Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Sam Chachoua and Cancer

1:51 PM
Q. I have read online about a serum developed by Dr Sam Chachoua as being capable of destroying cancer by giving the immune system the ability to recognize the cancer. Do you think this serum works? What is your impression of this doctor and his work.
A.  I do see that he cares and has a positive energy about him.  He looks like he wants to help people.  He has a humble feel also, meaning that his main goal is to improve lives rather than be famous.

I see cancer being caused because the body is holding onto something toxic that isn't excreted.  It can enter the body through living conditions (breathing pollution or exposure to waves in the air for example), absorbed into the skin, eaten or drank.  I also get that some people have a predisposition to develop cancer (like breast cancer) which doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically get it, but rather you are extremely sensitive to a toxin and once it is introduced and at a high enough quantity, it will create cancer (I am going back to a reading I with where aluminum in deodorant was a toxin that if introduced in high enough amounts can cause cancer is someone with a genetic predisposition to develop cancer).

When certain toxins enter into your body, if it is one that you are sensitive to, it creates a mutation in the cells like an allergic reaction (I am seeing a benedryll bottle cluing me in). I also get an example that some people are allergic to shell fish, and if eaten causes harm, while other people have no reaction- Different things can be toxic to different people and different levels of exposure.

I see that Dr. Sam Chachoua has studied this process of how this allergic reaction occurs when healthy tissue is exposed to certain toxins, there is some chemical that is released.  What I see his serum doing is going to the part of the body where the chemical is being released and surround it (I am watching a capsule encapsulate some gel) creating an opportunity for your immune system to attack the foreign growth. I also hear that since cancer constantly grows and consumes healthy tissue, the chemical reaction is constantly occurring, creating a beacon for the serum to locate it.

I do get that he has a high success rate, and then I hear the phrase "mind over matter."  Then I get that there is a scientific basis behind his work, however, the groups of people that believed it would work, and opened themselves to it, were able to drastically reduce or force their cancer into remission.  I get that the mental outlook and attitude is highly important.

And that is all.  Thank you. (No audio at this time.)  It is 2:22 PM

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