to the part of the body where the chemical is being released and surround it (I am watching a capsule encapsulate some gel) creating an opportunity for your immune system to attack the foreign growth. I also hear that since cancer constantly grows and consumes healthy tissue, the chemical reaction is constantly occurring, creating a beacon for the serum to locate it.

I do get that he has a high success rate, and then I hear the phrase "mind over matter."  Then I get that there is a scientific basis behind his work, however, the groups of people that believed it would work, and opened themselves to it, were able to drastically reduce or force their cancer into remission.  I get that the mental outlook and attitude is highly important.

And that is all.  Thank you. (No audio at this time.)  It is 2:22 PM

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sandy Hook (Wolfgang Halbig)..

6:11 AM
Q. You are probably tired answering questions about Sandy Hook, but I have two things to say: 1 - People have posted links to photos of the kids who sang at the Super Bowl last year, It looks like you are correct the kids are alive. Many of the kids singing are them just ~ 6yrs. older - like the photos we were all shown are from when the kids were younger. 2- There is a man Wolfgang Halbig - who has just come out saying he is going to pursue the Sandy Hook hoax. He's a school safety expert out of Florida and stated an investigation into this event has recently been harassed by officials from CT. 

Is Wolfgang Halbig in danger? I feel like he may be the key to exposing this hoax. He's going to start a trust fund and pursue the truth legally. I really want to see this resolved but I also wouldn't want to see him get hurt. 

A.  I first see he is going to have a very difficult time.  The first image I get is him standing with an armed guard on each side of him escorting him somewhere.  The guards are dressed in all black from head to toe, and it looks to be some kid of military outfit.  He is standing on what looks like a government building (I see the symbol of flags in front of a concrete building and the building has several steps leading up to the front entrance.)  He looks worried and asking questions the entire time he is being escorted (out of this building).  

He keeps asking "what is going on" "where are you taking me" and over and over repeating the same thing.  As I focus a little more I see the process in which is realizes what is happening.  He does try to expose the "hoax" (his words) and gets his supporting evidence.  It takes a long time to acquire it as there is some kind of "pact" with those involved and the people associate to it (including families) have either been scared, paid or both not to talk.  

He finally does find what he needs, and the word "Wikileaks" comes in my mind.  I will say that it is coming to me that it is an audio conversation that he gets recorded that gives him his break (my mind gets a little blocked because I can't see if there is a way to upload a conversation, or perhaps it is just a transcript?).  At that time when he gets his break and the news is out (it is coming through as May 2015) he get detained due to claims made under the "Patriot Act."which takes me to the the armed military guards at the top of this read.

As he is detained, I don't see him as abused, but rather harassed.  He is questioned and questioned, but it is done in such a psychological way it is like they are trying to change his opinion or confuse him to where he doesn't understand what is real.  There is a lot of verbal manipulation and I get a weird smell being tied to the interrogation room (then I see an interrogator bite into something or take something before entering the room where Wolfgang is being held).  There is something with the air in that room..?  The smell reminds me of when I have had to breathe oxygen, and you have the super oxygen concentration smell and taste (not sure what type of other chemicals have that same effect.).

They never do "break him" but rather leave him ultra confused about his beliefs.  This takes a period of around a month of questioning to accomplish this, at which time he is released and labeled as a "cook."  The end result is that his credibility is basically taken from him..

And that is what I see.  Thank you.  No audio available at this time. It s 6:28 AM.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mysterious Death of Big Bankers

2:17 PM
Q. Was wondering if you could see anything regarding the five big bankers committing suicide in the past 2 weeks? Are they actually killing themselves or are they being killed? What is being protected by their deaths? Will there be more deaths? Were these people going to release any kind of information to public? Thank you so much for the information you share. Keeping you in my prayers.
A. The first thing I get is I see a person and they are nervous..biting nails, sweating, pacing.  It even looks like they are mumbling something to themselves.  Then they bite their nails and just keep mumbling. It looks as if doom has completely taken them over.  At that point, they walk back and forth and jump off a balcony.  It was as if they were in a trance and did it without ever even processing with they were doing.

Q.  Why?  Why did this person do it?
A.  I zone in on the chanting more or the mumbling, and I hear "They are coming to get me" "They know what I did and are coming to get me" and this guy repeats it over and over.  Then I see a screenshot of Lydia on Breaking Bad and it further reinforces those paranoid anxious feelings.  True fear.

