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Hi I have a great interest in Mars can you see if any kind of life existed there and did it once have a great civilization and if so what happened there to end it. Also can you tell me if anyone came from there to our earth to escape the catastrophe Anything at all will be greatly appreciated.

8:02 PM - The first image I see is this very tall human looking person and they are very thin...The image is coming through really cartoonish to me.  The shape of their body reminds me of those black and white characters that you see on clip art, and I will have to attach a picture.  The faces have a very distinct jawline and very thick pronounced chin.  The individual I am seeing is wearing a metallic ring around their head and he appears to be the leader...the terrain looks like red clay and it almost looks like the structures are molded out of this red clay.  It feels very dry and hot.  I feel like most people reside in underground tunnels.  And the above ground structures are more like fancy entrances to the cave system underground.

Q-Does any life exist there now?
A-I do not see anything in the shape of a human, but I think there is a couple, or at least a couple of animal species there.  One kind of looks like a wild boar, but it's skin looks more lizard like....And out of the blue, I am seeing a rainbow and I am asking why? And the answer I am getting is because you need moisture to have a rainbow.  So there is water in their atmosphere.  I am trying to zone in on other animals that are there, and it is like I have a sense that I know they are there and I cannot see them, but it like they are hidden underground.
Q-Can you describe these boars in more detail size, etc.
A-Ok..I think they have the ability to walk on their two hind legs, or walk on four legs.  When they are upright the look to be between 3 and 4 feet tall.  Their skin is kind of a really deep reddish brown, but really dark like a brick red.  I feel like their language is unspoken, that they communicate through thoughts to one another.  It is like I see these weird little plants with like a tubular stalk, NOT a woody stalk.  And they eat the roots of this plant.  The mostly live underground in the tunnels.  They are the most sophisticated species that lives their.  And they kind of control the planet.  I do not know what  normal pig looks like but these have like two toes on their feet.  And one is showing me it's foot and is like spreading it's toes and making like a peace sign at me, so I sense that they are friendly.  But they also feel private like they do not want to be messed with either.  
Q-When you say toes, toes or hoofs.
A-It is kinda a cross between both because they do not have a thumb, or a toe that looks like a humans, it is more hoof like but it is jointed, like there is a joint in it.

Q-Are these human like with intellect or more animal like with instinct?
A-I am seeing that book that I had to read in high school  were the animal talk, so my impression is that they are intelligent like a human, but even more so because they have that instinct too.
Q-Describe their faces, reproductive organs, do they have a tail?
A-Their face is the shape of a pig, the texture of their skin is more...I would say like an elephant, it does not have hairs on it.  The strangest thing is that it has thin human looking lips.  Normal snout.  And that is standing out as far a face goes.  Tail...It does NOT have one, but there is like a numb where one could grow but it is smoothed over.  And I am getting some message about, how could they sit comfortably if they had a tail in the way.  Reproductive....Like they are all male AND female.  And there breading is the same as how other animals bread.
Q-Like a penis and vagina?
Q-What happened to the humanoid species that lived on Mars?
A-It was something about the planet got really hot, even the internal part where all of the tunnels were, it got too hot.  And because they did  not sweat or have a self regulating aspect to their body temperature they were forced to leave.
Q-How long ago and where did they go, and what mean of transportation did they use.
A-They did use a space ship..I am getting that they left around..between 2000-2500 years ago.  And that people on Earth actually saw them leave..And I am seeing Jupiter, and I feel like they live on a moon of Jupiter.
Q-Have they ever to Earth?
A-Yes they have...and I feel like there is cave drawings somewhere describing that experience.  And I feel like they came here a lot.
Q-Are there any here now?
A-Not directly, but some of their genetic code has been left here through their offspring, like they mated with some  humans.
Q-Somewhere I read that Bigfoot was a descendant of Mars, what do you see.
A-I saw it as more like Giant sized people, they were not hairy but more like humans that were like 11 or 12 feet tall.  But those individuals have died and there is a very diluted gene-pool that remains here.
Q-Was Goliath one of these offspring or Martian?
A-He is being shown to me in a cartoon form just like the original Martians, but he has a humanistic look also, so I feel he was a crossbreed of both. 
Q-What do they call themselves?
A-Sounds something like GLUCK-TIN and I asked them to spell it and they said their are no letters.
Q-How did they communicate?
A-They could either speak with their mouth or communicate mentally.
Q-Can you speak with one of them?
A-I can try....and I see them like where your adam's apple would be, I see their throat moving in and out, like they make noises in their throat.
Q-What do they eat, do they teeth and such?
A-They do have teeth...And they eat mostly vegetable looking foods and plants....One of them showed me a rabbit, and when I asked if they ate rabbits they said, NO they do not have rabbits their, but they do eat meat in the form of small animals, but not often.
Q-Did their plant mars ever have life like earth on it?
A-I am being told that it did, but their atmosphere was destroyed and when that happened their was too big of a fluctuation in the temperature for life to sustain.  And then I am hearing like this sassy talk and someone is saying that Earth is like the new would that be?  Earth is the new Mars.
Q-What cause the change in Mars?

