Friday, February 21, 2014

Electrical Substation Attack in San Jose, California / Collapse of the Dollar / Gold, Silver & Bitcoin

11:37 AM
[This reading is a culmination of two very different personal readings that I completed a week apart that were oddly related.  The traits that connected them gave me a better "bigger picture" understanding of this topic.Those individuals were kind enough to allow me to share what I got.  As I go through these readings, I will also add anything else that I am able to see.  Thank you and I hope you find this as interesting as I did.}

The question:    On April 16, 2013, in an area around San Jose, California, unknown persons attacked an electrical substation and a nearby vault.  They demonstrated excellent technical knowledge in the manner of cutting cables in the vault.  They also fired many rounds of AK47 ammunition into the oil cooling systems for the transformers, causing the transformers to fail.  The level of detailed planning, technical knowledge, and military capability appears to be on a par with a special operations unit.  Very little of this data has been in the mainstream media until just recently when an account of the attack was published in the Wall Street Journal.  No group took credit for this attack, as would be expected of a terrorist organization.  It does not appear to be done to inspire terror in the general population.  It is more troubling because of that fact.  Instead, it seems to be more of an act of war than terror.

Q. Who did this?             
A. When I first focused on this I see the small group of military men.  They appear to be Asian, and something about the situation brings China into the picture for me. All I can see is their mouth and nose.  They have a mask that covers their eye area, or rather it is a piece of black cloth that is tied in the back with eye holes cut out. they do have dark eyes, very dark brown. One thing I fixate on this is there is an emblem on the

side of their head that is a white circle with a red swastika in the middle. (This picture I included was the closest I could find, but the emblem was inside a white circle, and the mask/eyepiece itself was black).

I then noticed that the suit they were wearing had some kind of waffle pattern texture to it and it looked to be made of some industrial material.  It reminded me of a full body scuba suit, but upon close examination it had something infused with the material to make it almost indestructible. That material gave the suit the waffle (or tiny square looking appearance in the material).
These Asian / Chinese men moved so fluidly and with extreme expertise that in my mind it looked artful.  It almost looked choreographed because of the focus.  They were on a mission and knew what needed done before they even took their next step.

The following image I get shows me that they [meaning these men] had a partner.  I see the movie scene in Spy Kids pop up in which the mom is sitting in a van with her spy gear attached and hacked into a computer system, but in my minds eye the mom is being played by a Chinese woman. It looks like the men on the ground were doing the physical attack, while this Chinese woman was in a remote location cyberly connected to this electrical substation.  It also looks like her remote location is mobile (like in a van or trailer of some sort).  I then zoom to her ear, see there is an earpiece inside her ear and realize that she is talking to these guys. As she is typing they are communicating back and forth.

Q. Why did they do this?
A. I first get they are sending America a message.  It appears that China received some counterfeit gold.  I visualize a gold bar being broken in half like a kit kat bar. (I see this kit kat bar snapping, and the inside is a different color).  In the middle of the gold bar it is not gold, but a silver metal  China worked hard to track down who sent this as it amounted to a lot of lost money. They are also now in the process of checking all of their gold because of the risk of its integrity.  They are worried how much counterfiet money they have in their possession. They have also somehow determined that this counterfeit gold has come from America.

China is now demanding that we repay them in real gold in addition to interest since when we made this payment it was equal to us paying with a bounced check.  China demands us to make good on our payment and we just keep talking our way out of a deadline.  We have not even fully admitted what we did, and are playing stupid as if this gold came from somewhere else, but China is not convinced and wants this made right.

Q. What are they planning next?  When?
A. I see that this action in San Jose was basically to say, either pay us what you owe with interest, or this is what will happen to New York.  China is actually taunting us, because you can't protect everything. They are trying to scare us into making good on our debt. We keep pushing the deadline and baffle them with words, but China is not having it.

I also get that we don't actually possess enough gold to be able to repay China what we owe them and that is why this counterfeit gold was created in the first place.  If we were to audit our gold reserves, we only have a fraction of what the people think we have, and we need to hold onto what we have for an emergency.  I hear the phrase that we are in the "red zone" and then I see a gas tank that is on "E." We just don't have it (referring to the gold) to give.

When I ask when will this happen, I don't get a date, but rather I see a Christmas tree.  It looks to me to be December 2014 or early 2015 which is significant to a financial timeline that I see in my mind. (I will go into that in a minute.)

Q. What is the significance of Christmastime and the Financial Timeline? 
A. This roots back to gold, silver, bitcoin and the collapse of the dollar.  Right now paper gold and silver stock are flooding the market.  This is being done to suppress the true value of physical gold and silver.  So while the paper stocks are being issued the wealthy are able to purchase large amounts of gold and silver as a way to preserve their wealth once the dollar inevitably collapses.  I also see bitcoin being profitable because wealthy people have to put their money somewhere and transfer their wealth from dollars to something that will be of value.

