Monday, April 30, 2018

What's Up In Hollywood

Q. Hi Lynn,  I was wondering if you could look into this. I have noticed that over the past couple of years Hollywood has really changed their scripts to use children as the main characters or heroes. Any movie from Wolverine, Transformers, Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Divergent, Hunger Games, to even the newest The Quiet Place where the teenager daughter seems to lead the movie. Quite honestly I find this disturbing as many of these movies are violent, and portray young kids and teenagers in adult roles. It seems like this is brainwashing society into believing kids and teenagers are responsible enough to make life decisions, and many movie goers don't catch on. Feels like some kind of Hollywood agenda is being forced at as. Who's behind this and WHY? Why are these kids exploited into adult roles? Do you see this affecting our future generations?

Thank you and God bless!

A.  In tuning into this, there are agendas in place.  The main goal of the PTW (Powers That Were) is to break down the family.  I get when the family breaks down, society in general is much weaker and easier to control.  

Teens feeling they are more mature than they are (know more than their parents, even more than past generations) and disrespecting parent role models, puts teens in situations they may not be ready for (and is a slippery slope that could lead to these teens becoming an adult on social programs i.e slaves to the system).  They are encouraging and glamorizing mature relationships and unrealistic situations.  They want teens to feel they are adults. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Life Detective #8

by Lynn and Da-da

Hi, all. Welcome to Life Detective #8, where Lynn and Da-da look at past and future lives of various people, sharp and blunt. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most dominant past life of the subject come forward, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, and then who they’ll be in the future. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life: This is really weird. I see this person lived in the Middle East in a previous life, about 50 years ago, in the military, high up. No family. Had a big black mustache. He was ruthless. Devoted so much of his life to his army and country, that he had nothing else. Finally, when he lost his life in some Middle Eastern conflict, as he passed over I hear, “Alright, I paid my dues with this rough life; for my next one, I’m calling for a charmed life.” His current life is his reward. He’d lived this super tough life in a war zone, a lone wolf living in the desert, literally in the trenches, with no luxury of any kind, so he wanted to incarnate as THIS guy he is now, all about money and fame and the cushy life.

Future LifeNext… I see him in the New England states... as a little girl! He’s going to come back as a nobody — on purpose. This next time, he wants to be a totally unrecognizable person, poor and nondescript. He kinda got buyer’s remorse for the life he has now. 

[ Not that it shows. ]

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Question on Mind Control and How to Stop It

Q.  The following article was accidentally released by the Washington State Fusion Center.  It was describing mind control tests and how the electromagnetic (EM) waves effect the human body.  How do we stop these attacks and protect ourselves?  
"Washington State Fusion Center accidentally released records on remote mind control:
April 18, 2018, 
As part of a request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human” written by Curtis Waltman, edited by JPat Brown on a released article.
When you send thousands of FOIA requests, you are bound to get some very weird responses from time to time. Recently, we here at MuckRock had one of our most bizarre yet - Washington State Fusion Center’s accidental release of records on the effects of remote mind control.
As part of my ongoing projects looking at fusion centers’ investigations into Antifa and various white supremacist groups, I filed a request with the WSFC (Washington State Fusion Center). I got back many standard documents in response, including emails, intelligence briefings and bulletins, reposts from other fusion centers - and then there was one file titled “EM effects on human”
Full article:
A.  When I first tune into this, I get these mind control experiments (MK Ultra) and EM tests have been going on for decades.  It started around the time of WWI to WWII.  It looks like these tools began as a "weapon" for countries to use against governments, political figures, etc and is now becoming even more mainstream against people of power, influence or even "too loud of voices" in the public.  

Sensitive people can even intercept messages or "programming" being sent through these methods.  For example, if someone is a target of attack, and a sensitive person is vulnerable, they can receive and feel effects of the attack.  Sensitive people may find themselves more open to the influences (and effects), but they also benefit from having a better ability to recognize it and shut it down.  

Keeping vibrations high by not filling yourself full of fear looks to be effective (and important).  I see leaders (like Trump) fighting these mind control tactics off by maintaining confidence and staying strong (inner strength).  It isn't full proof, but looks to make it much more difficult to penetrate the mind.  MK Ultra experts prey on vulnerability (especially if a target gets ill or worn down).  I get some people of power have even created "faraday cages" for themselves as a way to allow the body to purge if they need to escape MK Ultra or EM attacks.

