Monday, March 31, 2014

How can someone Improve Intuition and / or Psychic Ability?

I get this question a lot, so I thought I would do an entry...
Tapping into intuition or psychic ability is unique to everyone, but I will share some of the things I see / get.

I first want to say that everyone has a certain amount of ability, it just comes easier for some people to tune into it.  The example I was given as I started to learn was everyone can sign, but some are natural opera singers while others really have to work at it.  Some people are also better at certain things than others, for example, I have never resonated with channeling (I am fine with mediumship, but channeling feels too intense and I shut down), but for some people they may be so gifted in that area that they gravitate to it.  You really have to play around (in a responsible manner) with it to see what resonates with you.  The first and most important thing to do is take psychic abilities seriously (this comes through so loudly that I feel I need to underline it., and also listen to your gut- if it doesn't feel right or your sense something is negative, don't do it. Start small, educate yourself along the way and be very responsible.

The best way to enhance your intuitive ability and become one with yourself is to meditate.  The main goal is to quiet your mind and just allow thoughts to flow.  Set an intention of something you may want to know (like relationship issues or job questions), and then blank out your mind and let your higher self do the work. You can meditate  "officially" by positioning yourself and going into that place in your mind, or you can do this is a relaxed fashion (such as laying in bed, or driving a car without the radio while focused on the sound of the road).  I see newer people meditating while lying in bed at night when you don't have the daily distractions running through your mind.  I also get a humming noise, as if white noise of some kind to focus on can allow a focal point for your mind so your don't find yourself mentally wandering.

So, your intention is set and you let it go, then you blank yourself out (ie begin meditating) and focus on an image in your mind- it may be the sky, water or a color, and see what happens.  Sometimes you will get an image and just go with it. Other times you may not get anything other than to relax, but rest assured that your subconscious is working on your intent.  You may not even get an answer just then, but then later you will have that "ah, ha" moment. I hear hear some kind of sigh, as if you may get discouraged and give up, but don't. It will come with practice.

When you start, you may only be able to last a few minutes before you start thinking of other things, but it is like any other exercise and you can build it up with practice.Once you practice, you will notice that you can go in and out of that mental focus / relaxation much quicker.  You will feel so much more connected to your higher self as well.  You may even get to where you can see your chakras or see if one is blocked.. Certain colors will mean something to you.  It does require effort and focus, but is a beautiful thing too.

I have just described what I see and experiences I have had that are pulling forward.  Another thing to do is read on other perspectives.  There were two books that really made a difference to me in my development, and I still revisit them when I need a re-connection.

One is called So You Want to Be a Medium by Rose Vanden Eynden (2006).  It talks about different types of mediumships and allows you to understand it better. Lots of information.

The second is called How Psychic Are You? by Julie Soskin (2002).  This was my favorite.  There are many different techniques and exercises.  You can skip the things that don't settle right with you (for example you may not be into reading cards). It really touches on a lot of different aspects of psychic ability.

And that is all I have for now.  It is 5:47 PM.

Please do a reading on severe muscle cramps in head muscles continuing for a longer period say 5-10 years.How to relaxed those stiffed,twitched muscles back to its original state?

5:09 PM

I first want to say that I am not a doctor and have not practiced medicine, but this is what I see..

I see this as a combination of a stretching, posture, pressure point process to relieve the pain and relax the muscles.  What I see someone doing is sitting straight up, making yourself as tall as possible (push your shoulders down to really elongate your neck).  While sitting upright, lean your head down as far as you can like you are trying to touch your chest.  You should feel a good stretch in your neck and shoulders.  Then take your middle finger (if you can't reach comfortably get a partner) and press firmly at the soft spot at the bottom of you skull (please use your gut instinct, and if it hurts too bad stop).  Hold this pressure point for a while- it looks to vary with the person, but a minute or two should work, and you should feel those muscles relax.  Do it a few times (or as much as you can tolerate) and see if that gives some relief.  

I also get that certain smells can sometimes trigger this tension, and others offer some relief.  I get that peppermint (candy canes) either being smelled or sucked on (like a mint) can really give relief as well.

Thank you.  It is 5:41 PM.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now on Twitter.  For updates on current postings or events, you can find me at @PsychicFocus.

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Love and light- L

Earth Changes.. Q & A

8:08 PM
I have had a lot of questions regarding earth changes, so I wanted to address a few..
Q.  What is going on with the recent earthquakes in California?  Is this the precursor to the “big one”?
A. I see this as constant rumbles.  Once it starts it never stops.  I don’t see a “big one” but rather several constant ones.  I get that to some degree they are always going on.  I also get that it is tied to the action with Yellowstone.  The unsettling pressure that is building up under the ground is contributing to these earthquakes.  I am not seeing a huge devastation, but I sense a lot of fear and uneasiness. It just seems so constant that it is unsettling.

 I also see that on the eastern border or California has some earth changing cracks occurring.  The ground  looks dry, and reminds me of the texture of crocodile skin (not necessarily the feel, but the look of the texture.)  I also see what looks like a gurgling from the ground at the eastern border line.  It looks like foam  and mud bubbles come to the surface through cracks in the ground. 

