Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sandy Hook (Wolfgang Halbig)..

6:11 AM
Q. You are probably tired answering questions about Sandy Hook, but I have two things to say: 1 - People have posted links to photos of the kids who sang at the Super Bowl last year, It looks like you are correct the kids are alive. Many of the kids singing are them just ~ 6yrs. older - like the photos we were all shown are from when the kids were younger. 2- There is a man Wolfgang Halbig - who has just come out saying he is going to pursue the Sandy Hook hoax. He's a school safety expert out of Florida and stated an investigation into this event has recently been harassed by officials from CT. 

Is Wolfgang Halbig in danger? I feel like he may be the key to exposing this hoax. He's going to start a trust fund and pursue the truth legally. I really want to see this resolved but I also wouldn't want to see him get hurt. 

A.  I first see he is going to have a very difficult time.  The first image I get is him standing with an armed guard on each side of him escorting him somewhere.  The guards are dressed in all black from head to toe, and it looks to be some kid of military outfit.  He is standing on what looks like a government building (I see the symbol of flags in front of a concrete building and the building has several steps leading up to the front entrance.)  He looks worried and asking questions the entire time he is being escorted (out of this building).  

He keeps asking "what is going on" "where are you taking me" and over and over repeating the same thing.  As I focus a little more I see the process in which is realizes what is happening.  He does try to expose the "hoax" (his words) and gets his supporting evidence.  It takes a long time to acquire it as there is some kind of "pact" with those involved and the people associate to it (including families) have either been scared, paid or both not to talk.  

He finally does find what he needs, and the word "Wikileaks" comes in my mind.  I will say that it is coming to me that it is an audio conversation that he gets recorded that gives him his break (my mind gets a little blocked because I can't see if there is a way to upload a conversation, or perhaps it is just a transcript?).  At that time when he gets his break and the news is out (it is coming through as May 2015) he get detained due to claims made under the "Patriot Act."which takes me to the the armed military guards at the top of this read.

As he is detained, I don't see him as abused, but rather harassed.  He is questioned and questioned, but it is done in such a psychological way it is like they are trying to change his opinion or confuse him to where he doesn't understand what is real.  There is a lot of verbal manipulation and I get a weird smell being tied to the interrogation room (then I see an interrogator bite into something or take something before entering the room where Wolfgang is being held).  There is something with the air in that room..?  The smell reminds me of when I have had to breathe oxygen, and you have the super oxygen concentration smell and taste (not sure what type of other chemicals have that same effect.).

They never do "break him" but rather leave him ultra confused about his beliefs.  This takes a period of around a month of questioning to accomplish this, at which time he is released and labeled as a "cook."  The end result is that his credibility is basically taken from him..

And that is what I see.  Thank you.  No audio available at this time. It s 6:28 AM.

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