I also get it is important to periodically question things within yourself.  If you feel angry, irritable or depressed (the lower vibe emotions), ask yourself if these feelings are genuine to yourself. If they aren't, tell them (meaning the feelings, as if you are commanding a message to your higher self) to go.  Then, spend some time and put yourself back in balance.  (If they are genuine, honor them for what they mean, process them and let them go.)  This is truly a mind over matter (and you are strong!) situation. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, April 23, 2018

Is Chivalry Dead

Q.  is Chivalry really dead?  Hi Lynn, is there something going on particularly in the United States with men changing drastically as a group? 

For the past couple years many of my girlfriends who live in different cities throughout the United States (New York City, Phoenix & others) have had such trouble in their dating lives and especially unsuccessful in finding “the one”. These are smart successful women in their mid 20s, fit/beautiful, and kind hearted. It seems single men as a group are acting different from what we remember, as in they are pursuing a woman but then won’t pay for her meal on a date, or won’t even go on dates just invite her over all the time. Everything right away is being split down the middle, money seems to be on their mind a lot and brought up often.  It’s like you want to scream where have all the romantics gone?

They don’t try hard at all to impress the woman so why are they even on a dating website or telling women they’re open to anything and would love a family one day soon? Where are our ROMEOS?

A.  There are very sincere, nice guys out there, but as a group they are fighting against a growing agenda to emasculate men.  Weakening a society starts with weakening the men and creating unclear, undefined roles.  Men are being attacked on many different angles, much of which looks to be coming from the feminist movement.  I'm not referring to the people fighting for equality between the sexes (that is positive for society), I am referring to the hateful groups that use men to blame for the things they do not like in their life rather than being accountable (I've also seen them referred to as social justice warriors).  They feel oppressed and offended at the hands of men.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Five for Friday #49

By Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly disturbing and giant-wormy edition of Five for Friday. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes” and Da-da’s questionable questions [are in brackets]. Let's get started before someone gets sick.

Image #1: Space Interruptus
Speaking of sick, this image (via UFO Sightings) is some kind of energy, recorded by the Int’l Space Station (ISS) camera, energy that came and went like a squall. So, what’s going on here? (I’m guessing Wave X.)

What Lynn Saw
"I do get it was Wave X, but since it’s not filtered through the atmosphere it’s taking on that “red mist” quality; red is on the low low vibe spectrum, and this energy is red due to some intent to do with this station, like there’s something wrong here. Yes, there’s something not right here... this isn’t a space station at all. What you’re seeing is indeed legitimate Wave X energy, but I question the validity of what’s actually taking the pictures. The energy is actually saying, 'You don’t belong here and you need to be purged.” Ah, this isn’t a station: it’s just space junk."

[Yeah, I sensed that the “Int'l Space Station” is just a bunch of expensive junk, a moolah boondoggle for the PTW. But… why do they perpetrate this lie? What’s in it for them? Just the money spent? Also, does ths mean that the astronauts they show on the ISS are in a studio somewhere? How do they simulate weightlessness? As for the energy, if that was red energy, will the next blasts be orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet? up the spectrum?]

"Yes, they shoot the live video in a studio [upside down], as well as underwater, in Nevada. Like the faked moon landings, they can't reveal the lie because then people will wonder what else is a lie, and it also makes the PTW look weak. It's about control and the illusion of power. As for the energy colors, I can't say that each future hit will be a different color. This felt intentional to blast this space junk... and that it needed to be red.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Continuation of Remote Viewing Post

(The following is a question that was asked in the comments.  I thought it deserved it's own post, so.....)

Q. This remote viewer guy also did a few other views.  One of them is about reincarnation ( and it was shocking. According to what he and his team had viewed, there was a battle in the far past between aliens.  The winners have some kind of domain over this solar system, and use it as a resource where we, human souls, are trapped here on earth due to an "artificial mechanism" whose sole purpose is to prevent the souls from leaving.  Therefore, we are forced into reincarnation ever since into a new body here while our memory is wiped out along this process. 

Lynn, could you do a read on this? It sounds a bit weird, I know, but there are many more details and some resemble your past readings that are available on your blog.

