Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is the real purpose behind the most recent government shutdown? And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?

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I see a lot going on with that... It almost looks like a flag or signal to other countries, as if to say "it's happening."  I ask myself, "What's happening?"  and it looks like the US is about to under go some major changes.  I see this shutdown as a way to wean people off government assistance gradually.  They are slowly taking away or reducing programs.  It looks like a way to get people used to not having programs or rely on the government, but in a VERY slow way...  

I also see this shutdown creating an excuse for the government to place military people in strategic locations because as government programs are reduced, or people are upset with what the government is doing.  There is going to be civil unrest.  They [the government] uses this "unrest" as an excuse to have military everywhere.  It looks like a mild form of martial law, but isn't full blown martial law.  It looks like it is focused only on certain cities.  [The main, large cities.]

i have also seen that China will begin to take some of our land, and then that image made sense to me.  What looks to happen is eventually we are not going to raise our debt ceiling, making us very vulnerable to China because we are going to struggle paying what we owe.  China is also going to demand more than just interest payments.  China then is also going to try to get the gold standard back in place (and I see dump trucks of gold being driven by Chinese) because they have a lot of gold.  Between the US having a struggle with the debt ceiling and paying China, our dollar is in trouble, which gives China that much more power in convincing the world (looks like UN?) to take the gold standard back which boosts China's economic power.  When we continue to struggle with this situation,  we end up bartering some land with China in order to reduce our debt. I see that China will not erase our debt with a land trade, because they still want control.   

I am getting a time frame of 2014-2015 for this to become very real..  This shutdown is just the beginning...

And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?
I see in the beginning it being rough.. Doctors look frustrated, people are frustrated because it look like the doctors load is increased and it is difficult to get appointments. it just looks busy.  It looks like there are too few doctors and many more patients.  Doctors look rushed and stressed out.. 

Having said that, it looks to level out down the road.  This "surge" of new patients, really calms down.  More "clinic" looking places open up for common illnesses, vaccines, check-ups, etc.  It looks difficult in the beginning, but ends up becoming more efficient and accessible to people in general.  [My time from for this to level out looks to be 18 months from when it is implemented.]

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:32 PM Link to Audio


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Glad you posted! Amazing reading, as always!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Obama promises isn't kept where people get frustrated when they can't keep their doctor end up can't get treatment for their health condition.