Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Mix Up (Mirror Gazing, Trump, Cryptos and ETs)

Q. Hi,  I have a question about this technique called "mirror gazing."  Is it safe and is it real?  Is a mirror a portal to other dimensions, and is it really safe to explore in this way?
A. When I tune into this, the mirror itself isn't the gateway.  What happens is when you look into a mirror, and "gaze" into it, focusing on a fixed point and staring off, your focus changes and you begin to look into the mirror much like the technique used to see illusions in a "Magic Eye" book. This technique changes the focal point from the foreground, to the feeling of looking through the image.  This type of focus (which is how some learn to enhance clairvoyant images), allows you to "see" images as if you were meditating with your eyes open.  There is no harm if you set protection and hold your space as you start the process.  

Again, I see this as a form of meditation with your eyes open rather than looking at a true portal. 

Q. Hello Lynn, Strong Trump supporters are jumping off the train recently (
At the same time the president is starting a commercial war with China, Europe, etc and gathers hardliners around him. Where will the US be economically in 18 months? Will the dollar keep strong? Will these measures really create jobs and make America great again as he likes to state? Thank You!
A.  I get that these articles are just another form of propaganda.  I hear that the alt left (instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were) are hoping if they spread things long enough it will make them true (or make people think they are true).  Trump does go against the grain, and says things that some feel are outrageous, but I do not see his supporters changing sides.  His supporters knew what they were getting when he was elected (and that is why they elected him, he doesn't sugar coat anything).  

The economy does look to remain stable (struggles a bit but looks to pull through).  In the short term of 18 months, there are some ups and down with the stock market, but appears it level out.  The image of the market looks like a saw tooth. 

I also get there is some "big news" (feels surprising in a good way) that will help our economy.  It looks like Trump will implement something with the tax and health system that will encourage business and growth.  This news looks to help keep the economy healthy and bring back jobs.

The dollar feels to hold on, but isn't valued in other countries they way it once was.  More and more alternate modes of payment are being created and accepted for payment (the framework for an alternate currency is being laid out).  The PTW continues to make money in the stock market (watching trends, dumping stocks at the top and buying when they are low).  This behavior looks to go on for a while, creating instability and unpredictability the longer this goes on.  Precious metals slowly climb in value, but still look to be suppressed to some extent (looks like a solid investment).

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you for your contribution on this blog.  Recently people started accumulating DigixDAO (DGD), a crypto-currency backed by Gold, at the same time the value of Bitcoin is going downhill. I remember you predicted similar trend would happen a while ago (earlier this year), just didn't expect this would happen so soon. 

Will Bitcoin regain its power and value by the end of this year or next year?  Will Bitcoin gradually be replaced by DigixDAO and if yes, should we start collecting DigixDAO now as the price is still kept low (around $350-400), compared to this of Bitcoin ($8,000-10,000)?  I believe your insight would help in other people's navigating their portfolio. Thank you again for your help, Lynn.

A.  I do get that DGD is an up and coming crypto.  I get that the gold backing creates an illusion of security with this investment.  It looks to work in a similar way, but has a tangible asset attached to it.  

When I try to gain clarity, I see this is also being boosted or promoted by the PTW because of some kind of tracking ability.  It has some kind of tax or fee based on transactions.  I hear the "crypto that sticks will be the one that can be taxed," so if it isn't being done yet, it will soon (so be cautious).  It looks to be around for awhile and will gain even more momentum.  

(Please do your research and make good judgment.)
Q. Hello, Are alien's trying to communicate with us? If so, how? Here is a link about short radio frequency bursts- is this alien's?
A. I do get ETs try to communicate with us and other ETs inhabiting earth.  It feels like some kind of binary (or Morse code) type of signaling using energy pulses. I get these signals are very basic.  They aren't sharing technology secrets, but rather just pinging us to see who is there, and if they respond.   

(As a side note, I do need to state that I have not studied finance, and everything I get is from an intuitive perspective). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Happy Friday!  Love and light-
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Anonymous said...

Lynn, thank you! Wonderfull reading!

Deedubau said...

I love reading about your information about most things here, but I wish people would stop using you for financial advice, especially on cryptocurrencies because there's a new one popping up all the time. I did like the information you provided, but it doesn't mean that it will succeed and fail for sure based on what you know about it. People really need to think for themselves and decide if the risk is worth it.

Mr. Yang said...

Cryptocurrencies are exciting as a concept but I REALLY WANT TO say that there is no future in either crypto nor dollar or whatever fictional paper/non-paper you are thinking about.