A.  I have seen similar things regarding a battle on and around earth.  Earth used to be an oasis and full of resources.  There are several portals near, to and from earth which made earth even more desirable.  It is fairly easy for ETs to get here, and once here it made for a good stopping point and a location for bases.  

Thousands and thousands of years ago some ETs started to get greedy, and rather than share earth the way it was currently done, they decided they wanted to take ownership.  There were cat ETs, dog ETs, bird ETs and reptilian ETs.  A battle over earth started to ensue, and it was a huge battle.  I cannot see it on earth (they didn't want to destroy the very thing they wanted to acquire), but mostly occurred in the air.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Michael Cohen Raid

Q. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading concerning the FBI raid on President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen? Were the FBI justified in doing so, or was this move motivated by the PTW (Power That Were)? Also, what ramifications do you see this having. Thank you Lynn

(I know political posts often trigger emotions, so I will do my best to keep this to the point.  I've received many emails and have seen some requests come through the blog. )
A.  When I tune into this, I do get the PTW (Powers That Were) are the main driving force behind this.  They are so desperate to take down Trump, I hear "if we can't take down the man, we'll take down everyone around him."  They also want to take down someone important to Trump as retribution for Trump's attack on the deep state.  Cohen was one of Trump's most trusted advisers, and it will really hurt Trump to have Cohen put in a position where he can't come to his aid and provide legal counsel.  

As I look at Cohen, it looks like a variety of items will come under question.  It looks like a few legitimate things were found (not enough for a criminal charge, but rather some kind of questioning, statement or leave???).  There feels like a frustration in the lack of what was found, so the FBI with the help of the media, spun the evidence into something much more than it was. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Remote Viewing Antarctica

Q. Beside Reptilians another big interest of mine is Antarctica.  I know you have done readings before,  but this remote viewing is particularly interesting as he describes some kind of possible healing that is rare to earth.  Please look at the remote viewer or the topic or both....

With Antarctica being so prominent in the news lately, Brett discusses a remote viewing project that he participated on, which focused on describing the most significant relics found on the continent. What he discovered might surprise you.

Antarctica: What is going on there?  It feels like a mystery. 
A. When I tune into Antarctica, it does have some special properties.  The Antarctic, which is the polar opposite of the north pole has several portals to outward realms and inward to the hollow earth.  (Regardless if the earth if flat or spherical, which is another topic for another reading, I see the Antarctic region being the inverse of the north pole, and the thickness of the earth supports the inner earth inhabitants).  
Pic of Healing Device

There have been a lot of ET activities on the surface of Antarctica.  I see pyramids beneath the ice.  Strangely, some look to be upright (the point is upward) and others are pointing down as if they were built into the ice.. (???)

Q. What can you say about Brett?  
A. He feels genuine and very gifted.  Sometimes when you are RVing (remote viewing) a location or situation, you see shapes, images, shadows, feel the energy / emotions of the environment, etc.  He was able to, in great detail, describe some advanced technology used for healing purposes.  He feels to work with the intent of educating and sharing information.

Q. What do you see about his remote viewing experience and this new healing technology? 
A. I see this advanced technology is possible and even probable in a parallel future timeline.  I cannot connect to it in our current day timeline, but most definitely see it being developed in a parallel future.  

This also feels tied to a time when the 4D earth is being inhabited. and see this technology being both used and very understood.  It looks as though this healing technology is gifted to the people from ET beings (plaiedians?).  It was bestowed to the humans living on Antarctica first because they are the closest inhabitants to the portal, AND the pyramids served as a beacon to draw them in.  It was viewed as a gift and a way to bless the "new" earth. 

Q. What do you see with the new healing technology?
A.  It does look to be effective.  I see the circle in the middle (pic is included) being a form of stone or crystal that draws energy in from the sun and universe (similar to the way Reiki comes to you).  It takes the energy, and converts it to a vibration and the wand (stick end) is placed on the body like a tuning fork.  From there, healing vibrations are used and transmitted to the person to enhance their own ability to self heal.  I see that people have to do repeated sessions, and the number of sessions varies with the illness.  It looks very effective, and will become a popular method of healing on our new Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hart Family

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you for your excellent blog.  It's always enjoyable to read.

I was wondering if you could/would look at the Hart family in California - Jennifer and Sarah Hart who had six adopted children, 5 black and one hispanic.  The SUV they were driving in in California went over the cliff and they were all killed, though three of the children are missing, apparently washed out to sea, unless they weren't in the vehicle.  It appears to be intentional.  The Harts, a lesbian couple, had been accused of abusing the children, beating them, withholding food.  

