Monday, April 9, 2018

Secret and Past Lives

Q. Hello Lynn. Please post this Q&A on your blog. There has been about 90 years of mystery, speculation, books and movies about Anastasia Romanov . There is a mystery about whether or not she survived and escaped the firing squad . Some people have claimed to be her over the years and they have been proven false. In 1997 Russia and USA forensics claim they have proven her remains found. The Russian Orthodox Church, in 2015, says this test and bones found are false  and rejected the findings.

So, through a series of synchronicity over time, a story told to my dad by his mom to him when he was young and some investigations by me. I have come to this point to ask you this question. Is my Grandmother, now deceased, really Anastasia Romanov? She never said she was and no one in my family ever even remotely thought so either. 

Key points:

My grandmother escaped Russia during the 1917 Russian revolution. Her and her family were on a train with many people trying to get out of Russia. The Red Army stopped the train, shot and killed everyone but my grandmother lived but no one else did. The White Army found her and she was reunited with her family. They got to Siberia then to Canada. This doesn't add up because I just read my great grandfather family's story of this time .

There is an 11 year difference between my Grandmother (younger) and Anastasia. My Grandmother and Anastasia had the exact same birth physical problems,height, eye color  and physical anomalies. And the supposed injuries to Anastasia from the firing squad, my Grandmother had also. Even though I have discovered these things, I still am not totally convinced my Grandmother is Anastasia Romanov. I never really knew my Grandmother very well because I lived far away. I only ever had a picture of her in her late 80's. So, just a couple months ago, reading my great Grandfather's story my dad has, there is a family picture with my Grandmother in the book.  It is a photo of her, her mom, dad, brothers, sisters etc. This is a family picture from in the early 1920's Canada. Her age in the picture does not match her birthday age she would be- she looks much older. I researched pictures of Anastasia and compared them extensively to my Grandmother's picture. I am pretty sure they are the same woman.

Is my Grandmother really Anastasia Romanov, or not? 
A. I want to focus on two parts of this question.  First, what happened to Anastasia.  And, second, is the woman by the name of Anastasia your grandmother.  

I do get that Anastasia did survive and went into hiding.  She encountered a horrific ordeal that left her terrified.  She needed to reinvent herself, and in doing so she changed her name, and all her documentation relating to her old identity.  Our minds are very powerful with regard to self preservation, and she coped by submerging herself into a new life, in a new place and shutting off memories to her past as a way to cope. 

I do get that your grandmother (based on personal info and pictures you submitted) is Anastasia.  It looks like when your grandmother escaped and was later handed to family, these were distant relatives that enabled her escape. These relatives were well connected (money, friends, networking ability), and when they heard of "Anastasia's" escape, they looked for her, and when they located her, they sent her over seas with a new identity to remove her from all the political upheaval that was going on over there.  

Q. How would I find out about my past lives? I feel like I've seen many lives and many things but I'm not sure where they all end or begin. Where would I start?
A.  There are a couple things you can do.  If you would like a reading, I usually can see at least one or two lives pull forward that are most significant to your current life.  It may relate to patterns or behaviors, or even people you encounter in this life.  This can be helpful to gain a better understanding and insight into yourself.

You can also seek out someone (hypnotist or a psychic) that specializes in past life regressions.  This is a technique in which the person is put under hypnosis and guided through the process to uncover and see their own past lives.  You can even witness traumas and start the healing.  This can be very insightful and healing to witness in a third party perspective.  I'd just like to add that if you go this route, pick someone you trust because hypnosis requires you to be comfortable and vulnerable.  If for some reason you don't mesh, try this with someone else until you find a good fit. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Carlene said...

Loved this post Lynn! Thank you for sharing the good news.

Robert Schoen said...

This is a remarkable entry, more so because the granddaughter used her own intuition and research, after which she turned to Lynn for confirmation. There have been several women claiming to be Anastasia and even a movie with Indrid Bergman as the surviving heir of the Romanov family, but it's more believable that the real Anastasia, having escaped, only to see so many around her killed, would have kept her identity secret considering the risks surfacing would pose.

There are other family photographs of Anastasia with Nicolas II and portraits of her when she was younger in which she seems more a beauty than the illustrated outdoor photo, which must have been taken when she was 15 or 16 because she was 17 when the 1918 revolution killed her family forcing her to flee. The Canadian photo of the questioner's grandmother from the 1920's shows a young woman with the same facial structure, same strong chin, nose and deep set eyes and other features but aged perhaps as much as 10 years, yet she was supposed to be born in 1911, ten years after Anastasia. She looks too old to be wearing the schoolgirl outfit. An amazing story which perhaps will never be widely known.

