Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank you so much for your generous gift of intuition and time. You are helping so many people and I really appreciate you. For those who cannot relocate to Northern CA or the Northern West to Midwest areas, please discuss how life will be in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, CA (200 meters above sea level) and in the San Bernardino Mountain areas like Big Bear Lake (2000 meters above sea level) and Lake Arrowhead (1560 meters)? In terms of geology, water, radiation, air pollution and the people in those areas, will it be safe to live there? You mentioned May 2014 as a possible time for earth changes in CA, is that still what you see? Do you see the central valley in CA filling with water? If water floods the San Francisco Bay and the central valley from Redding in the north to Bakersfield in the south, how do towns above the central valley fair? Specifically, I am wondering about Yosemite Lakes (475 meters) and Coarsegold (675 meters). They are northwest of Fresno, CA and southeast of Yosemite. In Northern CA, Chico is south of Redding, CA and at 60 meters, will it be safe to live there? Also, you mentioned that Russia may attack an island off the coast of CA. To get a closer idea of location, what city is the island near? Thank you and your loved ones for your time and devotion to helping us all

2:49 PM I was going to do a reading.  I had several questions about California, so let me get started.  This is long, so I am going to break up the questions.  

Q. For those who cannot relocate to Northern CA or the Northern West to Midwest areas, please discuss how life will be in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, CA (200 meters above sea level) and in the San Bernardino Mountain areas like Big Bear Lake (2000 meters above sea level) and Lake Arrowhead (1560 meters)?
A.  When I focus on Los Angeles, it looks dark to me.  Like the sky is very dark and thick.  The clouds look dark to me.  I don't see water being a huge issue. It looks to me that the biggest you will do deal with in that area is pollution.  It actually feels different than smog, it is thicker and denser.  As if the pollution in the air has weight.  I see people wearing medical doctor masks over their mouth.  People are out and about, they are just cautious.  

I will say in looking at a map and focusing on the Los Angeles area, west of the area will have water issues.  I see high tides, higher than normal.  With the tides I see a lot of sea foam, abnormal amounts.  At first people look at this foam like it is beautiful, different, kind of enjoy it.  Then it becomes more like a pollutant.  What was once the beautiful beach is now infested with this sea foam.  

In terms of San Bernardino, it looks beautiful.  I see Big Bear Lake drying up some, it will be much smaller, but that area feels lush and green.  It looks like a safe haven and people will want to be there if they can get there.  

Q  In terms of geology, water, radiation, air pollution and the people in those areas, will it be safe to live there? You mentioned May 2014 as a possible time for earth changes in CA, is that still what you see?
A. I see "M" 2014, meaning March or May, and May "feels" correct to me.  I see Los Angeles as having a lot of air pollution, to the west of that area there will be land pollution from the water.  I definitely get a "toxic" vibe from this ocean water.  I even see people having trouble trying to sell fish that was obtained in the ocean, it is is like they have to sell it on the black market because people don't want it.  

A huge issue too is all the things that are grown in California.  They have issues due to the pollution in the air.  I see the vineyards being one of places that are highly effected by this.

People do try to get east, but most don't have the resources or means to do so.  

Q. Do you see the central valley in CA filling with water? If water floods the San Francisco Bay and the central valley from Redding in the north to Bakersfield in the south, how do towns above the central valley fair? Specifically, I am wondering about Yosemite Lakes (475 meters) and Coarsegold (675 meters). They are northwest of Fresno, CA and southeast of Yosemite. In Northern CA, Chico is south of Redding, CA and at 60 meters, will it be safe to live there? 
A.  When I look at the map, I do get a chaotic and anxious feeling about the San Francisco area.  I do see higher tides, but the main issue looks like structural problems with the bridges.  There are just much higher and stronger currents than normal.  That creates a lot of anxiety in that area for people traveling or commuting.  

There will be higher tides that take longer to recede, but I see the focus of that being to the west of Highway 101.  Most areas east of Highway 101 looks like they don't have water issues.  The main issue again will be the pollution.  Once you make it to the Yosemite area, even the pollution is greatly reduced.

Q.  Also, you mentioned that Russia may attack an island off the coast of CA. To get a closer idea of location, what city is the island near? 
A. I first get the letter "C" and I want to say Capricorn... so now let me look at a map and see if I can hone that in a little better..   

I feel like I can't find what I am looking, but I can definitely see it so I will describe and hopefully someone in my comments will know what I am talking about.  It looks like a small island.  No one lives there except a very few military people.  It is mainly used as a military base and they do a lot of high tech training, like special ops people.  It looks like a big playground for the military to teach specialized skills.  I see a bridge going to this island, and you have to have very high clearance or permissions to be on this island.   I keep focusing on the area that is slightly north of San Diego.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 3:25 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bitcoins [Group Posting]

I have had quite a few questions regarding bitcoins, so I thought I would do a group reading on a couple of submissions.  