Q. I live in southwest Florida and am concerned about climate change. There's much information on the east coast but can't imagine its any good for entire State. Thank you.
A. The first thing I get is that it is going to be extremely humid, more humid that normal this summer.  I also get a sense of a pest problem on growing crops (this is related to the whole state).  There will be storms, but I don’t get that the duration of the storms is long.  It seems like they are bad (pretty impactful), but fizzle out within in a few days.  The more south you are, the worse it is.  I see tropical storms and even one hurricane reaching land, but they don’t feel huge in size.
I see that you should have supplies for about 2 days time (at least) and be prepared to head to the north central part of the state. That location feels the safest.

I do see the eastern part of Florida having the most impact from storms, and at one time I sensed the military would be deployed there to give aid.  I can’t see that the storms last a long time, but the military being present has something to do with the storms, and it is told it is to help.. I can’t actually see what they are helping though.

 Q. In the 1960s or 70s Ruth Monthomery predicted a 'shift of the world on its axis' soon after the new millennium that will lead to massive flooding and changes to continent structures - with some continents losing lots of land to the water, while other land masses will rise. It is predicted that this event will wipe out the majority of human life on the planet, representing a 'cleanse' of evil and wrong-doing. Do you get that will actually occur? If so - in what time frame? What other information/details do you get?
A. I do see that happening, but I get it is gradual.  In a previous reading I saw the image come through like this.. If the world were a face on a clock, and north America was in the upper left quadrant, I see the tilt turning counter- clockwise about 5-6 minutes.  It seems slight, but there is a big impact. 

It is true that some land masses will flood while other appear (that new land is very fertile, so it is actually very blessed land and I see people fighting over it).  I also visualize that the flooding happens more on the east and west sides of large countries versus north and south- the islands are very different depending on the island..

I don’t see this happening all in one instant, but rather gradually and constantly and is happening now.  There looks to be a couple world events that jump this forward in larger steps, but overall this is slow and constant.  I also get that even though this shift may not sound like much of a distance, it makes an enormous impact, especially with how the ice on the north pole is frozen/melts and what is happening to the sea level.  I also see that the gravity and rotation of the earth sort of “slings” the water in the middle section of the earth  a certain way, and as the true middle of the earth changes, that is what will be the major contributor to the flood. The pole shift and way the water "slings" causes flooding..

The time frame is now and continuing.. I don’t see a definite end date. It feels to go on for what looks like infinity in my mind.

Q.Will Singapore sink due to rise in water levels around the world?

A. My first impression is that it feels very low to the sea.. As if the country is like a beach.  I do see issues, but I don’t see it all the way taken under water.  I see flooding, and in some spots it looks like you have to walk with water up to your ankles.  It is like the ground is slushy.  In some spots the water recedes, and in others there is the permanent "slushy" feeling.

Thank you.  It is 8:43 PM. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

South American Events

11:55 AM
Q. Hi, the people in Venezuela Are really suffering under President Nicolas Maduros, who is using repression, violence,and lies to squash any peaceful protest against his ruling. Majority are against him. Do you see him being ousted from power this March,next couple of month or year?
A.  I do see that the majority are against him, but the conflict is that the minority that support him and what he is doing (mainly out of fear) are the ones that can make a difference with their political power.  I also feel like there is some outside negotiation going on.  It looks like the country [Venezuela] is in debt to someone else, as if some outside event happened that created a need to be saved, and it created a Venezuelan debt.  Someone aided they needed assistance or a bailout (I keep seeing bananas as I read this situation??) in exchange for (I get oil?).  Maduros is manipulating the people with fear to maintain power and the countries that came to the Venezuelan aid, are in support because Maduros is in on this oil deal.  Maduros actually feels like a puppet to these other countries, as if he himself doesn't really make decisions. I see that things are bad with Maduros, but they could be worse with someone else.  

If President Nicolas Maduros leaves office, the initial feeling will be one of relief and a sense of empowerment to the people, but the new rule will soon be corrupted.  I get that not many people know of the oil deal, and once the new rule finds out, they too would end up having negative impacts on the people. I get that no matter who is in power, they will soon become weak to the counties that came to Venezuelan aid and this will end up with an adverse effect on the people.

Q. What do you see on the climate and social unrest problems during 2014 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil next June and July? We are over 220 million inhabitants here. 

A. I first get a strange weather pattern.  It feels unseasonably hot!  I mean I see people sweating, and I also get an image of an insect problem.  I get the impression from my images that this weather is very different than the normal weather for this time of year.  I don't see flooding, or storms, just intense heat and humidity.

As far as social unrest.. I see the games as a huge event for this country.  Many people pay attention, and soccer almost serves as a distraction from other issues and social unrest. People in general I get are very angry at the treatment of the citizens, and the biggest issue is the corruption.  I see dirty deals and money laundering, and somehow the World Cup is involved (I get an image of the world cup with the funnel in the top, and money is filtering into it.)  As issues arise, or people protest, the people get punished and made to be an example.  There is so much fear that people are afraid to stand up.  

I do see Dilma Rousseff being re-elected, and in thinking of her, I get that she make take a stern tone to the people, and give the illusion of being strong, but in reality she is very easily manipulated by certain other officials or people of power.  I cannot see if it is bribes or if she is somehow encouraged to look the other way with regard to the corruption, but I can't see her stand up against it. 

