Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Continuation of Remote Viewing Post

(The following is a question that was asked in the comments.  I thought it deserved it's own post, so.....)

Q. This remote viewer guy also did a few other views.  One of them is about reincarnation ( and it was shocking. According to what he and his team had viewed, there was a battle in the far past between aliens.  The winners have some kind of domain over this solar system, and use it as a resource where we, human souls, are trapped here on earth due to an "artificial mechanism" whose sole purpose is to prevent the souls from leaving.  Therefore, we are forced into reincarnation ever since into a new body here while our memory is wiped out along this process. 

Lynn, could you do a read on this? It sounds a bit weird, I know, but there are many more details and some resemble your past readings that are available on your blog.

A.  I have seen similar things regarding a battle on and around earth.  Earth used to be an oasis and full of resources.  There are several portals near, to and from earth which made earth even more desirable.  It is fairly easy for ETs to get here, and once here it made for a good stopping point and a location for bases.  

Thousands and thousands of years ago some ETs started to get greedy, and rather than share earth the way it was currently done, they decided they wanted to take ownership.  There were cat ETs, dog ETs, bird ETs and reptilian ETs.  A battle over earth started to ensue, and it was a huge battle.  I cannot see it on earth (they didn't want to destroy the very thing they wanted to acquire), but mostly occurred in the air.  

It looks like it would have been difficult for any one race to win, so they started to make deals and form alliances.  There feels like a lot of going back and forth, to come up with a deal.  The end result was the reptilians could stay on earth if they went underground.  They were to watch over things on the surface, and keep things in balance.  If there was a situation where they felt they needed to interfere, they had to "get permission" in a sense from the humans.  They could not lie (but later became masters of the language so people didn't even realize what they were hearing or even saying in their everyday speech).  The truth is always in plain sight (only lies need to be covered up).  [As a side note, I hear "people should always listen with their eyes."]

The cat and dog ETs retreated back to there star systems in Orion's Belt.  They were banished in a sense and were not to interfere in the progression and evolution of humans UNLESS the humans ask for it.  The avian ETs also left, but they feel to return in some kind of cyclical pattern (almost how a comet completes a loop and comes back).  

The reptilian ETs, started to get really arrogant, and since no one was close to stop them, some came above ground and began to control the humans.  Some even bread with the humans, but were very selective, and wanted to keep a purity to their newer human/reptilian species (creating much of the PTW / Powers That Were lineage).  

Since there is an element of people needing to grant permission to be under reptilian rule, the reptilians need to suppress the awakening process. People becoming enlightened threaten their ability to control.  As a society, people are starting to expand their thought, question things and their subconscious is more active than ever.  Part of the design was to have people go to the cleansing light upon death to start the reincarnation process.  The thought was to have them incarnate with a fresh perspective, only holding on to residual DNA memories, but the real motive is to prevent a continuation of the awakening that started in the previous life.  The difference is now people are awakening much faster due to the increased subconscious activity.  People are becoming hip to the loop and starting to see things for what they are, causing fear in the reptilians.  Their era is coming to an end.

Earth is now in some exciting times.  The emergence of a 4D earth is being born, and many humans are ascending.  There are waves of energy constantly bombarding earth.  This activity is drawing the ETs in with staggering numbers.  The same rules apply to these ETs too- they need our permission to have direct involvement (or they are working in violation of Universal Laws).  They will intervene when necessary to avoid the total destruction of the planet (such as in Yellowstone), but cannot completely reveal themselves until disclosure (and permission) is granted. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

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Melly said...

Ooh. I see. I just recently read David Wilcock's The Ascension Mysteries book. He also did say how desirable Earth and the Solar System's location is to E.T.s

Thanks for the reading again Lynn!

Karoline said...

Hi Lynn. Amazing reading! I always wondered, and perhaps I am not alone in this, but if I am asking the ET's to come help us, why can't they? Whose permission to they need? Our corrupted government? Also, I thought our souls chose whether to come back, and if so chose a lifetime based on the what the guides are suggesting, so who are these guides then? If they know the souls are trapped, why are they allowing it.
Your reading reminded me of a series called Westworld (HBO).

Unknown said...


We are all here just being bled of our time and energy.

It is a giant scam, like a casino with all the exits carefully hidden and the windows blacked out to encourage the gamblers to keep playing and keep losing, and never develop the idea to just walk out.

It is briefly entertaining to newbies, but basically nothing good is happening in this establishment, and it is run by organized crime with the intention of defrauding the public.

I think both the guides and the humans who accept the necessity of reincarnation are deluded as to the real situation. Both are trapped and fooled, the guides are just at a slightly higher level in the same matrix. The entire structure needs to be avoided until it can be entirely dismantled. When you die, avoid the light or your memory will be wiped and you will be recycled again. Just look for gaps in the matrix and LEAVE.