It is 2:22 PM

Q. Can you look into Bitcoins and tell us if the US government will at some point try to stop us citizens from owning or transacting in them? I know they must be worried about losing tax dollars and of course having a competing currency that they cannot manipulate......or can they?  
A.  Ok, what I get is that the government is not too interested in the bitcoin currency.  What I hear in my head in regards to tax dollars is that the government is WAY more concerned with online transactions than they are with bitcoin,.. and here is why.  There are a ton on online sales, and most people aren't paying tax on those purchases.  Bitcoin is only as useful as the merchants that accept, them so in comparison there are way more people doing things online because of ease, comfortability and most all merchants internationally take online transactions.  

I also don't see bitcoin as a longstanding currency, because the only value is being able to exchange with those that except bitcoin.  Then I get an image of a coin machine in a game arcade- that coin is only valuable to the arcade that takes it or accepts it.  You use real cash that is exchangeable everywhere to buy this limiting form of currency.  It's value is not only not stable, but it isn't backed by anything hard such as gold, metals, diamonds, etc... It's true vale is just having someone else with the goods and services you want or need accepting this form of currency.  

The government doesn't have faith this will uphold, therefore, I don't see them getting involved.  Bitcoin is fairy new, and has a lot of proving to do before it be a substantial threat.  The threat right now regarding lost revenue to the government are online sales.

Q. The US Gov is attempting to understand bitcoins and in some cases demonizing them, and in others embracing them. Since bitcoins could really weaken the us regime, can you tell what their "play" will be? Will they try to crack it and manipulate it they way they do gold and silver, or will they just outlaw it so US citizens cannot transact in bitcoins? Not that that would stop the rest of the world from using it....
A.  Here is what I with regard to that.  The biggest manipulation of bitcoin is how many merchants are in the system willing to accept this as form of payment.  It would be hard to truly manipulate this from that standpoint.  What I see them doing (referring to the government) is allowing bitcoin to function as a form of payments for services, BUT any merchant who takes bitcoin (I see some kind of license or registering taking place) will have to pay a tax on those services.  Specifically a form will have to be filled out (looks like at normal tax time) and records of those sales need to be kept, and reported then.  The buyer isn't hit with the tax, but rather the seller is hit.  I see VISA and Mastercard pop into my head showing me an example of how the government wants Bitcoin once proven to be utilized.

Q.  China seems to be gobbling up all the gold, minerals, and now even bitcoins that it can. Is this a move to weaken the us dollar and attempt to establish something else as the reserve currency of the world? Using bitcoins, which is not chinese, might be a useful way to undermine the USD without it looking like a direct assault. Is this financial war looming and who wins? Will dollars become worthless or only used domestically? (and likely hyperinflated)
A. I don't see China using bitcoin as the next currency.  What I do see is an image of a vacuum and China is on the other end.  It is sucking up everything it can in this vacuum.  I see China wanting to be the next world player. China wants to ensure they have the resources so whatever happens they can step in.  They are waiting their time and even nudging the inevitable collapse of the dollar.  They are highly interested in the economic state of this country.  

I see them putting the "squeeze" on us like a loan shark on a movie would do.  Once things crumble, I see the UN stepping in for a solution because the dollar isn't the stable back up form of currency it once was.  And when that happens, China wants to come in with their new improved, backed by gold, currency and save the day.  I do see the new currency as physical currency but will have an electronic twist, but ALL will be backed.  The UN will be involved and facilitate the currency, but China will be the holder. It looks like the UN is the one in control, and they make the rules, but China is the one that holds the currency and does the administration of it. 

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:56 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio

What is the bright object that is in the southwestern sky shortly after sunset that is being viewed by many across the country and appears to be getting brighter?

2:12 pm. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and I wanted to do another post..

I have actually seen this object too.  I have spent a lot of time starring at it.  The first thing I see is heat. It is super intense, bright heat.  I believe it is more than just a star, and in fact I do believe that it is a planet.  (I see an image of earth, but it is dark and uninhabited with lava running as rivers).  [In fact the only light is brought on by the lava rivers glowing and burning.] The bright light [we see] is caused by the sun hitting this planet and reflecting in such a way that we can see it.  This planet looks to be Venus and feels fiery hot.  I see molten lava as rivers.  The planet looks like like a huge volcano.  I also see that the way the orbit of this planet intersects with our planet, it is getting physically closer to us.  There is some kind of life cycle with this (in reference to the distance and proximity of this planet).  I hear some scientific voice in head saying "Yes this happens every so many... then it sounds like seventeen.. .years."

And that is all I get with regard to this question.  Thanks.  It is 2:20 pm.  Link to audio (I apologize... my audio file was corrupted and will not upload).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Law enforcement all over the country seems to be changing from protect and serve to a more blood thirsty entity. They frequently fire on and kill all sorts of non-threatening, unarmed citizens and then their supervisors proclaim it a "good shoot" and no one pays any price. Yesterday I saw a video where police fired on a minivan full of kids when their mother tried to flee a routine traffic stop!!!! Can you see why this happening? Is it by design and the government is training these thugs to carry out atrocities against citizens so they can further their controlling police state? Or have we just become such sheep that the citizens allow this sort of thing without retaliation? Jefferson and Adams would have formed up a militia by now and declared their freedom from this abusive rule!!!