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

If readers ask for past live readings from you, are you doing it for free like you did here for Anastasia? Shouldn't private readings be private and not posted publicly?

If you do charge for past live readings, are several past lives considered one question or more than one?

Linda said...

Sorry to disappoint but the Russian Orthodox Church has since agreed with the accurate forensic findings the remains of the family are authentic inuding Anastasia. The entire family have been declared martyrs and Saints. Two things DNA testing is 99.9% accurate and if you do your homework you will understand the conditions of the time, as well, there were failed attempts to save the family but sadly the final guards in charge of them were thugs. No one survived. This was a scary and brutal time for all Russians and many people did manage to escape but not the last tsar, his wife or any if their children.

Linda said...

That’s because she’s not Anastasia. See my post below.

Metushelah said...

Hitler escaped to South America.

Robert Schoen said...

@Linda, I wouldn't be too sure of the DNA tests or the conclusiveness of the results. There were two grave sites of bone fragments in question, one from the 1990's and another from 2007 and there may have been political factors for wanting the matter settled since it was raised by these tests. From what I understand there is not universal agreement of the tests. At least until 2016 the Church was not supporting the DNA proof or allowing burial.
While there could be made the case it is only wishful thinking on the part of Lynn's questioner believing that her grandmother was Anastasia, how often to we hear false proclamations passed off as absolute fact in the US to believe anything is 99.9% accurate?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: I only did this public because the person of interest was someone publicly known and the submitter which was a long time client and had several private readings allowed me to make it public (I told them to phrase the question and he submitted it to me). I thought people would be interested in this topic. I would not ever just post a private reading without consent.

I would consider a past life reading 1 to 2 questions as they do take some time. They can be combined with an email reading, and if you have specific questions please email me and I will be happy to help set something up.

@Linda: I really felt like she did escape. There were motives to say she didn't make it out, but I do "see" that she did.

Thanks for all the comments!

Astrolofting said...

I actually recalled you did a reading on Anastasia before and said she died along with her family back then.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Astrolifting: I can't seem to recall it. I just went digging for it (I was curious if I could tap back into it to see if I could "see" something else). I only found something on Rasputin who was close to the Romanov's. I typed "Anastasia" and "Romanov" in my search bar and I couldn't find it. I'm not sure what happened. You must have a better memory than me :-)

Linda said...

I happen to know the scientists and have gone through the reports extensively for professional reasons so I stand by the findings. Its always nice to hope that someone survived - there have been books and movies made about it. Remember Anna Anderson? This person or you believe she is related to the family, I would suggest she contact them and test her DNA with theirs. The findings will prove she is not related but she, like you are entitled to your own truth and story. I think we can simply agree to disagree. 🌺

Linda said...

Everyone, including her family members wanted to believe she survived. Nicholas II Mother, Maria Feodorivna (Anastasia’s grandmother) met many who escaped and claim to be Anastasia, but none were...

Raymond said...

I am originally from Virginia, and when I was growing up a woman in Charlottesville insisted she was Anastasia. There were several women around the world that made the claim.

Christina G. said...

What's interesting about the original poster's story is the story her grandmother told everyone--that she was the lone survivor of a train full of people fleeing Russia. That sounds suspicious. Really? The only survivor? That's quite a remarkable tale. Combine that with the grandfather's story not meshing with the grandmother's back story leads me to believe that the grandmother was hiding something in her past. I'm not saying she is Anastasia. I don't think anyone knows either way, but the grandmother's back story sounds mysterious to me. I would think the murder of a train full of people, and its one survivor, would be researchable.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

This was a very interesting reading. Thanks for all the comments and perspective. I enjoyed tuning into this!

JP said...

This is oddly interesting, as I also recall past reading about Anastasia where she supposedly died alongside her family. I'm not one to comment on things much but seeing that another person here recalls the same it felt only right to post my comment. Mandela effect? I don't know but I really remember it.


I also remember Lynn saying that Anastasia died with her family.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I wish I could find it. I don't remember most of what I say during a reading unless it is a topic I cover often. Things come through me, not too me. I always say I'm like the DVD player, not the DVD.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Perhaps you are tuned in to another timeline or something. I also agree with some of the others, all the Romanovs were slaughtered. of this I have no doubt.

