Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have heard about the shift and the sun/radiation possibly killing off at least 80% of humanity in the near future. I see you do have a post relating to the sun strengthening and becoming more of a threat, but I was wondering if you see it being strong enough to kill off most of our planet or if it will be less intense than this. Thank you

2:18 PM I definitely do see the sun being more intense, but other factors are involved.  In addition to the sun being more intense it looks like an atmospheric change as well is going on.  It looks like the the consistency and the temperature of the air is altering.  

Here is what looks to be happening to the air.  There are more particles  you can call it pollution in the air.  These particles create an environment that allows more static charge than normal high up into the sky...high altitude   I actually smell the odor of an ionic breeze machine when I think about this air.  And, I also see these particles float toward one another, and as they do they discharge a static charge.  It looks like that activity is increasing. [Referring to increased pollution/particles in the high altitudes and increasing static electric charge.]

Now back to the sun [and its' interaction with our evolving atmosphere]... Even though the sun is more intense, it isn't just the sun that is causing harm to the earth, specifically plants and vegetation.  It is the quality of the atmosphere that is causing harm too.  It looks like the sun is growing in it's intensity along with our "electrically charged" air.  Both of those elements combined are the real problem, not just one singly.  

It looks as though plants are more effected than people.  I see a plant withering away in the bright sun.  I see people that grow gardens having issues because the sun is either not present enough (hid in the shadows of clouds) or too bright / hot when it is available.  I also see more and more gardeners using a filter around their gardens in the form of plastic drop cloths or a makeshift greenhouse type structure.  This serves to filter out some of the intensity...  I also see a newer device coming about and it looks like people use a greenhouse, but it more resembles functionally  what I would call a terrarium   It creates a steamy environment to promotes moisture and reduce evaporation and also protects the plants from the elements.  I also get the message that this type of tent/terrarium shields plants to keep them truly organic and eliminates environmental toxins.  

As I focus on humans, I don't see a death rate of 80%, or anything even close to that.  I see people being cautious of their skins.  I see skin disorders and skin sensitivity increasing.  There looks to be more skin cancers and age spots.  Older generations are much more cautious of this than the younger generations.  I see older people wearing long sleeves and hats, being very proactive in guarding themselves.  Younger people are not as attentive (not all, but most are not as attentive.).  I see a lot more warnings of skin cancers.. Health companies will even try to increase the awareness.  Tanning salons will slowly become extinct, and new fads to create a "tan" will emerge.  I just see a lot caution with regard to the sun.  There will even be days that there will be advisories on sun intensity just as there is on humidity or air quality..

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:45 PM Link to Audio

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Sounds like you are describing HAARP and Chemtrails.