I see that there will eventually be some special interest group raise up, like some third party revolt occurring or forming.  It looks as if the people have had enough, and there is a large opposing force on the horizon.  I feel like it is being formed in the southern part of Brazil.  I looks to be that they group is somewhat known, but not taken seriously yet, but within the next few years will start to really make trouble, and make a difference with the treatment of the people.

Thank you.  It is 12:15 PM.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've watched several cymatics experiments on YouTube. Using vibration and frequency, intricate shapes can materialize such as the Star of David. If these shapes can materialize temporarily as long as the frequency is held, does this mean everything we see around us is also manifest because, somewhere, a frequency machine is governing our world?

2:37 PM
What I first get is that everything is held together by some magnetic attraction.  It can be a force makes things bond tighter, or it can repel each other.  There is a certain vibration or frequency that is unique to most everything.  If something does share the same frequency, it is a very similar, related item [I can't get a visual of two different things with completely different properties sharing the same vibration or frequency].  And I get that the frequency or vibration that holds the magnetic particle together is... Let me start that sentence over... What I get is that the frequency or vibration of an object is held in the magnetic spaces [or area of attraction] between the elements (the visual I get is two living cells being drawn together by a magnetic force and the magnetic force is where the vibration is held.)  When someone is trying to determine the frequency or vibration of an object, really you are determining what the magnetic "pulse" is that is holding the objects together (or cells, elements, what ever word you want to use... I feel the work particles that make up the element is more accurate.).

Q. Can you change the vibration of an object?
A. Yes, you can, but it will take on different features.  For example, you can instill a certain vibration in water (as the YouTube example showed), and then alter that vibration and create a new result.  It is still the same object (water) but it takes a different form or shape.

Q. The next thing I want to address because I get this all the time with regard to increasing someone spiritual self is...
Can you change the vibration in a living thing (like a person)?
A.  The answer is yes, but I see it requiring action, and most times it doesn't last unless you are constantly working it.  I see that a person can increase their vibration (still being a person, with a heightened awareness of self as the result) but it really is their own mental energy doing this.  Certain sounds can help, also tools like crystals can help, but those feel (sounds and crystals) more like a tool to help you do what you can do on your own.  It does require practice, and sometimes tools are needed until you understand the skill, but most everyone can achieve this.

Thank you.  It is 2:53 PM.  Link to Audio.

(I know I have some requests about the sounds and tones specifically, and how that increases intuition.  I plan to include that in my next group reading.)

Can you see the true cause of autism and the best interventions for those affected.

I saw this in my requests, and I remembered doing a reading on it.. I wanted to paste the link to that reading.  I hope to revisit this topic soon as I know it is very important to many people.

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Question and Answer VII [Group Submission]

1:46 PM 
and I just pulled some random questions from my queue and thought I would go from there..

Q. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Do you know why Major League Baseball and the NY Mets would spend the time, money and effort to rig a simple popularity contest on Twitter named: "the face of mlb"? The winner was supposed to be the underdog, but instead "they" made sure that David Wright won. His nickname is "Captain America" There was no money prize in this contest...just a title. Why was it so important that this guy win no matter what?
A. I actually see few thing with this.  The first I get is ego.. I see it was not contest of "real" significance, and it was sort of a popularity contest, and ego definitely came into play. 

I also get something about a tax write off.  This was money spent, and categorized a certain way to avoid taxes, but I also see that something kind of dirty thing happened in that there was some kind of bet, like a gambling bet, and the people that participated were made whole in the end... 

To clear this up (some- it is still a little confusing as I type it), I see it like this... You have two teams, Team A and Team B.  Both teams are trying to avoid some taxes while promoting some marketing of their respective teams.  Team A and Team B put money in a pot to pay for this. They also get some of their friends to put money in the pot (maybe they are people that sell merchandise, advertisers, people that make money off of the MLB etc).  They run this contest, and there are some behind the scenes betting going on (they acquire even more money somehow through this gambling).  In the end, they pot is divided back between Team A and Team B, and they end up
much better off now (especially with the additional marketing of this contest) than they would have been doing nothing at all.

Q. What's the story behind Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci? Its purpose? Any hidden meanings?
A. I do see some hidden meaning.. I immediately go back to something I heard about Mona Lisa really being DaVinci himself taking on the appearance of a woman. I try to figure out why he would that, and I get a message that it is because if you look at the word differently, there is much more to be seen.  It was as if he was showing that by him looking at the world through a different perspective, he could view it very differently- just as we can view the Mona Lisa differently by putting a different perspective on it. 

[I also get that he wants us to look closely at it, and I get the image that there are hidden symbols or pictures within the brushstrokes.  I see someone using a monocle to look at it closely, and I see there are hundreds of "little signs" within it.]

Q. When will martial law be declared?
A. I see this happening in phases.  It won't be a countrywide event. What looks to happen is a nature disaster will occur, (I see Florida close to the Georgia on the Atlantic side- sense it is flooding or hurricanes.)  They will declare martial law in order to "protect" the citizens in that area.. In reality I see this as a test to see how well accepted it will be.. But that looks to be the first official place. 