Was wondering what was going on with this situation, were the children (at least the girls) being sexually abused?  Was there anything darker, such as pornography on the Dark Web?  How was the couple getting their money (they had an almost $400,000 home yet only one was known to work as an assistant manager at Kohl's, which is a relatively low-paying job).  Also, was the SUV going off the cliff intentional and what led up to it?   One of the children, Hannah, was 12 but looked 7 and had her two front teeth missing.  The 'mothers' said she did not want them replaced, which seemed odd (the neighbor commented on this).  What caused the teeth to be missing and not replaced?  Was there anything more sinister to this?

A. When I tune into this, I feel overcome with an emotion of sadness and depression.  I get this isn't just tied to the actual event, but it was the vibration of the household.  I see that both of the adult women suffered from mental imbalances.  I hear the words "depression" and also "bipolar disorder" when I look at them.  I also see that the mothers weren't doing things to help themselves in terms of treatment (medical, alternative or otherwise), which created relationship issues with each other as well.    

I cannot see any sexual abuse, but there looks to have been some emotional and physical abuse.  It looks as though these ladies adopted the children to gain benefits (assistance, etc????), rather than out of pure desire (their intentions do not look heartfelt).  The "benefits" didn't pan out to be what they expected, causing more anger and resentment. They felt having a family would be easy, but the reality was much more difficult.  The kids were given what they barely needed including healthcare, and had to deserve or earn more than the bare minimum (the moms' definition of "barely needed" was loosely defined.)  

It looks as though the lead up to that day was fairly typical (in their terms of a "typical day").  It appears that a fight broke out in the vehicle while driving, and the kids, even though timid, were behaving in a way that the ladies felt they didn't appreciate what they had and the sacrifices made.  The littlest things (and kids being kids) would set off the adoptive parents.  The fight about the kids led to an argument between the women (their relationship had challenges too).  Something snapped, and to create fear "to show them" the driver intentionally (out of rage and not thinking about consequences) sped up and drove off this cliff.  This event doesn't look premeditated, but was purposeful at the time. 

As tragic as this is, I do see the children at peace.  They look to be unified in spirit, and I am shown the symbol of them all holding hands.  These kids feel free spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Even though what the kids lived through was horrible, and this event was terrible, they do look to feel at peace and calm now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, April 9, 2018

Secret and Past Lives

Q. Hello Lynn. Please post this Q&A on your blog. There has been about 90 years of mystery, speculation, books and movies about Anastasia Romanov . There is a mystery about whether or not she survived and escaped the firing squad . Some people have claimed to be her over the years and they have been proven false. In 1997 Russia and USA forensics claim they have proven her remains found. The Russian Orthodox Church, in 2015, says this test and bones found are false  and rejected the findings.

So, through a series of synchronicity over time, a story told to my dad by his mom to him when he was young and some investigations by me. I have come to this point to ask you this question. Is my Grandmother, now deceased, really Anastasia Romanov? She never said she was and no one in my family ever even remotely thought so either. 

Key points:

My grandmother escaped Russia during the 1917 Russian revolution. Her and her family were on a train with many people trying to get out of Russia. The Red Army stopped the train, shot and killed everyone but my grandmother lived but no one else did. The White Army found her and she was reunited with her family. They got to Siberia then to Canada. This doesn't add up because I just read my great grandfather family's story of this time .

There is an 11 year difference between my Grandmother (younger) and Anastasia. My Grandmother and Anastasia had the exact same birth physical problems,height, eye color  and physical anomalies. And the supposed injuries to Anastasia from the firing squad, my Grandmother had also. Even though I have discovered these things, I still am not totally convinced my Grandmother is Anastasia Romanov. I never really knew my Grandmother very well because I lived far away. I only ever had a picture of her in her late 80's. So, just a couple months ago, reading my great Grandfather's story my dad has, there is a family picture with my Grandmother in the book.  It is a photo of her, her mom, dad, brothers, sisters etc. This is a family picture from in the early 1920's Canada. Her age in the picture does not match her birthday age she would be- she looks much older. I researched pictures of Anastasia and compared them extensively to my Grandmother's picture. I am pretty sure they are the same woman.