2:27 PM I see a lot going on with regard our country.  It "looks" like the energy is changing.  I see two dynamics forming.  And the government wants to make sure that there is a distinct difference between the "people" and the government.  I see the government holding a lot of fear.  They want to maintain control, however, many people are upset with the way things are going in regard to inflation, diminishing middle class, jobs, etc... They are so concerned with a revolt that they are trying to lead people out of fear, and in most cases it is working.  The government wants to keep the illusion of rights; however, is slowly converting people to follow under a fear based control.  Even when an atrocity is occurring, people are becoming scared to stand up and do the right thing.

Q. There are still good, honest, hard-working police out there, but more and more are being corrupted.  I ask myself, why is this happening?
A.  The image I get is this:  I see a bunch of people all lined up and they are walking as if they are in a trance.  Like they are unable to think for themselves, and they start mumbling and it looks like they are just repeating what they have been told.  This then translates to me as they are hiring people that are easily influenced.  They do as they told even if it feels wrong.  They don't question authority and just go through the motions like robot.  In exchange for doing what they are told they are offered immunity and protection for their decisions.  It looks like they are told how to handle a situation, but they lack the ability to be objective.  

Q. Why the "good" cops don't stand up against this? 
A.  I see they are afraid to.  Its like a cop can talk to a cop about how they feel or how a situation was handled, but they can't go outside of the immediate group.  They can't go to the public about it or they will be hunted down.  Then I see a vivid image of Dorner and I get message that "he tried to do the right thing and look what happened to him."  And it isn't something they are told or is broadcasted, but rather it is just known and implied.  There is some kind of loyalty and brotherhood to being a cop.

Q.  The government is aware of this situation because it has been brought up, so why haven't they changed it or become stricter with the way police handle things?
A.  I see couple things with that.  One,  I see protestor and they are sitting and holding posters.  They aren't causing problems, but they are creating an organized group.  They government doesn't want this happening because it creates problems in the long-run for them.  They need people to fear and react accordingly when the police arrive.  I see it all surrounding fear.  

Then I hear a message about "Fear creates Power because those creating the Fear hold the Power....."

The next thing I hear is that government wants to desensitize the people against how some of these police conduct themselves.  By becoming desensitized people gradually form an acceptance and don't resist it as much..  The last thing I get is that the thing the government fears most is the people rising against it, and making people scared is one step they take to avoid a complete revolt.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:54 PM Thank you.  Link to Audio.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hi, I am wondering about the claims made by Dr Bill Weld that the US government has infected most of the populace with a nano device which can be activated by radio waves, to destroy our immune system, and give us a killer flu/infection. This also sounds like how we may get Morgellon's disease, with nasty nano particles from chemtrails. What do you see about a nano war on the American people?

4:36 PM The first image I get is a screen shot from the show Revolution, and in that shot they show several (must be thousands) of floating man made robots that are microscopic. Then I reflect to our own air and even though they aren't "robots" they are or rather it looks like there is this little metallic confetti.  Then I see aluminum foil.  Then I see someone shredding the aluminum foil into these finite pieces and throw those pieces into the air.  Then they breath it in with the facial expression that it smells wonderful.  

Now that I have taken in the image, I am going to try to understand it.... 

Q. I ask myself if Dr Weld is correct in his thinking?
A.  The answer is that he is somewhat correct.  I do not see it as a nano device that has "infected" the people.  I see we are infected by varying degrees of metal particles that are floating around.  For the most part they are odorless and tasteless, and people are (well most people) unaware to the fact they are inhaling them (hence the image of the person breathing in their "fresh air"). 

I also get that in some cases people that are sensitive to the particles can smell them and/or feel them during specific weather changes.  The image I get is a heat lightening storm in which there is no rain.  if these particles are charged electrically they can be smelled, felt and even tasted, but only in those people who are very in tune with their body.  Most people overlook it or dismiss it.

Q.  Now, I would like to know if radio waves are used in conjunction with these particles to destroy our immune system?
A.  What I get is that it isn't radio waves attacking the particles, what happens is when we ingest these particles we can either flush them out or our body stores them.  They get stored just as any other toxin.  Depending on where they go, our own immune system tries to rid them from our body and then two things happens from that.  One, our bodies become worn down fighting this toxin, so we get sick, [can't fight sickness off} tired, sore muscles etc much easier.  The second thing that can happen is that we have so much toxin that it infects parts of the body [organs, tissues, lymph systems] and it becomes too much for us to fight off, and we get sick from the toxin itself.  

Q. I would now like to know about Morgellons disease.
A. When I focus on Morgellons disease I see this as a skin infection that we cannot or they can't fight off.  It looks like sores that I would describe as sores I see on people with Lupus.  Either you do get the sores [with this disease], or  it is [a disease that is] exacerbated by an autoimmune disease or function [like Lupus]. The trigger does appear to be these environmental factors (meaning the particles).  I don't see the particles being the reason a person has Morgellons, but for someone that is sensitive or genetically predispositioned, it can greatly increase your risk.  

And that is what I have for now.  It is 5:02 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Was the flooding in Northern Colorado created by HAARP and was it because they are trying to get a FEMA presence there and stop the Northern Colorado secession movement?

2:37 PM  I will say that as I ask that question, it rings truth to me.  It is as if my inner self is saying "Ah ha... that feels completely logical." But I want to try to go a little deeper..

