Friday, April 13, 2018

Remote Viewing Antarctica

Q. Beside Reptilians another big interest of mine is Antarctica.  I know you have done readings before,  but this remote viewing is particularly interesting as he describes some kind of possible healing that is rare to earth.  Please look at the remote viewer or the topic or both....

With Antarctica being so prominent in the news lately, Brett discusses a remote viewing project that he participated on, which focused on describing the most significant relics found on the continent. What he discovered might surprise you.

Antarctica: What is going on there?  It feels like a mystery. 
A. When I tune into Antarctica, it does have some special properties.  The Antarctic, which is the polar opposite of the north pole has several portals to outward realms and inward to the hollow earth.  (Regardless if the earth if flat or spherical, which is another topic for another reading, I see the Antarctic region being the inverse of the north pole, and the thickness of the earth supports the inner earth inhabitants).  
Pic of Healing Device

There have been a lot of ET activities on the surface of Antarctica.  I see pyramids beneath the ice.  Strangely, some look to be upright (the point is upward) and others are pointing down as if they were built into the ice.. (???)

Q. What can you say about Brett?  
A. He feels genuine and very gifted.  Sometimes when you are RVing (remote viewing) a location or situation, you see shapes, images, shadows, feel the energy / emotions of the environment, etc.  He was able to, in great detail, describe some advanced technology used for healing purposes.  He feels to work with the intent of educating and sharing information.

Q. What do you see about his remote viewing experience and this new healing technology? 
A. I see this advanced technology is possible and even probable in a parallel future timeline.  I cannot connect to it in our current day timeline, but most definitely see it being developed in a parallel future.  

This also feels tied to a time when the 4D earth is being inhabited. and see this technology being both used and very understood.  It looks as though this healing technology is gifted to the people from ET beings (plaiedians?).  It was bestowed to the humans living on Antarctica first because they are the closest inhabitants to the portal, AND the pyramids served as a beacon to draw them in.  It was viewed as a gift and a way to bless the "new" earth. 

Q. What do you see with the new healing technology?
A.  It does look to be effective.  I see the circle in the middle (pic is included) being a form of stone or crystal that draws energy in from the sun and universe (similar to the way Reiki comes to you).  It takes the energy, and converts it to a vibration and the wand (stick end) is placed on the body like a tuning fork.  From there, healing vibrations are used and transmitted to the person to enhance their own ability to self heal.  I see that people have to do repeated sessions, and the number of sessions varies with the illness.  It looks very effective, and will become a popular method of healing on our new Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Alice L. said...

Thanks, Lynn. I just discovered Brett yesterday, so i love the synchronicity. Regarding the Healing Technology: Can we, as a collective, shift to a future timeline with that tech?

Charlie said...

Brett has a collection of fascinating videos listed here:
One of his videos covers information on avoiding the reincarnational loop, and there are a lot of similarities with what Lynn has discussed in her readings. This guy seems to have his heart in the right place, and I'm glad he's passed the Lynn test.
Lynn, any chance you can watch that reincarnation video and provide further insight? He stopped short of giving valuable details on ways to bypass the control grid, but assured listeners he would revisit that sometime.
Thank you!

Raymond said...

I believe the guy. Remote Viewing can teach us a lot of things we would not learn with our normal senses.

I wonder if the rare Earth material is something that is found only on Antarctica or if it is found elsewhere on Earth. .

I can't imagine why they would be experimenting with the medical device all the way in Antarctica. They have plenty of secure facilities in the states unless it is for legal reasons to experiment on the volunteers, unless they were 'volunteered'.

Conrado said...

Great reading once more. thanks Lynn!

This remote viewer guy did also a few other views, one of them is about reincarnation ( and it was shocking. According to what he and his team had viewed, there was a battle in the far past between aliens, and the winner have some kind of domain over this solar system, and use it as a resource where we, human souls, a trapped here on earth due to an "artificial mechanism" whose sole purpose is to prevent the souls to leave and therefore we are forced to reincarnation ever since into a new body here while our memory is wiped out along this process.

Lynn, could you do a read on this? It sounds a bit weird, I know, but there is much more details and some resemble very strongly your past reads available on your blog.

Thank you

Unknown said...


That is pretty much the same information as was purportedly given by an alien back in 1947:


Alice L. said...

@Conrado—There is a lot on the subject (search Annunaki, soul trap, prison planet). The balance of power, however has shifted so this is what was, not what is. This video is not specifically about the soul trap, but it's a great primer on Galactic Origins.

Mr. Yang said...

I think it is great that people discovers new stuff / channels but control your fear - Don't give into it - make sure you surround yourself with positive energies and bring in your angels if you are easily scared.

Information - whether true or not - isn't always good to us. We live at times better without it. There is an evil side to the world, but nothing that we can't control, or is fed by our own thoughts.

With that said, thanks Lynn for the reading and love to everyone.

Alex said...

His video on moksha reincarnation is too long-winded, he talks about it without drawing any pictures and also talk about a lot of irrelevant stuff. I fell asleep after 10 minutes and still couldn't understand what he's trying to say.

Could somebody summarise what he said? And to the point please.

Conrado said...

@Alice Liu - Thanks. I ll take a look at it

@Watch said...

The earth is spherical and flattened at the poles, that's where all the confusion started, imho! :)
Thanks for the post Lynn, amazing as usual!

Amelia said...

@Alex you have me cracking up!

Jim said...
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