Q.  Now I need to know what they did that is being found out?
A.  I am getting all these negative emotions like, lies, deceit, betrayal and manipulation.  When I go a little further, I get something about "the way of life as I know it is over" and it looks to be in reference to the guy I described in the beginning.

As I try to put this in a "full circle" perspective, the story I see is like this:  These bankers are part of a very wealthy, and very powerful group.  From as far back as any of them remember they have had both money and control, mainly because of how our monetary system is set up. It is easily manipulated through the stock market, and the money and influence have created laws and situations in favor of these wealthy people.  They thrive in this type of money system and have laid the ground to thrive for a long time.  

That being said, there is a huge shift coming (I see this by the symbol of a needle pointing up, and then it falls drastically to one side.  What was once balanced, is now completely the opposite.) These wealthy people know this dollar is about to collapse.  They are doing what can with regards to suppressing the gold and silver prices. [As a side note, I am getting very choked up out of nowhere, as if I'm not supposed to be speaking of this, so I will go as long as I can but bear with me if I choking/coughing again.]  This suppression is allowing them to stockpile physical gold and silver, but I get the problem you can only buy so much, and they have so much wealth combined they can't physically obtain that much gold and silver.[To some extent they are lost as to where to put it to maintain value.]

I also see they are trying desperately to make some kind of negotiation with the UN or iMF so they can be involved with the new monetary system.  They, meaning the wealthy, want a seat the table once it starts to be discussed, and I get that they aren't getting what they want entirely...   They are very concerned if the US doesn't maintain control of the printing of money, because (and I hear the phrase) "He who prints the money, controls the money."

I also get this bubble is going to bust, and bust soon.. Like within the next year, and the wealthy know it.  I also get those at the very top of the pyramid (and I see a pyramid in my mind) will be fine because they will manipulate their way into what serves their best interest, but those directly beneath them will suffer some serious life changes that they aren't able to accept.  

Those bankers that took their lives [specially the one I saw] define themselves (at least in mind) by what position they held and the money behind their name.  Without that, they feel lost. I also get as they realize the current system has to change, they got some flood of emotion of what they had to do, or who they had to step on to get where they were, and a very large guilty conscious came over at least the guy I described in the beginning of this reading.

More to the story:
I was just going to close this reading, and out of nowhere I got some drug references [unrelated scenes off Breaking Bad kept flashing in my mind].  It looks like some of these wealthy people (bankers) have invested money in some kind of illegal drug dealings.  At first I got Mexico, then I got Afghanistan.  Now I'm seeing something about these high up bankers, fearful of losing their money during a collapse and were looking for a way to diversify their money in illegal drugs.  Then I get drugs will always have a value, just like gold and silver. [there might not be enough gold and silver, but there is always enough drugs] Then I see these guys (bankers) got in way over their head, and are close to being exposed.

They were terrified of being caught.  Were worried of losing all their money because of it being confiscated.  There is some tiered off level of power, and the tier above them was turning their back to avoid association. And all combined, looks like the root of this story.

Thank you.  It is 2:57 PM.  LInk to Audio.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Electrical Substation Attack in San Jose, California / Collapse of the Dollar / Gold, Silver & Bitcoin

11:37 AM
[This reading is a culmination of two very different personal readings that I completed a week apart that were oddly related.  The traits that connected them gave me a better "bigger picture" understanding of this topic.Those individuals were kind enough to allow me to share what I got.  As I go through these readings, I will also add anything else that I am able to see.  Thank you and I hope you find this as interesting as I did.}

The question:    On April 16, 2013, in an area around San Jose, California, unknown persons attacked an electrical substation and a nearby vault.  They demonstrated excellent technical knowledge in the manner of cutting cables in the vault.  They also fired many rounds of AK47 ammunition into the oil cooling systems for the transformers, causing the transformers to fail.  The level of detailed planning, technical knowledge, and military capability appears to be on a par with a special operations unit.  Very little of this data has been in the mainstream media until just recently when an account of the attack was published in the Wall Street Journal.  No group took credit for this attack, as would be expected of a terrorist organization.  It does not appear to be done to inspire terror in the general population.  It is more troubling because of that fact.  Instead, it seems to be more of an act of war than terror.

