Friday, February 7, 2014

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is paranoia about the government. Do you think this paranoia is an unsubstantiated sickness or is it a real awareness about the government that regular people do not see?

2:32 PM
I see that when people have schizophrenia they get glimpses of the truth, but don't know how to make sense of it.  It is like they have access to the subconscious part of their mind even when they are fully awake. Parts of the brain that most people don't know how to access are randomly functional.  I get that is why these people also have what we call hallucinations, but in reality they are viewing planes [levels/layers] on earth that most people can't see because their rational mind blocks them.  In many ways people with schizophrenia, have a lot of psychic ability, however, they have no comprehension as to how to make sense of it all.  It is as if one part of the brain is open, but it creates the grounded part of the brain to not function properly.  I see that they receive an overwhelming amount of stimulus because they see, hear, taste and experience things on all layers or planes of earth- and this over stimulating life creates the paranoia.  I also get that the paranoia is some sort of self defense.

Q. Why are schizophrenic people not great psychics if they are able to tap into alternate levels/planes of earth?
A.  I see a tree root planted firmly in the ground.  It is telling me that people have to be able to ground themselves, and feel like they belong or exist mainly in one layer/level/plane etc of earth.  You can see and experience alternate levels, however, you need to have a grounding home base.  People with schizophrenia are unable to ground themselves because in their experiences everything is so real that they don't identify with one specific layer/level/plane/dimension of earth.  As I say this I see someone holding the sides of their head and yelling, like they don't know where is home or where they belong.

Q. Why is so much paranoia directed at the government?
A.  I see the movie title Six Sense, telling me that this condition creates an intuitive ability.  Even though the government many not have singled this individual, they (the schizophrenic) comprehend the general ideas of what the government is doing.  They take those ideas and apply them to themselves.  For example, you might have person with schizophrenia claim the CIA is watching them, and really believe it.  In their mind, this is a reality, they aren't just saying it, they believe this to be true.  The CIA may have nothing to do with this person, may not even know who they are, but the CIA may be truly watching a different group.  The person has taken what really is true, and put themselves in that situation.  They are using their intuitive ability, misapplying the reality, however still exposing truth. To better answer the question, they speak truth, but don't alway apply the information correctly.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:54 PM.  Link to Audio.


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Very well done, clear and concise. Thank you!

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Thank you for answering my question so quickly. Your answer is very insightful.