HAARP was definitely a major contributor to this flooding.  It is like I see the mastermind working "HAARP" trying to get it just right, and when they do, there is the erie smug look on their faces.  They have little regard for the damage and heartache they caused, it was about fulfilling a mission and being pleased that they succeeded. 

Q.  Now I ask myself, Why did they do it?
A.   The answer I get is "they" meaning "Powers at Be" want to make Colorado feel like they need the government and the government is here to save the day.  It was in part to get FEMA there, but more so to make them realize they need to have something bigger than just themselves to rely on and to keep them safe.  

I also get this image that Colorado is in their radar.  Like I see a [literal] radar and Colorado is being somewhat targeted.  I see they are in for a rough winter.  Very much the government doesn't want them to succeed in breaking away.  Not just because they are breaking away, but because they are worried it will start a trend.  I see that part of Colorado breaking away involves them [citizens of Colorado] creating new either rules or guidelines or laws that aren't in alignment with other states..  The government sees this as very much a threat.  

I also get that part of Colorado being in the radar is because as long as they have other issues to focus on that are more immediate it creates a distraction to make it a little harder to reach their goal of breaking away. I see that it is important for people living in Colorado to be cautious and prepared.  I also am getting a very strange metallic taste in my mouth.  The taste makes me want to cough and choke (as you can hear).  I feel like may be an indicator of upcoming rough weather in that if you taste this metal taste, HAARP is at work and just be cautious!  I see that taste as a warning.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:53 PM.  Thanks. Link to Audio

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have heard about the shift and the sun/radiation possibly killing off at least 80% of humanity in the near future. I see you do have a post relating to the sun strengthening and becoming more of a threat, but I was wondering if you see it being strong enough to kill off most of our planet or if it will be less intense than this. Thank you

2:18 PM I definitely do see the sun being more intense, but other factors are involved.  In addition to the sun being more intense it looks like an atmospheric change as well is going on.  It looks like the the consistency and the temperature of the air is altering.  

Here is what looks to be happening to the air.  There are more particles  you can call it pollution in the air.  These particles create an environment that allows more static charge than normal high up into the sky...high altitude   I actually smell the odor of an ionic breeze machine when I think about this air.  And, I also see these particles float toward one another, and as they do they discharge a static charge.  It looks like that activity is increasing. [Referring to increased pollution/particles in the high altitudes and increasing static electric charge.]

Now back to the sun [and its' interaction with our evolving atmosphere]... Even though the sun is more intense, it isn't just the sun that is causing harm to the earth, specifically plants and vegetation.  It is the quality of the atmosphere that is causing harm too.  It looks like the sun is growing in it's intensity along with our "electrically charged" air.  Both of those elements combined are the real problem, not just one singly.  

It looks as though plants are more effected than people.  I see a plant withering away in the bright sun.  I see people that grow gardens having issues because the sun is either not present enough (hid in the shadows of clouds) or too bright / hot when it is available.  I also see more and more gardeners using a filter around their gardens in the form of plastic drop cloths or a makeshift greenhouse type structure.  This serves to filter out some of the intensity...  I also see a newer device coming about and it looks like people use a greenhouse, but it more resembles functionally  what I would call a terrarium   It creates a steamy environment to promotes moisture and reduce evaporation and also protects the plants from the elements.  I also get the message that this type of tent/terrarium shields plants to keep them truly organic and eliminates environmental toxins.  

As I focus on humans, I don't see a death rate of 80%, or anything even close to that.  I see people being cautious of their skins.  I see skin disorders and skin sensitivity increasing.  There looks to be more skin cancers and age spots.  Older generations are much more cautious of this than the younger generations.  I see older people wearing long sleeves and hats, being very proactive in guarding themselves.  Younger people are not as attentive (not all, but most are not as attentive.).  I see a lot more warnings of skin cancers.. Health companies will even try to increase the awareness.  Tanning salons will slowly become extinct, and new fads to create a "tan" will emerge.  I just see a lot caution with regard to the sun.  There will even be days that there will be advisories on sun intensity just as there is on humidity or air quality..

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:45 PM Link to Audio

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can you tell me about information regarding "God", an individual's soul, and how it is all connected? What exactly is God? What is the soul, and what does it signify?

2:08 PM And today I thought I would do a short question session on the above question...

A.  The first thing I get is that when people focus on "God" it means different things to different people.  I actually envision a white hot and golden light in the shape of a ball.  It also [referring to the ball] has movement around it as if it was spinning.  I also see what looks like specks of light floating into and out of this bright ball of energy.  The sight is so overwhelming I can't help but stare at it, but at the same time I want to look  away because it makes my heart race and makes me keep wanting to take deep breaths like how a person feels during an anxiety attack....