Q. Who did this?             
A. When I first focused on this I see the small group of military men.  They appear to be Asian, and something about the situation brings China into the picture for me. All I can see is their mouth and nose.  They have a mask that covers their eye area, or rather it is a piece of black cloth that is tied in the back with eye holes cut out. they do have dark eyes, very dark brown. One thing I fixate on this is there is an emblem on the

side of their head that is a white circle with a red swastika in the middle. (This picture I included was the closest I could find, but the emblem was inside a white circle, and the mask/eyepiece itself was black).

I then noticed that the suit they were wearing had some kind of waffle pattern texture to it and it looked to be made of some industrial material.  It reminded me of a full body scuba suit, but upon close examination it had something infused with the material to make it almost indestructible. That material gave the suit the waffle (or tiny square looking appearance in the material).
These Asian / Chinese men moved so fluidly and with extreme expertise that in my mind it looked artful.  It almost looked choreographed because of the focus.  They were on a mission and knew what needed done before they even took their next step.

The following image I get shows me that they [meaning these men] had a partner.  I see the movie scene in Spy Kids pop up in which the mom is sitting in a van with her spy gear attached and hacked into a computer system, but in my minds eye the mom is being played by a Chinese woman. It looks like the men on the ground were doing the physical attack, while this Chinese woman was in a remote location cyberly connected to this electrical substation.  It also looks like her remote location is mobile (like in a van or trailer of some sort).  I then zoom to her ear, see there is an earpiece inside her ear and realize that she is talking to these guys. As she is typing they are communicating back and forth.

Q. Why did they do this?
A. I first get they are sending America a message.  It appears that China received some counterfeit gold.  I visualize a gold bar being broken in half like a kit kat bar. (I see this kit kat bar snapping, and the inside is a different color).  In the middle of the gold bar it is not gold, but a silver metal  China worked hard to track down who sent this as it amounted to a lot of lost money. They are also now in the process of checking all of their gold because of the risk of its integrity.  They are worried how much counterfiet money they have in their possession. They have also somehow determined that this counterfeit gold has come from America.

China is now demanding that we repay them in real gold in addition to interest since when we made this payment it was equal to us paying with a bounced check.  China demands us to make good on our payment and we just keep talking our way out of a deadline.  We have not even fully admitted what we did, and are playing stupid as if this gold came from somewhere else, but China is not convinced and wants this made right.

Q. What are they planning next?  When?
A. I see that this action in San Jose was basically to say, either pay us what you owe with interest, or this is what will happen to New York.  China is actually taunting us, because you can't protect everything. They are trying to scare us into making good on our debt. We keep pushing the deadline and baffle them with words, but China is not having it.

I also get that we don't actually possess enough gold to be able to repay China what we owe them and that is why this counterfeit gold was created in the first place.  If we were to audit our gold reserves, we only have a fraction of what the people think we have, and we need to hold onto what we have for an emergency.  I hear the phrase that we are in the "red zone" and then I see a gas tank that is on "E." We just don't have it (referring to the gold) to give.

When I ask when will this happen, I don't get a date, but rather I see a Christmas tree.  It looks to me to be December 2014 or early 2015 which is significant to a financial timeline that I see in my mind. (I will go into that in a minute.)

Q. What is the significance of Christmastime and the Financial Timeline? 
A. This roots back to gold, silver, bitcoin and the collapse of the dollar.  Right now paper gold and silver stock are flooding the market.  This is being done to suppress the true value of physical gold and silver.  So while the paper stocks are being issued the wealthy are able to purchase large amounts of gold and silver as a way to preserve their wealth once the dollar inevitably collapses.  I also see bitcoin being profitable because wealthy people have to put their money somewhere and transfer their wealth from dollars to something that will be of value.

This stockpiling of gold, silver and bitcoin is happening now, but I am looking for a bigger plan (in my mind).  I again see the Christmas tree directing me to Christmas 2014 to early 2015.  It looks like the dollar will be collapsing at that time and the stock market will reflect this.  At that time gold and silver will reach a value that is much more true, and bitcoin will also stabilize.  People have to put their money somewhere solid because the dollar will not be trusted or secure.

