Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've watched several cymatics experiments on YouTube. Using vibration and frequency, intricate shapes can materialize such as the Star of David. If these shapes can materialize temporarily as long as the frequency is held, does this mean everything we see around us is also manifest because, somewhere, a frequency machine is governing our world?

2:37 PM
What I first get is that everything is held together by some magnetic attraction.  It can be a force makes things bond tighter, or it can repel each other.  There is a certain vibration or frequency that is unique to most everything.  If something does share the same frequency, it is a very similar, related item [I can't get a visual of two different things with completely different properties sharing the same vibration or frequency].  And I get that the frequency or vibration that holds the magnetic particle together is... Let me start that sentence over... What I get is that the frequency or vibration of an object is held in the magnetic spaces [or area of attraction] between the elements (the visual I get is two living cells being drawn together by a magnetic force and the magnetic force is where the vibration is held.)  When someone is trying to determine the frequency or vibration of an object, really you are determining what the magnetic "pulse" is that is holding the objects together (or cells, elements, what ever word you want to use... I feel the work particles that make up the element is more accurate.).

Q. Can you change the vibration of an object?
A. Yes, you can, but it will take on different features.  For example, you can instill a certain vibration in water (as the YouTube example showed), and then alter that vibration and create a new result.  It is still the same object (water) but it takes a different form or shape.

Q. The next thing I want to address because I get this all the time with regard to increasing someone spiritual self is...
Can you change the vibration in a living thing (like a person)?
A.  The answer is yes, but I see it requiring action, and most times it doesn't last unless you are constantly working it.  I see that a person can increase their vibration (still being a person, with a heightened awareness of self as the result) but it really is their own mental energy doing this.  Certain sounds can help, also tools like crystals can help, but those feel (sounds and crystals) more like a tool to help you do what you can do on your own.  It does require practice, and sometimes tools are needed until you understand the skill, but most everyone can achieve this.

Thank you.  It is 2:53 PM.  Link to Audio.

(I know I have some requests about the sounds and tones specifically, and how that increases intuition.  I plan to include that in my next group reading.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing your insight. I had to read your explanation a few times to grasp it. These cymatics experiments are the physical manifestation of things we cannot see, like the radio and electromagnetic waves all around us. With certain frequencies, the shapes created are perfectly symmetrical from the center outward. Is this what spiritualists mean when they say our spiritual state should be "centered"? Also, I've noticed I often see these centric-focused geometrical shapes on churches and synagogues, suggesting that religion is aware of this phenomena. Do you think this is proof that religion and science are intrinsically linked? Lastly, Is this - quantum physics- part of what the ancient secret mystery schools called the forbidden knowledge?

Psychic Focus said...

I do see that religion and science both have an understanding of these fundamental shapes. They both arrived at this knowledge through different means, but the end result was the same. I see that everything can be broken into these shapes depending on the vibration it possesses. I don't necessarily see it as forbidden knowledge, but rather very powerful knowledge. Thank you for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Now...if I could only figure out the frequency to make an Audi A7 materialize. Lol Thanks again.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 1:21 PM: I love your positive energy.