Beloved Shingstar said...

Wonderful reading!!! I love this stuff, it's right up my alley!

1. Who made the main call of who could stay and who could go? (I would've rather the Orion ets stayed than the reptilians 😐)

2. Whose permission do they need to return? I think many people want to see them, so what are they waiting for? Lol.

3. Where does the watchers fit in all this? Did they come later during the time of Noah,( AFTER the dinosaur era), or did they watch the great battle unfold while sitting in their clouds eating popcorn? 😂

Buddhist Lady said...

Cool, Lynn! So you see Yellowstone being contained somewhat by "good" ETs? (Although I've downloaded the computer models of a minor to major explosion of Yellowstone to see where the ash might fall and in what distribution...since, obviously, I plan to stay in the NW America!)

Beloved Shingstar said...

If I remember right the Yellowstone ets are good! Pleiades I think.

They Live said...

Where does Source fit into all of this?

Deedubau said...

His youtube channel is great!

Donald H said...

@They Live I want to say Source fits into all of this by way of understanding how the universe works. In order for the universe to work, per se, there has to be both good and bad. I remember Psychic Focus mentioned Ying Yang in a similar post a while back. She said something like "In order for one to fully taste the sweet, there must be sour." (Copyright Psychic Focus, haha) As I'm typing this, it kind of reminds me of Star Wars. Sure the good guys are great, but Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars if there were no villains! ;) That is my take on this.

Speaking of outer space, I wonder if there is any way we can communicate with the good ETs. Anyone have any suggestions?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Karoline: We do have a choice to incarnate or stay in spirit, but if we incarnate, we have to do through the "washing."

The ETs need the permission of the collective to fully come out. We are getting there...slowly..

@Beloved: It feels like it was the result of the battle. I can't see exactly how that conversation went, just have an understanding of the terms. The Watchers are sort of like the ETs representatives that are here to first hand guide, but we aren't to know who they are..

@Buddhist: Yes, they are the good ones. :-)

@They Live and Donald: Yes, source is kind of like the overseer in this. Source creates the balance and the opportunities to set the balance. Source is the thing from which all others are created.

Beloved Shingstar said...

thank you again Lynn!!😊

Patricia O'Lenick said...

Avoiding the reincarnational loop was not addressed. For those of us who wish to avoid future incarnations and move to a higher level of living, how do we bypass that interference??? Many mediums talk about the nature of moving to the light, etc., but it is never noted that there might be dark influences (appearing to be light) that are controlling the process.... Any thoughts on this? Thank you, Lynn.

Weeze said...

Re the forced reincarnational loop - wouldn't that be contradictory to the PTW's objective of an extreme cull of the population? Why not just let us die off naturally and not return?

Weeze said...

Of course, I'm making the assumption that the PTW are in cahoots with the "nasties" on the other side (whom they worship and derive their power).

Ryno said...

Regarding the Reincarnation Loop as I have heard.

"The Light" is Reptilian (Draco) technology meant to keep whatever souls they want in a loop and enlsaved.

"Anu" is "king" of the Draco. Anu has 2 sons or princes. There names are commonly known as Enlil and Enki (Sumerian).

Anu, along with Enlil, have recently relinquished dominion of Earth and there is chaos with the elite and an awakening ("event") happening for many.
taken the reincarnation tech with them. Enlil has stayed behind with a few of his most dedicated followers along with his most loyal "human" minions; hence, why

Again, just what I have heard.

Ryno said...

One of my paragraphs above got all jumbled up.

Anu, along with Enlil, have recently relinquished dominion of Earth and taken the reincarnation tech with them. Enlil has stayed behind with a few of his most dedicated followers along with his most loyal "human" minions; hence, why there is chaos with the elite and an awakening ("event") happening for many.

Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn for this reading!

If I may ask: is this one of the reasons cats, dogs and many other animals are abused by "humans"? I use quotes because I feel that those who engage in such awful activity (like the torturing of dogs and cats for meat in China and South Korea for instance) must be under some sort of control from energies who are devoid of feelings. It could be reptilian, or some other group? Those who work towards a higher realm know that cats and dogs have souls and feel pain, just like other animals.
I've asked and prayed for help from the Cat and Dog ET's many times, they must know what is going on right? Will they ever step in?

Thank you so much for your reply,

Love and light,


Buddhist Lady said...