Q. How does China play into all this?  Why hasn't this made mainstream media?
China is also aware of this situation with the dollar, and already does not want to accept it.  They are trying to collect debts in gold and stockpiling gold awaiting the inevitable collapse of the dollar.  As soon as the dollar falters out, China wants to step in and be the controller of the Worlds currency.  In order to do that, they have to have a surplus of gold to prove they can take on that challenge.  I see the UN and IMF being highly involved, but China wants to facilitate the currency. The UN and IMF serves as a checks and balances system.

That is why China is so angry, and also why this is out of the media.  China doesn't want to admit that they were fooled, or that perhaps a portion of their gold isn't really gold.  They are furious and want this rectified or they are threatening consequences.

America doesn't want the media involved because they don't want to create hysteria.  They can't protect against everything, and are waiting this out.

Q. How does the the currency transition to the UN / IMF and China when the dollar fails?
A The UN/IMF looks to create a world currency, but in doing so they want it backed directly to gold.  This is where China steps in because they have the surplus of gold to back this new world currency.  When they audit us, we aren't able to produce the amount of gold needed to back a world currency, and the power shifts to China.

During this transition I see bitcoin starting strong, but as soon as this new currency is introduced, people flock to it because it is stable.  I see bitcoin start to fizzle out at that time. The new currency has a true backing.  Bitcoin is only valuable to those people and businesses that accept it, but there is no tangible asset behind it.  People are drawn to the hard backed money after witnessing what the dollar does. People will feel they need the assurance of something solid and don't hold a long term faith in bitcoin.

Q. What other signs can I watch for?
A. I see the stock market stay steady and gradually rise while the wealthy manipulate it and also make as much as they can before the collapse.  You will also continue to see silver and gold values suppressed while the wealthy diversify their wealth into a solid tangible asset.  Once the stocks start to decline (I see the stock market decline on a chart that looks like saw teeth) and then there will be a huge dip.  Once you see the decline begin, be cautious).

Also, cost of goods will skyrocket.  I see that manufacturers will continue to make packaging be smaller and more creatively designed so less product can be sold at a higher rate, but the design of the packaging is how they ease this cost on.  They slowly have you accept the quantity of goods versus the price because maintaining the same packaging size with an even more drastic price increase is much less acceptable.  This is gradual and will get worse (I am envisioning an older time 64 ounce orange juice for $3.00 versus a current day 59 ounce orange juice for $3.33).  It is gradual, but consistent way of increasing that price.

And that is all what I have for now.  Thank you. Link to Audio.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I would really love to get your insight into why so many people claim to see the same series of numbers over and over throughout their lives. What is the meaning behind this, if any?

2:11 PM
I was drawn to this question that was submitted to my blog because I too am drawn to certain numbers and patterns of numbers.  I have really focused on this to get some clarity on the meaning of this, and have been able to get some answers.

The entire process of understanding the meaning of these numbers comes about in phases.  The first phase is to realize it exists.  In the beginning it looks to be a fluke or just coincidence, but I have learned though a lot of focus, that this is just the beginning.  I also see that everyone has certain numbers that "follow' them (birthday, random numbers, repeating number, specific date, etc), but only the people that are able to acknowledge that they really are meant to see this pattern of numbers are able to move to the next phase in their [the numbers] purpose.  I have also been able to see that the ability to recognize your numbers is related to a person's "self awareness" or connectedness to realizing their spiritual path [the more spiritual or connected you are to yourself, the better it is to identify these numbers]..

The second phase is seeing the numbers and recognizing that they aren't a fluke, you are meant to see them.  You may not know why, but you see them everywhere, in unexpected places like license plates, clocks, thermometers, just the most random places..  I see that people have the highest odds of seeing their numbers when they are in times of turmoil or stress and feel like they need some kind of sign.

The third phase of this is the actual understanding.  Through all of my focus I have seen that the sign of these numbers is to 1. Most importantly, let you know you aren't alone, you are connected to a much bigger universe and 2. Keep you clear that you are on the right path.  The struggles or happiness you may be experiencing is the life path you chose.  You are in the right direction.

