Saturday, March 15, 2014

Could you please do a reading on Israel and Iran please and the middle east region? Thank you

10:04 AM
As soon as I tune into this I get a weird dynamic between the two countries.  I feel like there is some kind of brother / sister relationship.  To better explain it, I get that they go through periods of time that they are neutral, and don't bother each other.  (I am watching this play out like a cartoon in my mind. The shapes of the countries "come to life" and I am seeing how they are interacting..) Then I see Iran "poke" at Israel, and then it looks like Israel does some kind of tattling to the rest of the world as if they are trying to get all the countries on Israels's side.  What Israel doesn't share is that they do their fair share of "poking" too. 

Iran then gets mad at Israel [again this is like little kids] because Iran is always seeking the support of allies and other countries, and almost never fights its' own fight.  I see this as antagonizing to Iran, and makes Iran want to lash out even more, then I hear the word "tattle tale".  Then I hear Iran say they have a "secret plan" to get them back- which then my mind flashes to a scene on Despicable Me where there is a missile being used. It also looks like the majority of their fighting comes down to territory and also I get that Iran doesn't like any cultural influences of Israel (referring to governing ideas or individual freedoms) being infiltrated into Iran.

With regard to the middle east in general... I see this as a battle of territory.  My mind flashes back to mid-evil days when kingdoms would battle it out to acquire more land.  It looks like this area of the world still has many of those same philosophies (the strong survive and the weak get taken over), but are bound to our current day rules (to some extent because the rest of the world is so readily willing to jump in and prevent a take over from land happening). I also get that the middle east wants nothing more than to be left alone.  I ask myself if this is the thoughts of the people or government, and I get that the government has the people so conditioned with religious and political influence, that the government has the people AND the government wanting to be left alone to fight their own battles.  The people (for the most part) have pride in dying for what they believe- it's honorable. 

I get that it makes many of the countries in the middle east angry to have to live by the rest of worlds ideals.  They feel they can never battle it out, because someone else is always stepping in, therefore the threat of war or an attack is always existent.  Many of the countries coming to aid are trying to force their ideals of how a government should be, and it comes across as how a parent is telling a telling what they should do or how they should think.  Some of the middle east is receptive to it, but there are some big independent thinkers (countries)  that are so ingrained in their beliefs that I just see rage taking over.

And that is all I have for now. Thank you.  It is 10:42 AM.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Grace said...

If we look at our true Human History, people of Iran and Israel are cousins.