Interesting discussion on reincarnation. Of course, reincarnation may simply be a "law" of the electricity or gravity. It may simply be a mechanism of the Universe while in 3D. As we've all read, higher densities are less corporal, and karma/reincarnation ceases with the development of full consciousness in higher realms. Karma appears related to coalescence of matter. I have also read that the idea behind becoming a souled entity in 3D is to accelerate growth toward completion or reunification with Source. The high speed track...of course, you pay for the speed. Almost every channeled source remarks on how difficult and arduous undertaking lifes on a 3d planet is. I don't like to postulate too much about the characteristics of "Source" because we are all so indoctrinated with the idea of a "God" or an outside entity to whom we should beseech or pray from infancy. (Sometimes that entity could be wealth or power don't forget.) Once that hypothesis becomes even a glimmer in your brain, you've given control to something or someone else outside of your intrinsic power.

Conrado said...

Thank you Lynn a lot
Amazing reading and very clarifying!!

Conrado said...

I don't think that this reading contradicts the spiritual side of "reincarnation/karma"

Incarnate into a body to be active in this physical world can be as natural as light shining, and doing it over and over should be no less natural. What maybe happening is a "forced" reincarnation that make us blind to spirituality and stuck to the Earth.

As an analogy, we can think that a river is a stream of water that exists naturally. Still human can channel a water stream to his own purpose. Maybe that's what these reptilians are doing.

The enlightened one said...

Just heard on the news that they had arrested an accomplice in the 9/11 attack in Syria... How likely is that? Seems that they are desperate for (fabricated) reasons to invade Syria.

Russia Today recently said in a report from Douma that they had spoken to one boy who could be seen in the footage from the alleged gas attack. The boy claimed that some people came yelling about a chemical attack, and persuaded him to go to the hospital where they poured water over him, and in return for cooperating he was given food. Staff at the hospital said that a lot of people suddenly started pouring in but that they showed no signs of being subjected to a chemical attack. A group of people started pouring water over those who had been persuaded to go to the hospital

Bee E-lightened said...

Its just more fake outrage

Bee E-lightened said...

This is frustrating. Why doesnt source step in⁉️

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments.

The incarnation loop does feel forced, but you can chose not to be a part of it and continue your ascension in spirit.

@Nessie: You do raise good points, and I feel you are right. We just have to keep asking, and trust that they will come to our aid when they are able.

@Enlightened One: Yes, they are just trying to create a situation that doesn't exist to create excuses. There are A LOT of natural resources there, and they are trying to prevent Russia and China from getting them. They are also upset about the petrodollar.

@Bee: Just have faith in trust in Source. Even when we cannot understand it, there are things at play.

Lots of great points, questions and comments! Thank you for sharing!!

AKKL said...

The Medical Medium doesn’t specially call out the PTW, but he does say the work that sinister spirits on earth are doing to suppress people is actually back firing greatly in that it’s giving people greater challenges than they would otherwise have to face, and in turn causing those humans to evolve even faster then they would have otherwise. Fascinating stuff

Amanda Nicolich said...

What do Cat and Dog Et's look like?? Are they good?? So interesting, thanks!

wendy tascione said...

We are the robots in the west wirld...its a metaphor

Hulsie said...

I've read all about this and see two sides.. The reincarnation loop by the Dracos/Reptilians (Enlil/Enki, etc) and the other side which comes from listening to QHHT sessions (Alba Weinman, etc) or channelers who say we are reincarnating to experience different lives and learn lessons as we grow in spirit to ascend to higher levels. Which one is true? The messages are not just from guides. People are channeling Arch Angels and Jesus/Yeshua and Source.
By the way first time I heard about cat and dog E.T.'s - interesting.

Hulsie said...

This also reminded me of some comments made by "Joy" on past reading.. you can see them here: I hope she is doing well, haven't seen her comment in a long time..

Admund said...

Ok just a small reminder before we get so lost in these conspiracy theories and gets all the underwear-in-a-bunch.......

Have y'all notice Source has been bombarding Gaia with new kids of the block like 5 years old playing the piano like a pro, 8yrs old speaking 10 languages etc..

What we've forgotten is that if we're talking about spirituality and soul evolution be reminded not to loose the faith in Source / The Infinite Creator or life and existence itself.

There is always balance and perfection despite the chaos just like the eye of the storm right in the middle of it yet focus and still.

The mundane is just it if we willingly believes without seeking clarity or wisdom through understanding of that non-conditional love & Unity, we enslave ourselves through our own fear, greed and ignorance hence all the conspiracy theories of the god/s just so we have something to blame.

3rd density life is such chaos it is what it is and always will be.

You want to transcend this then be in this world but not of this world. Be kind, compassionate, forgiving and loving.

Simple as that............... :P


Amelia said...

Great comment Admund.. If only you hadn't resorted to using the label of "Conspiracy Theories!" The CEyeAyyy bombarded the public with this phrase in the 1960's in an effort to dissuade critical thinking and ostracize citizens who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assasination and the increasing clandestine government activities.

We are not doing ourselves any favors by continuing to label necessary critical thinking as such!