Perun Roberts said...

Thanks Lynn for posting this! I am the one that ASKED Lynn to post this question and story. Discern for yourselves of this story I shared. I thought it would be something of interest to share, I certainly didn't have to..right! I am aware of my intuition and strong investigative ventures and I just follow my inner prompts. If this is a true story and situation , I don't know for sure. There is no consequence, historical romance, wishful thinking of the possibility about Anastasia and my Grandmother. Investigations of this has lead me to the here and now to ask an outside opinion. Sure, I could get a DNA test yadda yadda . But I doubt I would decide to go further in depth in this regard. Haven't even talked to my family about it and never would. This is just interesting. I am working on other investigations that are really fascinating. I will share those also in time.

Discernment is always applicable.

Thanks Lynn!

Perun Roberts said...

Here's is a past participation investigation I asked Lynn about and will share but protect identities:

A couple of years ago, a person I know had a family member disappear one day. They were missing for a few weeks when I spoke with this person about it. These types of investigations are not within my abilities- so I had a reading done on this disappearance by Lynn. I sent the recording of Lynn's reading on it to this person. About one year later after the reading ,they found the family members body. The family member was mudrered. Lynn was 96.3% accurate on all details the police investigation concluded . The police have the suspect locked up awaiting trial .

Truly remarkable the details Lynn had perceived.

Just my opinion.

Christina G. said...

I also can vouch for Lynn's abilities. I had a reading with her and she said something in the reading that could not be known by anyone except me. My intuition does not always agree with Lynn's findings, but that's why we have critical thinking. Nobody's psychic or intuitive abilities are 100% accurate. That would make them a God and they'd probably be tied up in a CIA black site by now.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you Christina and Perun. That is very kind of you. Hugs-

Robert Schoen said...

@Perun Roberts, thank you for allowing Lynn to share with us the fascinating story of your Grandmother which convinced me. Sorry for assuming you gender incorrectly and only wrote the "wishful thinking" line as a rhetorical counterpoint to the absurdity of getting 99.5% accuracy off what at best is mitochrondrial DNA (which at best only narrows down the possibility by eliminating a wide swath of humanity)from charred bones left exposed in the elements for more than half a century. Would love to see you write a full account of your research into Anastasia and your grandmother. The photos look the same person to me.

I know from personal experience how incorrect, obtuse,and even venal many so-called experts in a field can be, and how to keep their jobs they will suppress inconvenient truths rather that to rock to boat to accept truths that disprove what they have been taught. It's almost a prerequisite for any "specialist" to be narrow minded, looking for pat absolutes in a world of ambiguity. The poster who was so sure of DNA reminded me of one of the JFK assassination "experts" who smugly shows contempt for anyone who doesn't believe Oswald was the lone shooter. Hahaha!

It is also interesting how two posters brought up a past reading in which Lynn saw Anastasia dead. Mandela effect, a mass conspiracy by trolls to discredit? Dual realities as some ascend and others remain in 3D? You decide. I find the diverging views fascinating and a clear indication of how the mystery about Anastasia's fate still resonates in the collective consciousness.


Mr Schoen: I am not a troll. I simply wanted to add my recollection of a previous reading by Lynn about Anastasia. I also spent hours searching through her blog to see if I could find it. I tried Anastasia, Anastasia Romanov, Nicholas Romanov, Czar Nicholas Romanov, and Anna Anderson. I am sure that I remember her saying that all the family was killed together. Don't you find it odd that nothing can be located?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@stilldistilling: I'll be honest, I find it odd too. I did the same thing. I'm not doubting it, I just can't find it. I was curious if I could put myself back to the same place I saw it differently.

Robert Schoen said...

@Stilldistilling, This whole topic is a fascinating and mysterious, and listing the various possiblities to account for different reactions to this blog entry doesn't deny any could be valid, even the DNA proof which I don't believe is conclusive. I would have been great if the original post was found, but even if Lynn did a previous reading of Anastasia's death, there have been other instances where she revised an initial incomplete impression, such as the Paul McCartney death in her Beatles reading a few years ago, Maybe there are different facets to the window of psychic ability just the way people can view differntly the same event and I did not intend to be critical or disrespectful to other people's takes.

Perun Roberts said...

