Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I would really love to get your insight into why so many people claim to see the same series of numbers over and over throughout their lives. What is the meaning behind this, if any?

2:11 PM
I was drawn to this question that was submitted to my blog because I too am drawn to certain numbers and patterns of numbers.  I have really focused on this to get some clarity on the meaning of this, and have been able to get some answers.

The entire process of understanding the meaning of these numbers comes about in phases.  The first phase is to realize it exists.  In the beginning it looks to be a fluke or just coincidence, but I have learned though a lot of focus, that this is just the beginning.  I also see that everyone has certain numbers that "follow' them (birthday, random numbers, repeating number, specific date, etc), but only the people that are able to acknowledge that they really are meant to see this pattern of numbers are able to move to the next phase in their [the numbers] purpose.  I have also been able to see that the ability to recognize your numbers is related to a person's "self awareness" or connectedness to realizing their spiritual path [the more spiritual or connected you are to yourself, the better it is to identify these numbers]..

The second phase is seeing the numbers and recognizing that they aren't a fluke, you are meant to see them.  You may not know why, but you see them everywhere, in unexpected places like license plates, clocks, thermometers, just the most random places..  I see that people have the highest odds of seeing their numbers when they are in times of turmoil or stress and feel like they need some kind of sign.

The third phase of this is the actual understanding.  Through all of my focus I have seen that the sign of these numbers is to 1. Most importantly, let you know you aren't alone, you are connected to a much bigger universe and 2. Keep you clear that you are on the right path.  The struggles or happiness you may be experiencing is the life path you chose.  You are in the right direction.

I feel I have been blocked in getting any deeper because it is not in my greater good to go deeper.  The overall impression I get from meditating or focusing on this is that it is a sign that you are doing what you should.  When you are in doubt, and you see these number sequences, they are you sign.  They can be related to you personally, or someone else.  I have numbers that I see that make me think of my family, and I have number sequences that are specific to me.  Awareness is key in beginning to understand your specific numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post!
I was wondering however, do you think the numbers come from a good source? I have found them helpful alot of times because they do provide some reassurance and confirmation that I am doing the right thing. I can't help but wonder if it is a 'good' source. What do you feel?
Thank you!

Psychic Focus said...

@ 5:41: I do agree with you and believe that they are from a good source, as if your guides show them to you as a way to communicate you are doing what you should or you are onto the right choice that keeps you on your path.