A-I just had like their a weird dark feeling came over me, and then I got a message about I cannot believe that you do not know and it was something about the last time the red comet made it's loop around, they way that Mars was situated, the gravitational pull almost made the, well it actually made the planet stop and start to rotate the other direction, and when that happened it also destroyed it atmosphere at the same time.
Q-Is their potential for this to happen to Earth? is definitely going to affect Earth but not as bad as it did Mars because when it passes by Earth it will not be nearly as close to us as it was to Mars.  And I am getting an image of perspective wise, standing here on Earth and then looking at the moon, and this comet was so close to Mars that it would be like watching it pass between Earth and our moon, that is how close it was.
Q-Was Mars always in the 4th position from the Sun.
A-It always was in the 4th position, but it used to be closer and I am getting that actually the entire solar system used to be much more compact and that is why ancient people were able to identify and understand the stars more, because they were able to see the other planets.
Q-When looking at this picture of Mars, where did this crater come from?

A-Hmm....It was a near miss by and asteroid or a comet, I do not know the difference, but what that was, was that the tail of it was so close that when it went by it left that Mark.
Q-This was not the Red Comet?
Q-Was this before or after the Martians left?
A-It was after they left, and they did not have that protective atmosphere around them so they were very vulnerable to objects that were in space and I am seeing this happen, there was like an asteroid in space and it was like the gravitational pull of mars kind of steered the asteroid toward it, but it was like on it's own path as well (the asteroid), and the asteroid came close to hitting Mars, but it didn't but their was like this big slingshot of debris behind it, and it just slung it right against it, right against the planet.
Q-Does NASA know about these pigs and plants?
A-I feel like they do and they have even negotiated terms with them.  And that NASA has agreed not to exploit them or mess with their immediate habitat in exchange for just allowing NASA to do research.
Q-Have humans ever been to Mars?
A-I am getting YES, how do you think they negotiated with the pigs...Like yes it is obvious that they have been their.
Q-We we have any bases on Mars?
A-I am hearing the phrase, Dark Side of the Moon.  Which makes me feel like their is parts of Mars that either we cannot see or we are blocked from seeing.  And that is where they setup their research bases.
Q-So you are telling me that we have humans born on Earth currently living on Mars?
A-For research purposes, yes they are there, but just free living there.
Q-How did they get there?
A-It is like I am seeing the space shuttle, but then there is a part of it that looks like a flying saucer, and I am feeling like that flying saucer came out of a space shuttle.
Q-Did we build it?
A-See that is where I am conflicted because I am seeing a flying saucer that I have never seen on our TV with our NASA program.  It is painted all white with our US flag painted on it, but I do not feel like it is our technology.  And I feel like it went up on a space shuttle kinda to sneak it off Earth and once it got out of our atmosphere, it is like I see these doors open and it flies out.
Q-Did astronaut Gene Cernan slip when he said 'Buzz does want to go back to Mars'?  Have our astronauts been there?
A-Our astronauts HAVE been there.  What name did you say?
Q-Gene Cernan? 
A-Oh?  I keep getting the name Mike.  I keep seeing a guy with reddish brown hair and a reddish brown beard that is really thick.
Q-Is there many structure on Mars, and do they resemble our ancient pyramids and such?
A-I do see ancient structures, they looks like they are made out of clay, and as far as like their research base, it looks like it has a bubble above it, I am seeing a picture of the Wizard of Oz, like what the city of Oz looks like. (A Dome).
Q-Will any of our planets be affected by this Red Comet, other than Earth?
A-I am seeing like Venus and Mercury look like they are vibrating so I feel that they are rotation will be altered by this comet too.  But I feel like the far our planets really will not be affected.
Q-Is there life on Mercury or Venus currently?
A-I do not see that No.
Q-Was there ever life on those planets?
A-I am getting at one time Venus because it's orbit used to be closer to where Earth is now, but Mercury Never.
Q-Will we officially ever see a publicized manned mission to Mars in ours or our children's lifetime?
A-I am getting the year 2042 at random.
Q-Could our pig species cross bread with Mar's pigs?
A-I am seeing a pig shake it's head yes, so...
Q-Is any of our Earth based life based on Martian lifeforms?
A-No because when they came hear we had already existed.  They added some to our gene-pool but they were not the original source.
Q-On the Jupiter moon, do they live on the surface, in a ship or under the ground?
A-I feel like they live on the surface on NO ship, like NOT on their ship.
Q-Will anything significant happen on Dec 21st, 2012?
A-I do not see anything significant, possibly a meteor shower, but nothing catastrophic.
Q-What about in terms of World events?  Like what is going to be the next big news story after the school shooting passes.
A-Like I am seeing a ton of smoke billowing out of a building.
Q-What kind of building?
A-Like I cannot tell where it is at and I do not get anything when I ask.  But it feels like it is in the middle of a city.
Q-Do you think you are blocked from seeing events that are in human hands?
A-Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  I do  not know I do not really have a good answer for that.
Q-What is your thoughts on this reading?
A-At first I felt like I could not connect and I felt like I had to pause a lot and think about it really hard, and then about halfway through it got easier.  It had some cools stuff in there that I had not really thought about.
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very interesting reading!

