Saturday, March 29, 2014

South American Events

11:55 AM
Q. Hi, the people in Venezuela Are really suffering under President Nicolas Maduros, who is using repression, violence,and lies to squash any peaceful protest against his ruling. Majority are against him. Do you see him being ousted from power this March,next couple of month or year?
A.  I do see that the majority are against him, but the conflict is that the minority that support him and what he is doing (mainly out of fear) are the ones that can make a difference with their political power.  I also feel like there is some outside negotiation going on.  It looks like the country [Venezuela] is in debt to someone else, as if some outside event happened that created a need to be saved, and it created a Venezuelan debt.  Someone aided they needed assistance or a bailout (I keep seeing bananas as I read this situation??) in exchange for (I get oil?).  Maduros is manipulating the people with fear to maintain power and the countries that came to the Venezuelan aid, are in support because Maduros is in on this oil deal.  Maduros actually feels like a puppet to these other countries, as if he himself doesn't really make decisions. I see that things are bad with Maduros, but they could be worse with someone else.  

If President Nicolas Maduros leaves office, the initial feeling will be one of relief and a sense of empowerment to the people, but the new rule will soon be corrupted.  I get that not many people know of the oil deal, and once the new rule finds out, they too would end up having negative impacts on the people. I get that no matter who is in power, they will soon become weak to the counties that came to Venezuelan aid and this will end up with an adverse effect on the people.

Q. What do you see on the climate and social unrest problems during 2014 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil next June and July? We are over 220 million inhabitants here. 

A. I first get a strange weather pattern.  It feels unseasonably hot!  I mean I see people sweating, and I also get an image of an insect problem.  I get the impression from my images that this weather is very different than the normal weather for this time of year.  I don't see flooding, or storms, just intense heat and humidity.

As far as social unrest.. I see the games as a huge event for this country.  Many people pay attention, and soccer almost serves as a distraction from other issues and social unrest. People in general I get are very angry at the treatment of the citizens, and the biggest issue is the corruption.  I see dirty deals and money laundering, and somehow the World Cup is involved (I get an image of the world cup with the funnel in the top, and money is filtering into it.)  As issues arise, or people protest, the people get punished and made to be an example.  There is so much fear that people are afraid to stand up.  

I do see Dilma Rousseff being re-elected, and in thinking of her, I get that she make take a stern tone to the people, and give the illusion of being strong, but in reality she is very easily manipulated by certain other officials or people of power.  I cannot see if it is bribes or if she is somehow encouraged to look the other way with regard to the corruption, but I can't see her stand up against it. 

I see that there will eventually be some special interest group raise up, like some third party revolt occurring or forming.  It looks as if the people have had enough, and there is a large opposing force on the horizon.  I feel like it is being formed in the southern part of Brazil.  I looks to be that they group is somewhat known, but not taken seriously yet, but within the next few years will start to really make trouble, and make a difference with the treatment of the people.

Thank you.  It is 12:15 PM.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much! actually Brazil is facing excess of water in the NW (amazon basin lato sensu) and a severe drought in the NE (traditionally arid interior domains). But this year the SE (which is the most inhabitated area) had an unusual hot and dry summer, actually the São Paulo metropolitan area is undergoing water shortages. Electricity (which is mainly generated by hidroelectric facilities will probably also undergo rationalisation in 4-8 weeks. Drought in the SE is likely to go on until November because the winters are generally a low precipitation period!

Psychic Focus said...

@ 4:02 PM: That must be why I got the sensation of strange weather- very not typical of what you are used to. There is a huge imbalance there right now. I'm am sorry to hear it was even more intense than what I felt. I do feel that it will balance, it is just going to take some time (like 6 to 9 months.)

Anonymous said...

Can you do a reading sometime on king ahab and Jezebel please. Thank you for your readings

Anonymous said...

When you see bananas I'm pretty sure that the image is indicating a political science term called a "banana republic". This term refers mostly to a country that is solely dependent on exporting a limited resource such as oil for Venezuela. Hope this helped.

Psychic Focus said...

@12:01 thank you