Friday, February 28, 2014

My question is about the US Congress. They seem so cravenly stupid, consistently acting against the people of the US. Are they being manipulated by high-tech means? I feel like they might be being exposed to some of the wave technologies that ' loosen them up' for a handler to mold their opinions and votes.

2:33 PM
When I focus on politicians in general, I can't speak for them all, but what images I get show a metamorphosis.  I see this image of a young naive person, wanting to do good, and have good intentions.  Once they get into office, something happens.. The next thing I see is an older person that feels like a "mentor" come in and assist them, show them the ropes, but in reality they are molding them or shaping them into what they want.  The ones that are strong willed realize what is happening, and get a away, but the weaker more influential ones fall right into the trap.

My mind is taking me on the path of the highly influential souls.. The next image I see is someone is trying to quit smoking, and then a smoker comes up to them and tempts them with a cigarette.  My impression is that this is how the corruption starts.  The good ideas are stamped out because the path of money and greed is shown to them and that becomes the new focus of their energy.  It also looks like those that are corrupt like to be in the company of others doing the same manipulative behavior because they don't have to reflect on themselves (have guilty feelings).  If you are surrounded by greed and corruption then it is easier to not feel guilty.  (Which is why the smoker didn't want to smoke alone and would rather influence a person quitting to smoke with them- reduces guilt and judgement.)

I also get that the more strong willed people are able to overcome their selfishness and jealousy for the betterment of the people (I am having images of specific personal relationships I have with people that exhibit this quality).  Even when they see the easy path, they have an internal conscious that will guide them to do what is right- not perfect people, but highly in-tune with themselves.

Then I see the people that are influenced by temptations.. It is almost impossible to not be jealous- if someone makes campaign money, or stock options, or huge profits, they too want that regardless of what they have to do to get it.  They will compete selfishly rather than do what is in the best interest of the people.  They use this feeling of entitlement to override their conscious whereas the strong person is too humble to let entitlement override their morals.

Q. Why aren't the strong people dominating politics since it is better for the people?
A.  I see there are good people, but good people are slowly driven out.  It is difficult to compete with someone who is ruthless and doesn't fight ethically, because I strong person won't hurt people.  Then I also get something about, if a strong person is hard to drive out and really standing up for what is right and the people, a sex scandal will do the trick and ultimately get them out of office..

The other thing I heard was "corruption breeds more corruption" because corrupt politicians want to surround themselves with like minded, corruptible people.  It is all about power, money, greed and fear of losing those things.  Most decisions that are blatantly made that hurt people are traced back to money.

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Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense! Thank you

Anonymous said...

When I hear of a scandal about a politician, I presume he wanted to change things and do good. They do filth but some of the filth is hidden and some are expose. If you want to do good, it will be exposed

Anonymous said...

They didn't agree with what they were asked to do or it went against their oath. There have been over 200 high ranking military officials purged since the president took office. What do you as being the reason for this?

Psychic Focus said...

@5:49 PM: I get the ones that were purged had a problem with doing what was wanted of them. They had an internal conflict between what they felt was right and what they were ordered or promised to do. I also get it had something to do with these military people swearing that if need be they would protect certain entities in US government against US citizens, and these military officials refused to hurt American people in the name of saving "special" US citizens or special interest groups. When they refused to attack their own US people, they were forced out.

Anonymous said...

Hi can you please do a reading on the situation in Ukraine and what is likely to happen? Thank you

Anonymous said...

The government is organized, but the people are not. Is there anything that we as individuals can do to keep the government from taking us over or taking all our rights away?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 7:53 AM: I plan on doing a reading on that topic this week. :-)