Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are there really walking angelic humans on earth (souls in a human body)?

2:32 PM
To answer that, Yes.  I have vividly seen that image.  In fact it looks like an certain people have a physical body that contains an angelic looking soul.  What I have seen is a person, um, let me back up here....   Some angelic souls have chosen to reincarnate to earth to learn certain lessons.  They may be difficult [the lessons] or easy, happy, sad or a combination of all of this in some way.  Depending on what it is that they are here to learn dictates what physical presence they will reside in.  I also get that when they chose their path to reincarnate they are "stuck" inside that physical body until death- only death will release the angelic soul back to the universal consciousness [some people call it heaven, the light, etc]. 

Not all beings with angelic souls act angelically.  Let me explain.  There is a situation that I see and this person has a lot of selfish traits (not all traits, but definitely a side of that), made some bad life choices that effected their health and ultimately created a physical body that was very dependent on others to sustain.  At one point when their health was very compromised and this physical body almost could no longer sustain life, I witnessed an image of this physical body looking at me, and suddenly I saw the body unzip starting at the head.  It looked as if a costume of a fat suit was being unzipped from the inside out. [I added a picture so you can comprehend the image I was seeing]  Once the fat suit costume was unzipped I saw the most beautiful, angelic, bright light of soul escape and looked to be vacuumed up to the heavens.  I tried to see and understand what just happened, and it came to me that this angelic being was reincarnated here on earth to live that life of poor health, bad decisions, family issues, struggle, obesity, pretty much all the difficulties in life.  It was a hard life.  There was happiness and some good times, but it was overall a struggle. It was also explained to me then that this angelic being wanted out, and wanted to "go back" but once you make that choice to incarnate, you are stuck until that physical body releases you.  Only then can you go back, and this angelic soul looked like they couldn't get back fast enough. 

I also learned from that experience that regardless of how you judge a person, there can be something beautiful within them.  You may may perceive them as negative energy or lazy or what ever label, but on the inside they could be an angel here on earth learning and experiencing specific lessons to further their understanding. 

Q. If so how to recognize them and how can they recognize each other?
A.  For some it "feels" easy.  Meaning they carry a high vibration and you just feel their energy in their presence.  I'm getting that most people just "know." [with this type of person]

For others (referring to angelic beings earth) I get it is much more difficult.  For example, in the situation I described earlier, you would not know unless you meditated and really focused on that person.  I get it is meant to be that way.  Some angels are here in disguise, but that is part of their learning.  They aren't meant to be discovered.  I get that the ones here in disguise, don't recognize each other- to learn the lessons of why they are here, they have to experience the physical form in the form that they are given.

Q. What is there take on karma? They are someway protected from it? 
A. I get they are not protected from it.  If an angel or angelic soul chooses to come to earth and reincarnate into a physical being, once they take on the physical being, they have to "play the game" like anyone else.  They become the physical beings.  Karma does effect them.

Q. Are they here to alleviate the problems? What is their purpose?
A. They are here to learn.  I also got that they help "fate" to work.  Meaning, without consciously realizing it, they cross paths and "make" things happen.  It isn't intentional, but it is the result of their existence.  

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 2:55 PM.  Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Why are they here to learn?

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening!

Psychic Focus said...

@ 4:02 PM: I see that certain lessons/missions have to be learned to advance. Every density of existence has layers of spiritual growth and the path to deeper enlightment and higher spiritual growth requires these tests.

Anonymous said...

I guess my question is what's the point of these lessons or test? Why do these lessons/missions need to be learned?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 8:05 AM- I see them as necessary to add to a soul's accession process.

Anonymous said...

This reading speaks to me. I ask myself why is my life such a difficult journey

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this focus session on angels some how I did experience as you explain how you felt high vibration and feel their energy immediately compared to others in the group. When I focus looking at my friend suddenly see purest white light.

Anonymous said...

You confirm what I had always suspected. True indeed...Learning seems a priority for some reasons...and probably some of us if not all...Thanks

Heather Draine said...

I am one. I have been through hell my forty years of humaness. I just figured it out. I am here as a messenger. Don't kill the messenger. I speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth will set us free and if we stay in the light the darkness has to flee.

tish said...

Are they allowed toget married and have children with 'normal' women?

1980's mom of 3 said...

life lessons are how to LOVE how to forgive how to be a friend, etc
it's also to see how someone else lives some have it easy, some hard, some poor some rich. how to give unconditionally.
some its to have a very short life. some to have a very long one. some to get cancer so research can be done. etc etc.

1980's mom of 3 said...

once you learn your lesson you can return. sometimes you have many many lessons.

life is a lesson.