Friday, April 20, 2018

Five for Friday #49

By Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly disturbing and giant-wormy edition of Five for Friday. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes” and Da-da’s questionable questions [are in brackets]. Let's get started before someone gets sick.

Image #1: Space Interruptus
Speaking of sick, this image (via UFO Sightings) is some kind of energy, recorded by the Int’l Space Station (ISS) camera, energy that came and went like a squall. So, what’s going on here? (I’m guessing Wave X.)

What Lynn Saw
"I do get it was Wave X, but since it’s not filtered through the atmosphere it’s taking on that “red mist” quality; red is on the low low vibe spectrum, and this energy is red due to some intent to do with this station, like there’s something wrong here. Yes, there’s something not right here... this isn’t a space station at all. What you’re seeing is indeed legitimate Wave X energy, but I question the validity of what’s actually taking the pictures. The energy is actually saying, 'You don’t belong here and you need to be purged.” Ah, this isn’t a station: it’s just space junk."

[Yeah, I sensed that the “Int'l Space Station” is just a bunch of expensive junk, a moolah boondoggle for the PTW. But… why do they perpetrate this lie? What’s in it for them? Just the money spent? Also, does ths mean that the astronauts they show on the ISS are in a studio somewhere? How do they simulate weightlessness? As for the energy, if that was red energy, will the next blasts be orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet? up the spectrum?]

"Yes, they shoot the live video in a studio [upside down], as well as underwater, in Nevada. Like the faked moon landings, they can't reveal the lie because then people will wonder what else is a lie, and it also makes the PTW look weak. It's about control and the illusion of power. As for the energy colors, I can't say that each future hit will be a different color. This felt intentional to blast this space junk... and that it needed to be red.”

Image #2: Strange Cloudage
Strange cloud/rainbow combo over Colorado. Natural or…?

What Lynn Saw
“Yes, I get this is due to chemtrails and HAARP. I’d love to know what kind of weather followed this. This is the 'calm before the storm.' Something erratic happened afterward, weatherwise.”

[So, where is the HAARP facility located?]

“It’s out of Alaska. HAARP has a huge global range.”

[That’s it. The Big Daddy one.]

Image #3: Something Wormy This Way Comes
Yikes. This was posted over at Mysterious Universe; here’s the (three-part) story:

A very strange report surfaced in the paranormal section of the now defunct site in 1999 from a poster calling herself Paula M., who reportedly had an unusual encounter while at a junkyard in the U.S. state of Oregon. Paula was sifting through the rather remote site on the lookout for vintage bottles and glass when she noticed some strange holes in the ground that looked as if they had been tunneled by someone or something. There were 6 or 7 of these inexplicable holes, which seemed to be partially camouflaged and which measured around 2 inches in diameter.

Although this was all certainly a bit unusual, she went about her original purpose and began digging around for the vintage glass she was searching for. At some point she then noticed something quite weird indeed, when a clump of dirt the size of her fist was seemingly dislodged suddenly by something underground, after which it rolled down a recess. This was a bit unsettling, as she had spied those odd holes earlier and immediately made the connection. As she went over this strange sequence of events, she then saw whatever it was that had apparently made the tunnels, as it began to emerge from the ground where the clump of dirt had been. She would say of it:

At this point, I wasn’t sure what end of the animal I was looking at. It was about two inches in diameter, and the end of it was perfectly smooth and round – like a cue ball. It was light-brown in color, very much like the surrounding earth. It had a worm-like shape, but didn’t taper down at the end as worms do, and was firmer around looking. It had no distinguishing or familiar features to indicate to me what it was.

She would also mention that there were no apparent eyes, mouth, ears, or any other discernible facial feature, and that there was a strange peach-like fuzz sparsely scatted around its body. She wasn’t even sure if this was the thing’s face or not, as only around 6 inches of it was visible above the ground as it tentatively quivered about as if trying to sense something. Then something quite surprising happened, which she described thus:

All of a sudden, while I was examining it, two big beautiful crystal blue eyes popped open! Now I knew what end of the animal I was looking at. The white of the eye surrounding its blue iris was the whitest I’d ever seen – a pure virgin white. The size of the eyes were quite big in proportion to its body size. I wondered if it were a juvenile. My presence didn’t seem to bother it because it studied me for only a short period of time. Then it ignored me. It appeared content and relaxed while it exposed itself to the sun. I tried to get it to look at me again by clapping my hands and yelling, but it continued to ignore me. All it did was stare at the sky, continuing to sway its head back and forth, stretching upward while blinking slowly. It was as if it were hypnotized by the light of the sun.

After several minutes of this the creature then lazily began to disappear back into the ground until it was out of site, ensconced by the earth once again, leaving behind yet another of those tunnel-like holes. Paula was unable to find any sign of where it had gone, and upon returning home went about making appeals on the Internet for people to try and help her identify what the mysterious creature could have possibly been. She also made several more trips back to the same garbage dump, but was unable to locate the creature, just more of those enigmatic tunnels. It is interesting to note that Paula’s posting on her encounter drew a large number of responses from people trying to figure out what it was. Some people thought it was possibly predatory in nature, and that she should avoid it if she ever saw it again, while others thought it was some sort of exotic, introduced animal of some sort.

