Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PLEASE! SHARE ANYTHING YOU "FEEL" OR "SEE" ABOUT THIS EMBLEM. Also, can you get a sense of the area where the RED X intersects in the Ocean? I recently had dream about this HUGE cross-continental Red X in this spot in the Ocean.

2:14 PM
Ok, the first thing I get is that this is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  I see a tiny island and I hear the word "secret."  I get that this island has to due with the military, and experiments are done on this island (I keep seeing military camo when I focus on it.).  I also see a lot of various animals in cages like rabbits and birds, small animals like that.  Then I see I tv show Lost pop up, as if the animals are on one side of the island (much like the survivors on Lost) and there are other experiments done with weapons/technology that are done on the other half of the island (like how the "others were located on a separate part of the island on Lost).

Q. What experiments are being done with the animals?
A.  I see them being giving medicines.  Then I hear the word "vaccines."  It looks as if they are doing preliminary testing for various diseases and cures.  Also testing how diseases spread, effect their young, just extremely thorough.  Very high-tech and precise.  It also likes like some animals are outside, while some are inside.  When I ask why, I get that they have to cover all types of variables.

Q. What types of experiments are being done on the other side of the island?
A.  The first thing I see is something being exploded in the water (in the ocean).  It looks like a chemical weapons development area.  I get this has to be done in the ocean to separate themselves from the rest of the country both for security and safety.  To be specific this is a US military testing base.  I get that development can happen in the country, but when things are looked at seriously it is moved to this off shore location.

Q.  What to the other icons on the emblem mean?
A.  When I focus on the other icons, my eyes really go to the gold container filled with the fire and the opposing golden shaped cross.  I keep getting that these symbols represent the poles.  The cross shows the south pole, the axis where the earth will rotate. The fire represents the north pole.  It is as if we are being told where the new north and south pole will be located after some earth changes, which is slightly off from where we are now.  When I try to figure out the fire, I get the answer of "we are heating up." And as I look at the red cross, I see images of lungs stretching and breathing, as if the earth is stretching and breathing as it "heats up."

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:39 PM.  Link to audio.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of work is being done on this island with vaccines? Are they trying to find ways to heal people or are they working on vaccines to harm us?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 12:25: I get that isn't determined yet. I see the people there focused on gathering info.- that is their primary objective. They are to study and report intently what their findings are. They then pass the info up the channels. It is as if there is a disconnect with gathering the info and what they do with the info. They don't want the people doing the gathering of tests/etc to know what is done with what they find, so it isn't exactly determined what is happening yet. I can't see what they are doing with it b/c I don't think they even (the higher channels) what they are going to do with what they learn.

Anonymous said... how much money (our taxes, I mean) are they spending? What's the budget to gather this information about vaccines and they don't even know what will be done with it?

Anonymous said...

This is LONG OVERDUE: Thank you for responding to my question. The depth and detail of your response is greatly appreciated!

CURIOUS. I am noting that you mentioned the TV show "LOST" both here and on the Malaysian plane MH370 thread. I am also noting that the RED X intersects roughly in the area of NW Africa (also mentioned a few times on the MH370 thread).

Do you see a relationship between this post and the Malaysian plane post? Could this be the island where the plane is located?

Thanks again for sharing your gift with us!