I feel I have been blocked in getting any deeper because it is not in my greater good to go deeper.  The overall impression I get from meditating or focusing on this is that it is a sign that you are doing what you should.  When you are in doubt, and you see these number sequences, they are you sign.  They can be related to you personally, or someone else.  I have numbers that I see that make me think of my family, and I have number sequences that are specific to me.  Awareness is key in beginning to understand your specific numbers.

And it is 2:32 PM.  Thank you.  No audio at this time.

Link to previous reading on this subject:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are there alien crafts that have not yet been discovered buried somewhere underground or underwater that you can see?

1:51 PM

As soon as I hear this question I immediately see a square and it is submerged in ice.  As I look a little deeper into the image, I realize that the square is the bottom of a pyramid that is upside down. It looks as if the upside down pyramid was some type of alien craft that was intentionally landed that way.  As it lands I see what looks like stabilizers on a cruise ship poke out into the ice.  It also looks like this "flying craft" was landed and used as a living vessel, and never flown again.

Q. Where is it?
A.  I zoom out on the globe and I see Antarctica.  This structure looks to be almost right at the south pole buried beneath many feet of ice.

It appears that when this was landed and made into a living vessel here on earth, the idea of it being flown out of its location was abandoned.

Q. What were they doing?
A.  I see cores of ice being drilled out.  Many, many, as if they are looking for something special.  I don't see it as a mineral, but rather some kind of gas that is trapped.  Something unique that they needed or wanted.  It looks like a pretty involved job.  They were serious about finding this gas.  I see a lot of workers.  They looked dedicated and move like little robots.  Very in sync, just working on this mission of finding this gas.

Q.  What alien species was it, or what did they look like?
A.  My initial reaction was I saw a cold, clammy, smooth hand.  The color was a pale olive green.  One odd thing, most aliens I see in mind don't have fingernails, but this one made a point to show me their nails.  They are almost claw-like, and very long slender fingers.  I am trying to see its face, but it is like I am blocked- It just keeps moving its hands me as if it is trying to hypnotize me or something???

Now I hear this weird noise as if it is laughing at me as I type this, then I see a mouth full of sharp pointy teeth as it is still laughing, and then it goes blank... [Overall was a very eerie, negative impression]

And that is all I see for now.  It is 2:03 PM. Thank you.  Link to Audio.

Friday, February 14, 2014

You have been discussing gold/silver and a dollar crisis recently. Do you think gold/silver mining stocks will do okay compared to the actual metals during this time?

6:29 AM
I was going through my requests, and this one drew my attention this morning... 

When I think of gold or silver stock that is on just on paper or electronic stock, I see "monopoly" money (as in the game Monopoly).  I get a strong sense of it being fake or not "real" stock.  As if it could vanish and be worthless.  When I refer to investing in gold and silver I always (even right now as I do this request) see gold and silver bars.  I see tangible gold and silver that you can hold, trade or liquidate later.  

I see the paper / electronic stock being very volatile, and when the market becomes unsteady, those stocks too will become unsteady.  I also get a sense of the stock being paid at "pennies on the dollar" (phrase I hear in my head). Physical gold and silver will skyrocket when this happens.  I see the year 2015 flash in my head when I think of this..

The mining aspect of the stock you are referring to "feels" more secure than just actual gold or silver paper stock, but I get it is highly manipulated too.  There are some people that have bought huge portions of this stock and dictate whether it goes up or down. I am getting images of an Indiana Jones movie in which there are people mining in a tunnel, and part of what is mined is hidden or stolen by the higher up people in control.  I get that is what is being done with the gold and silver being mined now. Like the amount taken is not accurately reported.  

To better answer the question, mining stock is more secure than gold / silver paper stock, but the best investment is the physical gold or silver.  

And that is all.  Thanks you.  It is 6:43 AM.  (No audio at the time).

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are there really walking angelic humans on earth (souls in a human body)?

2:32 PM
To answer that, Yes.  I have vividly seen that image.  In fact it looks like an certain people have a physical body that contains an angelic looking soul.  What I have seen is a person, um, let me back up here....   Some angelic souls have chosen to reincarnate to earth to learn certain lessons.  They may be difficult [the lessons] or easy, happy, sad or a combination of all of this in some way.  Depending on what it is that they are here to learn dictates what physical presence they will reside in.  I also get that when they chose their path to reincarnate they are "stuck" inside that physical body until death- only death will release the angelic soul back to the universal consciousness [some people call it heaven, the light, etc]. 