Still others gave their own spooky stories, such as a commenter named “Natalie W.” who said:

I have not seen this creature myself, but I know of someone in California who has. It was about more than 30 years ago and the people who saw it were little children at the time. They said they were playing in the backyard in the dirt when all of a sudden this ‘thing’ came sprouting out the the dirt. The brother and sister just watched in horror, holding their breath. The brother described it as a tall, worm-looking thing about 8 feet tall. Up to this day, if the sister asks the brother, ‘Do you remember…?’ he cuts her off and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. I believe in what they saw.

Even stranger still was another peculiar response, which seems to suggest yet another cryptid of some sort which doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere else. The odd comment read:

I probably won’t be the first or only to inform you that what Paula saw at the dump may indeed be an unidentified Southeastern Asian creature known as an ingot [possibly lingot]. Check with Agence France-Press for stories about ingots during the final years of French involvement in Indochina. They were seen burrowing everywhere, and the descriptions of the bodies and eyes match those of Paula’s story. Old Indochina veterans in the French army could never explain them or where they came from, and there is no record of American sightings during this country’s involvement later. General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, supreme commander of French forces in Indochina, was so unnerved by sighting of burrowing ingots and the lack of information about them that he brought in a special team of researchers, who apparently found nothing.

The ingot is like no other creature reported on earth, and it contributed to the general weirdness of the French experience in Indochina. Ingots were reported in large numbers in 1953 around the North Vietnamese site where an entire French regiment vanished without a trace. This disappearance may have had nothing to do with ingots, but there are still old veterans in the cafes of Paris, Bordeaux and Marseilles who swear there was a connection. Incidentally, the reality of the disappearing regiment is well-documented. For a few years in the 1950s, burrowing ingots made big news in France. But France, like the US later, hid its Indochinese veterans and paid little attention to their stories… about anything. Such is defeat.
So… what are these people seeing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get these are prehistoric insects that live dormant underground for a time, then break through the surface every XX number of years, then they eat, mate, and go back underground again till next time. [So many straight lines, so little time.] This has been going on for millions of years. The climate around the equator is more suitable to these things, but they sometimes get displaced, hence their appearance farther north. They seem to feed partially off sulfur [and there are lots of lava tubes in Washington]… they’re also carnivores, when they’re not dormant, or perhaps hibernating is a better word. I see some folklore about them I think in South America; their cyclical nature is a big clue. Some tribes know about them."

[Are these worms insects or animals? And are they intelligent? And... how BIG do they get??]

"I would call them insects. I want to compare them to a cicada. I'd say they have minimal intelligence (more like a survival instinct). The ones I saw were around 2 feet long. I don’t see them any bigger than that."

Image #4: The Hole Thing
Speaking of holes in the earth, here’s another one from Mysterious Universe, the "Tonopah Hole”:

Arizona media reported on April 4 that Michele Thompson and her son Hector discovered the “mystery hole” near their home in the Tonopah desert about 50 miles west of Phoenix (obligatory Phoenix reference so we can mention the Phoenix Lights). The hole had no warning signs and they couldn’t see the bottom although Hector could hear the thud of the rocks he threw (obviously not old enough to determine depth by timing the rock’s freefall — Depth = 0.5 * g * time^2 where g = 9.81m/s^2 or 32.17f/s^2 … you’re welcome).
After Michelle posted info about the hole on Facebook, a local news station ( sent a crew that dropped a camera into the hole and determined the bottom was 30 feet down and covered with trash, a box, a bucket and at least one rock. The station found the owner of the property — the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – and showed the picture to an expert with American Pump and Well Service Repair who said it didn’t look like a well.
Before you could say, “Move along, there’s nothing to see here,” there was nothing to see there. In less than 24 hours, a crew from the BLM had filled the hole with what appeared to be dirt. All that a BLM spokesperson would say is that the land was owned by the Federal Aviation Administration in the 1950.
So, is this venting for a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB)?

What Lynn Saw
“I see images of smoke once billowing out of this hole. At one time there was indeed a DUMB and this is one where they'd work on chemical weapons; this one has been decommissioned, but at one point was highly used. While in use, the stuff vented was highly toxic.” 

Image #5: Epstein’s Island of Lost Souls
Popularly known as “pedophile island,” this (ahem) Virgin Islands island is owned by convicted sex offender/billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, replete with weird temple and creepy locales. So, what went on in the temple and that open-air pit (middle left)? And who set the island on fire? (Destroying evidence, I’m guessing.)

What Lynn Saw
“In that temple were different dark ceremonies and rituals that went on during certain times, during full moons, eclipses, etc. I also see them having this kind of eyes-wide-shut type of activity in this facility. The open-air pit was used for these dark magic ceremonies, as well, usually at night, and by day as a place to auction off children to potential buyers. Who set it on fire? I hear it was the cabal, because there’s DNA evidence all over this island. It’s too well known, so they’re trying to destroy as much evidence as possible. And Trump is really close to exposing it. He’s working on bringing these people to light, so they want to erase as much evidence as possible.” 