The next thing I get is that all living things whether they are plants, animals or humans, all contain a soul.  [or piece of this white light]

Q.  I ask myself, What exactly is our soul? 
A.  The image I get is as follows:  I see one of the specks of light leave the main "ball of energy."  That speck of light goes to the donor (could be plants, animals or a human).  i see this speck of light reside in the person's chest..  After the speck of light is implanted, I see each chakra light up.. it starts at red, then goes orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and ends with white on their crown.  Then after the chakras light up, it looks like some kind of electric jolt in their brain..and as I say this I see Frankenstein come alive.  This jolt seems to activate the brain in or of the living thing...[this sparks the onset of life]

Q.  Do the souls connect us as one?
A.  They do connect as one.  The "specks of white light" that are within us all allow us to connect psychically or rather spiritually with one another.  The challenge is to learn how to open up and accept that as communication.  Most people have some kind of experience in their life that is what I would call unusual whether it is thinking of someone and they call, having a dream come true, feeling deja vu, saying something someone else is thinking... but most people rationalize that away as coincidence  but really I am being shown in my mind through the above examples that it is more than coincidence, it proof we are all connected.  

Another example I am being shown is that most people have an inner voice, or guide or conscience.. This inner self is a guide of a spiritual sense.  When something is troubling and you seek guidance  many times times you will get the answer because you are putting the intent to the collective conscience or "ball of energy" that we are all apart of.  I get that many times when you ponder things in your mind, you get answers from or for your "greater good."

Q.  Why don't we always get the answers we seek?
A.  I get because some things you aren't suppose to know in order to fulfill your life's purpose and keep you on your path.  The the lotto [for example] pops up- Lotto numbers are hard to predict.  If they were easy, there would be way more many winners.  Certain life journeys don't want you to have the easy way out; therefore, you have to work and make decisions accordingly   It really depends on the situation you are in as to how much spiritual or collective guidance  or even what kind of signs you will receive.  

Q. If there is a "God" (could be called God, Buddha  etc) or Collective Light / Consciousness, why is there so much good and bad?  Why aren't things all good?

A.  The first thing I see a yin yang sign.  The good and bad provide some kind of balance.  Good and and or bad can't be measured without each other.  If everything was good, you would have no concept of what good really was.  Then I hear a quote from a friend that always says "The sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."

Then I get that souls sent here on earth to experience different forms of life.  Some do good and do wonderful things, while others are quite the opposite.  I see also that the people here doing horrible things (like stealing or manipulating) don't even realize that they are perceived as bad.  Good and bad is a judgement that we determine based on society rules or morals, but not all people see this behavior within themselves.  

The next I realize is that we all do things that we don't view as wonderful, whether it is being frustrated, having a bad day, maybe anger waiting in line, etc.. but as a person you try to do things to outweigh the bad.  Like be generous  or donate, or volunteer.  Life in general is a balance like the yin yang sign, we just try to favor what in our own view is the white.  But, to some people, what we see as black, they view as white.  Good and bad are in some senses a form of a test of judgement... [Everyone is sent here to learn something different and their perception of how they impact themselves and others isn't always clear.. It is part of their journey.]

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:43 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

While reading about Nathan Mayers Rothschild on wikipedia, I noticed it included a rather odd quote which came from a book written in 1962. It seems to describe Rothschild having non-verbal mental conversation: "An anonymous contemporary described Nathan Rothschild at the London Stock Exchange as "he leaned against the 'Rothschild Pillar'."Eyes are usually called the windows of the soul. But in Rothschild's case you would conclude that the windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out of them. There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is there one gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any direction. The whole puts you in mind of an empty skin, and you wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it. By and by another figure comes up to it. It then steps two paces aside, and the most inquisitive glance that you ever saw, and more inquisitive than you would ever have thought of, is drawn out of those fixed and leaden eyes, as if one were drawing a sword from a scabbard. The visiting figure, which has the appearance of coming by accident and not by design, stops just a second or two, in the course of which looks are exchanged which, though you cannot translate, you feel must be of most important meaning. After this, the eyes are sheathed up again, and the figure resumes its stony posture. During the morning, numbers of visitors come, all of whom meet with a similar reception and vanish in a similar manner. Last of all the figure itself vanishes, leaving you utterly at a loss". This sounds to me like telekinesis, which you have written about. What are your thoughts?

1:58 PM Today I thought I would do a reading that was a little different, so here goes...

The first thing  I see is a person (I presume Nathan) and he has this energy about him that is very cold and lacks emotion, good and bad.  He has a soul but it is like a vaccuum.  As if everyone he is around, he pulls their energy to make up for his lack of energy.. I don't interpret this (referring to the question) as he has manifested these entities [with his own eyes], but rather it is someone describing Nathan's interaction with people.  It is like they are witnessing him (referring to Nathan) vampiring energy from other individuals, leaving the individual feeling like something is missing.  It looks like the individuals are left in a very confused, trans-like state.  I hear the phrase "What just happened?"  

Then my mind wanders and "sticks" on current day politicians.  It is like they (the politicians) also vampire this energy off people they are around and live in emotionless states at times.  I don't see it as ALL politicians, but a good bunch.  

After my mind leaves that thought, I am being asked the question "Could they be reptilian in nature?" and then I go blank as if I am to ponder that question and come up with my own deduction.. It was asked in such a sarcastic way in my mind, that I feel there is truth in that statement....

And it is 2:10 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is the real purpose behind the most recent government shutdown? And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?

