Thursday, November 7, 2013

Was the flooding in Northern Colorado created by HAARP and was it because they are trying to get a FEMA presence there and stop the Northern Colorado secession movement?

2:37 PM  I will say that as I ask that question, it rings truth to me.  It is as if my inner self is saying "Ah ha... that feels completely logical." But I want to try to go a little deeper..

HAARP was definitely a major contributor to this flooding.  It is like I see the mastermind working "HAARP" trying to get it just right, and when they do, there is the erie smug look on their faces.  They have little regard for the damage and heartache they caused, it was about fulfilling a mission and being pleased that they succeeded. 

Q.  Now I ask myself, Why did they do it?
A.   The answer I get is "they" meaning "Powers at Be" want to make Colorado feel like they need the government and the government is here to save the day.  It was in part to get FEMA there, but more so to make them realize they need to have something bigger than just themselves to rely on and to keep them safe.  

I also get this image that Colorado is in their radar.  Like I see a [literal] radar and Colorado is being somewhat targeted.  I see they are in for a rough winter.  Very much the government doesn't want them to succeed in breaking away.  Not just because they are breaking away, but because they are worried it will start a trend.  I see that part of Colorado breaking away involves them [citizens of Colorado] creating new either rules or guidelines or laws that aren't in alignment with other states..  The government sees this as very much a threat.  

I also get that part of Colorado being in the radar is because as long as they have other issues to focus on that are more immediate it creates a distraction to make it a little harder to reach their goal of breaking away. I see that it is important for people living in Colorado to be cautious and prepared.  I also am getting a very strange metallic taste in my mouth.  The taste makes me want to cough and choke (as you can hear).  I feel like may be an indicator of upcoming rough weather in that if you taste this metal taste, HAARP is at work and just be cautious!  I see that taste as a warning.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:53 PM.  Thanks. Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

Was the massive/strongest typoon in the Phillipines also the work of HAARP?

Unknown said...

When you see a target can you zoom out for the rest of the US and see any other targets that can serve as a warning?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 1:35 PM- As soon as I read this my gut said yes. I also see a lot of military as if they knew to expect it.

@ Robin- The main hotspots I see when I zoom out are ((California) southwestern US, Colorado (central US) and northeastern US (Maine area). In fact the areas kind of look like they form a diagonal line across the US.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be an accurate reading for Northern Colorado.