Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hart Family

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you for your excellent blog.  It's always enjoyable to read.

I was wondering if you could/would look at the Hart family in California - Jennifer and Sarah Hart who had six adopted children, 5 black and one hispanic.  The SUV they were driving in in California went over the cliff and they were all killed, though three of the children are missing, apparently washed out to sea, unless they weren't in the vehicle.  It appears to be intentional.  The Harts, a lesbian couple, had been accused of abusing the children, beating them, withholding food.  

Was wondering what was going on with this situation, were the children (at least the girls) being sexually abused?  Was there anything darker, such as pornography on the Dark Web?  How was the couple getting their money (they had an almost $400,000 home yet only one was known to work as an assistant manager at Kohl's, which is a relatively low-paying job).  Also, was the SUV going off the cliff intentional and what led up to it?   One of the children, Hannah, was 12 but looked 7 and had her two front teeth missing.  The 'mothers' said she did not want them replaced, which seemed odd (the neighbor commented on this).  What caused the teeth to be missing and not replaced?  Was there anything more sinister to this?

A. When I tune into this, I feel overcome with an emotion of sadness and depression.  I get this isn't just tied to the actual event, but it was the vibration of the household.  I see that both of the adult women suffered from mental imbalances.  I hear the words "depression" and also "bipolar disorder" when I look at them.  I also see that the mothers weren't doing things to help themselves in terms of treatment (medical, alternative or otherwise), which created relationship issues with each other as well.    

I cannot see any sexual abuse, but there looks to have been some emotional and physical abuse.  It looks as though these ladies adopted the children to gain benefits (assistance, etc????), rather than out of pure desire (their intentions do not look heartfelt).  The "benefits" didn't pan out to be what they expected, causing more anger and resentment. They felt having a family would be easy, but the reality was much more difficult.  The kids were given what they barely needed including healthcare, and had to deserve or earn more than the bare minimum (the moms' definition of "barely needed" was loosely defined.)  

It looks as though the lead up to that day was fairly typical (in their terms of a "typical day").  It appears that a fight broke out in the vehicle while driving, and the kids, even though timid, were behaving in a way that the ladies felt they didn't appreciate what they had and the sacrifices made.  The littlest things (and kids being kids) would set off the adoptive parents.  The fight about the kids led to an argument between the women (their relationship had challenges too).  Something snapped, and to create fear "to show them" the driver intentionally (out of rage and not thinking about consequences) sped up and drove off this cliff.  This event doesn't look premeditated, but was purposeful at the time. 

As tragic as this is, I do see the children at peace.  They look to be unified in spirit, and I am shown the symbol of them all holding hands.  These kids feel free spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Even though what the kids lived through was horrible, and this event was terrible, they do look to feel at peace and calm now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Serene said...

Sending Love and Warm Light to all those involved in this situation. XOXO

Truth & light said...

Death is freedom

Pathphinder said...

What a tragic event to look into... Oui

The enlightened one said...

You might find this article interesting.
Yet another holistic doctor investigating vaccine-autism links has been found dead.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Hi Lynn. Do you know if all 6 children were in the vehicle when it went over the edge? Why was the family 500 miles from home? Were the parents running away or was it a planned family outing?

Thank you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

enlightened one: Thanks for sharing this! This is happening WAY too often to these healers!

@Resident: I did see that they were all 6 together. Now that you say it, it does feel like they were running away, at least for a little while..

Amelia said...

I 100% agree.

Unless of course, you get trapped in the loop and back to Earth!

Either way Bee, I'm sorry to report.. but you're not leaving us just quite yet! We kind of need you around for this next bit.. ;)