Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mysterious Death of Big Bankers

2:17 PM
Q. Was wondering if you could see anything regarding the five big bankers committing suicide in the past 2 weeks? Are they actually killing themselves or are they being killed? What is being protected by their deaths? Will there be more deaths? Were these people going to release any kind of information to public? Thank you so much for the information you share. Keeping you in my prayers.
A. The first thing I get is I see a person and they are nervous..biting nails, sweating, pacing.  It even looks like they are mumbling something to themselves.  Then they bite their nails and just keep mumbling. It looks as if doom has completely taken them over.  At that point, they walk back and forth and jump off a balcony.  It was as if they were in a trance and did it without ever even processing with they were doing.

Q.  Why?  Why did this person do it?
A.  I zone in on the chanting more or the mumbling, and I hear "They are coming to get me" "They know what I did and are coming to get me" and this guy repeats it over and over.  Then I see a screenshot of Lydia on Breaking Bad and it further reinforces those paranoid anxious feelings.  True fear.

Q.  Now I need to know what they did that is being found out?
A.  I am getting all these negative emotions like, lies, deceit, betrayal and manipulation.  When I go a little further, I get something about "the way of life as I know it is over" and it looks to be in reference to the guy I described in the beginning.

As I try to put this in a "full circle" perspective, the story I see is like this:  These bankers are part of a very wealthy, and very powerful group.  From as far back as any of them remember they have had both money and control, mainly because of how our monetary system is set up. It is easily manipulated through the stock market, and the money and influence have created laws and situations in favor of these wealthy people.  They thrive in this type of money system and have laid the ground to thrive for a long time.  

That being said, there is a huge shift coming (I see this by the symbol of a needle pointing up, and then it falls drastically to one side.  What was once balanced, is now completely the opposite.) These wealthy people know this dollar is about to collapse.  They are doing what can with regards to suppressing the gold and silver prices. [As a side note, I am getting very choked up out of nowhere, as if I'm not supposed to be speaking of this, so I will go as long as I can but bear with me if I choking/coughing again.]  This suppression is allowing them to stockpile physical gold and silver, but I get the problem you can only buy so much, and they have so much wealth combined they can't physically obtain that much gold and silver.[To some extent they are lost as to where to put it to maintain value.]

I also see they are trying desperately to make some kind of negotiation with the UN or iMF so they can be involved with the new monetary system.  They, meaning the wealthy, want a seat the table once it starts to be discussed, and I get that they aren't getting what they want entirely...   They are very concerned if the US doesn't maintain control of the printing of money, because (and I hear the phrase) "He who prints the money, controls the money."

I also get this bubble is going to bust, and bust soon.. Like within the next year, and the wealthy know it.  I also get those at the very top of the pyramid (and I see a pyramid in my mind) will be fine because they will manipulate their way into what serves their best interest, but those directly beneath them will suffer some serious life changes that they aren't able to accept.  

Those bankers that took their lives [specially the one I saw] define themselves (at least in mind) by what position they held and the money behind their name.  Without that, they feel lost. I also get as they realize the current system has to change, they got some flood of emotion of what they had to do, or who they had to step on to get where they were, and a very large guilty conscious came over at least the guy I described in the beginning of this reading.

More to the story:
I was just going to close this reading, and out of nowhere I got some drug references [unrelated scenes off Breaking Bad kept flashing in my mind].  It looks like some of these wealthy people (bankers) have invested money in some kind of illegal drug dealings.  At first I got Mexico, then I got Afghanistan.  Now I'm seeing something about these high up bankers, fearful of losing their money during a collapse and were looking for a way to diversify their money in illegal drugs.  Then I get drugs will always have a value, just like gold and silver. [there might not be enough gold and silver, but there is always enough drugs] Then I see these guys (bankers) got in way over their head, and are close to being exposed.

They were terrified of being caught.  Were worried of losing all their money because of it being confiscated.  There is some tiered off level of power, and the tier above them was turning their back to avoid association. And all combined, looks like the root of this story.

Thank you.  It is 2:57 PM.  LInk to Audio.  


Anonymous said...

Couldn't think of a better sign of an upcoming collapse then a bunch of banker's suicides.

Random question, Are you familiar with Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider "Hidden Hand" who posted for a week on the "Above Top Secret" forum? How much of what he says do you believe to be true?

Anonymous said...

The Universe keeps no secrets I am supposing so what force is choking you up while doing the reading and why it doesn't want you to reveal it? Isn't the universe suppose to expose these bad dealings for the greater good?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I want to thank you for the work you're doing here. You're really brave.
I have some questions about the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria. Are they being funded? And if they are, is the funding coming from people within Nigeria or outside Nigeria? If the funding is from outside Nigeria, then from who/where exactly? Also, who stands to gain from their violence and bloodshed?They recently committed a massacre some days back. Why are they killing innocents. Is it that they have been specifically told to target such people or they just do what they want? Why is the US govt claiming they want to help Nigeria, what exactly is their agenda?
Also will Nigeria ever be rid of bad governance?
Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 7:48 PM: I have not heard of him (I try not to do too much research because I don't want it to influence my readings), but once I feel like I have everything out that I can see on my own, I will check it out. Thanks for the feedback.

@8:34 PM: I read this before I went to bed last night, and I really pondered what you said. I think it could be a result of different things. 1. The "greater good" doesn't want me to cause panic or worry, however I base everything I do on spreading truth 2. It may be in the "greater good" to share my knowledge, but I may find it isn't in MY "greater good" to explore this topic or 3. THIS ONE ACTUALLY RANG THE MOST TRUE WITH ME- The very first reading I ever did made me have that same choking feeling. As it turned out they had severe health problems due to smoking and my throat chakra was locking up (didn't understand it at the time). I strongly feeling that some of these people that took their lives talked too much (again throat chakra) and that is why they got into trouble. That is what caused them to get in over their heads...

@ 3:46 PM: I am going to take your questions and save them for a new reading. Thank you for the questions, I think it will be an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

That really explain why bankers felt speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

Anonymous said...

How does the "little person" protect themselves from whatever so coming with this dollar collapse? Thank you! This is an amazing site.

Anonymous said...

Hello PF, I am anonymous @3:46. I know you've been busy but I would really appreciate it if you could do my reading when you have the time. Thanks :)