Is my Grandmother really Anastasia Romanov, or not? 
A. I want to focus on two parts of this question.  First, what happened to Anastasia.  And, second, is the woman by the name of Anastasia your grandmother.  

I do get that Anastasia did survive and went into hiding.  She encountered a horrific ordeal that left her terrified.  She needed to reinvent herself, and in doing so she changed her name, and all her documentation relating to her old identity.  Our minds are very powerful with regard to self preservation, and she coped by submerging herself into a new life, in a new place and shutting off memories to her past as a way to cope. 

I do get that your grandmother (based on personal info and pictures you submitted) is Anastasia.  It looks like when your grandmother escaped and was later handed to family, these were distant relatives that enabled her escape. These relatives were well connected (money, friends, networking ability), and when they heard of "Anastasia's" escape, they looked for her, and when they located her, they sent her over seas with a new identity to remove her from all the political upheaval that was going on over there.  

Q. How would I find out about my past lives? I feel like I've seen many lives and many things but I'm not sure where they all end or begin. Where would I start?
A.  There are a couple things you can do.  If you would like a reading, I usually can see at least one or two lives pull forward that are most significant to your current life.  It may relate to patterns or behaviors, or even people you encounter in this life.  This can be helpful to gain a better understanding and insight into yourself.

You can also seek out someone (hypnotist or a psychic) that specializes in past life regressions.  This is a technique in which the person is put under hypnosis and guided through the process to uncover and see their own past lives.  You can even witness traumas and start the healing.  This can be very insightful and healing to witness in a third party perspective.  I'd just like to add that if you go this route, pick someone you trust because hypnosis requires you to be comfortable and vulnerable.  If for some reason you don't mesh, try this with someone else until you find a good fit. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Mix Up (Mirror Gazing, Trump, Cryptos and ETs)

Q. Hi,  I have a question about this technique called "mirror gazing."  Is it safe and is it real?  Is a mirror a portal to other dimensions, and is it really safe to explore in this way?
A. When I tune into this, the mirror itself isn't the gateway.  What happens is when you look into a mirror, and "gaze" into it, focusing on a fixed point and staring off, your focus changes and you begin to look into the mirror much like the technique used to see illusions in a "Magic Eye" book. This technique changes the focal point from the foreground, to the feeling of looking through the image.  This type of focus (which is how some learn to enhance clairvoyant images), allows you to "see" images as if you were meditating with your eyes open.  There is no harm if you set protection and hold your space as you start the process.  

Again, I see this as a form of meditation with your eyes open rather than looking at a true portal. 

Q. Hello Lynn, Strong Trump supporters are jumping off the train recently (
At the same time the president is starting a commercial war with China, Europe, etc and gathers hardliners around him. Where will the US be economically in 18 months? Will the dollar keep strong? Will these measures really create jobs and make America great again as he likes to state? Thank You!
A.  I get that these articles are just another form of propaganda.  I hear that the alt left (instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were) are hoping if they spread things long enough it will make them true (or make people think they are true).  Trump does go against the grain, and says things that some feel are outrageous, but I do not see his supporters changing sides.  His supporters knew what they were getting when he was elected (and that is why they elected him, he doesn't sugar coat anything).  

The economy does look to remain stable (struggles a bit but looks to pull through).  In the short term of 18 months, there are some ups and down with the stock market, but appears it level out.  The image of the market looks like a saw tooth. 

I also get there is some "big news" (feels surprising in a good way) that will help our economy.  It looks like Trump will implement something with the tax and health system that will encourage business and growth.  This news looks to help keep the economy healthy and bring back jobs.

The dollar feels to hold on, but isn't valued in other countries they way it once was.  More and more alternate modes of payment are being created and accepted for payment (the framework for an alternate currency is being laid out).  The PTW continues to make money in the stock market (watching trends, dumping stocks at the top and buying when they are low).  This behavior looks to go on for a while, creating instability and unpredictability the longer this goes on.  Precious metals slowly climb in value, but still look to be suppressed to some extent (looks like a solid investment).

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you for your contribution on this blog.  Recently people started accumulating DigixDAO (DGD), a crypto-currency backed by Gold, at the same time the value of Bitcoin is going downhill. I remember you predicted similar trend would happen a while ago (earlier this year), just didn't expect this would happen so soon. 