[Where does that door lead, that pic on the middle right?]

"I get it leads to a tunnel system for escaping (should there be an invasion of any kind). Very creepy!!"

[At this point, do things look like they’re ever going to push over into a going-to-jail phase for any of the VIPs? Or do they all walk? (Or does Wave X take care of them?)]

"I really do feel like time is about up for them. This process is taking forever, but I do see steps in the right direction. They will still have some kind of "secret” hold, somewhere, like a pedophile club med kinda thing… but the good news is that the PTW won't make it to the 4D earth.”
Once the Official *3D* Earth launches -- made especially for the cabal -- we hope the worms come back to welcome them with open… um, arms. That said, please join us next time for Five for Friday #50: Shedding light one inch worm at a time.


Alex said...

Why would the US want to fake the ISS? Did China also fake its two space stations too?

I can understand faking the landing on the Moon because it was difficult in 1969 but a space station should be easier in today's technology.

Robert Schoen said...

That wormy thing scared me to death because its proof positive the Homunculus has gotten loose and is now breeding on its own. Look it up on Youtube. There are some things man was never meant to play with. Disgusting ;-)

Neeraj Chadha said...


When do you see complete systemic take down of cabal? Thank You for the reading.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Neeraj ~ It's happening right now, apparently:

Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Dada for the update.

Portis said...

Wow, you two are brilliant. That island. I pray for the souls of any children who ended up there.

And I agree that it feels like something has turned, and by that I mean a bunch of cabal underlings getting arrested, all of whom could "turn" on their masters in exchange for leniency in prosecution. If the HRC indictment recommendation pans out, that means something broke in their protection scheme. I can cite no evidence to support my sense that the momentum of the takedown attempt has passed some critical, self-reinforcing stage, post-Syria, but that's what it feels like.

As always, thanks.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex ~ Sorry, meant to answeryou earlier. I'm also at a loss as to the motivation behind maintaining the ISS illusion. It can't be the money, as it represents a tiny expenditure compared to all the other govt waste. Perhaps, as Lynn says, it's just keeping up appearances. But other countries that participate... I don't get it. Doesn't matter, of course. SOURCE just told us that the ISS has got to go.

The enlightened one said...

@Alex, Dada

Perhaps since ISS is a coverup of the REAL space program, that takes place beyond the public eye, they don't feel like doing something for real, when it's just for show. Just like with cinematic productions, if something can be accomplished with special effects, you do that, even if you have the money to create a real, genuine effect.

One could also draw parallels to the gas attack in Douma, Syria. The evidence unearthed by RT indicates that it was all a hoax, that no attack took place at all. If that is true, one can ask: Why create an illusion of an attack, when you have the capability of creating a real one and blame it on someone else? Perhaps the answer is the same.

One could also express it thusly, that it is human nature to choose the path of least resistance, which in practicality means that if there are two ways of accomplishing the same end goal, we tend to choose the least costly one.

Also perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is highly dangerous for the human body to spend longer periods away from Earth's magnetic field. For example allegedly there are statistics showing that pilots have significantly reduced life span, due to being away from Earth's magnetic field.

One could also theorize that it is not possible to create a space station which is safe to use with publicly available technology, if you consider threats such as hits from meteors, radiation, etc. Tiny space debris hitting the solar panels at supersonic speed could easily take them down.

The enlightened one said...

@Neeraj Chadna

In the meantime, until Lynn does a reading on the subject, let me share what I get looking at this subject.

I get that if a "systematic takedown" of the cabal would be attempted it would be potentially quite violent. They wouldn't give up without a fight.

However, the more likely scenario, which is currently happening, is that they are being sidestepped rather than "taken down", that there is a slow and gradual transfer of power to forces whose intent coincides with the inner wishes of the people.
This process is not intentional or systematic (unless we speak of highly evolved souls who are here with a mission to manifest a better world.) It is more subconscious and unintentional (except as seen from the level of the collective higher self).

Let me explain using this analogy: Our awake-dream, can be viewed as an illusion viewed in a mirror, which in turn is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. Suddenly, everyday we wake up and look in the mirror, we notice that small things have changed, some things have gotten better. It is a gradual and slow process. And every time we go to sleep, we subconsciously alter our inner mind, which result in a different image in the mirror (the world) when we wake up.

Denise Christensen said...

Interesting readings! Little did I know that the horror film "Tremors" was based on reality.

@The enlightened one -- I like your explanation of the takedown and think you might be right. We always want fireworks, and bells and whistles but perhaps it's in humanity's best interest to have a slow transfer of power. After all, there are many good souls who are still caught up in the illusion and will have a tough time making the transition if it happens too quickly.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments everyone! Thank you.

I do like the take down explanation too. It does resonate.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, this Ancient Roman thing...

...isn't a mystery. It's for knitting socks!