2:06 PM
I see a lot going on with that... It almost looks like a flag or signal to other countries, as if to say "it's happening."  I ask myself, "What's happening?"  and it looks like the US is about to under go some major changes.  I see this shutdown as a way to wean people off government assistance gradually.  They are slowly taking away or reducing programs.  It looks like a way to get people used to not having programs or rely on the government, but in a VERY slow way...  

I also see this shutdown creating an excuse for the government to place military people in strategic locations because as government programs are reduced, or people are upset with what the government is doing.  There is going to be civil unrest.  They [the government] uses this "unrest" as an excuse to have military everywhere.  It looks like a mild form of martial law, but isn't full blown martial law.  It looks like it is focused only on certain cities.  [The main, large cities.]

i have also seen that China will begin to take some of our land, and then that image made sense to me.  What looks to happen is eventually we are not going to raise our debt ceiling, making us very vulnerable to China because we are going to struggle paying what we owe.  China is also going to demand more than just interest payments.  China then is also going to try to get the gold standard back in place (and I see dump trucks of gold being driven by Chinese) because they have a lot of gold.  Between the US having a struggle with the debt ceiling and paying China, our dollar is in trouble, which gives China that much more power in convincing the world (looks like UN?) to take the gold standard back which boosts China's economic power.  When we continue to struggle with this situation,  we end up bartering some land with China in order to reduce our debt. I see that China will not erase our debt with a land trade, because they still want control.   

I am getting a time frame of 2014-2015 for this to become very real..  This shutdown is just the beginning...

And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?
I see in the beginning it being rough.. Doctors look frustrated, people are frustrated because it look like the doctors load is increased and it is difficult to get appointments. it just looks busy.  It looks like there are too few doctors and many more patients.  Doctors look rushed and stressed out.. 

Having said that, it looks to level out down the road.  This "surge" of new patients, really calms down.  More "clinic" looking places open up for common illnesses, vaccines, check-ups, etc.  It looks difficult in the beginning, but ends up becoming more efficient and accessible to people in general.  [My time from for this to level out looks to be 18 months from when it is implemented.]

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:32 PM Link to Audio

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Question and Answer Session V [Group Posting]

1:59 PM  I wanted to do another question and answer session.  I have a lot of great questions, so I wanted to pick out a few to focus on. .

About teeth. A few years ago a vibrating machine was invented that can help a person regenerate teeth. Its already been used on rats with much success. Do you see it coming to market for everyone to use? Why cant we just regrow our own teeth?
Thanks in advance.
A.  When I see this machine in my mind it looks as though it connects to a person and the vibration of the machine mimics a certain "fequency wave" that a person gives off.  I also see when I look at rat and imagine this machine hooked to it, it speeds or stimulates the production of the cells that it is connected to.  For example, by using a thin needle or wire (it looks like an acupunture needle) it is touching the teeth, When the machine is activated it stimulates the production of those teeth cells enabling the rat to grow teeth.  I also get a message that rats teeth are always growing, so this machine stimulates and assists the growth in a faster pace.  If a human as a broken tooth, I see it helping to generate tooth cells and possbily making the tooth whole again, but I see this process being lengythy.  If no teeth exist, I can't see in my "minds eye" that it would work.  It looks like a nub or small bit of a tooth would have to be present for this work.  

This product is still very new to testing.  I see scientists really doing trial and error with it.  I cannot see it in the marketplace any time soon because it still isn't completely proven.  It seems like there is a hope with it (I feels positive)... It just isn't there yet. 

Q What really happened to the men from team seal 6? The team that allegedly killed bin laden. Were they killed off? 
A. I keep seeing vast jungles.  It makes me think of South America.  I seems like 1 or 2 of them fled and went to South America, while the others were killed in "accidents."  I hear "planes, trains and automobiles" as if those were the tools used or what they were in when they died.  Like one may have died in a plane, one on a train or by a train and one in or by a car.  

(I also get this when the footage of this "capture and death" of Bin Linden was taken, it was not in proportion to when it was aired.  The making of the video happened much earlier than the release.  Much of the seal team was already gone [killed or fled] before it was released.

Q Can you do a reading on the strange sounds that have been heard around the world in the last few years? Some people are calling them "sky trumpets" as they seem to be coming from the sky or the ground, being extremely loud to be made by anything mechanical. Are they coming from beings from inner Earth? What is causing the noise? This video shows a lot of examples, starting around 4:30.
A. I included the link [above], but I didn't want to watch it just yet to alter my view.  What I get when I think about these noises is that the earth is stretching and cracking apart.  The first image I get is how your house will crack and snap with the contraction of winter and then it cracks when summer starts to warm it up.  I see earth operating the same way.  As if the core is hot and the temperature of earth is heating up from the inside out causing these snaps and cracks.  

I also see the sun somehow related to this too.  It is almost looking like...well the image I see is the sun shining down on us.  The core of the earth, even though buried miles and miles deep, somehow feeds on this energy from the sun.  As the sun becomes more intense, the core is more intense, thus causing this heating up and cracking / growing of the earths core. In a strange way it is like the earth is growing- I see the earth look like it is breathing, much like how your chest rises when you take a breath, that is what I see the earth doing.  All of this movement creates HUGE booming sounds.