Not all beings with angelic souls act angelically.  Let me explain.  There is a situation that I see and this person has a lot of selfish traits (not all traits, but definitely a side of that), made some bad life choices that effected their health and ultimately created a physical body that was very dependent on others to sustain.  At one point when their health was very compromised and this physical body almost could no longer sustain life, I witnessed an image of this physical body looking at me, and suddenly I saw the body unzip starting at the head.  It looked as if a costume of a fat suit was being unzipped from the inside out. [I added a picture so you can comprehend the image I was seeing]  Once the fat suit costume was unzipped I saw the most beautiful, angelic, bright light of soul escape and looked to be vacuumed up to the heavens.  I tried to see and understand what just happened, and it came to me that this angelic being was reincarnated here on earth to live that life of poor health, bad decisions, family issues, struggle, obesity, pretty much all the difficulties in life.  It was a hard life.  There was happiness and some good times, but it was overall a struggle. It was also explained to me then that this angelic being wanted out, and wanted to "go back" but once you make that choice to incarnate, you are stuck until that physical body releases you.  Only then can you go back, and this angelic soul looked like they couldn't get back fast enough. 

I also learned from that experience that regardless of how you judge a person, there can be something beautiful within them.  You may may perceive them as negative energy or lazy or what ever label, but on the inside they could be an angel here on earth learning and experiencing specific lessons to further their understanding. 

Q. If so how to recognize them and how can they recognize each other?
A.  For some it "feels" easy.  Meaning they carry a high vibration and you just feel their energy in their presence.  I'm getting that most people just "know." [with this type of person]

For others (referring to angelic beings earth) I get it is much more difficult.  For example, in the situation I described earlier, you would not know unless you meditated and really focused on that person.  I get it is meant to be that way.  Some angels are here in disguise, but that is part of their learning.  They aren't meant to be discovered.  I get that the ones here in disguise, don't recognize each other- to learn the lessons of why they are here, they have to experience the physical form in the form that they are given.

Q. What is there take on karma? They are someway protected from it? 
A. I get they are not protected from it.  If an angel or angelic soul chooses to come to earth and reincarnate into a physical being, once they take on the physical being, they have to "play the game" like anyone else.  They become the physical beings.  Karma does effect them.

Q. Are they here to alleviate the problems? What is their purpose?
A. They are here to learn.  I also got that they help "fate" to work.  Meaning, without consciously realizing it, they cross paths and "make" things happen.  It isn't intentional, but it is the result of their existence.  

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 2:55 PM.  Link to Audio.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PLEASE! SHARE ANYTHING YOU "FEEL" OR "SEE" ABOUT THIS EMBLEM. Also, can you get a sense of the area where the RED X intersects in the Ocean? I recently had dream about this HUGE cross-continental Red X in this spot in the Ocean.

2:14 PM
Ok, the first thing I get is that this is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  I see a tiny island and I hear the word "secret."  I get that this island has to due with the military, and experiments are done on this island (I keep seeing military camo when I focus on it.).  I also see a lot of various animals in cages like rabbits and birds, small animals like that.  Then I see I tv show Lost pop up, as if the animals are on one side of the island (much like the survivors on Lost) and there are other experiments done with weapons/technology that are done on the other half of the island (like how the "others were located on a separate part of the island on Lost).

Q. What experiments are being done with the animals?
A.  I see them being giving medicines.  Then I hear the word "vaccines."  It looks as if they are doing preliminary testing for various diseases and cures.  Also testing how diseases spread, effect their young, just extremely thorough.  Very high-tech and precise.  It also likes like some animals are outside, while some are inside.  When I ask why, I get that they have to cover all types of variables.

Q. What types of experiments are being done on the other side of the island?
A.  The first thing I see is something being exploded in the water (in the ocean).  It looks like a chemical weapons development area.  I get this has to be done in the ocean to separate themselves from the rest of the country both for security and safety.  To be specific this is a US military testing base.  I get that development can happen in the country, but when things are looked at seriously it is moved to this off shore location.