If it goes ok there, which I see that it is a little resisted, be overall works, then it will happen much more frequently, and almost every time there is a huge storm or disaster until it becomes an accepted practice.. Then I hear that "Rights aren't taken overnight, it is a slow and steady process."

Q. I have been hearing lately of The "American Spring" march on DC in May. I fear this could turn into a total blood bath and many Americans will be killed. Do you have any insight into this event?
A. I see it happening, but I don't see it in the size that they hope.  It feels like a similiar thing as Occupy Wall Street organized.  I also see it not lasting long, government does not want this in Washington.  It looks like the protesters try to be peaceful, but prove their point in numbers.  Some kind of spray in cans is thrown at them and it happens so much that people end up leaving (this chemical has a toxic feel).  I also see videos being uploaded like crazy, and they are slowly removed... Our government wants nothing to do with protests.

Q. I am an amateur researcher of the so called Free Energy technologies that are suppressed or at least not allowed to become an everyday reality. But there seems to be an opening in that wall and what was once known as Cold Fusion (now LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) is gaining momentum and there are several companies on the race to reach the mass market. Do you see this happening anytime soon or will it be stopped before it is available to everyone?
A. I see the technology happening, and the "big" countries are buying it up (at least the knowledge and understanding the technology).  I see it being available to implement, but not actually implemented until it has to be.  

I also see these oil companies want to make the money they can before releasing that type of technology.  It will eventually be released, but not until the big oil has almost exhausted (within reason) its resources.

(I have had several people ask me this, so I wanted to address this next question….)
Q1.I'd appreciate your comments on if Michelle Obama is really a man? As a Companion topic, is the President gay?
A.  I do not see that Michelle is a man or the president is homosexual.  In fact I see images of what looks like there college years, with both of them hanging out, and they are looking at me as if to say "Are you serious."  I see Michelle as a very dominant and strong woman, no where near being man.  I also see she gave birth to her children.

As far as Obama, he is a friendly guy.  I see him as someone who uses hand gestures and it is "touchy" person, meaning he uses his hands when he talks and may even grab someones elbow, or pat their shoulder, but that is not to be mistaken as being homosexual.  I also don't see it as a judgement, it is just his personal preference.

[Q.I live in Christchurch New Zealand, last week we had extensive flooding, in fact the worst in  100 years.  Now we have have cyclone Lusi heading towards us, and besides all this we have endured 10,000 earthquakes since 2010. What is the future of this city. I have had dreams of these floods and also earthquakes to hit us in the future. Please do a reading on this beautiful city.
A. When I focus on this, I just keep seeing this pattern in the weather.  It looks like there is always a storm or earthquake.  When I look at a globe, that area has a red glow on it, like it's hot.  The ground itself is hot, which is creating this instability.

I also see it as the few months will be the worst, and toward the end of the year, it is calmer. I also see a really huge rock cliff, and it has an overlooking view.. I get a sense of peace with regard to that area in your country.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you. 2:20 PM Link to Audio.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yellowstone (Animal Behavior and Seismic Activity)

1:17 PM
Q. I would like a reading on the following video. Given that animals behave strangely before a big earthquake and that the super volcano in Yellowstone has been behaving oddly recently, I would like to know what you can sense regarding the behavior of these buffalo:

(The title of the video is Yellow Stone Bison on the Run, in case you have to search Youtube for it)

Yellowstone is waking up. Reports of the ground rising and harmonic tremors are coming in. Is Yellowstone going to erupt soon?

A. As soon I read this my feet start feeling this buzzing sound or vibration (feels like if you were to put you feet on a dryer while it is running..). Just a really low buzzing sound and feeling.  

I get that animals of course sense things before people, but I am trying to focus on how.  I get the words animal instinct, then I get that animals can function on instinct, whereas people can get that same intuitive sense, but their rationale block them from acting on it (many times). 

I get there is a lot activity in that area, some of which we don't even have documented. The first thing I get is the sound. I feel like the ground is humming.  I see a person holding a seashell up to their ear listening, and I get if we did that motion to the ground and really focused, we could hear something strange, again I get that low buzzing or hum sound.  

I also get there is a frequency or vibration of the earth that has changed.  It has to do with all the energy beneath the surface.  Then I see a tuning fork, and it is being struck at the bottom but the sound and vibration moves up and outward from the source.  It is showing me that the source may be causing this sound and vibration, but the source doesn't have to be located where the frequency or vibration and sound is experienced.

I also get that the air is different. I see it as a strange magnetic bubble (surrounding the area like a dome). I also get this "magnetism" in this area is the thing that got the animals on alert.  Up until now with the sounds and vibrations, I get the animals were cautious, had some instinct it (things) were off, but not danger.  Now they feel danger with the magnetism.  I also get the air there smells different.  I further get that anyone that has been  there to visit will have noticed a (contrast) difference in the smell of the air when compared to even a few year ago.  It is like there is a metallic smell, and in some parts where it is more intense, I get you can even taste it. It is a dirty metallic taste.

The reason the animals are acting strangely is because this change in air actually makes them feel ill, and they are running away from the source of the thing that is causing their ailment.  I feel like I am looking out the eyes of this Bison, and get this nauseous, head spinning feeling, and I just want to run away from it.  In some instances it may be one or two of the animals, but many times I get this hits several at once creating a heard-like effect out, away from the area.  