Q Can you explain why Lyme Disease is becoming such an epidemic and yet it's undermined by the medical insurance carriers and doctors? Is there a connection between Plum Island and Lyme Disease and the co-infections happening related to this disease (carried by ticks?).
A. I see that it is undermined because it is treatable.  I see doctor administering medicine to a patient.  It isn't a desirable disease, it may even have some complications, but for the most part is treatable if caught [in time].  More money is to be made by offering treatments for the problems rather than discovering a preventative cure.  

As far as Plum Island.. I see Plum Island as this place where they do all kinds of experimental procedures relating to animals, plants, diseases and testing.  There was some kind of a test that was done on a crop of green leafy vegetables, and it looks like a smoke cloud.. I get that the ticks that resided close to this testing didn't get Lyme disease, but developed a resistance [if they already had the Lyme disease in their system]- as if they were stronger [as a result of the smoke cloud].  So I get that that is partly why it is so difficult to eradicate the disease.  

Q Can a brain be transplanted from one body to another?
A.  I get that we don't the have the technology to do that yet and here is why... I get to take the brain you would need to take the spinal cord too.  So to implant a brain and the spinal the way the nerves would need to be reattached for proper body function (even simple things like breathing, swallowing,etc) [can't be done]...  We don't have the capability yet to do such a thing.  It is such a delicate process.  So in theory, yes, but we haven't got to a technological place to do that yet.  [I got after this reading that you could do it, but the body it is in would not be conscious and would use artificial means of life support. There would be no movement and the person would be in a vegetable state].

Q. What really happened to Adolph Hitler. Did he escape from Berlin before Russians went in and his death was great hoax or did he kill himself ? Who helped him and where could live and how long after war.
A.  I get that he did escape.  I also get he went somewhere cold.  When I ask myself where, I get Antarctica   He had some kind of a fortress already there.  I get that the hoax wasn't that great because he used a body double, of which the double's family was paid rather well in exchange.  I also get that he didn't live much longer after the war because of a disease he had (I see his hands shake a lot and he looks to do a lot of sweating and seizure type behavior).  I get that he lived at most 7 or 8 years.  

Who helped him??? I am seeing and getting "Nazi's".. His close confidants aided him and sealed a ticket for their own survival because they went with him.  This was a great mastermind and plan.  He had some underground tunnel in one of his bunkers, and that tunnel is what saved him.  I see the tunnel started out small, he had to walk, and then opened up to a rather large tunnel in which he could drive a short distance before he made his way above ground.  At that time he flew to his palace... I also get that once things got bad his family and close people were flown there immediately.

[Note:  After I did the reading it came to me later that the reason Hitler hired a double was because of his illness, not because he was afraid of dying.  He was at a point with his illness that he couldn't hide it, and he was worried what his people would do (such as not trust his leadership)]

Q: With relation to the news these days that focus on Muslims committing crimes, are there forces/people who necessarily want people to hate Muslims? Is Islam being targeted, or just the followers? If so, why is it being targeted?

A.  I see that it is because the US needs to have a foothold over there in that area of the world due to out dependence on oil.  If we painted the picture that they didn't need us in their affairs or things were being controlled satisfactorily by their governments, the US wouldn't have a good excuse to have a presence.  As long they [Muslims] are negative, or bullies or unfair to the people, the US will gain some support of the the citizens to be there in which the US needs this because the tax dollars fund this occupation over seas.  It really is necessary for the US to have its' citizens believe that we need to be there. The US just isn't honest as to why... (As I type this I see soldiers walking and guarding oil pumps, oil wells, everything to do with oil.  They aren't guarding people- at least in my vision that is providing me with my answers.)

Q There is some speculation on the net as to the sun affecting crude oil in the next twenty years, making it radio-active & unusable ( also making gold invaluable ). Any truth to this? Will we all be walking?
A. I first get that green energy will take over way before we are walking.  Our shift is going to eventually turn from oil to green, but for now too much money is still to be made in oil and I get that the "powers at be" want to exhaust that [their oil money/profits] first and they are (referring to the "powers at be") somewhat holding back the speed at which we develop green energy into an affordable option for many people.  

The sun...I can't see a radioactive active effect, but what I do is many years from now (like 50) what oil is left will start to change properties slightly in that it separates.  I see a picture of vegetable oil mixed with water, and how it separates out, and see crude oil doing this as well..It is still usable, but I get that more refined, quality oil that normally goes to the top, isn't there.. It is as if nothing can be scraped off the top??

And that is all for now.  It is 2:46 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Follow-Up Questions to Question & Answer Session IV

2:32 PM I had a few follow up questions to my Question & Answer session number IV.  I usually do my follow-ups in the comments section attached to the reading, but in this case this questions were submitted in the Focus Session Request page, and I didn't want to just cut and paste them for fear of the questions getting lost or not being able to be found, so I thought I would just do a quick entry to follow-up.  Thanks.