Hello Robert Schoenberg. It's all good! I understood that you were just being inclusive of possible intents one could have or be with stuff like this. It is understandable that there would be skeptics of such things. The skeptical mind has purpose and is welcomed. I would rather call it "critical analysis thinking" than "skeptic" though . Sometimes or a lot of times ,debunking debates are based on subjective conjecture without any premise of facts in presentation of opinion. Just because more than one person or up to millions of people can have a similiar belief , doesn't mean the belief is a fact neither. I fully expected the resulting opinions of my inquiry to Lynn about Anastasia , that's why I wanted to post it. One person asked if Lynn posts these personal inquiries to the blog when they are private readings. Obviously that person did read the blog entry or fully. It's states that I personally ASKED to have it posted on the blog- this is in plain view here. Another person , then another , said they were certain Lynn did a focus on or about Anastasia prior but she it is now missing? I once wrote in her ' Rasputin ' reading , in the comments, that it would be interesting to do a focus on Anastasia Romanov if she survived or not . But I deleted the comment after I posted it. You can see the deleted comment by poster- that was me. I deleted it because I had intended to do a post question as such I have done. So, now you have two posters saying they remember at one point Lynn said something in the past about Anastasia here. So, two people miss remember and have absolutely no facts and put their opinion out there as subjective conjecture creating an illusion .

Robert, thanks for your intelligence and good manners. I will write how this all sequenced for me with my grandmother here for everyone to pick apart. I am at work in remote areas so, it's hard for me to get time. I will try tonight.

For those that that look at historicals, possibilities, what they see as written said to be proven by experts. Those that think I am going on a hope and romancing this idea of my grandmother. Fame ,fortune or all ego aspects of this idea and investigation. I am just investigating this. This will end for me on this blog. No DNA test, no tv, news , books . Nor will I get family involved or talk to my family about it. Lynn is not the only one I asked about this. I am good either way. Yes or no. I researched I present my findings. People here can make their own decision of fact or fiction. My Granmother died many years ago. As far as I am concerned , true or not, doesn't really matter nor have an effect on my next steps. It ends here on this blog for me. This is a blog of open pineal minds..right?

I am that I am.

Perun Roberts said...

Sorry Robert Schoen, auto corrected your last name.

M.H. said...

This would mean that Ann Anderson was in fact a fraud. I've been teetering on the issue of her legitimacy for some time, despite the supposedly "conclusive" DNA findings back in the 90s. Ann too, shared many of Anastasia's characteristics and physical attributes.

I have no doubt that one if not more of the family survived. There is even a question as to whether the bones discovered near Yekaterinburg even belong to the Romanov family. Some of the DNA methods used were highly suspect, and by today's standards hopelessly outdated.

@Robert Schoen. Interesting that you should mention Paul McCartney, as I've heard he may be related to the Romanovs. There's a theory out there that Jim McCartney was not his real father. Father was a John Sorensen, a Danish Intelligence officer, and secret son of a teenage Maria Romanov. It would be great if Lynn could look into the matter!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again for all the comments. I really did enjoy doing this reading. It was quite interesting (and I've learned from you all in the comments as well). Thank you for sharing.

Perun Roberts said...

This is how I have come to the reason why I had asked Lynn and wanted to share this story . This is a chronology of synchronicity and reasons I thought of Anastasia and my Grandmother. I am just truthful in my telling , it's nothing fantastical, use your own discernment please.

Back in around 1987 I was talking to my dad and he told me a story one day about his mom, my grandmother. This is what he told me:

She was born in 1912. Her and her family were German Mennonites living in Moscow- my grandmother was born in Moscow. Her father was a high priest in their church. In 1917-1918 the Bolshevik Revolution happened. Her and her family , plus many families, decided to leave Russia because of the danger. They were to make their way to Canada via Siberia by train to Siberia from Moscow. My grandma would have been 5 or 6 years old at the time. When on the train the Red Army troops stopped the train. They opened fire on the train killing everyone. But my grandmother was behind something or hidden and she survived. They didn't see her and or she hid- she suffered an eye injury and made her blind in that eye. Not sure how long after but the White Army came along and rescued her. She said she was very disturbed for a few years because of this. She was later reunited with her family and from Siberia they made it to Canada. My dad said that is all she said about it, she offered no more details and never spoke iof it again. I always wondered about how she was reunited with her family and what family was she with on the train? My dad had no answers. Ok so that was it ,in 1987. I didn't think much of it more then. I knew only of the Russian Revolution because of the U2 song- "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

Foreword now to May/June 2017. I had an inner prompting of interest one day to read about the Romanov's. This may seem convenient to just add this within my story telling but let me explain myself quickly. I am aware of my intuition- my pineal gland is active. I have investigated things in the past relative to my life and career. I cracked a corporate scam , that was a perfect IT crime permeating the industry I was in. I am not an IT guy by any means and I am not in the investigation business nor a cop, But I always follow my inner intuition guidance that guides me. I solved it and brought many many people down in my exposure of this corruption industry wide. I had death threats, no one believed me, friends , family and even my employer thought I was nuts in what I thought. I solved it 2 years later with absolute proof. I decided to leave the town and province to start over in career and life. My soul purpose is " investigator " plus other things of course.

