Saturday, March 22, 2014

Question and Answer VI [Group Submissions]

5:59 PM

Occasionally I like to do a series of random questions to address some of the many (great) questions out there.  Let me get started…

Q Putin (of Russia) seems like a very smart man (unlike western politricksters) and may even have a Heart. Could you take a look at him?
A  I immediately see him as a strong, but easily intimated man (to the right people).  I see that China really has control over him (kind of like a puppet).  He deep down looks to care about his people, and the success of his country, but his loyalty to those things also blocks him from compassion to people that are not in his country and are not “his people.”  I really see that he doesn't want a lot of conflict over this Ukraine situation, but in a way he feels powerless about it.  As if the wheels are in motion and he just has to “stick to the plan.”

Q Does Iran have a nuclear weapon? Does it plan to attack Israel? What do you see happening in this region? 
A  I see that this conflict will never end.  I visualize these countries as cartoon characters, and they constantly “pick” at each other.  The US is more loyal to Israel, so we tend to stand up for them and the media is slanted to only portray Israel as the victim, but Israel picks back too (they look like the inferior kid that says if you don’t do what I want I will have my big brother [meaning the US] get you.  They definitely use their strength of the US to their advantage.

I see that Iran does have a nuclear weapon, but something about it feels off.  It was like it was made with some junk parts or very outdated.  I looks as if they use the idea of having a weapon as security, but in a way they don’t trust it would work the way they want it.. It may work, and it may do something unexpected. 

The idea of having a weapon causes a threat, but I don’t see them using it.  They have other weapons (not nuclear) that can cause damage, and I do see at some point when the US is incredibly distracted in other world events they will attack Israel because it will be more difficult for the US to come in and save them. 

Q Hello, I've heard many stories about Mars, and am wondering what things are being hidden from us. Have any people already made it to Mars? If so, what are they doing there? Also, how are they traveling to get there? I have read rumors of potential teleportation devices and such, and am curious about that. Last of all, was Mars ever an inhabited planet?
A  I do see that life existed on Mars, and it looks as if it still does.  I also see what looks like greenhouses with plant life. We do travel there, and it does look like some kind of a teleporting system (I can’t sort out how it works) and it only opens at certain times and weather conditions and it powered by a machine using magnetism.

I did an extensive reading on this a while ago, and I am attaching the link (I think you will find it interesting.)

Q.There have been skeletons unearthed of giants, 8 feet tall or more. The bible speaks that there were giants, what do you see on that? What happened to them?
A. I also see that we had giants.  What it looks like is they lived during a time when the earth was much different.  It had something to do with the gravity being less, which allowed animals, plants and even people to be larger.  As the gravity was altered, things couldn’t grow as large because their hearts couldn’t pump blood, etc..

I then get an image of the earth being smaller, and then the next image looks like the earth is breathing (much like how your chest goes up and down when you take a breath), and then the earth grew with each breath as if it was a living thing as a whole.  When the earth changed in that respect which took many, many years, the gravity altered, and these large beings died. 

I even see an image of a giant helping to build Stonehenge, and at one point they were treated as slaves.  I get intellectually they were not as superior to the smaller man, but they had so much strength it didn’t matter for their survival. The smaller man knew how to entice them (because of their intellect) and get them to do work.

Q. What is the relationship of aliens to the Universe?
A.  I do see aliens and UFOs in our universe.  Then I hear a message that in the big scheme of the universe, it would be limiting to think that our planet is the only planet that can sustain life or has the technology to go into space.  Then I hear that aliens have been in space and lived on other planets long before humans existed.

Q. Do you see a cure for cancer or aids coming into the world anytime soon?
A.  I do see a cure for cancer, aids and other diseases.  Then when I focus on it I see that it will come in terms of homeopathic cures and not by pharmaceutical companies.  Then I get that there is no money in a cure, but there is a lot of money in treating symptoms. 

Then I see a manger scene from Christmas, and I hear Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  I get that those three elements in various tinctures can significantly heal the body (you may be drinking, eating or breathing this based on your illness.)

Then I see something about everyone has everything they need to heal themselves in their environment, they just have to look.  Then my mind goes to a previous reading I did on cancer, and someone is eating the yellow tops off of a dandelion.  It looked to boost the immune system, while helping the body purge toxins. 

Q Where did dogs originate from? How did they get to be domesticated by humans? 
A. I see dogs came from wolves, (which then I see originally came from hyenas). To focus on how they were domesticated by humans… I see that they started to inbreed, as if there were wolves that became separated geographically, and the continuous act of inbreeding left them more tame (and less aggressive).  It took several generations for this to happen, but the result became a species of dog that was capable of being domesticated.  I also hear that feral dogs are more true to their roots because their instincts are much like that of their wolf ancestors.

Q. The Book of Enoch in chapter 8 explains how the angels came to earth and fornicated with the women and taught humans how to make swords and breastplates and metallurgy. When I watch the TV shows Vikings and Game of Thrones it seems like these angels in the Book of Enoch are actually the Norse Gods. The book says God was so dismayed that the angels shared these secrets with humans that he caused the hybrid children of the angels and human women to fight and kill each other, as in the perpetual and bloody wars between the various Royal Houses in Europe and Asia. Is the Book of Enoch explaining these events in history?
A. I see that the word angels meant different things to different people during this time.  In my mind I am getting "tripped up" on the language of the question, and it appears to come from the conflicting views people had back then.  Some people thought that beings that came to earth were angels, some thought they were gods and other thought they were aliens. There was an element of magnificence regardless of who they were or what "name" to put on them.  People of that time didn't know or understand who there were, they just knew that they appeared to fly in (some on machines) from up in the heavens.

I see that there is a lot of truth in the book of Enoch, and it explained how many hybrid people came into existence (then I get an image of someone called a god that had a human body with a very elongated head).  These part angel/god/alien people still had the humanistic quality of wanting more  (land, money, power) and also felt that because they were different, and viewed different by the people that they led, they deserved  the land, money, power.  Then I hear a message about "Imagine if we had someone in our current society that was so unique that they were half angel/god/alien and exhibited those physical characteristics, They would be treated as the angel/god/alien themselves and seen as unique or special."

Will a matrix like technology be conceived in the future, such as connecting the brain directly to created stimulus rather than it perceiving the stimuli from the environment. 
A I see this being experimented with now.  I get the first phase will be to implement this into video games, and the technology is there (it is still early) but evolving greatly.

And that is all I have for now.  It is 6:55 PM.  Audio to be uploaded later.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am amazed! Thank you

craig said...

You had me curious about the cancer cures info, I found this link to research that was being done in the UK in 2007.

I do believe we have all we need to in nature to cure whatever comes up, it's just a matter of knowing what compounds work for what illness.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for the feedback. :-)

Sejanus said...

There was a consipracy theory that there is planned war between USA and russia+china, the war was supposed to kill as many people as possible, just as they believe there is simply too many on the planet right now.

Do you see any "real one world government" plotting behind everybodys back and using putin/obama and politics as puppets?, or maybe they have some voice in all of this?

Psychic Focus said...

I do see one world power in the end. I see a lot of political figures under the illusion they have power, but really they are puppets for the people with money. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for responding to the Book of Enoch posting. Very interesting that you confirmed a connection between "angels" and "Gods" and "E.T.s". This corresponds to your reading in 2012 that the Nordic gods look like humans. This makes sense because, remember, the bible says God spoke, "Let us make man in our image.". In HIS image, means we look like them. And they look like us. They are probably living among us and we have no idea because we look just like THEM. Interesting how the ancient texts have told us the truth all along; we just didn't know what we were reading.

Angela Navejas said...

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