Q When you look at the Southwestern U.S., where do you see the safest area to live in regards to the upcoming earth changes? Thank-you and blessings to you and your family for the work you do here.
A.  I see the more you can move to the northeast, putting you in a more central area [of the US], the safer you are.  I see there are a lot of mountains and elevation once you start to go to the central part of the US that serve as natural barrier to a lot of elements. I also keep seeing mountains that are snow-capped and I keep getting that those snow caps will serve as valuable drinking water if you should have to seek it out.  

Q You mentioned cannabis becoming legal. Do you have any feeling about when the Feds will reclassify this herb and end prohibition?
A.  I see a "2."  Like within two years.  I see it as gradual.  Many states will start to let us, but the big release of it will be within 2 years.  I also see it tied to a presidential election.  Like this will be one of the issues on the platform.

Q You mentioned earth changes in California. Can you please do an update on when these changes might occur and the specific areas of impact. 

A.  I always get the Baja part.  Like it starts in the southern part of California and moves to the mid part of California   At least that area seems the most impacted. The rest of the coastline will get some water, weather, wind, etc... but the majority of what will get hit is the southern part...

As far as to when....I see is gradually happening now (erratic weather).  It will increase over the winter and see it peaking by next winter. I also see a lot of mini-earthquakes. Nothing completely devastating, but very alarming.  The talk of earthquake proofing will become very intense by next summer.

Q Are there any areas in California that might be safer? 

A, The northern part is much safer than the southern part.  I also see a major highway running north and south along the coast.  Stay away from that highway.  I see water and some quake damage to that area.  It just "feels' not safe or a place I put a lot confidence in...

And those are my follow-ups.  It is 2:44 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

Boston Bombing Questions.... (Continued)

2:03 PM I have had a lot of questions still regarding the Boston Bombings, so I have compiled a list and thought I would touch base on some your questions.

Q Is it true Tamerlan pleaded for them to kill him and let Jahar go as an agreement?
A I see a final point when he knew he couldn't escape he started to scream "Take me.  I give up.  Just take me!"  He at no time yelled for them to kill him, it was more of a surrender.  In a desperate move I further see him yelling "It was me, let my brother go." But I will say it does feel desperate, and it wasn't true.  Like he was lying when he said it. He didn't want to die.  He didn't make any threatening moves.  I see his hands up- total surrender.

Q They claim after the first shootout Jahar jumped in the SUV and drove off and was able to actually get away despite the whole city being in lock-down and hundreds and hundreds of police chasing him. Did he really get away?
A  I see running...lots and lots of running.  He was hiding.  I see a street person, homeless guy, and I see that Jahar lived that way for a few days.  I don't see any major escape or get away.  It looks like he was living "underground" so to speak for those days..

Q What does the future look like for Tamerlan's widow Katherine and their daughter? What kind of things will happen in their future?
A  I see a lot of trauma for her- mainly mentally.  It is like what she knew about Tamerlan is so different from what she is expected to portray.  It at first was just such a shock, but as the shock wears off it begins to really effect her mentally.  It is as if in her mind she has two different memories of him.  The ones she knows to be true, and the ones she is expected to have and show.  I see her even doubting the truth of what she knows.  

In public, she feels shame.  At home she feels confused and sad.  She at times even forgets the Tamerlan that she knew and that makes her feel really sad.  

I don't see the daughter being as traumatized.  She still has snap-shots in her mind of her dad, but the guilt and feelings aren't as intense.  She is coping much better than her mom. 

I do also in the future see Katherine being approached with a book and or movie deal.  She is very reluctant..thinks on it for a very long time because she knows how her husband will be portrayed.  Eventually for financial reasons decides to go with it... That makes her relive a lot events, but proves to be good because she has a different (stronger) perspective and is able to process things in her mind better.

Q What have been Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs daily activities been? Does he pray, or talk to anybody? Have you seen him reading letters from supporters or what he feels when he speaks to his mother on the phone?
Just wondering how he copes with these things?
A  I see a lot reading.  He has a leather bound book with triangles all over it.  He clutches that all the time.  I even see him sleep with it under his pillow.  He walks around his cell like he is pacing and hums to himself- it looks like some kind of a spiritual meditation.  He also sketches a lot.  I get a vision of Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs, it is Hannibal in his cell with drawings on the wall.  I see Jahar being very limited in what he can have, but he is allowed paper and pencils.  I see he somehow doesn't feel as hopeless  as if he is connecting with his inner self.  I feel this strength is coming from his mom...?

Q: Was the FBI worried Ibragim Todashev knew detailed information about the Boston Bombing false flag patsies? 
A  I see they were very worried.  When I focus on this question, I see many agents acting frantic.  They are talking in their walkie talkies in a complete panic.  I see a lot of worry, concern and anxiety regarding this.

Q:Will anyone be brought to justice or will they try to "settle" with the family to sweep it under the rug?
A  I see this going somewhat quiet.  It was like it was the big news story at the time, but now it has gone quiet.  Almost like they want it, I want to say forgotten, but that isn't the right word...more ignored, and now they are off to other stories.  

Q: If justice is served will it uncover more information regarding the killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Boston FF?
A  It would, but I see special interest groups preventing anything like that from happening regardless of the cost.  

And it is 2:23 PM.  That is all I have for now.  Please feel free to read my other blog entries regarding this topic.  I have answered several questions.  Thank you.  Link to Audio.