Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hi, I am wondering about the claims made by Dr Bill Weld that the US government has infected most of the populace with a nano device which can be activated by radio waves, to destroy our immune system, and give us a killer flu/infection. This also sounds like how we may get Morgellon's disease, with nasty nano particles from chemtrails. What do you see about a nano war on the American people?

4:36 PM The first image I get is a screen shot from the show Revolution, and in that shot they show several (must be thousands) of floating man made robots that are microscopic. Then I reflect to our own air and even though they aren't "robots" they are or rather it looks like there is this little metallic confetti.  Then I see aluminum foil.  Then I see someone shredding the aluminum foil into these finite pieces and throw those pieces into the air.  Then they breath it in with the facial expression that it smells wonderful.  

Now that I have taken in the image, I am going to try to understand it.... 

Q. I ask myself if Dr Weld is correct in his thinking?
A.  The answer is that he is somewhat correct.  I do not see it as a nano device that has "infected" the people.  I see we are infected by varying degrees of metal particles that are floating around.  For the most part they are odorless and tasteless, and people are (well most people) unaware to the fact they are inhaling them (hence the image of the person breathing in their "fresh air"). 

I also get that in some cases people that are sensitive to the particles can smell them and/or feel them during specific weather changes.  The image I get is a heat lightening storm in which there is no rain.  if these particles are charged electrically they can be smelled, felt and even tasted, but only in those people who are very in tune with their body.  Most people overlook it or dismiss it.

Q.  Now, I would like to know if radio waves are used in conjunction with these particles to destroy our immune system?
A.  What I get is that it isn't radio waves attacking the particles, what happens is when we ingest these particles we can either flush them out or our body stores them.  They get stored just as any other toxin.  Depending on where they go, our own immune system tries to rid them from our body and then two things happens from that.  One, our bodies become worn down fighting this toxin, so we get sick, [can't fight sickness off} tired, sore muscles etc much easier.  The second thing that can happen is that we have so much toxin that it infects parts of the body [organs, tissues, lymph systems] and it becomes too much for us to fight off, and we get sick from the toxin itself.  

Q. I would now like to know about Morgellons disease.
A. When I focus on Morgellons disease I see this as a skin infection that we cannot or they can't fight off.  It looks like sores that I would describe as sores I see on people with Lupus.  Either you do get the sores [with this disease], or  it is [a disease that is] exacerbated by an autoimmune disease or function [like Lupus]. The trigger does appear to be these environmental factors (meaning the particles).  I don't see the particles being the reason a person has Morgellons, but for someone that is sensitive or genetically predispositioned, it can greatly increase your risk.  

And that is what I have for now.  It is 5:02 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can delete this blog from my favs list now. Ms psyc didnt pick up on the fact that Dr Weld is a hoax? He has admitted such on his YT channel. Goes to show...fraud always comes out eventually. Toodaloo!

shanti said...
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Psychic Focus said...

@ 4:06 PM - I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't want to waste your time. If this site doesn't prove to be interesting or thought provoking or resonate truth, this may not be your outlet for information. I can only go on the impressions it get and what I see when I pose the questions in my mind. Part of my understanding is poking my mind in other directions and sometimes my answers come in indirect forms. For me, that is how "the greater good" wants me to see it. Your understanding may be better served in a different way. Also, if when reading any of my posts, if you pose additional questions because you are left wanting more or want even more clarity, you are always welcome to leave a comment and ask those questions. Best Regards- Lynn

Anonymous said...

I find that this reading contains a lot of good information about chemtrails, how they make us sick, and what we can do about it. I don't see any information provided by Lynn that doesn't ring true for me. I think she tries to stay clear about the specific questions put forth. There were no questions about the identity of Dr Weld, so she did not give us any information about that.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, she merely gave her impression of the situation described, not anything about Dr Weld specifically in the reading at all. First commenter: take a reading comprehension course please.