The problem is the cyclic manner that we have a hard time to understand:

FIRST, there will be a some kind of natural event, disrupting the ongoing business of today. Solar flash? Massive earthquake and tsunami? World wide electric meltdown because of a hack or virus? NO ONE KNOWS. But, after this event -

...a market rapid slow down for a couple of months...
THEN a financial meltdown... because of the tremendous amount of change
THEN mass factory halt
THEN rising unemployment
THEN social chaos
THEN the increased speed and dissolution of government power (no taxing possible)
THEN the abuse of the monetary system to the max (political desperation)
THEN hyperinflation (no money in circulation because of bank-collaps)
THEN bartering (as trust of money will go away, INCLUDING cryptos!)
THEN a new world will emerge, but we are talking way way way late in the game.

In this new world - there will be no space for any speculation, no cryptos, no paper - possibly GOLD and SILVER - but trust me - no one will want to have silver or gold for any transaction as it will be too expensive for anyone to trade with. (The face value of 1 oz of silver will be several thousand dollars)

The best hedge against government is self reliance. Your own farm. Your own energy. Your own group of equally minded. Educate yourself in whatever talent you feel happy to do, and THAT will be the "money" of the future. Plant trees now, they will be worth more than gold. And they produce year after year.

Mr. Yang said...

...also... nothing can be "backed by gold" that isn't gold in your hand. Rules can change in seconds in a "collapse".

That is why 100 dollar in your hand can change value, but 100 apples in your hand can not.
That is why 1 crypto can change value, but 1 oz gold in your hand can not.

And - don't speculate in things that you can't afford to lose everything.

BTW - Thanks Lynn - Always a pleasure - I listen to your Youtube now :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, avoid using/buying old mirrors. They can possess unpleasant psychic overhead. Lynn will back me up on this.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments and info!

@Dada: Great point. Thanks for bringing it up. You are right, but they can be cleared.. Most anything can hold onto bad energy, so as a rule, if you get something and it doesn't feel right, clear it (sit outside or smudge it).

Ryno said...

What "strong" Trump supporters are jumping off the Trump Train??? Nobody I can recall. That Alex Jones video was pretty funny if you actually watch it.

The mirror question was interesting while more crypto-currency not so much.

The enlightened one said...

@Deedubau, Ryno

I'll have to agree on cryptocurrencies. It get's a bit repetetive and boring with these constant updates on the development of cryptocurrency exchange rates. Maybe if you trade with those it might be interesting, otherwise not so much.

Is that your natural hair color? I believe I saw a photo of you once with blonde, slightly curly hair? Anyway I think the eye-avatar felt more formal and official. But of course there may be a point in having a more personal avatar as well. I'm sure many people are curious about what the actual person behind the blog actually looks like.

Robert Schoen said...

Yikes! Never knew that about old mirrors, but turned a lot of them into art pieces so maybe that gave them new life.

Corporate media is doing everything it can to undermine Trump and are overplaying their hand so much while failing to report real news that eventually people will wise up. The Trump tower fire, the five military jet and helecopter crashes in months, the defusing of Syria and N Korea speak volumes even if people don't get it, like how they smelled a rat after Katrina.

A great strategy to deal with family and friends who hate Trump: Instead of arguing with them, tell them in 2020 you're going to be actively campaigning for Oprah or the Rock as being wothy leaders of the free world.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn aliens communicate thru channeling too right?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Very true!

@Wendy: Yes, that absolutely communicate that way and also telepathic.

Charlie said...

Thank you, Lynn for all your interesting insights. Who knew about the mirrors?! Would you say they hold on to energy stronger than other household items?
Please, please keep the crypto info coming!! Those people complaining above definitely don’t represent all of your support group! I enjoy your wide variety of topics, and your bravery to tackle sensitive topics.
Is it easy to determine which group is giving you information ie nordics or pleadians?

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the reading as always... Mirror Gazing is similar to Scrying in my view. Totally awesome, found on reference in an Arab text about King Solomon having a Mirror Gazing or Scrying Bureau. Hope I spelled that right. It was like a desk or armoire I guess. You actually can do this type of thing with a cell phone or flat screen tv, turned off of course. ET communication is kewl as well, have a friend that understands Arctrian because of an abduction type thing. He said they send messages with light. Seems possible because if you speed up sound it becomes light and if you slow light down it becomes sound. I'm sure theirs a process. I don't mind the crypto stuff. America will be OK until free energy finally makes it out of the gate...