This stockpiling of gold, silver and bitcoin is happening now, but I am looking for a bigger plan (in my mind).  I again see the Christmas tree directing me to Christmas 2014 to early 2015.  It looks like the dollar will be collapsing at that time and the stock market will reflect this.  At that time gold and silver will reach a value that is much more true, and bitcoin will also stabilize.  People have to put their money somewhere solid because the dollar will not be trusted or secure.

Q. How does China play into all this?  Why hasn't this made mainstream media?
China is also aware of this situation with the dollar, and already does not want to accept it.  They are trying to collect debts in gold and stockpiling gold awaiting the inevitable collapse of the dollar.  As soon as the dollar falters out, China wants to step in and be the controller of the Worlds currency.  In order to do that, they have to have a surplus of gold to prove they can take on that challenge.  I see the UN and IMF being highly involved, but China wants to facilitate the currency. The UN and IMF serves as a checks and balances system.

That is why China is so angry, and also why this is out of the media.  China doesn't want to admit that they were fooled, or that perhaps a portion of their gold isn't really gold.  They are furious and want this rectified or they are threatening consequences.

America doesn't want the media involved because they don't want to create hysteria.  They can't protect against everything, and are waiting this out.

Q. How does the the currency transition to the UN / IMF and China when the dollar fails?
A The UN/IMF looks to create a world currency, but in doing so they want it backed directly to gold.  This is where China steps in because they have the surplus of gold to back this new world currency.  When they audit us, we aren't able to produce the amount of gold needed to back a world currency, and the power shifts to China.

During this transition I see bitcoin starting strong, but as soon as this new currency is introduced, people flock to it because it is stable.  I see bitcoin start to fizzle out at that time. The new currency has a true backing.  Bitcoin is only valuable to those people and businesses that accept it, but there is no tangible asset behind it.  People are drawn to the hard backed money after witnessing what the dollar does. People will feel they need the assurance of something solid and don't hold a long term faith in bitcoin.

Q. What other signs can I watch for?
A. I see the stock market stay steady and gradually rise while the wealthy manipulate it and also make as much as they can before the collapse.  You will also continue to see silver and gold values suppressed while the wealthy diversify their wealth into a solid tangible asset.  Once the stocks start to decline (I see the stock market decline on a chart that looks like saw teeth) and then there will be a huge dip.  Once you see the decline begin, be cautious).

Also, cost of goods will skyrocket.  I see that manufacturers will continue to make packaging be smaller and more creatively designed so less product can be sold at a higher rate, but the design of the packaging is how they ease this cost on.  They slowly have you accept the quantity of goods versus the price because maintaining the same packaging size with an even more drastic price increase is much less acceptable.  This is gradual and will get worse (I am envisioning an older time 64 ounce orange juice for $3.00 versus a current day 59 ounce orange juice for $3.33).  It is gradual, but consistent way of increasing that price.

And that is all what I have for now.  Thank you. Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Interesting reading!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the stock market reading have you seen the news stories about the recent increase on banker suicides? Are these all true suicides or is there more to them. Thank you for your insight :)

Psychic Focus said...

@8:39AM: I am planning a reading on the banker suicides early next week. It looks to be related...

Anonymous said...

What do we do with our money in a savings account before the dollar collapses? Leave it in the bank? Spend it? Take it out in cash?

Anonymous said...

Stock up on food, water, medical supplies and buy silver while it affordable.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in what 3:05 PM had to say. Could you please expand on this?

Psychic Focus said...

I feel like 6:10 PM is on target. It is ok to have some in the bank, but be cautious. If you wait until the last minute to liquidate your accounts to buy other items be warned that the banks don't really have a large reserve of money- most banks are lucky to scrounge up $6 - $7k because everything is done electronically. You may not be able to get your money (feel free to test this with even $2k or watch YouTube). I know someone who tried to withdraw $6k to buy a car and the bank couldn't give it to them, and it took 45 minutes to get the $4500 they did have. This person I know was also harassed and the bank wanted to know why they needed the money because when someone takes cash rather than electronically transfers it a report has to go to DHS. Make sure you have some food, water, medicines, toiletries and diversify with gold and silver while the price is suppressed (which is what the wealthy are doing). If you see the stock market falling, be the first one in line at the bank to get your money so you can be the first one in line to buy silver before it is gone also. :-)

Anonymous said...

Could you please do a reading on Ukraine, is some kind of war starting there ? Will it effect Europe ? Thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

If someone were to diversify their money into gold and silver where would they hide it? If the powers that be were to try to confiscate gold don't they have the technology to see into walls and underground and such?

Psychic Focus said...

@2:06PM: You have to do what you can, but the first thing I see is people using special cans to either bury it or put it in there walls by already existing objects (like pipes, drains). I also see people just doing what they can, and I hear a message about not putting your eggs all in one basket (and people are hiding them in hollow places around there homes, but not in one spot such as places on the underneath part of sink basins)

Anonymous said...

I worried if it really happen to New York where everyone will bear the brunt.

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,I thought I should put it here as it goes as predicted by you.May be you could focus and see things unfolding.