Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Boston Bombing Questions.... (Continued)

2:03 PM I have had a lot of questions still regarding the Boston Bombings, so I have compiled a list and thought I would touch base on some your questions.

Q Is it true Tamerlan pleaded for them to kill him and let Jahar go as an agreement?
A I see a final point when he knew he couldn't escape he started to scream "Take me.  I give up.  Just take me!"  He at no time yelled for them to kill him, it was more of a surrender.  In a desperate move I further see him yelling "It was me, let my brother go." But I will say it does feel desperate, and it wasn't true.  Like he was lying when he said it. He didn't want to die.  He didn't make any threatening moves.  I see his hands up- total surrender.

Q They claim after the first shootout Jahar jumped in the SUV and drove off and was able to actually get away despite the whole city being in lock-down and hundreds and hundreds of police chasing him. Did he really get away?
A  I see running...lots and lots of running.  He was hiding.  I see a street person, homeless guy, and I see that Jahar lived that way for a few days.  I don't see any major escape or get away.  It looks like he was living "underground" so to speak for those days..

Q What does the future look like for Tamerlan's widow Katherine and their daughter? What kind of things will happen in their future?
A  I see a lot of trauma for her- mainly mentally.  It is like what she knew about Tamerlan is so different from what she is expected to portray.  It at first was just such a shock, but as the shock wears off it begins to really effect her mentally.  It is as if in her mind she has two different memories of him.  The ones she knows to be true, and the ones she is expected to have and show.  I see her even doubting the truth of what she knows.  

In public, she feels shame.  At home she feels confused and sad.  She at times even forgets the Tamerlan that she knew and that makes her feel really sad.  

I don't see the daughter being as traumatized.  She still has snap-shots in her mind of her dad, but the guilt and feelings aren't as intense.  She is coping much better than her mom. 

I do also in the future see Katherine being approached with a book and or movie deal.  She is very reluctant..thinks on it for a very long time because she knows how her husband will be portrayed.  Eventually for financial reasons decides to go with it... That makes her relive a lot events, but proves to be good because she has a different (stronger) perspective and is able to process things in her mind better.

Q What have been Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs daily activities been? Does he pray, or talk to anybody? Have you seen him reading letters from supporters or what he feels when he speaks to his mother on the phone?
Just wondering how he copes with these things?
A  I see a lot reading.  He has a leather bound book with triangles all over it.  He clutches that all the time.  I even see him sleep with it under his pillow.  He walks around his cell like he is pacing and hums to himself- it looks like some kind of a spiritual meditation.  He also sketches a lot.  I get a vision of Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs, it is Hannibal in his cell with drawings on the wall.  I see Jahar being very limited in what he can have, but he is allowed paper and pencils.  I see he somehow doesn't feel as hopeless  as if he is connecting with his inner self.  I feel this strength is coming from his mom...?

Q: Was the FBI worried Ibragim Todashev knew detailed information about the Boston Bombing false flag patsies? 
A  I see they were very worried.  When I focus on this question, I see many agents acting frantic.  They are talking in their walkie talkies in a complete panic.  I see a lot of worry, concern and anxiety regarding this.

Q:Will anyone be brought to justice or will they try to "settle" with the family to sweep it under the rug?
A  I see this going somewhat quiet.  It was like it was the big news story at the time, but now it has gone quiet.  Almost like they want it, I want to say forgotten, but that isn't the right word...more ignored, and now they are off to other stories.  

Q: If justice is served will it uncover more information regarding the killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Boston FF?
A  It would, but I see special interest groups preventing anything like that from happening regardless of the cost.  

And it is 2:23 PM.  That is all I have for now.  Please feel free to read my other blog entries regarding this topic.  I have answered several questions.  Thank you.  Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Great reading! I do have a question though; They say being in solitary confinement has bad effects on ones mentality, causing hallucinations and such. Do you see Dzhokhar in a healthy state of mind? Is he mentally there? If not, do you set effects in the future?

Psychic Focus said...

He does look out of it... but it doesn't seem too unhealthy yet. I think he is "looking for answers spiritually" as if he is really relying on his faith.. I get he wasn't a huge believer in faith before this, but he is much more into it.

Anonymous said...

So there has been speculation that the lawyer representing Dzhokhar (Judy Clarke) is just working for the feds and actually not trying to help him. Today at his status conference Judy said "They may have a completely erroneous story. We think it's a matter of fairness the court should regulate the scheduling process," Which kind of negates what was previously stated. So what do you see, is she actually helping?Are people actually trying to help him that claim it? And are things looking up for Dzhokhar?

Anonymous said...

There have been zero updates on this case except for the jail only limiting Jahar to 20 letters a week and not being able to see his lawyers anymore. They have completely ignored the case... So depressing. So many stories become forgotten and this seeming to be one

Anonymous said...

Can you please please do another reading on this case?your blogs & readings actually give me hope,even if it's not something i want to hear..thank you!