Perun Roberts said...

Ok , so May/June 2017. I decided to read about the Romanov's by inner prompting. I read all about it, the Revolution, the family Tzar Nicholas 2 and their whole family shooting/murder. There was this mystery of " did Anastasia and her brother live?". I delved in it because it was interesting just of the story itself. As I am reading all this and watching YouTube videos , my intuition goes off the richter about my grandmother story my dad told me. I am like ,"What?" Nah, just a nut bar thought. I saw one documentary about when rumour was spread that Anastasia may have survived and escaped ; the Red Army was ordered to search for her. They heard she may be on a train. So they stopped many trains and shot everyone on the trains! Wow, I thought. So, my investigative intuition commenced. See where this takes me. Could be nowhere and nothing, but what the heck,I'll give it a go. So, Father's Day was soon approaching . I read all I could about Anastasia, tried to find all physical stuff , medical info, characters profile, pictures etc. I only had one picture of my grandmother in her 80's with my grandfather- a professional picture taken of them. I knew very little about my grandmother, hardly ever saw her. I lived far away and I am not close to my relatives . But she was a sweet old lady as much as I knew of her and experienced.

On Fathersday June 2017, I just casually asked my dad some questions about grandma that are relative to Anastasia , him not knowing why I am asking.

Did grandma have feet problems? "Yes, she had very bad feet, terrible bunions on her big toes"
Did grandma have a bad back at all. "Yes, she always had a sore back all the time, sore muscles that always plagued her."

Anastasia had a serious foot bunions on her big toes from birth and a weak muscle in her back that she needed regular massages ( Wikipedia).

One story told by her supposed rescuer is that Anastasia had a badly damaged eye from the firing squad and escape.

Did grandma have a bad eye? "Yes, she had an accident when she was a kid, since then she was blind in that eye." He couldn't remember if didn't know what the accident was.

I asked my dad if he had any pictures of grandma when she was a kid? He didn't have any but said his oldest sister( my aunt) would have some. This aunt is dying of lung cancer at this moment. She is 85. My dad has 1 brither and one sister still alive also in their late 70's and 80's, my dad is the youngest. My dad said he has a story written by great grandfather about their journey from Siberia to Canada I could read- non of the story my dad told me was ever mentioned in great gramps story. The story made no sense in relation to the Anastasia or my grandmother story whatsoever. So, a couple moths ago I was there alone on the acreage at my dads looking after his place while he was visiting his dying sister . That is where I got the picture of my grandmother used in this blog post. It's from the early 192O's sometime before she met my grandfather in 1926, there's no date on the picture. My grandmother looks way older than being born in 1912.

Perun Roberts said...

So, I looked for pictures of Anastasia that would be around the same age and angle to compare. You can see the one I chose.and there are 2 more but not as good to compare. I'm my research I found out that one of Anastasia's mothers middle names is Helena. My grandmothers name is Helena.

So, I was pretty much done for research I could do. Other than other amounts of tid bits , I was at an end and nothing really succint and strong to go on. I did ask 2 other clairvoyant ladies I know as proven skill sets , much like Lynn, the question also and I got a strong "yes" to Anastasia and my grandmother . But still the ever " proof beyond a reasonable doubt " requirement person that I am, I can't be absolutely sure. I was as far as I could go with this investigation- other than a DNA test, but I am not that interested to go that route and pain of the judgment of quackyness that would come my way. I was done as far as I was concerned. I thought if asking Lynn awhile ago but never did.

So, my dad and his wife return from visiting my ill auntie . Unbeknownst to me my dad and my younger brother sent in a silica swab for lineage profil testing just for the fun of it. My dad had his results in his email he checked the next morning at breakfast. I am not making this up ( to those that doubt in as much) . My dads dad ( my grandfather) is from Ireland . My dads mom ( my grandmother) is German Mennonite, born in Moscow ( her maiden name is very German). My dads lineage results were 49% Irish , 47% British ,1% European and 1% others. I don't know how accurate these are but there was no German? I said to my dad that that was odd and he thought it odd also. But we just changed subject and I went home that day.