I don't see see it erupting soon, as in the new few years, but I see within our lifetime..  What I get is it doesn't all happen at once, it looks like phases.  I'm not sure how it is divided, but it looks like one section or part erupts, pressure is somewhat released, and then in the next couple of years it builds again and pops a new spot, and it has a domino feel.  It also looks like it follows a line.  Like one eruption.... then another.... then another.. all alone some kind of line.  Once the first one goes, it seems consistent that every 1 or 2 years the next one in line goes.

And that is all.  Thank you. 1:34 PM. Link to Audio.

John Titor (Predictions and Time Travel)

12:40 PM
Q. John Titor is allegedly a time traveler who came to the U. S. from the year 2036.  He supposedly came back to find a type of computer and software that is needed in his post-apocalyptic world.  In his blog postings, he describes the future ahead (from about 2000, I am guessing) when he was back here looking for this computer gear that he needed to take back to 2036.

He predicted a civil war in this country beginning around 2004 and lasting until 2008.  The U. S. was split into five regions that encompassed several states each.  In 2015, he predicted that Russia would attack the U. S. with nuclear weapons and we counterattacked them with our own nukes.  We survived the attack, but life was considerably different here as it was all over the world.

The Titor story has been debunked and is now considered a hoax.  I too suspect that it was indeed a hoax, but nevertheless as I read through the predictions he made, I am struck with how they seem to be coming true.  It seems he got the timelines wrong, and there was no civil war, but a lot of the stuff, especially with regard to a Russia/U. S. war sounds eerily plausible, hoax or no hoax.

What are your thoughts?

A. The first thing I get on him is that I can't see him physically in the future, but I get some kind of spiritual connection.  Meaning I don't see his physical body there, but I see him as if he has astral projected (not sure if this entirely the right term) his body, or meditated in some way to be able to connect to future events (psychically).

He comes across as a person that has had prophetic dreams or meditations, which has allowed him to document some of the things that he saw that was yet to come true.  I also get that it is hard to predict or label an event to an exact time, because in the big scheme of things, time is to infinity, so it is difficult to be exact.  Interpreting a sequence or events, or tie it to some kind of landmark is the most accurate...

When I first read the question, he mentioned (or rather you mentioned) that he predicted a civil war around 2004.  I first saw that he wasn't entirely wrong, as 9/11 was still fresh, and there were a lot of people upset with the US... I hear the word peaceful protest- meaning there is a lot of civil unrest, people just don't know what channel to take to release their frustration.  People are upset about the rich getting richer, the continuous divide among the classes, government, corruption, so many things.. It is coming to me that he (Titor) may have misinterpreted what he saw as a Civil War, and we may have not truly understood what he was describing.

I still see that the US is going to have conflict with the Russia and China, that is going to escalate.  I even get images of bombing, but when I focus on nuclear, I hear "We can't destroy all the good growing land." It looks like things get ugly, there is definite warfare, but they still (both sides) want the land in a condition to grow food.  I feel that 2015 to 2016 timeline is pretty accurate.  Right now it just looks like talking (I see hands making a talking sound /motion much like what gesture people use with their hands when someone is "talking their ear off" on the phone.).. I looks like the talking goes on forever, and then toward of end of this year and beginning of next, it starts to escalate.

I too have seen the country divided... I always see it in three sections, and I see it way into the future.  I see we have a section to the east of Mississippi, we have a section that is the plains, and we have a west coast section.  Part of the battle with Russia and China is ended with them taking or occupying much of the plains section.  This division of land is a result of this current conflict with Russia. Part of what Russia and China want is to have growing land or farming, then I hear that is our (the US) greatest asset.

I see Titor's physical travel in a machine not true (based on what I can see), however, I see that he effectively learned to meditate and focus on future events.

Thank you.  It is 12:58 PM.  Link to Audio.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Question and Answer VI [Group Submissions]

5:59 PM

Occasionally I like to do a series of random questions to address some of the many (great) questions out there.  Let me get started…

Q Putin (of Russia) seems like a very smart man (unlike western politricksters) and may even have a Heart. Could you take a look at him?
A  I immediately see him as a strong, but easily intimated man (to the right people).  I see that China really has control over him (kind of like a puppet).  He deep down looks to care about his people, and the success of his country, but his loyalty to those things also blocks him from compassion to people that are not in his country and are not “his people.”  I really see that he doesn't want a lot of conflict over this Ukraine situation, but in a way he feels powerless about it.  As if the wheels are in motion and he just has to “stick to the plan.”

Q Does Iran have a nuclear weapon? Does it plan to attack Israel? What do you see happening in this region? 
A  I see that this conflict will never end.  I visualize these countries as cartoon characters, and they constantly “pick” at each other.  The US is more loyal to Israel, so we tend to stand up for them and the media is slanted to only portray Israel as the victim, but Israel picks back too (they look like the inferior kid that says if you don’t do what I want I will have my big brother [meaning the US] get you.  They definitely use their strength of the US to their advantage.

