Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Question and Answer Session V [Group Posting]

1:59 PM  I wanted to do another question and answer session.  I have a lot of great questions, so I wanted to pick out a few to focus on. .

About teeth. A few years ago a vibrating machine was invented that can help a person regenerate teeth. Its already been used on rats with much success. Do you see it coming to market for everyone to use? Why cant we just regrow our own teeth?
Thanks in advance.
A.  When I see this machine in my mind it looks as though it connects to a person and the vibration of the machine mimics a certain "fequency wave" that a person gives off.  I also see when I look at rat and imagine this machine hooked to it, it speeds or stimulates the production of the cells that it is connected to.  For example, by using a thin needle or wire (it looks like an acupunture needle) it is touching the teeth, When the machine is activated it stimulates the production of those teeth cells enabling the rat to grow teeth.  I also get a message that rats teeth are always growing, so this machine stimulates and assists the growth in a faster pace.  If a human as a broken tooth, I see it helping to generate tooth cells and possbily making the tooth whole again, but I see this process being lengythy.  If no teeth exist, I can't see in my "minds eye" that it would work.  It looks like a nub or small bit of a tooth would have to be present for this work.  

This product is still very new to testing.  I see scientists really doing trial and error with it.  I cannot see it in the marketplace any time soon because it still isn't completely proven.  It seems like there is a hope with it (I feels positive)... It just isn't there yet. 

Q What really happened to the men from team seal 6? The team that allegedly killed bin laden. Were they killed off? 
A. I keep seeing vast jungles.  It makes me think of South America.  I seems like 1 or 2 of them fled and went to South America, while the others were killed in "accidents."  I hear "planes, trains and automobiles" as if those were the tools used or what they were in when they died.  Like one may have died in a plane, one on a train or by a train and one in or by a car.  

(I also get this when the footage of this "capture and death" of Bin Linden was taken, it was not in proportion to when it was aired.  The making of the video happened much earlier than the release.  Much of the seal team was already gone [killed or fled] before it was released.

Q Can you do a reading on the strange sounds that have been heard around the world in the last few years? Some people are calling them "sky trumpets" as they seem to be coming from the sky or the ground, being extremely loud to be made by anything mechanical. Are they coming from beings from inner Earth? What is causing the noise? This video shows a lot of examples, starting around 4:30.
A. I included the link [above], but I didn't want to watch it just yet to alter my view.  What I get when I think about these noises is that the earth is stretching and cracking apart.  The first image I get is how your house will crack and snap with the contraction of winter and then it cracks when summer starts to warm it up.  I see earth operating the same way.  As if the core is hot and the temperature of earth is heating up from the inside out causing these snaps and cracks.  

I also see the sun somehow related to this too.  It is almost looking like...well the image I see is the sun shining down on us.  The core of the earth, even though buried miles and miles deep, somehow feeds on this energy from the sun.  As the sun becomes more intense, the core is more intense, thus causing this heating up and cracking / growing of the earths core. In a strange way it is like the earth is growing- I see the earth look like it is breathing, much like how your chest rises when you take a breath, that is what I see the earth doing.  All of this movement creates HUGE booming sounds.

Q Can you explain why Lyme Disease is becoming such an epidemic and yet it's undermined by the medical insurance carriers and doctors? Is there a connection between Plum Island and Lyme Disease and the co-infections happening related to this disease (carried by ticks?).
A. I see that it is undermined because it is treatable.  I see doctor administering medicine to a patient.  It isn't a desirable disease, it may even have some complications, but for the most part is treatable if caught [in time].  More money is to be made by offering treatments for the problems rather than discovering a preventative cure.  

As far as Plum Island.. I see Plum Island as this place where they do all kinds of experimental procedures relating to animals, plants, diseases and testing.  There was some kind of a test that was done on a crop of green leafy vegetables, and it looks like a smoke cloud.. I get that the ticks that resided close to this testing didn't get Lyme disease, but developed a resistance [if they already had the Lyme disease in their system]- as if they were stronger [as a result of the smoke cloud].  So I get that that is partly why it is so difficult to eradicate the disease.  

Q Can a brain be transplanted from one body to another?
A.  I get that we don't the have the technology to do that yet and here is why... I get to take the brain you would need to take the spinal cord too.  So to implant a brain and the spinal the way the nerves would need to be reattached for proper body function (even simple things like breathing, swallowing,etc) [can't be done]...  We don't have the capability yet to do such a thing.  It is such a delicate process.  So in theory, yes, but we haven't got to a technological place to do that yet.  [I got after this reading that you could do it, but the body it is in would not be conscious and would use artificial means of life support. There would be no movement and the person would be in a vegetable state].

Q. What really happened to Adolph Hitler. Did he escape from Berlin before Russians went in and his death was great hoax or did he kill himself ? Who helped him and where could live and how long after war.
A.  I get that he did escape.  I also get he went somewhere cold.  When I ask myself where, I get Antarctica   He had some kind of a fortress already there.  I get that the hoax wasn't that great because he used a body double, of which the double's family was paid rather well in exchange.  I also get that he didn't live much longer after the war because of a disease he had (I see his hands shake a lot and he looks to do a lot of sweating and seizure type behavior).  I get that he lived at most 7 or 8 years.  

Who helped him??? I am seeing and getting "Nazi's".. His close confidants aided him and sealed a ticket for their own survival because they went with him.  This was a great mastermind and plan.  He had some underground tunnel in one of his bunkers, and that tunnel is what saved him.  I see the tunnel started out small, he had to walk, and then opened up to a rather large tunnel in which he could drive a short distance before he made his way above ground.  At that time he flew to his palace... I also get that once things got bad his family and close people were flown there immediately.

[Note:  After I did the reading it came to me later that the reason Hitler hired a double was because of his illness, not because he was afraid of dying.  He was at a point with his illness that he couldn't hide it, and he was worried what his people would do (such as not trust his leadership)]

Q: With relation to the news these days that focus on Muslims committing crimes, are there forces/people who necessarily want people to hate Muslims? Is Islam being targeted, or just the followers? If so, why is it being targeted?

A.  I see that it is because the US needs to have a foothold over there in that area of the world due to out dependence on oil.  If we painted the picture that they didn't need us in their affairs or things were being controlled satisfactorily by their governments, the US wouldn't have a good excuse to have a presence.  As long they [Muslims] are negative, or bullies or unfair to the people, the US will gain some support of the the citizens to be there in which the US needs this because the tax dollars fund this occupation over seas.  It really is necessary for the US to have its' citizens believe that we need to be there. The US just isn't honest as to why... (As I type this I see soldiers walking and guarding oil pumps, oil wells, everything to do with oil.  They aren't guarding people- at least in my vision that is providing me with my answers.)

Q There is some speculation on the net as to the sun affecting crude oil in the next twenty years, making it radio-active & unusable ( also making gold invaluable ). Any truth to this? Will we all be walking?
A. I first get that green energy will take over way before we are walking.  Our shift is going to eventually turn from oil to green, but for now too much money is still to be made in oil and I get that the "powers at be" want to exhaust that [their oil money/profits] first and they are (referring to the "powers at be") somewhat holding back the speed at which we develop green energy into an affordable option for many people.  

The sun...I can't see a radioactive active effect, but what I do is many years from now (like 50) what oil is left will start to change properties slightly in that it separates.  I see a picture of vegetable oil mixed with water, and how it separates out, and see crude oil doing this as well..It is still usable, but I get that more refined, quality oil that normally goes to the top, isn't there.. It is as if nothing can be scraped off the top??

And that is all for now.  It is 2:46 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.


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