Wednesday, April 4, 2018

YouTube Shooter

Q.  Lynn, Can you look at the recent shooting that occurred at a YouTube headquarters?  A woman named Nasim Aghdam claims YouTube was ruining her life by suppressing and demonetizing her videos focusing on animal rights and veganism.  In a fury she went to the building and began to open fire on employees, and then killed herself.  Can you read what is going on?

A.  The first thing I hear is "YouTube is one of many masterful tools being used by the PTW (Powers That Were) to promote agendas.  It is true that YouTube is manipulating their videos, making some harder to find (even when you know exactly what you are looking for) and pushing more agenda driven videos to the top of their search engine.  The goal of YouTube looks to encourage entertainment that is void of free or deep thought (such as watching pranks or children playing with video games). 

In the event that free thought occurs (you can find great stuff, you just have to dig deep), they want the thought directed toward creating more division by evoking an underlying emotion of anger and offensiveness.  They also are good at allowing some alternative videos in to serve as a platform to discredit (and cause more emotional uneasiness).  This also creates enough obfuscation so people don't know what to believe, and [hopefully] give up their search for truth out of frustration. 

They also use this medium of media to subliminally introduce mature concepts and sexualization to children and teens.  Cartoons and videos contain topics and images that plant the seeds, and parents have to work overtime to make sure they don't grow.  

YouTube also changed their terms saying in order to be monetized with ads you have to have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers (I know this to be true because it happened to my channel). Many people, including Nasim, depended on this revenue stream.  When YouTube changed their own rules, it hurt many YouTubers financially.  To make it worse I hear "this behavior is like a game and the rule makers don't play fair."  Even when people viewed her videos or subscribed, because YouTube didn't like her message, they wouldn't let the view count increase accurately (I get this happens to A LOT of people, including my own YouTube channel).  This prevents people from getting the quota numbers, therefore preventing a payment from ad revenue.  

Nasim knew what was happening, and wanted to call them out.  She did have some mental imbalance, and reached a point where she wasn't going to let this behavior happen any longer without a fight.  She feels like she snapped (has an energetic vibe of temporary insanity), and went to the Headquarters to express her disgust.  It feels like they were dismissive of her, and she lashed out.  She had a moment of being remorseful after it was too late, and then took her own life.  

[A quick note I wanted to add that I hadn't mentioned in the original post (but was brought up in the comment section) was this was intentionally instigated.  The PTW wanted this to happen and used her as a spokeswoman for their agenda.  They wanted an attack to spread more fear and hate.  This is why the officials stood down and allowed the events to play out in a very similar way as the Florida shooting.]

Even though things may feel bad, I do see it getting better.  The reign of the PTW is coming to an end, and people are waking up to it.  They (the PTW) are so scared that they are manipulating what they can to keep control.  They want to make it difficult to find truth and foster free thinking.  They fear the unification of people, so constantly create issues to keep us divided.  Please take a moment and send some love and healing light out to the world.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for another awesome reading, Lynn! My bet would be she is another mind-controlled patsy. She travelled 500 miles just to express her disappointment with youtube? And she was missing for several days before this happened? Hmm. . .I wonder what they were programming her with? And yet again the shooter ends up dead. Suicide program, maybe? I'll be interested to see what information comes out over the next few days in alternative news. . .NOT the official story that's been whipped up for mass media.

Mr. Yang said...

This is spot on my own thoughts and experiences. Youtube and Google is really actively opposing the truth and you have to go to lengths to find some stuff that previously was easy to find. Many videos also deleted entirely.

I have also noticed that the censoring of Google is massive. I have tried out YANDEX.COM lately and noticed a completely different search results especially when looking for government / military stuff.

lilarose4truth said...

Wow really? So she was a legitimately disgruntled youtuber who went there to vent her frusturations? Im surprised at your reading. Esp because the cops called her parents before the shooting to say they were following her. Doesnt sound like an organic shooting to me

Robert Schoen said...

An Islamic Youtube poster driven to rage over their unfair tactics and manipulation of viewer statistics wounds three then shoots herself: sounds like a warning to other disenfranchised posters suggesting they are all imbalanced while creating fear of Islam and creating sympathy for Youtube as the victim, all while providing another fake event demonstrating the need to ban guns. There's that crazy dour villain-like face of the otherwise attractive woman doing almost comical exercise videos that make me think this is all fake and that their laughing at us. Q Anon said to look into who her father is, so maybe that holds a confirmation this was an engineered event to achieve all the above.

Welcome back Lynn!

Chris G said...