I see that Iran does have a nuclear weapon, but something about it feels off.  It was like it was made with some junk parts or very outdated.  I looks as if they use the idea of having a weapon as security, but in a way they don’t trust it would work the way they want it.. It may work, and it may do something unexpected. 

The idea of having a weapon causes a threat, but I don’t see them using it.  They have other weapons (not nuclear) that can cause damage, and I do see at some point when the US is incredibly distracted in other world events they will attack Israel because it will be more difficult for the US to come in and save them. 

Q Hello, I've heard many stories about Mars, and am wondering what things are being hidden from us. Have any people already made it to Mars? If so, what are they doing there? Also, how are they traveling to get there? I have read rumors of potential teleportation devices and such, and am curious about that. Last of all, was Mars ever an inhabited planet?
A  I do see that life existed on Mars, and it looks as if it still does.  I also see what looks like greenhouses with plant life. We do travel there, and it does look like some kind of a teleporting system (I can’t sort out how it works) and it only opens at certain times and weather conditions and it powered by a machine using magnetism.

I did an extensive reading on this a while ago, and I am attaching the link (I think you will find it interesting.)

Q.There have been skeletons unearthed of giants, 8 feet tall or more. The bible speaks that there were giants, what do you see on that? What happened to them?
A. I also see that we had giants.  What it looks like is they lived during a time when the earth was much different.  It had something to do with the gravity being less, which allowed animals, plants and even people to be larger.  As the gravity was altered, things couldn’t grow as large because their hearts couldn’t pump blood, etc..

I then get an image of the earth being smaller, and then the next image looks like the earth is breathing (much like how your chest goes up and down when you take a breath), and then the earth grew with each breath as if it was a living thing as a whole.  When the earth changed in that respect which took many, many years, the gravity altered, and these large beings died. 

I even see an image of a giant helping to build Stonehenge, and at one point they were treated as slaves.  I get intellectually they were not as superior to the smaller man, but they had so much strength it didn’t matter for their survival. The smaller man knew how to entice them (because of their intellect) and get them to do work.

Q. What is the relationship of aliens to the Universe?
A.  I do see aliens and UFOs in our universe.  Then I hear a message that in the big scheme of the universe, it would be limiting to think that our planet is the only planet that can sustain life or has the technology to go into space.  Then I hear that aliens have been in space and lived on other planets long before humans existed.

Q. Do you see a cure for cancer or aids coming into the world anytime soon?
A.  I do see a cure for cancer, aids and other diseases.  Then when I focus on it I see that it will come in terms of homeopathic cures and not by pharmaceutical companies.  Then I get that there is no money in a cure, but there is a lot of money in treating symptoms. 

Then I see a manger scene from Christmas, and I hear Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  I get that those three elements in various tinctures can significantly heal the body (you may be drinking, eating or breathing this based on your illness.)

Then I see something about everyone has everything they need to heal themselves in their environment, they just have to look.  Then my mind goes to a previous reading I did on cancer, and someone is eating the yellow tops off of a dandelion.  It looked to boost the immune system, while helping the body purge toxins. 

Q Where did dogs originate from? How did they get to be domesticated by humans? 
A. I see dogs came from wolves, (which then I see originally came from hyenas). To focus on how they were domesticated by humans… I see that they started to inbreed, as if there were wolves that became separated geographically, and the continuous act of inbreeding left them more tame (and less aggressive).  It took several generations for this to happen, but the result became a species of dog that was capable of being domesticated.  I also hear that feral dogs are more true to their roots because their instincts are much like that of their wolf ancestors.

Q. The Book of Enoch in chapter 8 explains how the angels came to earth and fornicated with the women and taught humans how to make swords and breastplates and metallurgy. When I watch the TV shows Vikings and Game of Thrones it seems like these angels in the Book of Enoch are actually the Norse Gods. The book says God was so dismayed that the angels shared these secrets with humans that he caused the hybrid children of the angels and human women to fight and kill each other, as in the perpetual and bloody wars between the various Royal Houses in Europe and Asia. Is the Book of Enoch explaining these events in history?
A. I see that the word angels meant different things to different people during this time.  In my mind I am getting "tripped up" on the language of the question, and it appears to come from the conflicting views people had back then.  Some people thought that beings that came to earth were angels, some thought they were gods and other thought they were aliens. There was an element of magnificence regardless of who they were or what "name" to put on them.  People of that time didn't know or understand who there were, they just knew that they appeared to fly in (some on machines) from up in the heavens.

I see that there is a lot of truth in the book of Enoch, and it explained how many hybrid people came into existence (then I get an image of someone called a god that had a human body with a very elongated head).  These part angel/god/alien people still had the humanistic quality of wanting more  (land, money, power) and also felt that because they were different, and viewed different by the people that they led, they deserved  the land, money, power.  Then I hear a message about "Imagine if we had someone in our current society that was so unique that they were half angel/god/alien and exhibited those physical characteristics, They would be treated as the angel/god/alien themselves and seen as unique or special."

Will a matrix like technology be conceived in the future, such as connecting the brain directly to created stimulus rather than it perceiving the stimuli from the environment. 
A I see this being experimented with now.  I get the first phase will be to implement this into video games, and the technology is there (it is still early) but evolving greatly.