Will Bitcoin regain its power and value by the end of this year or next year?  Will Bitcoin gradually be replaced by DigixDAO and if yes, should we start collecting DigixDAO now as the price is still kept low (around $350-400), compared to this of Bitcoin ($8,000-10,000)?  I believe your insight would help in other people's navigating their portfolio. Thank you again for your help, Lynn.

A.  I do get that DGD is an up and coming crypto.  I get that the gold backing creates an illusion of security with this investment.  It looks to work in a similar way, but has a tangible asset attached to it.  

When I try to gain clarity, I see this is also being boosted or promoted by the PTW because of some kind of tracking ability.  It has some kind of tax or fee based on transactions.  I hear the "crypto that sticks will be the one that can be taxed," so if it isn't being done yet, it will soon (so be cautious).  It looks to be around for awhile and will gain even more momentum.  

(Please do your research and make good judgment.)
Q. Hello, Are alien's trying to communicate with us? If so, how? Here is a link about short radio frequency bursts- is this alien's?
A. I do get ETs try to communicate with us and other ETs inhabiting earth.  It feels like some kind of binary (or Morse code) type of signaling using energy pulses. I get these signals are very basic.  They aren't sharing technology secrets, but rather just pinging us to see who is there, and if they respond.   

(As a side note, I do need to state that I have not studied finance, and everything I get is from an intuitive perspective). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Happy Friday!  Love and light-
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

YouTube Shooter

Q.  Lynn, Can you look at the recent shooting that occurred at a YouTube headquarters?  A woman named Nasim Aghdam claims YouTube was ruining her life by suppressing and demonetizing her videos focusing on animal rights and veganism.  In a fury she went to the building and began to open fire on employees, and then killed herself.  Can you read what is going on?

A.  The first thing I hear is "YouTube is one of many masterful tools being used by the PTW (Powers That Were) to promote agendas.  It is true that YouTube is manipulating their videos, making some harder to find (even when you know exactly what you are looking for) and pushing more agenda driven videos to the top of their search engine.  The goal of YouTube looks to encourage entertainment that is void of free or deep thought (such as watching pranks or children playing with video games). 

In the event that free thought occurs (you can find great stuff, you just have to dig deep), they want the thought directed toward creating more division by evoking an underlying emotion of anger and offensiveness.  They also are good at allowing some alternative videos in to serve as a platform to discredit (and cause more emotional uneasiness).  This also creates enough obfuscation so people don't know what to believe, and [hopefully] give up their search for truth out of frustration. 

They also use this medium of media to subliminally introduce mature concepts and sexualization to children and teens.  Cartoons and videos contain topics and images that plant the seeds, and parents have to work overtime to make sure they don't grow.  

YouTube also changed their terms saying in order to be monetized with ads you have to have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers (I know this to be true because it happened to my channel). Many people, including Nasim, depended on this revenue stream.  When YouTube changed their own rules, it hurt many YouTubers financially.  To make it worse I hear "this behavior is like a game and the rule makers don't play fair."  Even when people viewed her videos or subscribed, because YouTube didn't like her message, they wouldn't let the view count increase accurately (I get this happens to A LOT of people, including my own YouTube channel).  This prevents people from getting the quota numbers, therefore preventing a payment from ad revenue.  

Nasim knew what was happening, and wanted to call them out.  She did have some mental imbalance, and reached a point where she wasn't going to let this behavior happen any longer without a fight.  She feels like she snapped (has an energetic vibe of temporary insanity), and went to the Headquarters to express her disgust.  It feels like they were dismissive of her, and she lashed out.  She had a moment of being remorseful after it was too late, and then took her own life.  

[A quick note I wanted to add that I hadn't mentioned in the original post (but was brought up in the comment section) was this was intentionally instigated.  The PTW wanted this to happen and used her as a spokeswoman for their agenda.  They wanted an attack to spread more fear and hate.  This is why the officials stood down and allowed the events to play out in a very similar way as the Florida shooting.]

Even though things may feel bad, I do see it getting better.  The reign of the PTW is coming to an end, and people are waking up to it.  They (the PTW) are so scared that they are manipulating what they can to keep control.  They want to make it difficult to find truth and foster free thinking.  They fear the unification of people, so constantly create issues to keep us divided.  Please take a moment and send some love and healing light out to the world.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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