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Thank you!!

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Thank you! very interesting indeed

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Hi great reading very interesting but what is more interesting to me is the comment at the end about a burning building. A few nights before I read this I had a strange dream in which I looked out of a bedroom window ( not my bedroom ) and saw in the distance something burning with tall buildings in the skyline. I pointed out to my husband and said look there's something burning over there. The heat was intense and I could see heat waves coming from it. We both looked up and the sky was suddenly full of small meteorites passing over earth. Your comments reminded me of my dream. Thanks again peace be with you.

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I woke up this morning and remembered the word 'Neptune". It took me a minute to recall that is a planet on the outskirts of our planetary system (I mean who ever remembers it?!...really).

Does that mean anything to anyone else? What is happening (that inspired this word/planet/world? coming into my view)?

Usually it means something.

funny how this works (synchronicity)

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Another psychic is saying the next world event will involve smoke and he sees and icy land. Below is his prediction. Can you focus more on this event and let us know? Thank you!

The Predictions Read:

Finally the notes of the Prediction that is holding everything up Mass Destruction: A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area. Smoke has in the past represented destruction. The scope of the destruction was massive and the scene showed an icy land, but is that symbolic to an icy, cold tone? I assumed it meant a volcano and that’s a strong possibility, because I can’t really imagine anything else creating such enormous damage. But there are other more questionably cautious possibilities, a bomb, a chemical attack or spill. One message said, “Anyone who stays behind will probably not survive.”. This situation is slotted for the end of December and was given the number 22. In some ways I hope it’s a Volcano eruption because the other glaring possibility is the sum of fears out of Syria.” – Predicted December 5th under Coming Predictions

More vague information on the “Mass Destruction” prediction. This time I was standing in an airport that looked very unkept. There were windows for walls and outside a huge mist like black smoke blanketed the entire area. You could not see outside of the airport just smoke. As I mentioned before the smoke represents destruction. At this point it looks like they are intentionally hindering the clarity of the information. They perhaps don’t want to show me too much because it’s too horrific. Predicted December 10th