And that is all I have for now.  It is 6:55 PM.  Audio to be uploaded later.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where does Patriarchy come from, how long before women are truly equal to men?

7:05 AM

I see this started as far as I can see back.  Life was physical with fighting over territory, defending themselves, building, hunting, etc.. Women helped with all these things, but in a different way- took care of the children, prepared the hunted food, the less labor intensive tasks that were still necessary.  The sheer brute force of men overall dominated.  Women needed the strength of men, and relinquished their power to them to gain protection. 

I also get that times have greatly evolved, and weaker, less strong men died, and outspoken women were tortured to be more passive (I am watching an image of a "caveman" yanking his "woman" by the hair) So in the big scope of things- men were strong, more muscular and also had a very rational (void of emotion) component of thinking. Women were physically fit, but not as physically strong, and their emotions (not all women but most) which was necessary for nurturing, created a weakness. 

I also see that because women bore children, not only were they viewed as something to be protected (especially during pregnancy), they were essential in keeping the "family unit" going which was critical in survival (the young took over the physical work and helped the elders).  Because women were so valuable in this aspect, a man would lay claim to women like a person would to property now, and that is how and why women started to take the mans last name (as a way of saying who she "belonged" to).

I cannot see a time in which women and men are truly equal. It is coming to me that many people are judging to some extent, even when we work hard not to let it effect our actions and thoughts.  Until we overcome that obstacle as a society (which is one of the biggest things holding us back), we won't truly be viewed as equal.

It is 7:16 AM.  Thank you.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Earth Change Questions...

2:52 PM
Q. What do you see about the Edgar Cayce predictions regarding ocean level rise and the reappearance of Atlantis somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and when? 
A.  I do see that Edgar Cayce is correct.. I have seen this myself in several readings. I always see the rise waters, gradual but steady.  I also see them on the both the east and west coasts, rather than issue north and south (meaning the Gulf of Mexico.  What I see happen is the tides come in, but slowly recede less and less, which eventually causes the water to rise.  In my mind there is a major highway that runs the coast on the east side.  I see the water up to the highway line.  In some parts the water crosses the road, but mostly just up to the road itself.  I also see a similar thing on the west coast.  It looks as if a highway runs north and south, and that looks to be the marker where most of water rises to.  

Atlantis.. I see it emerge in the area that is labeled the Bermuda Triangle.. I also get this image of crystals or something reflective, because as the sun shines on this "island" it looks bright, and has a lot of shimmer on it.  

Q. I ask myself, when is this happening?  
A. I get that this is gradually starting now... and by 2016 it will look significant.  There will be a measurable change on the coast.  

Q. Specifically in the USA do you see a big earthquake in the midwest that leads to greatly enlarging the Mississippi River and ocean level rise on both coasts? 
A. I see many small earthquakes, but I don't see a huge one.  What I really see come through is in California along the border of California where it sides with Nevada, it looks like gurgling mud and water coming out of the ground.  It looks like these small earthquakes take their toll and do something to ground at that area.  It looks like there are mud bubbles coming out of the ground.

I also see the Mississippi getting much wider.  It is going to consume a lot of land on both sides.  This has something to do with the water, not earthquake driven.  I looks as if as the Atlantic gets higher, it drains into the Michigan Lakes, which then drain down into the Mississippi (either directly or through other water ways, it is somehow all connected.)  When the Michigan lakes drain, there is so much water, it just starts flooding out spots.  I also get this is starting now as well, it just isn't highly televised.  

Q. Will NYC and surrounding land (Long Island) or parts of it be underwater?
A.  I get a lot Long Island will be underwater.  NYC will deal with flooding, and even flooding that never drains away, but not hit as bad as the Long Island area. I also get that New York in general is really under a lot of weather attack.  It is important that the citizen take weather seriously- I just felt that message needed to be said.  

Thank you. And that is all I have for now.  It is 3:10 PM.  Link to audio.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ukraine, Russia, China and America

2:18 PM 
Q. We are now watching yet another fabricated drama, this time, the Ukraine. What could the cabal possibly want with the Ukraine? Are they looking for a diversion from the upcoming financial event?
A. The first I get looks like an image of a lot kids fighting over the same thing.  No one really wants it, they just don't want each other to have it (meaning the land).  I see that Russia has gone through some very trying times in building up their government, and during that time they watched America thrive (at least from their perspective).  They saw us go into other countries, get access to resources, use our strength (and smarts) to bully ourselves into places and get our feet into other countries.  I get a sense of anger- they (meaning Russia) has watched us tell other countries that we are coming to their aid or helping their government, when in reality they see us thrive off that situation by gaining or controlling access to resources such as oil.  It is like Russia can see our bigger plan better than most of our own people.

I also get that Crimea (or the southern part of the Ukraine) was semi-American... I see they weren't completely submerged in our way of government, but they were headed that way or thinking of adopting those types of ideals (I get a lot of influence trying to happen).  What was once highly "Russian" was on the verge of change, and when that glimpse even was seen by Russia, they stepped in.  Russia's stance was there is no way that America is taking or settling in so close to home.  Russia decided to take it over before America did.  

I get that Russia wants (in response to the question) an American buffer, and in the process gain some useful land (I see in image of fishing, which leads me to think there is an ability to either fish or grow food).  