Q.  What to the other icons on the emblem mean?
A.  When I focus on the other icons, my eyes really go to the gold container filled with the fire and the opposing golden shaped cross.  I keep getting that these symbols represent the poles.  The cross shows the south pole, the axis where the earth will rotate. The fire represents the north pole.  It is as if we are being told where the new north and south pole will be located after some earth changes, which is slightly off from where we are now.  When I try to figure out the fire, I get the answer of "we are heating up." And as I look at the red cross, I see images of lungs stretching and breathing, as if the earth is stretching and breathing as it "heats up."

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:39 PM.  Link to audio.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is paranoia about the government. Do you think this paranoia is an unsubstantiated sickness or is it a real awareness about the government that regular people do not see?

2:32 PM
I see that when people have schizophrenia they get glimpses of the truth, but don't know how to make sense of it.  It is like they have access to the subconscious part of their mind even when they are fully awake. Parts of the brain that most people don't know how to access are randomly functional.  I get that is why these people also have what we call hallucinations, but in reality they are viewing planes [levels/layers] on earth that most people can't see because their rational mind blocks them.  In many ways people with schizophrenia, have a lot of psychic ability, however, they have no comprehension as to how to make sense of it all.  It is as if one part of the brain is open, but it creates the grounded part of the brain to not function properly.  I see that they receive an overwhelming amount of stimulus because they see, hear, taste and experience things on all layers or planes of earth- and this over stimulating life creates the paranoia.  I also get that the paranoia is some sort of self defense.

Q. Why are schizophrenic people not great psychics if they are able to tap into alternate levels/planes of earth?
A.  I see a tree root planted firmly in the ground.  It is telling me that people have to be able to ground themselves, and feel like they belong or exist mainly in one layer/level/plane etc of earth.  You can see and experience alternate levels, however, you need to have a grounding home base.  People with schizophrenia are unable to ground themselves because in their experiences everything is so real that they don't identify with one specific layer/level/plane/dimension of earth.  As I say this I see someone holding the sides of their head and yelling, like they don't know where is home or where they belong.

Q. Why is so much paranoia directed at the government?
A.  I see the movie title Six Sense, telling me that this condition creates an intuitive ability.  Even though the government many not have singled this individual, they (the schizophrenic) comprehend the general ideas of what the government is doing.  They take those ideas and apply them to themselves.  For example, you might have person with schizophrenia claim the CIA is watching them, and really believe it.  In their mind, this is a reality, they aren't just saying it, they believe this to be true.  The CIA may have nothing to do with this person, may not even know who they are, but the CIA may be truly watching a different group.  The person has taken what really is true, and put themselves in that situation.  They are using their intuitive ability, misapplying the reality, however still exposing truth. To better answer the question, they speak truth, but don't alway apply the information correctly.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:54 PM.  Link to Audio.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello. Many on YouTube are testing the snow to see if it melts. Mainly people in the southern states that just got unusual snow fall. They are saying it doesn't melt with a lighter or blow-torch. They also are saying it smells like plastic. I tested my snow (I live in the northwest) and it didn't melt with a lighter but it melted when I left it on my counter for awhile. It did have an odor to it, but at first I thought it was from the lighter fuel. Then I went outside to get some fresh snow...and it did have an odor like plastic or something synthetic. Is there something wrong with the snow? Is it real snow? Is it toxic?

2:24 PM 
The first thing I get is a pile of slushy snow and it looks like it has oil on top.  As I look at it more i see a mud puddle with the oily coat on top (where the oil makes colors in the puddle - see photo to the right).  Then I get that in some areas with a lot of pollution (my mind zooms out on a map of the United States and I see three main areas - one above California, one above the Texas area and one above New York) are the most prone to this "pollution snow."  This snow looks to be a result of snow falling/forming in these polluted sections of the United States.  I get that the snow doesn't burn because it has an oil base to it, and it smells slightly like a petroleum byproduct [but melt normal because the main element is snow].  

Q. Is it real snow?
A. I get that it is real snow, but I get that the freezing temperature (I am seeing a thermometer wanting me to see the degrees, but I can't make them out) is off.  Like this snow freezes and melts at a slightly different temperature than pure snow.  It has to do with this petroleum pollution element.

Q. Is it toxic?
A.  I'm not getting that this oil is "toxic" but my gut says not to consume large quantities of it or you may experience flu symptoms starting with diarrhea.  You body will want to purge this if consumed.  
And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:37 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.