Friday, February 14, 2014

You have been discussing gold/silver and a dollar crisis recently. Do you think gold/silver mining stocks will do okay compared to the actual metals during this time?

6:29 AM
I was going through my requests, and this one drew my attention this morning... 

When I think of gold or silver stock that is on just on paper or electronic stock, I see "monopoly" money (as in the game Monopoly).  I get a strong sense of it being fake or not "real" stock.  As if it could vanish and be worthless.  When I refer to investing in gold and silver I always (even right now as I do this request) see gold and silver bars.  I see tangible gold and silver that you can hold, trade or liquidate later.  

I see the paper / electronic stock being very volatile, and when the market becomes unsteady, those stocks too will become unsteady.  I also get a sense of the stock being paid at "pennies on the dollar" (phrase I hear in my head). Physical gold and silver will skyrocket when this happens.  I see the year 2015 flash in my head when I think of this..

The mining aspect of the stock you are referring to "feels" more secure than just actual gold or silver paper stock, but I get it is highly manipulated too.  There are some people that have bought huge portions of this stock and dictate whether it goes up or down. I am getting images of an Indiana Jones movie in which there are people mining in a tunnel, and part of what is mined is hidden or stolen by the higher up people in control.  I get that is what is being done with the gold and silver being mined now. Like the amount taken is not accurately reported.  

To better answer the question, mining stock is more secure than gold / silver paper stock, but the best investment is the physical gold or silver.  

And that is all.  Thanks you.  It is 6:43 AM.  (No audio at the time).


Anonymous said...

Do you see gold and silver (physical) going much lower then it is now in the next two years?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 11:10 AM- I see this as being so manipulated by the market.. I do not see it getting much lower. In fact I see that they are using paper gold / silver to keep the physical price low. They are saturating the market so the availability is so high the the price is down. I see the rich using the price suppression as a way to stock up so when the dollar crashes they have an alternate source to house their wealth. I see that behind every wealthy man in the know there is a safe full of gold and silver. :-)