I also see this as a beginning to a much bigger picture.  I get that Russia and China have been waiting and calculating a way to take down the US (going back to my original thought of kids fighting, not really wanting the land, but rather to instigate something).  Once things escalate, sanctions, etc... I see China coming to Russia's aid.  What ever the US and other countries do to deter Russia from trying to take over part of the Ukraine, China tries to help.  I see China and Russia together being very powerful [in my mind's eye it looks like kids that are best friends].

Once China gets involved, that is when our dollar gets in trouble. I see China with a lot of gold (the image I see when I focus on them are dump trucks full of gold).  It looks like they literally have a mountain of it.  I see China getting to where they don't want our dollar, and they want paid with gold- and we owe them a lot.  I see that once they take Russia's side, if we don't remove whatever punishments we are giving them, China will want full payment on what we owe- and they won't take our dollar, giving them a huge amount of the worlds gold [or at least an expectation of it]. They won't take payments and/or interest as they are doing now.- That will be the punishment they give us.

When all of that happens, I see a world currency begin to go into effect, and China wants to be ruler that.  I get that the UN will be involved, but since China will have the gold to back it, they give the control to China, the UN is just the checks and balances... I also see this new world currency being directly backed by gold and silver in order for it to keep a true value- the UN somehow keeps an audit on this.

Overall, when I tune into this situation, I see this as completely planned out, and  I can hear Putin saying "Phase 1 complete." I get China and Russia have been planning something for a while, and it is now starting to unfold.

Thank you.  It is 2:40.Link to Audio   Link to YouTube

I have had quite a bit of comments come in on this thread so I also wanted to update this on the blog post:  Updated 3/19/14 at 6::12 AM

@ 4:12: I see that the selection in the stores is limited, and the cost of goods will be much higher. You will be able to buy food, but you are limited in your options (you may go in to buy apples, and find that there are no apples, but you can get oranges..).

@ 4:54: I see they try to force us to give them land when we cannot pay. I also see that they have soldiers on the ground now- it just isn't put in the media. I see Russian soldiers already positioned here to, but claim to be here on a different agenda...

@ 6:41: You ask when... I see this starting NOW and escalating by the beginning of 2015. This doesn't feel like a "short" disagreement... If feels kind of long and drawn out..

@ 3:05: I do see it breaking out. It looks like half of Europe gets pulled in too. The southwestern most countries of Europe look to be the most neutral. I also see places like Australia remaining the "safe haven" from all this..

@ 5:58: I don't see this being averted. China and Russia feel very deep in their belief system and what they want to accomplish. So much anger and emotion is tied to them

Crop Circles / 9-11

I have had some really great questions surrounding 9/11.  Until I can do another in-depth reading, I wanted to provide a link to a post I did a while ago on the topic... Reading starts out discussing crop circles, and goes a different direction with a pretty intense piece on 9/11.  Thanks.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Can a person really be "cursed". If so, are they only cursed in this life or is their soul cursed? Also, are there ways to break a curse?

7:00 AM
I see two separate things when I focus on this.  I will say before I start that in my mind I view the word "curse" as bad luck or negative energy.  Something about the word "curse" doesn't resonate with me (I don't know why?) Ok, the first thing I see are people who, when they chose to reincarnate, actually picked a difficult life.  This type of luck looks to be attached to the soul.  At the time they chose to incarnate, this was their life path (just one of the many paths / lessons that need to be learned for complete understanding).  As a living soul, with a conscious, it looks illogical to chose a difficult path, but I get a message about you can't appreciate easiness or greatness without fully understanding difficulties and struggles, so all lessons are important.  Then I hear a quote from a friend "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour" so all extremes are necessary to evolve and achieves a certain roundedness within our conscious.

The second thing I see is that some people are not on the life path of a difficult life, but they make bad decisions that go against what their gut or inner voice is telling them to do.  This is much more free will driven. Many times the right path is the difficult path, but to achieve something great you often have to put in effort (and I get that is why it is worth it).

In both situations (choosing a more challenging existence before you incarnate or going against what your inner self is telling you to do) you may feel cursed, but in both of those instances you can overcome what you are going through.  I get in the first situation, part of a difficult life path is learning how to change your perception, become more empowered, and overcome the challenge.

The first thing is to develop an awareness and full accountability.  If you believe you can control your situation and put the intent out there, you can make positive change in your life.  If you focus on the bad, and think you are cursed, you will draw that to yourself.  (I am getting that the Law of Attraction is a huge factor in this mindset.).  I am also getting the phrase that "people create their own luck" and this goes both in a negative and positive direction.

Then I see a scenario about someone saying, Why do I get traffic tickets all the time, but my friend has never had one?  Is that not an example of bad luck being drawn to a person. This is where self reflection is important- You may have the attraction of the police (because of this energy attached to your soul) BUT you do still have control, Don't speed, Don't drive broken taillights /windshield/ etc. I get that you will always have choices to or things you can do to take control.  I am also hearing a phrase that positive energy is more powerful that negative (as long as you nurture the positive and don't focus on the negative) and no soul or person is doomed to a life of negativity, but it may require work on the individuals part.

Thank you.  It is 7:23 AM