Anastasia mom ,Alix of Hess, mother is Princess Alice of the United Kingdom( British). Princess Alice's mom is Queen Victoria ( British).

I showed my dad a picture of Anastasia's older sister Maria to my dad and he said " that looks like....( his daughter) (my sister)

So, I asked Lynn this question for on this, her blog.

I am done, You may discern what I have shown here. I can't say for sure if my grandmither is Anastasia or not. But thus is my story and I will not explore it any further as far as looking any deeper .

Hope you enjoyed the story. I gave this story in honesty and integrity.

Had to post in stages due to length.

Perun Roberts said...

My dad and brother sent in a siliva sample for DNA lineage test. Not silica. I typed this with one finger on a tablet screen, jeepers it took over an hour. Excuse my bad typing grammer in spots. Lol.

Robert Schoen said...

@Perun, Thank you for sharing your story. I know from personal experience we are guided to find and do things though intuitive prompts and it is fascinating how you pieced this together without having any prior interest in Russian history. Before you wrote this, I was wondering if anyone in your immediate family resembled any of the other Romanovs, and you answered that about your sister. Maybe photos of everyone else compared to others from both the Romanov and Windsor lines might result another indicator. Another thing that struck me is that perhaps you should share your belief with your father, as his taking a DNA liniage test suggests he himself has some deep questions or at least a curiosity about your family history. Perhaps he could come up with a few more details or insights such as a story or observation she told him in childhood and I am sure he would greatly appreciate you sharing it with him, after all Helena is his mother! PS: your one finger typing is better than mine with ten.

Robert Schoen said...

@MH, That's a new one on me about Paul McCartney's dad being a Danish spy and a Romanov. The rabbit hole gets deeper. You might be interested to check out the writings of Miles Mathis, who believes that both Paul McCartney and Elvis had near identical twins which would make them useful if they were chosen by the PTW to be their generation's idols and role models. The twin could be used if the real one needed to be replaced or they could be in two places at once for whatever reason. There's compelling photo evidence there were two Elvis's, the better looking one with a straight Roman nose for the movies while the other with a slight pug nose served in the military. There is a pictures of young Paul with his brother which has the brother's features obviously photoshoped or crudely painted over with a ridiculously wide mouth looking like an ugly version of his brother. I don't remember if Mathis thought the twin replaced the real Paul when he was killed in 1966, but if he didn't, it would be interesting to find out what happened to the brother.

Robert Schoen said...

@Perun, Don't know if this would help or interesting to you but I have been doing 3D modeling for some research and discovered there is a program that can convert a single image of a face into a 3D model. While I don't know how well it will work on the old image of your grandmother, it could be interesting to make models on the sharper pictures of Anastasia and compare them to those made from that image of your grandmother as they both have strong features and then she could be compared with 3/4 or profile images of Anastasia. Here's a link to a Youtube that explains and links the program:

Perun Roberts said...

Robert, thanks for the response. My brother sent his in, then my dad sent his in. I have 2 younger brothers from my dads second marriage. This brother did it out of interest about his moms side. My dad decided to do his also. I don't have much for pictures of my dads side of the family. I went to a family reunion back in 1991 and Helena and Gramps were there. I saw grandma Helena and gramps one more time after that but that's it. My aunts and uncles, cousins always lived far from me and I never much connected with them over the years. From Helena and Gramps there is hundreds of family extended from them now. But I don't have much for pictures of them that are useable for this. That 3D picture thing you gave info on is interesting. The picture I used is a picture of a picture, so the clarity for it is not great. I will take a better picture of her in that picture to see if I can have it work it better. I went to the link in the video and did the simple upload and played with it abit. I would like to try the flooring and other options on the site if I can later.

So many have claimed to be Anastasia that I just don't want to be , " on, another one" lol. Plus the person they use for DNA study is Prince Charles I think .I really don't want to go that route. Lol. It put this out here for those that may find it interesting. I am working on other things that really interest me right now. I may look at this more in the future but I am at " not much more I can research on this" at the moment.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the sharing!! I really did enjoy doing this and I thought it would be interesting to many people.

@Perun: I do appreciate you allowing us to share in this with you. :-)