Sunday, March 30, 2014

Earth Changes.. Q & A

8:08 PM
I have had a lot of questions regarding earth changes, so I wanted to address a few..
Q.  What is going on with the recent earthquakes in California?  Is this the precursor to the “big one”?
A. I see this as constant rumbles.  Once it starts it never stops.  I don’t see a “big one” but rather several constant ones.  I get that to some degree they are always going on.  I also get that it is tied to the action with Yellowstone.  The unsettling pressure that is building up under the ground is contributing to these earthquakes.  I am not seeing a huge devastation, but I sense a lot of fear and uneasiness. It just seems so constant that it is unsettling.

 I also see that on the eastern border or California has some earth changing cracks occurring.  The ground  looks dry, and reminds me of the texture of crocodile skin (not necessarily the feel, but the look of the texture.)  I also see what looks like a gurgling from the ground at the eastern border line.  It looks like foam  and mud bubbles come to the surface through cracks in the ground. 

Q. I live in southwest Florida and am concerned about climate change. There's much information on the east coast but can't imagine its any good for entire State. Thank you.
A. The first thing I get is that it is going to be extremely humid, more humid that normal this summer.  I also get a sense of a pest problem on growing crops (this is related to the whole state).  There will be storms, but I don’t get that the duration of the storms is long.  It seems like they are bad (pretty impactful), but fizzle out within in a few days.  The more south you are, the worse it is.  I see tropical storms and even one hurricane reaching land, but they don’t feel huge in size.
I see that you should have supplies for about 2 days time (at least) and be prepared to head to the north central part of the state. That location feels the safest.

I do see the eastern part of Florida having the most impact from storms, and at one time I sensed the military would be deployed there to give aid.  I can’t see that the storms last a long time, but the military being present has something to do with the storms, and it is told it is to help.. I can’t actually see what they are helping though.

 Q. In the 1960s or 70s Ruth Monthomery predicted a 'shift of the world on its axis' soon after the new millennium that will lead to massive flooding and changes to continent structures - with some continents losing lots of land to the water, while other land masses will rise. It is predicted that this event will wipe out the majority of human life on the planet, representing a 'cleanse' of evil and wrong-doing. Do you get that will actually occur? If so - in what time frame? What other information/details do you get?
A. I do see that happening, but I get it is gradual.  In a previous reading I saw the image come through like this.. If the world were a face on a clock, and north America was in the upper left quadrant, I see the tilt turning counter- clockwise about 5-6 minutes.  It seems slight, but there is a big impact. 

It is true that some land masses will flood while other appear (that new land is very fertile, so it is actually very blessed land and I see people fighting over it).  I also visualize that the flooding happens more on the east and west sides of large countries versus north and south- the islands are very different depending on the island..

I don’t see this happening all in one instant, but rather gradually and constantly and is happening now.  There looks to be a couple world events that jump this forward in larger steps, but overall this is slow and constant.  I also get that even though this shift may not sound like much of a distance, it makes an enormous impact, especially with how the ice on the north pole is frozen/melts and what is happening to the sea level.  I also see that the gravity and rotation of the earth sort of “slings” the water in the middle section of the earth  a certain way, and as the true middle of the earth changes, that is what will be the major contributor to the flood. The pole shift and way the water "slings" causes flooding..

The time frame is now and continuing.. I don’t see a definite end date. It feels to go on for what looks like infinity in my mind.

Q.Will Singapore sink due to rise in water levels around the world?

A. My first impression is that it feels very low to the sea.. As if the country is like a beach.  I do see issues, but I don’t see it all the way taken under water.  I see flooding, and in some spots it looks like you have to walk with water up to your ankles.  It is like the ground is slushy.  In some spots the water recedes, and in others there is the permanent "slushy" feeling.

Thank you.  It is 8:43 PM. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. This is much appreciated. I have just one problem to understand your describtion of the counter-clockwise tilting of the Earth (sorry- English is not my first language).
Does it mean that the (new) North pole is shifting gradually more in the direction of North America or in the opposite direction?!

And concerning Europe: because of our very warm winter (not really a winter), I would have just guessed that Middle Europe is shifting gradually to get warmer and warmer. Is this correct?!

And how about the outcome for China/Sibiria and North America when the pole is shifting to this directions. Does it mean that China for example is getting colder than the US or vice versa?!
Thank you.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 4:33 AM: Yes, it will shift to the left. I see the western part of the US getting warmer, the eastern part of the US colder. I also see Europe being warmer and China being colder.

It also takes on the look of a bobble head, meaning the position doesn't feel stuck or static, but rather a wobble as it moves or shifts. There will be a lot of fluctuation with weather.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for informing us and specially without exacerbating on the catastrophic aspects. Even people with a pacemaker low on battery can read it! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I asked about the details of the shift because this wobble really is complicated (to understand)!
I tried on Google Earth how it looks like with a left shifting pole and I admit, it is not easy to understand where exactly it will shift...

@10:03 AM: lol!

Anonymous said...

You see the Eastern part of the United States getting colder and the Western part getting warmer. What do you see for Minnesota? Colder than 'normal'? Thank you.

Psychic Focus said...

@12:11 PM: I see the northeastern corner getting colder and the rest staying close to the same (overall).