Thursday, March 13, 2014

Clif High

2:00 PM 
Q. Clif High of the Webbot technology believes he can forecast the future based on language of today. Can you see if this technology is true? 
A. I do see this as true.  The image I get is one of the the Internet and all of our connectedness (visually looks like a globe with a spiderweb surrounding it.)  As the spiderweb looks to grow and become more dense, it almost looks like it comes alive.  The enormous amount of communication that occurs creates some kind of "virtual" living entity.  I see it as an encrypted voice, and Clif High has learned how to decipher it.

Q. Is there an alien influence behind it? 
A.  I don't see it as an alien influences, but definitely a guiding force.. Let me explain... I see that Clif High had a vision for Webbot technology.  It started with a concept, and grew from there.  He definitely had challenges, but it was like something intervened.  When he didn't know where to go, he would get random inspiration.  It is coming through to me as some kind of intuition that he was able to tap into.  I also see that he had many "ah ha" moments along the way, where he couldn't even explain how he knew what to do, but he did.  (Possibly this was some higher alien influence, I just can't see an image to support to that.)

I also get Clif High is very scientific, can support the way the things work with hard backing.  There is an element of being very open minded, which allows for higher thoughts and outside influences to work.  

Q. Has it been corrupted by outside influences such as government? 
A. I don't see it being corrupted by the government, but I keep getting the word "infiltrated" as if the government uses or has tapped into Webbot for their agenda and gathering information, and they don't want to taint it an deem it useless.  I get if they manipulated it there is no way to distinguish what was falsely [intentionally]  corrupted versus genuine inforamtion.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:15 PM. Link to Audio

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