Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What is the bright object that is in the southwestern sky shortly after sunset that is being viewed by many across the country and appears to be getting brighter?

2:12 pm. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and I wanted to do another post..

I have actually seen this object too.  I have spent a lot of time starring at it.  The first thing I see is heat. It is super intense, bright heat.  I believe it is more than just a star, and in fact I do believe that it is a planet.  (I see an image of earth, but it is dark and uninhabited with lava running as rivers).  [In fact the only light is brought on by the lava rivers glowing and burning.] The bright light [we see] is caused by the sun hitting this planet and reflecting in such a way that we can see it.  This planet looks to be Venus and feels fiery hot.  I see molten lava as rivers.  The planet looks like like a huge volcano.  I also see that the way the orbit of this planet intersects with our planet, it is getting physically closer to us.  There is some kind of life cycle with this (in reference to the distance and proximity of this planet).  I hear some scientific voice in head saying "Yes this happens every so many... then it sounds like seventeen.. .years."

And that is all I get with regard to this question.  Thanks.  It is 2:20 pm.  Link to audio (I apologize... my audio file was corrupted and will not upload).

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