Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Follow-Up Questions to Question & Answer Session IV

2:32 PM I had a few follow up questions to my Question & Answer session number IV.  I usually do my follow-ups in the comments section attached to the reading, but in this case this questions were submitted in the Focus Session Request page, and I didn't want to just cut and paste them for fear of the questions getting lost or not being able to be found, so I thought I would just do a quick entry to follow-up.  Thanks.

Q When you look at the Southwestern U.S., where do you see the safest area to live in regards to the upcoming earth changes? Thank-you and blessings to you and your family for the work you do here.
A.  I see the more you can move to the northeast, putting you in a more central area [of the US], the safer you are.  I see there are a lot of mountains and elevation once you start to go to the central part of the US that serve as natural barrier to a lot of elements. I also keep seeing mountains that are snow-capped and I keep getting that those snow caps will serve as valuable drinking water if you should have to seek it out.  

Q You mentioned cannabis becoming legal. Do you have any feeling about when the Feds will reclassify this herb and end prohibition?
A.  I see a "2."  Like within two years.  I see it as gradual.  Many states will start to let us, but the big release of it will be within 2 years.  I also see it tied to a presidential election.  Like this will be one of the issues on the platform.

Q You mentioned earth changes in California. Can you please do an update on when these changes might occur and the specific areas of impact. 

A.  I always get the Baja part.  Like it starts in the southern part of California and moves to the mid part of California   At least that area seems the most impacted. The rest of the coastline will get some water, weather, wind, etc... but the majority of what will get hit is the southern part...

As far as to when....I see is gradually happening now (erratic weather).  It will increase over the winter and see it peaking by next winter. I also see a lot of mini-earthquakes. Nothing completely devastating, but very alarming.  The talk of earthquake proofing will become very intense by next summer.

Q Are there any areas in California that might be safer? 

A, The northern part is much safer than the southern part.  I also see a major highway running north and south along the coast.  Stay away from that highway.  I see water and some quake damage to that area.  It just "feels' not safe or a place I put a lot confidence in...

And those are my follow-ups.  It is 2:44 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

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