Monday, March 24, 2014

Yellowstone (Animal Behavior and Seismic Activity)

1:17 PM
Q. I would like a reading on the following video. Given that animals behave strangely before a big earthquake and that the super volcano in Yellowstone has been behaving oddly recently, I would like to know what you can sense regarding the behavior of these buffalo:

(The title of the video is Yellow Stone Bison on the Run, in case you have to search Youtube for it)

Yellowstone is waking up. Reports of the ground rising and harmonic tremors are coming in. Is Yellowstone going to erupt soon?

A. As soon I read this my feet start feeling this buzzing sound or vibration (feels like if you were to put you feet on a dryer while it is running..). Just a really low buzzing sound and feeling.  

I get that animals of course sense things before people, but I am trying to focus on how.  I get the words animal instinct, then I get that animals can function on instinct, whereas people can get that same intuitive sense, but their rationale block them from acting on it (many times). 

I get there is a lot activity in that area, some of which we don't even have documented. The first thing I get is the sound. I feel like the ground is humming.  I see a person holding a seashell up to their ear listening, and I get if we did that motion to the ground and really focused, we could hear something strange, again I get that low buzzing or hum sound.  

I also get there is a frequency or vibration of the earth that has changed.  It has to do with all the energy beneath the surface.  Then I see a tuning fork, and it is being struck at the bottom but the sound and vibration moves up and outward from the source.  It is showing me that the source may be causing this sound and vibration, but the source doesn't have to be located where the frequency or vibration and sound is experienced.

I also get that the air is different. I see it as a strange magnetic bubble (surrounding the area like a dome). I also get this "magnetism" in this area is the thing that got the animals on alert.  Up until now with the sounds and vibrations, I get the animals were cautious, had some instinct it (things) were off, but not danger.  Now they feel danger with the magnetism.  I also get the air there smells different.  I further get that anyone that has been  there to visit will have noticed a (contrast) difference in the smell of the air when compared to even a few year ago.  It is like there is a metallic smell, and in some parts where it is more intense, I get you can even taste it. It is a dirty metallic taste.

The reason the animals are acting strangely is because this change in air actually makes them feel ill, and they are running away from the source of the thing that is causing their ailment.  I feel like I am looking out the eyes of this Bison, and get this nauseous, head spinning feeling, and I just want to run away from it.  In some instances it may be one or two of the animals, but many times I get this hits several at once creating a heard-like effect out, away from the area.  

I don't see see it erupting soon, as in the new few years, but I see within our lifetime..  What I get is it doesn't all happen at once, it looks like phases.  I'm not sure how it is divided, but it looks like one section or part erupts, pressure is somewhat released, and then in the next couple of years it builds again and pops a new spot, and it has a domino feel.  It also looks like it follows a line.  Like one eruption.... then another.... then another.. all alone some kind of line.  Once the first one goes, it seems consistent that every 1 or 2 years the next one in line goes.

And that is all.  Thank you. 1:34 PM. Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Hi, in many of your posts, it seems that the future is not going to be very pleasant. If I may ask, do you see any happy thing that may happen?

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of great things that I see in the future. There is a somewhat reset of how things are now. People get back to their roots, people learn to come together, bartering becomes important and people have direct satisfaction for trading their own goods, I see as a society we have more spiritual growth.. I see trying times, but big rewards in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 6.37,
Thank you so much for telling me that, I have been feeling rather depressed for a while now. So I hoped that there would be something nice coming.

Psychic Focus said...

@10:40 PM- Anonymous is really Lynn @ PsychicFocus.. I accidently didn't change my screen tag. Love and light- L

Anonymous said...

^^ I see, thanks for your reading about the future, it feels like the future is not all that bad.

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks for all your posts. ^^

Anna Zhao said...

We live in Seattle Washington and we are a little worried about earthquakes. Do you see big, destructive earthquake strike anytime from now? if so, when?Thank you very much!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Anna: I do see a lot of change in that area. I see that regain being plagued with a lot of "little" earthquakes, some worse than others. I don't see big destruction or loss of life, but MANY inconveniences (utility issues, road issues, schools closing for repair, etc). I see it getting much worse over the next year to where an almost daily earthquake is the norm (you almost get desensitized to it).

Anna Zhao said...

Thank you so much Lynn! I so very much appreciate your time and work, you're awesome!!