My gut tells me this was another false flag. QAnon hinted that her father has a government background, which is common in false flags. The doctor who gave a press briefing about the "injured" lectured about gun control (another common theme in false flags). The perp does not look real in the photos or videos. I wonder if they played around with their software this time to create a fake human on video. The "shooting" took place at YouTube, which is practically deep state central. The perp is Iranian and the deep state wants a war with Iran. Yep, all signs point to another staged shooting.

I see nothing to convince me that this was real event.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments! I enjoy seeing all the perspectives.

@Cheryl: There most definitely was some provoking. Create fear.. Create division...

@Mr. Yang: Thanks for sharing.

@lilarose4truth They allowed it to happen because they needed it to happen (similar to cops NOT going into the school in Florida).

@Robert: Thanks for the comments. I resonate with this a lot. I do need to check out that Q Anon! I've heard some interesting things about him.

It is nice to be back- I missed everyone, but did have a great vacation. Hung with friends, made new friends, great experience for the whole family.. While in NOLA we had some fun caricatures done (hence the updated icon). Super fun time.

@Chris: It was real, but she was provoked. They got her so enraged that it was almost like a psychotic break. I guess I didn't explain that clearly. I hear the phrase "it was like a death (or mental breakdown) from a 1000 cuts (or provocations)."

Thanks again for the comments. It is nice to see everyone on here.

The enlightened one said...


How do you know your view count isn't being incremented as it should?

Btw what happened to your avatar? Looks very unlike you! Perhaps an April Fools' day joke?

Bill Ramirez said...

thanks Lynn
Yea about the counts on the youtube, we have also ran into the count 'issue' with our chan and videos. we talked to allot of folks along the way who have had allot of the same problems. seen our view count numbers even go backwards once lol. we have videos on other sol networks streams that are blowing up in counts. makes no sense. but from what your saying it does make allot more sense for us why.
thanks for the insight. =) we'll always subscribe to your chan ;)


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@the enlightened one: I know because I have had several people email or contact me to say they have watched my videos and the count doesn't go up. At first it really bothered me, but I realize they are manipulating anything that isn't mainstream, and just let it go. I still put it out there and at least they are there if someone wants to listen.

Over vacation we went to New Orleans, and they have lots of street artists. I had him do a caricature, and I thought it would be fun to use it for an avatar for a few days. Just changing it for before I go back. :-)

@Bill: I feel for you. I know it can be frustrating... At least you are keeping your messages and content out there. :-)

EA RW said...

I'm glad I'm aware of this and many channels have reported about the subscribers, views and demonitization.

Richie allen has also been banned by google.

Alice Liu said...

Just like in the Florida shooting, someone in body armor was seen shooting at people. I do believe they target mentally vulnerable people, but I think they used backup people for the shooting (or to shoot blanks to create panic, or shoot crisis actors, etc... any of a variety of options). One man who was interviewed afterwards said that he was the someone shot 20 times, yet the Nasim is the only fatality. Here is a screen grab of the conversation regarding the shooter in full armor.

magnolia said...

"The reign of the PTW is coming to an end, and people are waking up to it. MUSIC TO MY EARS! Thanks Lynne!

Serene said...

@Alice Liu, I took a look at the screenshot conversations on the right side of the page (the link you posted) and I apologize but it looks to me like it's fake. I do not know who Tracybean is, however I suspect what she screenshotted was fake...first of all if you look at the names who originally posted the texts...Agha Zain, Amed akef Getaround, Hanene, etc. these do not look authentic at all. Also, it is clearly a panic situation...why are the texters bothering with periods and proper punctuation? I've been in panic situations in an earlier job I had, conversations sound a lot different when people are panicking believe me.

Also, a Bay Area Transplant is someone that used to live in the Bay Area, but has moved to the Central Valley usually for reasons of cost. (In case you don't know, the Bay Area is ridiculously expensive and many people move to the Central Valley where prices are a little more reasonable, hence the term Bay Area Transplant.) Perhaps the meaning of the term has changed over the years, but generally people from other countries or places of birth do not use this term to describe themselves, it's generally used by people living in the Central Valley that do not appreciate the swarms of Bay Area folks moving in and driving up their home prices and increasing traffic, this is where the term BAT comes from.

Lastly, I'm familiar with San Bruno area. YT is located in a very populous business park. People are coming and going everywhere. Cameras, especially at YT, are everywhere. San Bruno is very busy. At 4:10 people are starting to leave for home and the roads are congested. The screenshot texts say "I was in the courtyard eating and some guy with a gun..." They were in the courtyard eating around 4:00?? Doesn't make sense.

Unless someone can point out otherwise, it looks manufactured. Panicky people don't bother with punctuation and putting periods at the end of their sentences!

Alice Liu said...

@Serene -- Tracy Beanz is a well know alternative journalist. This story was first covered by the SFGate. As for the veracity, that's up for question.