Thursday, March 20, 2014

Earth Change Questions...

2:52 PM
Q. What do you see about the Edgar Cayce predictions regarding ocean level rise and the reappearance of Atlantis somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and when? 
A.  I do see that Edgar Cayce is correct.. I have seen this myself in several readings. I always see the rise waters, gradual but steady.  I also see them on the both the east and west coasts, rather than issue north and south (meaning the Gulf of Mexico.  What I see happen is the tides come in, but slowly recede less and less, which eventually causes the water to rise.  In my mind there is a major highway that runs the coast on the east side.  I see the water up to the highway line.  In some parts the water crosses the road, but mostly just up to the road itself.  I also see a similar thing on the west coast.  It looks as if a highway runs north and south, and that looks to be the marker where most of water rises to.  

Atlantis.. I see it emerge in the area that is labeled the Bermuda Triangle.. I also get this image of crystals or something reflective, because as the sun shines on this "island" it looks bright, and has a lot of shimmer on it.  

Q. I ask myself, when is this happening?  
A. I get that this is gradually starting now... and by 2016 it will look significant.  There will be a measurable change on the coast.  

Q. Specifically in the USA do you see a big earthquake in the midwest that leads to greatly enlarging the Mississippi River and ocean level rise on both coasts? 
A. I see many small earthquakes, but I don't see a huge one.  What I really see come through is in California along the border of California where it sides with Nevada, it looks like gurgling mud and water coming out of the ground.  It looks like these small earthquakes take their toll and do something to ground at that area.  It looks like there are mud bubbles coming out of the ground.

I also see the Mississippi getting much wider.  It is going to consume a lot of land on both sides.  This has something to do with the water, not earthquake driven.  I looks as if as the Atlantic gets higher, it drains into the Michigan Lakes, which then drain down into the Mississippi (either directly or through other water ways, it is somehow all connected.)  When the Michigan lakes drain, there is so much water, it just starts flooding out spots.  I also get this is starting now as well, it just isn't highly televised.  

Q. Will NYC and surrounding land (Long Island) or parts of it be underwater?
A.  I get a lot Long Island will be underwater.  NYC will deal with flooding, and even flooding that never drains away, but not hit as bad as the Long Island area. I also get that New York in general is really under a lot of weather attack.  It is important that the citizen take weather seriously- I just felt that message needed to be said.  

Thank you. And that is all I have for now.  It is 3:10 PM.  Link to audio.


Anonymous said...
Wonder if the South America one place near the sea had a pyramid under the ocean with a ball of glass found was it once lost islands.

Anonymous said...

Since the Mississippi is the primary home water and crop irrigation source in the Midwest, do you see the saline content rise from the salt water influx?

Sejanus said...

Great session, so true.

However I have a small question.

Every now and then earth balance itself and go through ice age.

What do you feel if you tune in this subject. Is small ice age going to happen in next few years? I belive big area of united states will be covered by ice permanently very soon.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 6:13 PM: I do see the saline content increasing, but not to the detriment of crops. The Michigan Lakes will highly dilute the saline content before it reaches the Mississippi.

@ 9:32 PM: I do see the possibility of a mini Ice Age on the northwest portion of the United States and also Canada. The time frame I see feels far into the future (like 50 years from now)..

Anonymous said...

What is causing these "Earth Changes?" The Sun, HAARP, pole shift, pollution, aliens, or just part of the natural process???

Psychic Focus said...

There are a lot of different things going on at once. I see that the magnetic field surrounding earth is weakening, which makes the sun more intense- the effects people as well as wildlife (like birds and fish).. We are definitely being manually manipulated with weather- that (in addition to the chem-trail chemicals in the air) messes with the natural ecosystem. Lastly, I see the earth shifting, meaning true north now isn't what it used to be (that is the main contributor of the geographic change) because as the tilt shifts, the water lays differently on the land.

Anonymous said...

Where will the poles shift to?
How much will the poles change?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 2:37 PM: I see the poles shifting in a counterclockwise motion. If we were to stare at the globe as a clock, and north america was in the northwest quadrant, I see it shifting back about 6 to 8 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Well, then Europe is moving in direction NORH, i.e. getting colder?!