Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are there alien crafts that have not yet been discovered buried somewhere underground or underwater that you can see?

1:51 PM

As soon as I hear this question I immediately see a square and it is submerged in ice.  As I look a little deeper into the image, I realize that the square is the bottom of a pyramid that is upside down. It looks as if the upside down pyramid was some type of alien craft that was intentionally landed that way.  As it lands I see what looks like stabilizers on a cruise ship poke out into the ice.  It also looks like this "flying craft" was landed and used as a living vessel, and never flown again.

Q. Where is it?
A.  I zoom out on the globe and I see Antarctica.  This structure looks to be almost right at the south pole buried beneath many feet of ice.

It appears that when this was landed and made into a living vessel here on earth, the idea of it being flown out of its location was abandoned.

Q. What were they doing?
A.  I see cores of ice being drilled out.  Many, many, as if they are looking for something special.  I don't see it as a mineral, but rather some kind of gas that is trapped.  Something unique that they needed or wanted.  It looks like a pretty involved job.  They were serious about finding this gas.  I see a lot of workers.  They looked dedicated and move like little robots.  Very in sync, just working on this mission of finding this gas.

Q.  What alien species was it, or what did they look like?
A.  My initial reaction was I saw a cold, clammy, smooth hand.  The color was a pale olive green.  One odd thing, most aliens I see in mind don't have fingernails, but this one made a point to show me their nails.  They are almost claw-like, and very long slender fingers.  I am trying to see its face, but it is like I am blocked- It just keeps moving its hands me as if it is trying to hypnotize me or something???

Now I hear this weird noise as if it is laughing at me as I type this, then I see a mouth full of sharp pointy teeth as it is still laughing, and then it goes blank... [Overall was a very eerie, negative impression]

And that is all I see for now.  It is 2:03 PM. Thank you.  Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Cool reading!


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. the laughter part is probably an indication that they were showing you only that which they wanted you to see.

michael smith said...

Sounds like reptiles to me. Like the hand from i pet goat.please do a trading on i pet goat 2.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty creepy guess they don't want to you recognize their facial features.